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my firstff pt 12 pg 27 Conflicts and Complications (Page 13)

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Very nice part, poor Gopi, I hope Ahem helps her thru this. Fantastic update, again I can't wait to find out what Ahem will do next.

P.S. Thanks for the PM

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbp1971

Very nice part, poor Gopi, I hope Ahem helps her thru this. Fantastic update, again I can't wait to find out what Ahem will do next.

P.S. Thanks for the PM
Hey it's no problem . Im really glad your enjoying it. Ahem will  slowly bring Gopi, back to her former self.
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Traxy101

Wow, great story
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:23am | IP Logged
wow super update  sooonnn
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaina.sharma

wow super update  sooonnn
hey thanks for the comment, im just going to update it know
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Hey guys , here is the another part to the ff.Hope you enjoy it. i know this chapter is really long, hope you don't switch off lol
Part 7

That night Ahem laid on his bed, twiddling with Gopi's payals. The payal's twisting around his fingers.

Ahem muttering to himself, how was I supposed to know she was an orphan,I mean seriously

But at the back of Ahem's mind he realised what he said was not right .He knew he had no right to question anybody's upbringing and now he realised the consequences of his bitterness caused.

Ahem thought I still haven't found out what happened between Rashi and Gopi in the past ,she said she doesn't want to talk about it ,but why?

What did Rashi mean she tipped Gopi off, why did Gopi, stop when Rashi said that she's not here .What is the reason behind Rashi , not talking to her mum .What is going on between these sisters? I need to find out the truth .

He heard a voice.'Bhai' Kinjal was standing by his bedroom door. 'I've brought some water for you.'

Ahem sat up , he spoke 'Thanks Kinjal.' Kinjal walked towards Ahem side cabinet and placed the drink, she then turned back and started to walk out of Ahem's room.

'Kinjal wait ,can I ask you something?' Ahem said. Kinjal turned around to face Ahem . She thought, Ahem Bhai , never asks me anything. She looked at Ahem with much confusion.

'Erm yeah sure.?' She replied.  'You know Rashi cousin?'

'Gopi?!' Kinjal replied ' Yeah Gopi, do you know what happened between them in the past.' Ahem asked

'No I don't Bhai  Kinjal ,thinking why is he so curious . 'Rashi bhabi hasn't said anything, she just said that she is glad that Gopi has come back to her life thats all, why do you ask anyway?'

'Just wondering ' Ahem replied 'Ok Bhai' Kinjal still thinking that Ahem Bhai never really cared for family matters , why the sudden interest.

Without another word she left the room.

Hmm Rashi hasn't mentioned to anyone about her past and her relationship with Gopi  , but what are these two sisters hiding. He knew that Rashi had no family, until Gopi came back into her life, but he never understood why Rashi didn't talk about her family. He remembered  the conversation's his mum and kaki would have with Rashi  They , would ask Rashi about her  family. She would quickly change the subject. Kaki tried so many times, but she eventually gave up. He remembered Kaki saying to his mum 'Rashi never talks about her family ,I wonder why.'

His mum replied. 'Rashi is such a nice girl, I don't think we should pester her about her family, if she doesn't want to talk about it ,I don't think we should keep asking her, I am sure she'll talk when she's ready.'

The earlier scene in Gopi's office kept playing in his mind. He saw the hate in Gopi,as if she wanted to destroy him. But he just couldn't help noticing the innocence throughout her face as well.  Gopi was such a delicate flower. I just need to know what is going on  , I understand she was hurt by  my flippant remark, I know now she's an orphan, but I  still don't understand the secrecy about her past.

What is wrong with me ? I never was this  emotional about Anita, why with Gopi?

Ahem whispered to himself. Why am I so obsessed with this girl's past ?

Ahem kept thinking, she had only come into his life few weeks ago, but Gopi made Ahem feel insane. He just didn't understand why.

 Ahem just wanted to scream at the the top of his voice, Why am I going crazy over this girl!


The following week, Gopi had been coming to the Modi indrustires, for the meetings, but he couldn't catch her.

When the meetings would end  she would quickly leave  the room.Gopi's  colleagues would hound him, he would try to make excuses so he could leave, but by the time he had left  the room . Gopi had gone.

Frustrated he would take out his anger , on his unsuspecting  work colleagues . Ahem's work colleges noticed , he became more snappier with them, they presumed it was the stress of the wedding, but they did not realise that the thought of  Gopi was playing havoc with his mind.

Ahem sat in his office , trying to concentrate  on the project, but he just couldn't .He knew that the meetings  with Khanna Indrustries had come to an end and he still had no explanation.. He angrily threw his pen at the wall.

Then  Jigar walked into his office , he looked at Ahem and thought  please don't take your temper out on me

 He then  nervously spoke 'Bhai,Ive written up that report , you asked, he walked quickly and placed the file on the desk.Jigar carried on speaking 'Is there anything else ?'

Ahem silently shook his head . 'Ok bhai ,im going home now, Jigar was about to turn around, when Ahem began to speak.

'Jigar is Gopi, coming to the wedding ?'

'Yeah I think so, why?' Jigar was asking curiously.

'Just 'Ahem said ,  whilst he was reading the report Jigar had given to him.

Ahem began to think the wedding is in three days, there is no way she can avoid me now .


The wedding day had arrived in the Modi Mansion. Kokikla shouting 'Is everyone ready? , we need to get a move on.'

Jigar came running down the stairs 'Im getting married today ' he shouted at the top voice. His arms in the air.

Hetal laughed Yes you are dikra, but at this rate you won't be if you don't get a move on , where's Ahem?

'Bhai's coming ,' Jigar said. 'Oh look here he comes'  Hetal turned 'Come Ahem dikra ,we have to leave' 

The Modi family left for the wedding venue ,which was to be held in a hotel ,as Rash's home  did not have enough space to occupy the Modi's guests.

Gopi had been at the hotel , with Rashi  for the past hour. Gopi whispered to Rashi 'Nervous?'

'Yeah ,but im so happy.' Rashi said 'And don't forgot you'll have to keep visiting me too even through i'll be married .'

'Don't you worry' Gopi spoke softly.

Ten minutes later, the Modi's arrived, the  wedding celebrations had begun.

Gopi saw Ahem staring at her, she knew that Ahem had tried to talk to her , when she visted the Modi Indrustries, but she  just couldn't face him. Everytime , she would talk to someone, she would see out the corner of her eyes that  he would be looking at her. I wish he would leave me alone.

Gopi saw Rashi and Jigar, staring at each other  with affection. Jigar must have been a good influence on Rashi. The old Rashi is totally different from this Rashi which  I see in front of me. I'm really glad Kahanji that Jigar has brought a positive influence  to Rashi.

Gopi walked over to the happy couple ' Congratualtions Rashi Behn,Jigar, I wish you both all the happeniess in the world.'

'Thank you Gopi' Rashi said as she hugged Gopi 'Hey let me introduce you to Mummyji and Kaki.' She took Gopi's hand and walked her to where Hetal and Kokila were standing.

'Kaki ,mummy this is Gopi' Rashi said. ' Jai shri Krishna' Gopi spoke politely. 'Jai shri krishan dikra' both ladies replied

'Im glad you have come, we didn't get the chance to talk properly at the engagement.'

'Rashi told me  that you haven't seen each other for the past 5 years.It's really nice you have found each other.' Gopi nodded in agreement.

'Gopi,what do you do for a living? are your parents hear too.' Hetal asked whilst looking around the room. Rashi saw tears had filled Gopi's eyes.  Rashi spoke 'Mummy, Gopi's parents are no longer alive.'

Hetal and Kokila looked at Gopi. 'Im so sorry Gopi dikra.' Gopi just carried on nodding whilst avoiding looking at anyone.

'Erm,Rashi  Behn Im just going to get some water.' 'Oh ok Gopi' , Rashi replied

Ahem who had been standing near by saw Gopi and Rashi talking to his mum and Kaki. He looked at how Gopi was chatting , then suddenly stopped. He looked and wondered what's happened.  When he  then felt someone knock him. He turned and saw Gopi running out of the room.

What's going on? Why did she run out of the room? Has someone said something? Ahem left, the hall and went outside, to look for Gopi.

He saw Gopi sitting on a bench.  Hmm I should go and see if she's ok, and maybe she'll tell me the secrecy about her past.

Ahem slowly walked towards to Gopi,he didn't want to startle her. He then went to sit next to Gopi. Gopi sensed someone had set next to her . She slowly turned around and saw it was Ahem.

Oh great what does he want,Im not in the mood for another showdown with him.

'Are you ok? Ahem said whilst looking at Gopi. 'I just saw you running out ,I saw you talking to kaki and then you left so quickly.'

Gopi thought why does he care, he doesn't care about anybody's feelings , why me?'

Gopi  carried on staring  at the emptiness in front of her.

'No I just went to be left alone.' 

This girl, seriously, why is she being so difficult, I've come to see if she's ok and she just wants to me leave. No Ahem Modi, Im going to get to the bottom of this  once and for all.

Ahem grabbed Gopi's arm. 'Look at me ' Ahem said angrily. 'Why have you been avoiding me?'

Gopi looked at Ahem, with fear .

 'Gopi, look what I said ,im sorry, but please don't be like this,'

'Come back inside, enjoy the festivities. Ahem said . 'No Im fine ' Gopi replied

'Fine then, look what is your problem? Ahem snapped. 'Whats the big deal between you and Rashi?'

'Look you won't understand' Gopi said quietly 'You just won't'

'Try me ' Ahem said

Gopi stood up. Her back towards Ahem. 'Ok since you are being stubborn, I'll tell you my past, then maybe you will realise why I didn't want to talk about it before'

Ahem looked at Gopi,her hair blowing in the breeze. Her bangles clattering against her.

'My parents died when I was 5 years old, I went to live with Rashi's parents.'  Gopi said She carried on speaking. 'Mama was good person, he died a year later, after I came to live with them ,however Mami she was not.' She would torture, shout at me, abuse me, she would say, your worthless, pathetic nobody wants you. She would taunt me and call me 'The Orphan'

11 years I went through that horrible torture. I was treated as a slave. I went to the local school, whilst Rashi went to the top school in town. Even Rashi Behn was nasty to me , she would see her mum taunting me and she would join in. Every time she was with her friends she would say , eww look at her, she's so ugly, so disgusting.' Her friends didn't know that I was her cousin, as they lived out of town.Ahem ,was in shock, he just could not believe what he was hearing. It was bad enough being an orphan, but to go through this abuse by your own family, was even worse.  How could Rashi be so nasty to her own sister, how can be Gopi be so civil with Rashi he thought .

Gopi explained how she left when she was 16 and how she came here and then Mr Khanna took her in.He's been ever so wonderful.'

'Gopi, how can you talk to Rashi, after what she put you through?' Ahem asked. 'If I was you I would have treated her even worse, just as she did.'

Gopi turned around to face Ahem 'No , she saved me , no I won't treat her bad, you won't understand either. Her face, covered in tears, her  hair blowing in front of her face

'What do you mean ?,She saved you ?' Ahem said   Whilst he stared at Gopi 'Tell me then? What do you mean  she saved you?'

 'When I turned 16,letter came to the house saying, that I would inherit Papa's saving's ,Mami got hold of this letter. Mami was greedy woman, she was never satisfied.' Then one night  I got a phone call saying to leave the house , my mami wanted me dead,she wanted me out of the way as she would have got the money.So I left, and never looked back . It was Rashi Behn who rang, and saved my life I never knew this until the engagement, I couldn't recognise the voice ,as there was so much in the background.'


Gopi, then fell silent, she stood there sobbing. Ahem could not believe what he heard.His heart sank, this girl has suffered so much, been in so much pain and there's me thinking she was just being awkward.  He went up to Gopi and hugged her , He wrapped his arms around Gopi's tiny frame.  Gopi tried avoid looking at Ahem,she tried to  escape and struggle from Ahem's hold but she couldn't. She buried her head into his chest and wept. Ahem held on to her  thinking, I have to bring Gopi back to her former self, It's my duty to see her smile and be that cheeky person. I want to see the Gopi, when I first laid my eyes on her. He stroked his finger's  through Gopi's hair softly  and gently whispered in her ear.

'Gopi, I'm going to make you smile again'




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i love your ff Thanks for the Update !

Thanks for the pm Big smile

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The story has come full circle - now Ahem knows who Gopi is.
Looking forward to Ahem bringing Gopi's smile back.
A great update.

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