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RBO Written Update 16th May 2011: Sudama Miseries

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Hi guys!! Happy Start of the Week!! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and wishing everyone has a brilliant week ahead! I feel like I'm doing the update after ages! Infact I feel like I'm posting on IF after ages! Lol! Weirddd! Khaairr lets see what is happening in the lives of our beloved Shanak!

Edit: Guess What guys!!! Big smile Nisha is FINALLY back in action!!DancingDancingi am SO happy! She is actually typing (though its getting difficult Ouch)! Ahhh she is finally fine!Big smile  Big smile Thank you for all the prayers! she says that only the prayers helped her warna she was in a terrible state and could not have pulled it through!Ouch but yippy! she's fineee!Big smile

Part 1

The episode starts with all the Khandelwal women that is Khanak, Khushboo and Madhvi (KKM for short) coming back from what seems like a hopping trip. They are walking in the garage of their building I feel and Khushboo and Madhvi are walking further ahead and notice a man following them while Khanak seems to be struggling with the grocery bags. Khushboo and Madhvi start walking fast thinking and Khanak protests at which they tell her their concerns about the man. Khanak looks at the man and tells them he seems like a good man (Chalo atleast she didn't call him her Bha)The 3 ladies hide behind a car and when arise from behind it, see that the man is staring at them fully. They scream and make a run for it, and reach home all breathless. All 3 of them lay back on the sofa in style and Khanak says that she found nothing wrong with the man. Just then the bell rings (and what's the betting it's going to be the same man?! Haan?)  Khanak goes to open the door to see a very scary looking man staring at her. He forcefully makes his way in the house and makes a racket saying "Shanta" and stuff like "Shaanta nay kaha hain!" (Okay I don't get what he is saying) Khushboo and Madhvi recognize him as the man who was following them earlier (See!! I tolddd you guys! These serials are so predictable *yawn* lol kidding)  Khanak tries to stop him but he is desperate and asks everyone "Is it this side or that side? " and then tells the ladies that if they don't clear his path a terrible thing will happen! (Gosh this guy is freaking me out now! ) he runs to a room in the house (and I am guessing it is the bathroom)The 3 ladies are freaked out and decide to lock him inside. Khanak calls up Shaantanu. KKM get ready with a Belan, Knife and frying Pan to hit the guy incase he breaks open the door. Just then Shaan, akshay and Sunil arrive with a stick and hockey?

Shaan immediately asks Khanak if she is alright? Khushboo gets upset seeing this and tells Akshay he didn't ask her! Akshay says but he IS alright! (LMAO Akki) Just then Sunil asks Madhvi if the "Gunda" is alright! (hahaha panic main bhee comedy I'm loving it!) They all go with their (so called) weapons and stand outside the bathroom door (yes it is a bathroom lol)Akshay opens the door , the guy comes out and everyone charges to beat him up! Just then Sunil sees the guy and with a stroke of recognition, realizes that the guy is Sudama, his childhood friend. He hugs Sudama and introduces him to his family. Sudama complains to Sunil about being locked in. Sudama goes like "Innocence Inncoence" when he looks at the family especially Khanak. (Okay why does this guy remind me of Paresh Rawal?? Lol) Sunil shows him the house and Sudama is impressed and says that he always used to see his name in the news paper and calls him Krishna! (OMGGG! Krishna? Sunil is Krishna? Woww we have a Krishna on our forum too! But the gender is different though lol!)LOL Sudama relives the stories of their childhood one of which involves sunil's "Kaccha" (Okay I am taking this to mean shorts lmao) getting stuck in the tree. Everyone gets embarrassed listening to Sudama talking so unashamedly of stuff like this (or atleast that is what it looked like lol) Everyone moves away leaving the friends alone


Part 2

Sunil asks Sudama what he will eat and he says "Guar kee Roti" to which Khanak immediately says that she will make it. He asks her to  make imli ka Achaar as well. She leaves. Sudama asks Khushboo and Mahdvi to leave and help Khanak in the kitchen since when there are men in the house women should be in the kitchen (LMAO I am getting the feeling that this guy is a complete opposite of Sasha no? LOL) The 2 ladies leave too as Shaan and Akki look on shocked.

Sudama sits to have food on the floor in a complete Desi style as Khanak serves him extremely pleased. He goes on to relate storied about Sunil's college life (staring at girls sitting by the nala lol) Shaan and akki are amused. Sunil stops him and talks about the time he had come when the kids were young. That reminds Sudama about the time when Akshay aleays had a running nose (Khushboo makes a disgusted face and leaves Akshay's shoulder LOL) and the time when Akshay used to pee in his pants out of fear for his father (Gosh talk about being in an embarrassing situation! Lol)Khusboo is further disgusted.  Sudama then moves to Shaan who senses danger and immediately says that he did not so anything! (lmao Shaan who are you trying to kid! I bet your list of wrong doings was the longest!) and sure enough Sudama talks about how Shaan was after girls even when he was small and crushed on the neighbor's girl Sweety! Khanak gets pissed. The Khanadelwal fmily all get up and hold a conference about what should be done about Sudama (because no one seems to like him and I don't blame them bechaaras!)

Sunil asks Sudama why he has come. Sudama gets all nostalgic and starts crying. He tells his story of how he lived in a big house but now he want to live with Sunil, wear his clothes eat his food and what is Sunil is his also except Madhvi. Sunil agrees sensing that if he does not more secrets about him will leak out. Khushboo gets disgusted with Akshay on the whole nose running issue. Khanak yells at Shaan for running after girls and who was Sweety? Shaan that Sweety was not her real name! (Lmao Shaan trust you to make matters worse for yourself! You remind me of Hinna all the time!lol)LOL


Part 3

Shaan and Akshay join Sunil on the stairs and tell him that their wives are not talking to him because of Sudama and asks him to shift him to a hotel. Sunil says that he will live her and they should adjust. Shaan tells Akshay that he does not understans whether their house is a House or a Guest house.

Next morning Sudama comes all dressed up In modern clothes (bolay toh Coat and Pant)Akshay looks at him and gets shocked and calls Madhvi frantically (Aray!! Whats the big deal Akki? I'm confused! ) Madhvi also gets shocked to see him like this. Sudama talks about how the British left their English words for them to use when Akshay says Sorry. Sudama sits on the sofa with his feet up, disgusting Madhvi and asks for Hot water since he has a bad throat. Madhvi calls hari Lal but Sudama says that he would rather she get it since she is the woman of the house.

Sudama watches Akshay working on the lap top and reprimands Akshay for staying at home saying that the men in the house should go out and work. Just tehn Madhvi comes and gives him hot water which he gargles with in the living room and spits it in the flower pot? (My video was a bit off here) madhvi and Akki are disgusted. Just then Shaan comes listening to songs on his I pod and Sudama interferes and asks him about it. Shaan tells him they listen to songs on that and Sudama puts the head phones in his ear.

He gets shocked when he listens to the dong and starts beating up Shaan for listening to songs which have the word "Sex" in it in the beginning and in the end (I want to hear this song too waisay! Never heard of it LOLLOL) Sudama scolds him that he has such a pretty wife at home nd he is listening to Sex songs?! Shaan says that he is only listening to it. Sudama leaves from there after giving Shaan a good beating lol

Sudama meets Khushboo and calls her "Khashboo" LOL. He tells her that she is wearing atrocious clothes and asks her where her "Pallu" is! Khusboo tells him that he must have gone for leave (lol she thinks Pallu is a servant?!) Sudama explains and makes Khushboo take her pallu on her head. Just tehn Khanak sees and also hurriedly takes her pallu (lol go for it Khanak!) Sudama tells her that she should not do it by seeing and the feeling should be from the heart. He returns Shaan's ipod to him

Part 4

Sudama continues to make life miserable for the khandelwals and in one instance catches shanak romancing as well lol. Shaan is removing the Odhani from Khanak's head and looking at her lovingly just then Sudama comes and they have to stop.  Fed up they hide from Sudama under the stair case. Everyone tells Sunil that they cannot stand him. Khanak tells them that she has no problem with them but agrees that it is difficult for them. Madhvi tells Sunil to finish the Sudama matter before Madhvi comes back from her nap. All 3 ladies leave. Shaan and Akshay tell Sunil to make him leave but Sunil tells them that Sudama has a photographic memory and if he tells Madhvi some more stories about him he will get divorced and so will the two of them.

Khanak tells Shaan that she felt nice meeting him and felt that the fragrance of the village came. Shaan says its not fragrance it's an odour! Shaan tells her to make a plan to get rid of him. Khanak says that she needs to find out the reason he has come to the city after so many years and Shaan says that once they find out then they can get rid of him! They hi5 each other calling the other Mr and Mrs Burthal and smile at each other!


Shaan and Akshay talk about how weird Sudama is to the whole family and Shaan tells Sunil that he will put sudama in his place. Sunil says that it is the question if their friendship and the word that they gave to each other when they were young and he cannot kick Sudama out. 

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awesome epi it was...
all 6 members 2getha along with sudhama...

Thanku 4 the update...
i hvnt completed readin it yet...

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Thanks for the update Beeni, great news about Nisha. :)

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Thanks for the update

K-Family all together after a long time...
finally, we just might get some proper storyline. . .

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thanxx 4 the update...
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hahaha total complete opposite track as sasha's

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Awesome and Beautiful Update BeenzHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugsuper happy abt NishaDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

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