Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Detailed written update for Geet HSP 05/16/2011

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May 16, 2011


Good Morning...  and welcome to the new week with Geet HSP..


The episode starts with the soft morning rays flooding the room with light where Maaneet are together on the bed of hay..  It seems Maan is already up and ready and waiting for his wife to wake up from her peaceful sleep...  Geet is deep in sleep and Maan wide-awake laying on his side watching his sleeping beauty Geet...  He keeps on adorably looking at his beautiful wife who was in deep sleep without any worry in the world..  He just couldn't take his eyes off his wife's peaceful sleeping face and he looks on...  He sees the dry grass in her hair and softly pulls it out as if not to disturb her... suddenly Geet frowns a little in her sleep as if the sunrays from the window behind Maan disturbs her..  Maan looks at the face of his wife and then turning a little looks at the window... Geet as if brings her palm near her face to block that heat from the sun and Maan moves his body little to block the sun coming to her face...  Feeling little cool Geet smiles in her sleep and very softly she opens her eyes.  Seeing Maan in her vision she slowly opens it wide to see her husband's unblinking gaze on her.. She delicately smiles at him..  Seeing her wide awake... Maan holds her hand and says.. Shall we go Geet let's find a way out of this jungle this early morning as it will be difficult for you to walk in the heat of the sun..  Geet smiles at him & tightens her grip on his hand saying when my life is with me then why do I have to worry about the scorching sun...  Maan smiles at his wife saying so my Mishti knows how to be poetic.  Geet still laying on her back says softly this is the effect of your companionship.  Maan says oh really.  Geet sweetly smiles at him blushing a little..  Maan says so let's go..  Geet brings herself in the seating position and pushes herself little backward to rest her back on the wooden pillar saying no I love this place I do not want to go from here.   Maan also brings himself up and sits with his legs folded backward... saying hmm so you like this place...  lowering her eyes Geet blushes delicately..  Maan looks at that delicate blush on his wife's face and says naughtily..  so tell me Geet why do you like this place so much??  Why don't you explain me that...  Geet looks at him and gets little upset saying oh so now you do not remember it..  OK.. saying she pouts and turns her face away from him...  Maan smiles at her pouting face...  Geet some how could not hide her pleasure and soft smile comes on her face...  Maan softly moves little closer and delicately holds her chin and turns her face toward him...  Geet quickly hides her smile and starts frowning again...   Maan says softly..  You sure remember it rightly?  Then says in his husky voice so tell me what happen here that you do not want to leave this place?  Geet looks at him under her lashes and blushes.. and Maan keeps on intently looking at her so flushed expressions...  Maan persists and says answer me Geet...  Geet lifts her eyes and looks at her husband's smoldering gaze and intent expression and knew that he wants to hear her say the specific reasons... Geet once again looks at his intent gaze upon her face and suddenly she lifts her eyes as if to look behind Maan and says Beeji!!  Maan's eyes instantly turns alert and he quickly turns to look behind him adjusting his turban..  Taking that chance mischievous Geet quickly gets up and runs away from there...   Maan sees her ploy and quickly runs after her calling her name..


Dev and Nandini are walking in the jungle..  Nandini stumbles a little Dev tells her to be carefull.  Nandini balances herself and looks down at the big stone like a land mark and     say we were just here before sometime and once again we are here...  we are circling the same place...  Dev says one cannot get good sense of direction in the jungle...  Nandidni starts bickering... saying sarcastically that is what I am telling that you do not have sense of direction... Dev say that is not my fault.. she says of course it is your fault...  Nandini says who was running in the front so whose fault it could be.. of course yours..  and Dev looks at her face and a slow smiles comes on his face looking at her irritated face and he keeps on staring at her..  Then he says little sarcastically now it seems it has to be my fault by the way you have explained..  Nandini tells so now the person wins the toss will decides the direction we should go..  Dev was puzzled and says toss... Nandini says yea toss you know the way we flip the coin saying she flips her thumb in front of Dev's face as if to flip a coin...  Dev pushes her hands down and says Nandini we do not have to flip a coin I will go in any direction you want to go...  Nandini does not get his meaning and says no that is not the right thing as I do not snatch anyone's right so now pull out the coin and let's toss..  Dev pulls the coin out and nandini says head.. (she says sher in hindi means a lion ) Dev thought she said lion and quickly looks around asking where is the lion..  She says oh in our language we call head a sher...  Dev says then say it that way... Nandini says now please flip the coin..  Dev flips the coin...  and then catches in his palms..  He slowly opens his palm and sees the tail..  But before Nandini realizes that she has lost he quickly turns the coin to head and shows her.. She feels great that she has won... she says I knew I would win so let's go this way and she moves on..  Dev was standing at the same spot looking at the coin and turning it between his fingers says to himself..  I should think on the fact that why do I feel happy loosing the game to Nandini???  Saying he starts walking behind her with a smile..


In the inner court of Beeji's house...


Lucky is pacing up and down and beeji is getting upset at him saying this Lucky without thinking left Jugnu alone there... where Maan and girls were already missing..  Pammi also says that she is worried about the girls too..  Lachchi comes and asks Beeji to come inside and eat something as she has not eaten anything since morning...  Upset and disturbed Beeje just waves her request aside..  Lucky sees his mom upset and says Beeji have faith in God everything will be ok,,  Beeji says yea she does have faith on God but the boy's family knows that Nandini was suppose to go there.. and if they call us what will I tell them.. How will I explain that my daughter was out all night in jungle??  And the phone rings.. everyone looks at it but afraid to pick it up..  At last Lachchi picks it up and says few words listening to the person on other side..  It was teji and he gives some account.. and Lachchi is more upset..  after she says bye..   Beeji asks what did Teji says..  She said that he is still at the Police station and there is no news of the missing party... She continues saying that some jungle tribal people saw two people in the custody of thieves and the description of the person looks like Maan but they say now they are missing too..  Beeji is really upset and says OMG what will happen now and then she starts praying saying oh God be merciful be merciful be merciful..  the family around her all are disturbed and worried...


Maan and Geet are walking hand in hand in the jungle.. while Geet is making fun of him saying I did not know that you were so afraid of Beeji... Maan looks at her.. taking his arm behind her back he encircles her shoulders and says afraid Me??  So you are saying I am afraid of Beeji..  Looking at him and laughing softly she nods her head and says Didn't you jerk and says oh where is Beeji..  Maan says oh did I say like that... but before Geet says anything she cries in pain and bends down... Holding Geet Firmly Maan stops right away and looks down asking what happen.. Geet says thorn.. Maan leads her to sit on the side and lifts her foot to see a thorn in her foot...  He looks at her painful expressions and then looks back at her foot and as if moves his hand to pluck the thorn out of her foot.. Geet stops him saying No Maan it will hurt a lot..  Maan Looks at her and says softly.. Geet do you trust me.. Geet nods her head Maan tenderly looks at her and says then close your eyes.. Geet softly closes her eyes Maan looks at her close eyes and Painful expressions.. He looks at the thorn and pulls it out with one soft jerk..  then looks at still closed eyes of Geet and says did you feel pain...  Geet opens her eyes quickly and looks at her foot and does not find the thorn she says with a smile oh you pulled out the thorn.. Maan says Hmmm and tenderly smiles at his wife... then he puts on the shoes for her and gets up helping Geet up too... but he knew that it will pain a little if she walks.. how can Maan let his Geet feel even a little pain..  So before she even lifts her foot to take a step..  he lifts her up and starts walking in the jungle...


Nandini and Dev are still in the jungle going merry go round...  and still indecisive about the direction..  Dev tells her to go to another direction but Nandini reminds him that she has won the toss and he should follow her.  Saying Nandini starts walking but Dev says but I think that the road is this way... Nandini stops and asks for the coin..  saying once again they will decide who will lead the way out... Dev says ok but he will flip and he flips it in such a way that coin rolls little farther then them...  Nandini goes after the coin.  Dev teases her is it head or tail..  she says she is searching.. Suddenly Dev sees Maan and Geet..  He spontaneously says bro ..  confused nandini looks at him..  He changes it saying Balwant Singh and Geet... Nandini looks in the direction and sees Balwant Singh carrying Geet.. He was looking at her face with a tender smile...  Dev says let's go..  and they walk toward Maan and Geet..  Maan sees them and quickly puts Geet down.. Nandini comes running asking Geet  if she was ok..  Geet nods her head.. Dev looks at his brother and asks balwant Singh is everything ok?  Balwant Singh answers politely yes sir everything is fine.  But nandini asks as why Balwant Singh was carrying Geet?   Geet was taken back by sudden question.  She looks at Maan for a help..  Maan says oh she injured her foot by thorn and she could not walk...  Nandini was very thankful to Balwant Singh and calls him Balwant Veer...  saying thank you for taking care of Geet and fighting for us..  Maan seems to be happy and says oh please do not mention it .  Dev says we need to find the way out..  Maan looks at some locals passing by and says one moment and then he runs to them and asks them the direction to the city as they have lost their way...  They says oh you want to go to the city then come with us.. Maan thanks them and calls his team to come and follow them they all starts walking with them and now Nandini helps Geet to walk..


At home Beeji is on the phone and is really upset with DG of Police telling him that every time she calls they just give her one answer that the search is going on and if the search is going on then why there is no news for my kids... 


Suddenly  Nandini and Dev walks in the house...  Pammi sees them and says Nandini Maanji..  Beeji turns and putting the phone down goes forward while Nandini runs in to her mother's arms..  beeji embrace her tightly and says oh where did you go missing I was worried to death for you..  Maan and Geet walk behind them..  Beeji asks as if how did they reach the jungle.. Nandini narrates the incident saying you know we were surrounded by the thugs and they were too many but Balwant Singh thrashed them   Beeji thankfully looks at Balwant.  And Geet looks proudly at her husband while Maan looks down as if cannot take too much of his own praise.. Nandini continues saying  and Jijaji really took care of us.  Beeji looks at Dev..  Nandini says truly beeji because of them we are home now.  Beeji walks toward Dev and smiles at him saying have a long life son.. Dev smiles and feels happy with the praise..  Beeji then sees Geet and comes toward her and cups her face asking her if she is ok..  Geet smiles and says yes she is ok  Geeji tell her that she was worried so much for them  Then she looks at Balwant Singh standing near by and tenderly smiles at him..  Sincerely Maan smiles at her softly..  Beeji says.. son we must have some relations in our previous birth.  Geet looks at her husband and smiles proudly..  Beeji says repeatedly you have stepped in to save our prestige.. Very respectfully Maan joins his palms and with a bowed head says softly..  I am your son..  Geet and Dev smiles at that and feel happy about it..


Looking at this reunion...  Lucky steps in saying now everything has worked out well.. Then he walks toward Dev and holding him says by the way dear brother in law today you have done praise worthy work so let me say thank you to you.. but anyway where is our Jugnumama?  With Dev all frown at this question..  Beeji suddenly says oh yea Jugnu was also in the jungle so where is he.. Geet says Mamaji was there but we did not see him.  Beeji says now what should I do??  I do not know where he must be sleeping drunk..


And here comes Jugnumama with a wince and a shout that he is in terrible pain...  No one could recognize him as his face was all black..  Lucky says who are you and Mama starts wincing with a pain and all knew it was Mama.  Geet and Dev starts laughing silently..  Beeji  says what happened to you..  Maama says Oh I did not do this to myself but police did.   They took me to the police station and gave me a good thrashing...  There were three new recruits in the Police team and they practiced their training on me..  Maan says but Mamaji why did you to the police station?  Maama says with a cry of pain the I did not go but police took me as they thought I am the ring leader of Bhimaa's team and am kidnapping the people so they took me in and beat me up cruelly..  Beeji says then why didn't you tell them about me... Jugnumama says oh I would have if I remember your name... Beeji just hits her head in frustration...  Jmama says I kept them telling that I am sister's brother but they said they were sister's father and kept  beating me.. Lucky just burst out laughing and controls it and so does Lachchi and all others..  Then he says but then how did they let you go...  Mama says oh they did not let me go but they painted my face black and were giving me the ride on the donkey through the town but after I got little sense I recognized our house and came in.. Then he tells Bejee to go out and tell those police man that he is her brother...  Beeji tells him to stop his nonsense and Lucky laughs and says oh so today Maam has become rocket and laughs again..  Beeji stops him and tells him to go out and talk with Policeman..   Lucky tires to pull Maamji with him but he does not go..  Beeji shakes her head and looks at Geet and tells her to in the house and rest.. All turn to go in..  Beeji takes Naandini with her..  Nadnini looks at Dev and goes in.. Dev keeps on looking at her back with a smile..  Maan and Geet look at each other and Maan softly nods his head.. Geet does the same and Dev and Geet also go inside the house while Maan goes to out house leaving Mamaji alone in the living room who mumbles to himself that there is no value for such an international detective like him Lucky comes in saying Maam I have told those people to get lost..  Come lets go in and drink the spl drink together .. Lucky is taking his inside.. Maam asks for Rs 5/- from him.. Lucky says oh you can take 100/- from me..  and they walk in the house...


In the evening...

Geet is freshen up and is laying down on the bed with a soft smile remembering the events of the evening before...

She recalls Maans's soft appeal saying that he wants to be a father...  then her answer to him in the barn saying she wants to take their relationship to the new level.. and then she remembers the tender touch of her beloved husband and their time together in the barn and a soft lovely smile comes on her face and smilingly she brings her hand under her cheek and lies more contentedly... remembering the touch




Lachchi is in Dev's room telling him that tomorrow some one is coming to meet Nandini..

Initially Dev just listens without giving much important then he realizes the meaning of that and asks Lachchi what did she just say??  Lachchi repeats that some is coming to see Nandini.. Dev looks upset...



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Thank you Eva...Hug
Beautiful moments of Maan/Geet... loved it:)Embarrassed Love your writing as always... Hug
Thank to Shinus for the lovely pic...of Maaneet momentEmbarrassed

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Thank you Bhavi for the beautiful picture..
Shinus thank you too

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I wanted to say a special Thank You to you. 
It's a pleasure to know that there are people like you I can count on.Big smile

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thnax for the update eva!! :))

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Thanks for the lovely update !!

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Thanks so much Eva, as usual an awesome update. Always look forward to your posts. It is appreciated Hug

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