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my firstff pt 12 pg 27 Conflicts and Complications (Page 27)

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vaishali667

wonderful update
  Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it Smile

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Originally posted by shobi12500

very nice updates keep it upThumbs Up
Thanks for the commentSmile
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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hey guys been quite a while since I updated.
Hope you have had a good weekend. Anyway here is the next part  Hope you enjoy it.
Part 12
Rashi and Jigar , stood outside Ahem's bedroom door.
'Come on Jigarji lets go and see.' Rashi said as she held on to the tray with tea, whilst pushing Jigar into the room.
Ahem was sitting on his chair, staring absently minded into space. Clutched in his hand was Gopi's payal from the engagement.  All he thought about was Gopi and nothing else.
How do I show that Im really truly sorry. I never wanted to hurt her. Well done Ahem ,one day this temper of yours was going to get you into trouble.
A knock came from the door Ahem turned around he saw Rashi and Jigar standing by the door. He looked at the them but turned around again.He then quickly shoved the payal back into the drawer.
Jigar whispered to Rashi 'Come on lets go I don't think he is in the mood to talk.' He turned ,so he could leave the room. Which then Rashi grabbed his arm.
'No, you heard what Kaki said ,we have to help.' Rashi said.
'Ahem jiju we've brought the tea.' Rashi placed the tea in front of Ahem.
Rashi nudged Jigar 'Go ask him how it went?' She whispered.
Jigar went over to Ahem and placed his hand on his shoulder .'Bhai are you ok' he asked. Ahem turned around to face Jigar. Ahem was not in the mood for talking.
'Erm yeah' he looked at Jigar and stood up .However  Ahem started to walk up and down.

 'Jigar I've even apologized to Gopi and she is still not ready to forgive me, I don't know what to do, I just want to see her happy.' Ahem said


Oh no , I've just blurted my feelings in front of Jigar and Rashi. They probably think i've gone weird.
However Jigar thought  Ahem had not gone weird, but was falling in love, my bhai is truly in love with Gopi, He is in such a mess. I've never seen him like this before.
Ahem stoppped walking , he faced Rashi and Jigar.
'Tell me you guys what do I do.' Ahem said. There I go again, now I am asking for advice. Ahem thought.
'Ahem jiju don't worry, Gopi will come round. She will forgive you' Rashi said.


'No she won't , I know she won't. I am not going to apolgise any more.' Ahem angrily spoke.

'There is so much I can do , if she is going to be stubborn , then fine.'

'Anyway Im really tired., could you two go ' Ahem said whilst he yawned. Without another word Rashi and Jigar left Ahem's bedroom and headed towards their bedroom.
Rashi spoke to Jigar. 'We have to help, I know Gopi likes Ahem, we just need to push them together.,did you see how Ahem jiju was going mad .'
Jigar nodded in agreement to Rashi reply. 'yes I agree with you.'
Rashi and Jigar were in their bedroom , discussing , how they could bring Gopi and Ahem together.
Suddenly Rash's face lit up she  thought of an idea. She turned to face Jigar.
'Jigarji. I know what we can do .' She discussed her plans on how to bring Gopi and Ahem closer together.
The next day , Ahem was sitting in his office, when Jigar walked in.
'Jai Shri krishana Bhai' Jigar said Ahem replied 'jai shri krishana'
Ahem carried on speaking.'Do you need anything ?'
Jigar hesitated 'Er no nothing Bhai, I was just wondering , do you want to go to the new restaurant grand opening today,it should be fun,Rashi will be there.'


Ahem thought , I hate this grand openings, they are boring, anyway , I really don't want to spend my evening with Jigar and Rashi.But then it might take my mind off Gopi.
'Yeah ok ,we'll leave in a hours time.' Ahem said. Jigar nodded in agreement and then walked out of the door.
Ahem sat there thinking, every hour,every minute,every second , he just thought about Gopi. He looked down at his notepad, instead of writing the report for this months profits and losses. 'Gopi ' was written all over the notepad. Pages after pages, with just the word Gopi. Ahem sighed. He lifted Gopi's payal out of the pocket and looked at it , with sadness. 'Gopi I hope you will forgive me, I miss you .'
Later on Jiagr and Ahem were standing by the entrance.
'Come on Bhai, lets go inside, Rashi will be waiting for us.'  Jigar answered. Ahem follwed Jigar into the resturant. Ahem gazed round the room,this restaurant, meh nothing special, it's the same as others.
The restaurant was packed,Ahem squeezed past other people, he saw the live band at the front, playing music softly.
Jigar had already made his way to the table. Ahem saw Jigar standing next to Rashi, but he then he saw Jigar talking to another lady , as well. Ahem wondered who that could be. Ahem made his way through the crowd,when he approached the table. He realised the lady Jigar was talking too, was none other  than Gopi. Wow Ahem thought to himself. Gopi looks utterly amazing.

 Ahem greeted Gopi'Hi Gopi, hope your ok,how is your ankle?'
 Gopi was wearing a green sari, with gold detail. Her long hair fell loose, it swayed as she tried to sit down. Wow Gopi , looks even more amazing, she is wearing my favourite colour. Ahem smiled to himself.
Gopi who was about to sit down, looked up, and saw Ahem smiling , why is he smiling like an idiot,Gopi thought. 'Oh  Ahem yes I am fine,its better ' Gopi sat down. Ahem sat in the chair opposite to Gopi. He could not stop staring at Gopi. Ahem couldn't help noticing that Gopi, looked so different, but he just didn't know why?
Few hours had gone by, everybody had  now finshed the course.Gopi, still avoided making eye contact with Ahem . Throughtout the whole of the meal, Ahem watched how she spoke to Rashi and Jigar, but oblivious ignored him. Ahem wondered why was she ignoring him. Did I really hurt her so much.

 The music  had starrted to pick up ,nearly everyone started to make there way on to the dance floor.
'Rashi would you like to dance.' Jigar asked. 'Oh yes please.' Rashi and Jigar stood up and made there way to the dance floor.
Ahem watched Gopi had started to fiddle with her pallu. Ahem thought to himself, I should say something. Go on Ahem start the conversation.
'Er Gopi, do you want to dance too.' Ahem asked quietly. Gopi looked up and faced Ahem. She saw that Ahem looked , well embrassed. I think he's only asking because everybody else seems to be on the dance floor.Gopi thought.
'Erm no thank you, anyway I am going to go outside need some fresh air.' Gopi said as she stood up .
This is a good opputurnity Ahem, go on offer her some company.
'I'll join you.' Ahem also stood up, both Gopi and Ahem made there way into the gardens.
Outside a light breeze , was in the air. The sun had started to settle down. In the background you could hear the buzzing of the insects. The garden was not that busy, there were only one or two couples , that were outside. However those couples were deep in coversation, whereas Gopi and Ahem , were in just awkard silence.
Go on Ahem say something. Start the conversation. Gopi went over towards the railings she leaned over.
'Erm Gopi, you look really beautiful today' Ahem said, Gopi turned around she was  twisting  her pallu,
'Thanks ' She then turned around again and again leaned over the railings.
Great I've even compliented her and she still turns around. It's like she doesn't even want to be in the same proximity as her. If I am not wanted , I think ill just go back.Ahem thought.
'Gopi Im going back inside.' Ahem said .As Ahem was about to walk back into the restaurant, he felt something tugging at his sleeve.  He turned he saw it was Gopi.
'D..dont go ' Gopi stuttered. 'Stay ..'
Ahem raised his eyebrows , he stared at Gopi , he  then looked down and saw Gopi was holding his  left hand , she walked closer to Ahem . She softly squeezed Ahems, hand .
'Why won't you talk to me properly then?' Ahem said . 'You know how much I am really sorry.' Ahem looked at Gopi, and saw her eyes had started to fill with tears.
Gopi looked at Ahem , 'I know you are , Rashi Behn told me that you were truly sorry'  She placed her other hand on Ahem's cheek. 
Even through there was a chilly breeze in the air, Ahem could feel Gopi's hand was so warm, that he felt his cheek burning. 
' You won't beleive it  but I have really missed you , I've missed you so much. I felt something was missing. I even missed the stupid  petty arguments. Silly isn't it ?. Gopi laughed

'I think Rashi Behn made me realise that I was just being plain stubborn. It's just with being hurt so much in the past. I really don't forgive people to much easily .

Gopi then looked up and let go of Ahem. Ahem noticed , that Gopi ,started to blush. She had now started to twist her hair around her finger.


Ahem gently grabbed Gopi's hand and pulled her closer. They were so close that Gopi started to breath faster and felt her heart beating faster.

Ahem leaned forward his forehead touching Gopi's forehead. He softly placed both his hands on Gopi's cheek. 'Hey Gopi it's ok, let's forget everything '. Gopi stared at Ahem, she then leaned forward  and placed her arms around Ahems neck. She tiptoed and whispered into Ahem's ear. 'I am so sorry for being awkward back there in the restaurant and I also want to say Im glad you are in my life. You mean alot to me Ahem. I. L..'

Gopi then  removed her arms around Ahem's neck and quickly turned around. She then turned around to face Ahem again. Ahem looked at Gopi and thought, was Gopi about to admit her feelings? The moon had come out, night had started to settle. Other couples had gone back inside , with only Gopi and Ahem left outside
'Hey do you want to go back inside then ?' Gopi asked.
'No not anymore I want to stay outside , with just you.' Ahem said 


'Gopi do you want to dance ?' Ahem asked

'What now ?. I don't want to ' Gopi said looking surprised Before Gopi could protest anymore . Ahem grabbed Gopi's waist and pulled her so close to him, that there was hardly any space between them. Ahem then tightened his grip around Gopi's waist.

Gopi stretched her arms and placed them around Ahem's neck. Gopi and Ahem gently swayed together.


Wow Ahem thought . Gopi , looks so beautiful , he could see the twinkle in Gopi's  eyes. Ahem also noticed  the happiness in Gopi's eyes  that he had been waiting to see for ages had returned.

'Gopi Shah , you look so stunning. I've missed you too, It's good job Jigar brought me here. and by the way Green really suits you.'  Ahem said as he stroked Gopi's hair.

'Oh thanks ' Gopi smiled at Ahem .' Rashi Behn might have mentioned it was your favorite colour.'

Both Ahem and Gopi giggled. Ahem then took Gopi's hand away from his neck and then spun her around ,her back against his chest. He placed Gopi's hair to one side and softly kissed Gopi's neck. Gopi felt her insides melting. She closed her eyes .He then kissed Gopi's shoulder, Ahem started to run his finger along from one side of Gopi's shoulder to the other shoulder. Ahem then ran his finger down Gopi's back and then ran his hand back to Gopi's neck. Ahem could feel that Gopi's heart was beating faster.


'Don't Ahem what if someone sees.' Gopi quietly spoke.

'No one is here' Ahem , as he stroked Gopi's arms

 She turned around to face Ahem and broke apart. Ahem saw that Gopi now again was blushing. Why Gopi did you suddenly let go. Ahem thought .


'It's getting late ,Jigar and Rashi Behn must be wondering where we are.' Gopi said, she then started to shiver.


Ahem took off his jacket and placed it around Gopi. He put his arm around Gopi's shoulder.


'You know Gopi, what were you going to say earlier .' Ahem said

Gopi looked up , she smiled at Ahem 'Come on let's go inside'  Gopi said as placed her hand into Ahem's palm, she clasped both hands together. She then leaned her head on Ahems shoulder and started to walk towards the entrance.


Ahem thought to himself , As they walked back towards the restaurant.  I know what you were going to say Gopi  , don't you worry  it won't be long until you say those words that I  have been longing to hear for ages. Ahem smiled and held onto Gopi's hand tighter.

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yayyy!!!! another update! am glad they made up n love the way gopi ddnt complete her sentence :) n ahams determination to make gopi confess. love how u always portray ahams internal conflict, really shows what a cmplicated arrogant character he is. wish the cvs could do that as well!!!

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Yay, you updated. This story s so sweet. I can't wait to see how Ahem will react when Gopi finally says 'I Love You'

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love this ff thanks for the Update & the pm!Big smile

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Thanks for the update and the PM  - I am going to read it now and leave you a feed back ... THX

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That wa really good love the scene ...How they are missing each other...That is real love...thanks

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