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Laagi Tujhse Lagan-Written Update- 16th May

Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Hello everyone! No don't get confused...i am your new updater...the Monday updater (The name sounds cool na LOL) The update won't be so will be a boring one just as the episode was...SleepyLOL
Psst: I am going to do the update everyone Monday! I finally found a job CoolLOL

Lets get started with the update:

The episode starts off with Sushy's (Srushti) aankhon ka taara...color's ka dulaara...ladka kunwaara...kismat ka maara...Digu...Cool and he is breaking the wood...(I so wish that thing would be in my hands i would chop off his headLOL) And he is getting entertained by his midget friend, but as usual this sada hua anda is not even smiling..he is only sulking...LOL That midget asks how was the song? Didn't you like it? Won't you appreciate me(Arey! Usko appreciate karna aata hai kya pehle yeh pooch...LOL) Diggu says i can break your teeth should i show you how...? (We wan't to see you breaking your head off...can we have a live show please? Tongue) Midget changes the topic. He says that whenever we name a thing it becomes our's. You gave a nice name to that Dariya wali - Sahiba...How did u thought about this name? Oh yeah, because she says 'saab' saab' you named her Sahiba, no? (no...because it was in his dialogs he called her Sahiba...Warna isko khudse koi kaam nahi aata D'oh) He keeps on blabbering... "Just like she keeps on saying Saab saab...her saab must also have done the same thing..he must have also gone mad. You should find her saab she will be very happy." (We all will be very happy... Big smileLOL) Just then Nakku comes there with the Dutta doll (EEks! Is that doll supposed to be Dutta? Shocked Oh freak this is painfully hilarious Cry) Midget takes the wicket and fixes it in the ground with a stone. Nakku comes forward and picks up another stone. She has flashbacks of the JMM2...where she took 2 stones and made them as Shiv and Parvati.. She comes and tries to snatch another stone from that midget, he doesn't give her. Digu the Hero... Day Dreaming asks him to give it to her. (How sweet Embarrassed LOL) He gives her the stone and she goes into the house... with Dutta doll of course... Tongue Digu asks Badshah to get Daru ki batli for him...(peeta rahe beta peeta rahe ek din peete peete tu udd jayega Thumbs UpLOL)

Scene shifts to PN...
The whole PN wasis praying in front of Bappa's idol...(the torture is still on? Shocked
AS speaks..."Bappa! Why are you showing me these things. First i lost my son Dutta and Now Baji" (Just then the peaceful PN turns into a circus with the ring master's people  shifting the furniture...)they bring new furniture. AS asking where are you takign everything... (Arey tumhara dahej ka samaan aaraha hai aapke would be ne bheja hai...err laaya hai TongueLOL
Just then i thought the noise can't get any louder, what i hear?? A roaring sound. I thought some animal must have gatecrashed the PN but was hamare Chameleon sahab...NS...taking the piss out of Dutta's office. NS asks Suds where he hid the tape. Suds says nothing (This guy will never learn...until he sees the gun he won't spill a word... and we have to bear the torture...arey jaldi batake khatam karna... D'oh)
NS points a gun at him and Hola! he points at the drawer. NS finds the tape...*Btw, his BG  is so creepy Dead* he asks Suds...only these two tapes were there right? Now don't you even show your antics or i will remove you from this world..never try to do these things again..and Suds gets all wet...
Back at the PN hall...the guys are still getting the furniture...(So slow these people are D'oh ) NS comes from upstairs and stands in front of the PN wasis joining his hands. He goes on saying  "This is all gods blessing...Did you like the new design of this house AS?" AS gets confused. "New design?" just then a guy throws Dutta and Nakku's pics. (Screw you dude Angry) Everyone gets shocked. He then hangs NS's pic....(which is really horrible Dead)
AS asks NS "You too betrayed us?" He comes and says "What to do gave the responsibility of Patil wadi to that stupid Baji...(Angry) and you are seeing the condition of Patil wadi. Somebody had to take up the responsibilty. So i took it up.." (volunteering act Tongue) "Memories hurt a lot. So i just tried to erase them"... He looks at Tasha's pics and says "I should do some shuddhi karan before grah that is what i am doing" and one of his chelas spill kerosene on the pics and NS burns them...(How i wish i had that kerosene bottle and i could have made NS bath in it and would burn him up Angry) AS starts weeping  "This was all my fault, i didn't listen to Baji" and she has the FB's where Baji was pleadingOuch He takes his seat on his arm hair or sofa (whatever it is called LOL). and talks about his business. He says that he will start doing drugs business from this house. "I asked Dutta to do this but he was stupid. He didn't listen to me. He didn't develop Patil Wadi. But i will do it. But you people don't worry, you people are like a family. you can stay here...listening to my orders."  AS says "We are still healthy enough to live on our own. ( woh toh dikh raha hai mashallah LOL) NS gets up from the chair and stands in front of Roops...he eyes her from top to bottom...(how creepy this guy is Dead) And says "I know many other ways to make you people understand what i want" just then AS pulls Roops behind her. (Iss scene pe ek sher yaad aaraha hai...arz hai... Irshad toh bolo...LOL Arz hai... 
Hum toh samajhte thay aashiq hai tu buddhi ka.
Hum toh samajhte thay aashiq hai tu buddhi ka
Baadmein pata chala aashiq hai tu buddhi ki beti ka! Tongue 
Shukriya shukriya LOL)
AS says to NS that you will be taught a lesson for the betrayal you have done with us. Both of my sons will come and teach you a lesson... (Was this a sign? Confused) We will leave this house and find my son Baji. and they all start going. Suds comes and stops AS..and says when NS is allowing us to stay here why should we go against him. I think we should stay here. AS says...Ok you can stay here..and asks everyone to come with her. Leela says to Suds before going... (I am not translating it...its good in hindi onlyLOL) She says...I know you won't come...Kyunki tum ghee dekh kar tay karte ho ki kitne talwae chaatne hai aur kitna ghee ROFL (Suds ki waaat lagi phirse LOL) Suds decides he should also go with the family as he have to stay as NS's dog if he chose to stay at PN...they all go away. NS asks his right hand (who is a namuna) that Baji should not see tomorrows daylight... And that Namuna says ok Nana...the work will be done.
And the screen freezes and i am rid of the torture !LOL
Precap: Baji is hiding behind Digu's ambulance (Yeh ambulance iski khud ki hai?? ShockedLOL)
Nakku calls Digu to take prasad. Baji recognizes her voice and sees her...Nakku gives prasad to Digu and says God give you some brains (Amen to that LOL)

My first update...bear with me and my mistakes...and now my eyes hurt...LOL
Take care all
Bushra Embarrassed

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged

but cant u get a better job then this :P

but Job tu job hai !

Kya lucky log thay wo , jo Dutta ko dekhtay thay aur us k dialogues ko quote kartay thay :P

and even u are lucky 

only a lil difference from Dutta To digu :P


bushy generally i dont read the wu but the first line got me off guard !

Pehlay din Viewbie say pangaaa !

SRush u listening :P

The episode starts off with Sushy's (Srushti) aankhon ka taara...color's ka dulaara...ladka kunwaara...kismat ka maara...Digu...Cool

i am sure u wil;l rock the monday updates :P

btw now i know wh ur eyes hurting :P

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sub_rosa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the update...and very well done!Embarrassed

It's kinda obvious that Deegu is going to step into Dutta's shoes! First, he is going to befriend Baji...then provide shelter to the Patil-clan...then he'd help Naku and Baji to fight NS and win PW back...and finally he'd become Naku's new husband and AS's adopted beta and rule PW.Stern Smile

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
First post the NOCOPY and MEMBERSONLY in [ ] brackets in capital the thread...and now teri dhulaiAngryLOL
Chulbul ki bacchi ..tera sab tight kar dungi meinAngryLOL
Meri aankhon ka tara!!! mein hoon ke teri aankhon ki mercy kar rahi hoon and tu meri aankho ki roshni le gaiLOL

By the way..tune phir se apna faluda kar diya,,.you said aashique bushiii kaROFL
AS gettign a grand GPLClap...buddhi ko dhakka do cliff par se..drum niche rock and roll karta hua chala jayegaROFLROFL
but fab update re proud of youApprove
And Kiki maine dekha !! OuchLOL

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
oye ChulbulShocked
Kahin meri aankhe dhokha to nahi de rahi*rubs her eyes properly*
Are ye toh sach me Meri Chulbul hi haiCool
U found this jobLOL
Good for usWink
Regarding episode -who caresSleepy
But i liked how u said Amen for Bappa giving brain to Diggu & he runs away in his ambulanceLOL
AS & her pendulum acts are all set to creat new records for new season of Guniness Book of world RecordsROFL
Btw where is ur trade mark pandeyji wala danceCool
A must watch dance after such drag episodeWink
Edit :
Oops i forgot to thank u for this WU,
u see mera excitment kuch badh gaya tujhe ye thread pe dekhkar.LOL
Its nice of u to reduce Srush & swati's torture.Clap
Thanks a lot meri sweet BushyHug

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
R E S E R V E D ... will be back later lol hopefully soon

~ * ~ E D I T E D ~ * ~

Bushy ….first of all Congratz on your new employment …

you really found a job LOL so proud of you Approve

Ok Bushy me rolling up my sleeves (like srush usually does)

and sliding right into the WU

Oh damn ….i mean yay woohoo Confused I slide right into handsome hunk ……Ouch no sorry i meant this emoticon Big smile  ...Confused

oi hoye hoye Diggu ….oh that to breaking wood…..

let me show how thatz done  *daya takes and axe and aims at Diggu LOL

you know i must warn u my aim is not that great...

so if i miss the wood dont be surprised .. itz so not intentional Wink

Oh bushy we will give the live show ourselves ….chal ….

he wont do it na so lets take initiative

Oh this midget is telling diggu to do us a favor….listen to him….

go find her Saab and reunite them!

Warna….u dont want to know me ...itz not good Angry

the pocket size Dutta ….Naku carries her Saab around now…

hmmm it is indeed painfully hilarious...

LOLLOL haha love the way NS entered PN the animal he is…well writtenClap

Wait a sec did u say AS was upset about loosing Baaji ….

i thought she also let him go! Wat non-sense

this woman is seriously wen confused case…

I think we need to do a head scan on her …

she is always jumping all over the place with her thoughts…

ShockedShockedShocked they threw the picture of D-N …

well I guess wen both of them are out of the whole picture …why not….

whats the point it keeping their divine picture in that horror show

AngryAngryAngryhe is burning their pics…

AngryAngryAngrythat NS…..

he will be killed ! very brutally I tell you..!!Evil Smile

AS yes weep now like always stuff ur face with that pallu and cry ….

cry that u listened and called NS urself

cry that half of this is ur fault too

CRY Cry youself to ur death….Angry

Eww that creep eyeing Roops …..Yuck Yuck YuckDeadDead…..

just you wait …someone will come poke those eyes out! Evil Smile not saying who

*daya get her surgical knifes out

Haila two of her sons coming back? ……

I would Love to see that day (MR/VR) 

*daya dreams and longs for the day Duji return in full form ready to kill and break these people to pieces ………

Oh omg the precap….well I want Baaji to see Naku and help her …..

but LMAO he is subjected to seeing Naku give prasad to Diggu ….

oww poor Baaji the things u have been through……

we know what u must be feeling

we've been feelin it since the day Dutta left :(  now you fix it!

but one thing I am happy about Baaji meeting Naku :)

Oww bushy great work ….loved ur update…the epi as usual crap...

thanks for spreading ur talent in making reading such an epi bearable Embarrassed

cya Smile

Edited by dg0628 - 16 May 2011 at 12:19pm

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-Ritz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Congrats on your new job Bushy. Party A very colorful update wish I could say the same thing about the epi. So looks like after shooting AS, and digu getting Baji kicked out, he will be the savior of PN people and take Dutta's place. what a load of utter nonsense. Thumbs Down The channel actually doesn't care about their audience and what they like. they just want us to watch what they like. this is so lame.

Thanks for the update Bushy. Hugwatch some dutta scenes now to save your eyes from this torture. Embarrassed how about I give u a link as prize for your amazing updateEmbarrassedLOL:

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
hhahahahaha Chulbul you editedROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
and Daya for a change me before you and edited before you tooROFLROFLROFLROFL

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