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Thnks to writers,Geet is nw a one sided love story

Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
When the new writers took over,initially they brought a fresh feel with "Maaneet Romance flourishing" only to realise they wud be making the most " stupendous" blunders which wud ensure downfall of Geet.

The present writers must be applauded for "Amritsar track" which is indeed brilliant,their work in creating "Jugnu Mama" is also appreciable...Lucky and Jugnu mama wud be missed for sure and amritsar track too.

But Amritsar track cud have been better and cud have easily extended for a longer period had the writers taken into consideration the "Sensitivity of Maaneet relationship" and more importantly " what fans feel for them and vision of fans for Maaneet aka Drashmeet."

If you check the latest TRP's of Geet then you wud realise "Geet" has actually not done well and infact has done worst performance ever and despite a fantastic track on.

Blunders which are unacceptable to fans and loyal viewers and which has ensured "Geet" will have a tough time ahead for sure in winning back fans and TRP's.

The mistakes which writers made and mistakes which can still be rectified if the writers take a note of it or someone informs them to consider and work on it:

1) Geet forgiving Dev:

Probably the biggest factor in many actually leaving the show and add to it the frustation of watching Arjun and Annie earlier and Geet's reaction followed by Maan calling her "Begairat".

Where makers went wrong was "Justification"...given for Geet forgiving Dev...which was stupid and simply unacceptable.

a) Makers never showed "Dev's intent to pay back for his deeds...merely asking for an apology for a crime bigger than rape and Geet simply forgiving burst the bubble.

Many related to "Geet's strong character and since the theme of episode is on real life social issue her character got appeal and was related and connected to which was destroyed in one scene "where Geet plays holi with Dev"

Agreed it was a part of build up to Amritsar track...

But how cud Nissar and others forget the fact that fans wont accept this "scene" leading to future track getting rejected badly..

What was lacking was justification:

Atleast if makers before all this had shown "Dev" trying to find out evidences to push himself for a trial...and make sure he faces wud have proved his intention to face law and pay back for his crime...

Had Dev been shown informing "Geet" that he has himself found evidences and soon he wud be submitting those so that he and NainT face trial and pay for their crime wud have won hearts of fans as well..making them relate to

"geet forgiving Dev"

But certainly not allowing him to touch her again and certainly not show the kind of comfort she is been made to show with Dev in Amritsar track.

To all those and many and plenty in numbers..just disconnected from geet's character right from the holi sequence and what followed next was even more unfortunate when Maan despite being right was made look " guilty" and Geet throwing attiude and not even showing signs of regret...

All the blunders by writers which not only ensured that " A fantastic Amritsar Track " wud not be accepted to its potential but also faded and ruined the fantastic work which previous creatives did with "Maaneet's Romantic Image.."

Well this mistake can be still rectified if makers quickly show a scene in coming week where "Dev" informs Maan and geet about his determination,will and intent to face law, becoz for him along with facing law it was important that geet forgives him..

Ideally shud have been shown before Geet forgives Dev but then even now it wud do and calm down fans who are now away from series Geet...

Few more blunders coming ahead and which can be rectified...coming next..

Please note:
4) Maan's character assacinated too written on page 2...
5) How Maaneet's romantic Image was brutally murdered on page 2

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
2) Maan and Geet's sensitive love for each other made look " Insensitive" and more importantly " Geet made look Selfish." and their love made look inperfect when Dev was shown as the one who understands Geet more than Maan.

The moment Geet forgived Dev and Maan heard,it was obvious makers were planning for a misunderstanding which was followed by a scene where Geet informs Maan about her decision to forgive 'Dev"..but Maan walks away..

" Maan's reaction was obvious and did the makers feel that "Maan" wud be smiling and feeling happy to see Geet playing and celebrating holi with Dev her first husband...who raped his wife and left her in a bad state..


Did the makers feel that after Maan insults Geet by calling her "Begairat" fans wud relate to Geet and feel Maan was wrong...?

Well many felt Geet was indeed "begairat"

writers biggest mistake:

Earlier Maan and Geet's love for each other was shown in such a manner that they understood each other very well and even if there was a misunderstanding they sorted out themsleves.

examples to prove how present writers destroyed this very very unique aspect about "Maaneet" which is so much loved by fans.

a) When Swati was the screenplay writer:

There were many incidences where Maan and Geet had misuderstandings but the previous writers never showed that Maaneet needed some third party to sort their example was "maafinama" by geet...

b) When Ved raj and his team took over..still Maaneet's romantic image was kept intact and their character essence was kept fresh...Maaneet still sorted out their misunderstandings themselves..only issue with vedraj was arjun and annie track...but i guess Maan Singh the director was a USP who saved Ved raj and still managed to show "Maaneet" better and better under the new writer.

c) Moment the present writers came:

Just to add and extend Dev's track they sacrificed this very unique aspect of "Maaneet's relationship" of better understanding of each other..

to start with when miscarriage happened...Dev was shown to have better understanding than Maan..

followed by when dev takes geet to anath ashram

followed by the lecture Dev gave after Geet leaves Maan...

agreed all this was for misunderstanding but then "Dev's" intent to payback for his crime was never shown and hence audiences neither related to Dev's intent to prove his desire to payback and nor Geet's decision to forgive Dev..

During all this " Maaneet" were shown as if they were not that perfect..

It was still not an issue..but to show Dev as the one better than Maan who understood Geet better than him was a big big heart break for fans making many feel "geet" as a character and series was loosing its colour and essence and more importantly fans were loosing connection with geet...

Dev's crime done to Geet is an social issue which is very close to hearts of fans and people in India and abroad...

Dev despite all his good doings represented that section of" males" who are considered as "villians" by both female and male audiences...

The manner in which Dev was shown and Geet forgiving and getting comfortable was something which made the character "geet" look alien..

It is ok to move on but...

Can anyone imagine a women as comfortable as Geet was with Dev,knowing he is her rapist...

Agreed she wanted to move on but one cannot accept she allowed Dev to touch and later is comfortable and when reacted by her husband,shows attitude to her husband who gave her an all new identity...

Maan's character was build in such a manner by previous writers and so was Geet's that the entire holi sequence and what followed after that made sure that for a new track all the hrad work done in the past will be flushed and was rather badly flushed..

The present writers failed at all fronts right from the beggining when the build up to Amritsar track was in process:

Instead of showing Dev's intent where he takes efforts to collect evidences of his crime,his intent was justified as

a) Him giving blood which was his responsibility and not favour as younger brother of Maan..

b) all his acts where he was shown he understood geet better than Maan..

The present writers just concentrated on how to show Dev a bigger hero than Maan and the one who understands Geet better than Maan..

This very fact made many loose hope and connection with the theme of the story and the series Geet...which was sealed after holi sequence

If you ask in a poll,many wud agree that series Geet ended when "holi" sequence was shown and now they no more relate to the series and watch the show only for "Maaneet" aks drashti and gurmeet..

Which was a case before as well but series too was loved...the result was...many now want to see only 'romantic maaneet moments' and series has no story left and more importantly the theme of the series has lost its connection with fans the moment dev was forgived...

The present writers started with the destruction of one of the unique feature of better and self understanding in Maaneet relationship and reached the point of destuction where they in just one holi scene blowed apart and destroyed the very theme of the story which related many and connected many..when Geet forgives Dev and all this without proper justification given by writers who made all these acts as formalities and felt fans were dumbs to accept it anyhow.

In the process of build up to amritsar track and justify intent of Dev,writers took the suicidal way where they first crushed some unique points of maaneet relationship then the theme of the story which was such a big USP after Maaneet.

After this they headed towards

character assasination of Geet,followed by bruatal murder of "Maaneet's romantic image"

coming up next the "character assasination of Geet"

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
3) Geet's character assasination which was a result of incompetant and pathetic justification given by writers:

While the build up was planned,maaneet's relationship was kept at stake,theme destroyed, and the only thing remaining was characters Maan and Geet...

Since intent of Dev was not justified and Geet's reason to forgive Dev were not acceptable..Geet's character lost its hold badly and its connectivity with fans even more badly after the holi debacle..

Writers next target was Geet's character:

What writers did wrong was this:

To justify Geet's anger they showed a scenario where Geet comes to inform Maan...but he walks away...

Now what wud you call a women who does not even consider her husband's suggestion and decision before forgiving her rapist...

Maan and Geet's relationship's another unique point burried till death by writers...

Geet did not even consult again...its a fiction and it was done for misunderstanding...

But writers made this point look a blunder when later scenes did not show Geet feeling guilty,realising that Maan must have misunderstood her,etc etc...must have seen her playing holi or with dev in farm house..forget about they did not show it ever..they also did not show it after the letter sequence..or before the letter sequence making Geet realise what Maan must have thought and no signs of Geet showing some understanding towards Maan..

Inshort,she was never shown feeling guilty and was rather shown correct in her act and Maan was shown entirely guilty when even Geet was responsible for Maan's reaction..

Clear ignorance from writers where they failed to understand the sensitivity of "Maaneet relationship"

"geet was shown insensitive towards Maan"

Had they shown both feeling guilty then fans wud have related...

Result of this blunder was fans were divided in to 2 camps..

Maan and Geet respectively...

For the first time Maaneet fans were divided and writers struck two targets when they destroyed Geet's character and dicided maaneet fans as well...

For weeks fans shouted,forums flooded but writers did not even bother to show it once and have not shown Geet's guilt till date...

Letter reading sequence was a formality to make look Geet missing Maan...

The problem with present writers is they are presenting the story as a formality and the feeling in the build up is missing...which is making many feel geet is no more geet and Maaneet are loosing their charisma..

eg: saturday's suhaagraat plot and jungle sequence...based on absolutely illogical buildup

I had written an entire scene of maaneet reunion which rectified all the mistakes writers did and also gave proper justification and a platform for maaneet suhaagraat which had better prospect after geet and maan reunite in amritsar coming out of a misunderstanding and in such conditions to consummate is a natural human behaviour or feeling where you want to connect and never seperate again with your partner.

read the entire ideal maaneet reunion scene followed by suhaagraat in this link

coming to what writers did and how they destroyed geet's character:

Agreed Geet felt bad becoz Maan called her begairat..and Maan is special for her and carries high regards and respect..

Instead of showing Geet feeling she has lost respect in eyes of Maan which was common sense makers showed Maan as bigger criminal than the rapist dev and "begairat" a bigger crime than "rape"...

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Hari73 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged

I know your heart is crying like me. Feeling so help less.  But the CVs are hell bent in destroying their story.  They have bcom stubborn, that audience should watch what they show.  Now after seeing so called SR, my feeling is what is the use of eye locks when we dont get see simple kiss also.  I will not be surprised, if loyal audience start to loose their interest in them. So no point in raising our voice. Its a waste of energy. They are dumb and blind..

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ilovemaan Newbie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
i LOVE ur post! im going to post the link on that rahul agarwal's fb page...

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sakadafi Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Brilliant post.  You have captured all the points very well.  Not only did the writers lose their way with the story but also with their characters. 

Though you mentioned the character assassination of Geet (very well done there), I feel you should also have mentioned the character assassination of Maan ever since the Amritsar track started.  There once was an aura about Maan Singh Khurana but that doesn't exist anymore.  Even though Maan has forgiven Dev for Geet's sake, I'm actually not comfortable even with their relationship.  A heart-to-heart talk between Maan and Dev was very much needed for Maan to understand that Dev is indeed guilty.  A mere lecture behind why Geet forgave him shouldn't have been all to have them go back to all brotherly love.  Even in regards to couple dynamics, Maan has just ended up becoming a joru ka gulam who puts up with all his wife's tantrums. The Maneet jodi per se no longer holds the same charm as before...plainly because they are no longer Maan and Geet but rather Gurmeet and Drashti.  The original characters of both have long been lost along with the story.

The CVs had many tracks to explore before they even needed to revisit forgiving Dev for his sins.  To think all this has happened in less than a year and Geet and Dev sharing the comfort level shown, is just not digestable.  Vicky & Sameera are tracks both the CVs had left open but decided to ignore/forget.  Sending Geet back to school would be a great track considering the social theme but instead they have Maan tell Geet that he wants to be a Papa.  I no longer relate this show to the Geet I used to has now become just any other show.

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
do it guys and post it becoz i am banned from geet fan page and i need help interms of numbers so that our voice..yes our voice reaches the makers in large it where ever you want...just do it..

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Before I move on to the blunders made in past I wud highlight the pitfalls and what went wrong with SR and why many felt disappointed.
What was missing and where "SR" went wrong was where the director ended it when ideally it shud have begun from that point..

"Clearly the hugs and atleast few romantic touches on face atleast..few eyelocks...while the process was on..everything which we as fans know "maaneet' aka "Drashmeet" are comfortable doing and have been doing were missing and that is why fans were left disappointed becoz they knew what was possible to show and hence disappointment was the regret that it cud have been shown and not on what was shown.

Ideal scenes in "Maaneet Suhaagraat"...

a) The moment Maan unties and loosesns "Geet's knot on the kameez " Geet pushes herself back towards Maan and raises both her arms in the air and dissolving herself in Maan,while Geet raises her arms and holds Maan back on his neck...

b) Maan pulls Geet closer by holding her tight and bringing hercloser to him with Geet locked in arms of Maan ...

c) Geet looking side ways back and with emotions of love oozing out both in eyes of Maan and Geet both look deep in the eyes of each other...

d) Followed by a camera trick where "Maan" actually keeps his lips on Geet's chin but if you shoot from an angle focussing the camera on Geet's face one wud feel it is a lip lock,which was certainly possible to show...

e) After this camera trick Geet loosens herself and and Maan kisses from the side on eyes of Geet and rest his hand moving upwards...left to imagination of fans where,just giving "geet's expression to make fans visualise what is on..why to show it onscreen...

f) Geet turning back and hugging Maan and so does Maan hugging Geet and a passionate hug where they are holding each other so tight that even air cant pass between them..

g) Geet kissing Maan on his ears or cheeks show it where ever and Maan's expressions...

h) Both coming out of the hug and as usual what can be shown...Geet kissing Maan's forehead...followed by she kissing Maan's eyes and Maan looking deep in eyes of Geet asking for more and more love from Geet...

i) Geet trying to lie down and Maan holds her hand and pulls her back as yet another passionate hug happens and Maan this time coming down and giving just one kiss deep in Geet's neck and then coming up and this time it is Geet looking deep in eyes of Maan and asking for moore and more love...

j) Maan and Geet coming close to each other holding each other's face and breath high and faces and lips at kissing needle distance...

k) Maahi in the background as Maan and Geet hug each other yetagain and this time Maan holding Geet and lieing her down with him on her side ways..first trying to clear her hair on face...and an eyelock as both admire each other...

m) Maan kissing Geet's forehead and Geet's eyes expressing passion and followed by Maan keeping his head deep in Geet's neck and Geet hugging and holding Maan tight on his back...

n) Maan rolling back and Geet on top of Maan and then Maan again rolling and this time Maan on top of Geet...

Maan moving down and Geet's head side ways as Geet spreads her arms and Maan on top of her..screen fades,job done...the max u cud show ...

Maan rubbing her nose with geet's nose as both smile and then ...a scene where hand or rather palm gets locked becoz nothing more ca be shown...and we relate to understand that...

o) After the "consummation" a scene where Geet is sleeping on Maan's cheast hugging him sideways..on top of him...

It was no wonder that "SR" was ruined becoz under the present team of writers and the director it was always going to be ruined,simply becoz they do not have the understanding and idea of how comfortable Drashti and Gurmeet are and more than that how comfortable they were before,making many feel scene before proposal of Maaneet were far more passionate becoz of the way they were shot and were still passionate till the time Maan Singh was there directing the series Geet.

Why Maaneet SR was a flop rather bigger flop than Ram Gopal Verma ki 'AAg" and Farha Khan's "Tees Maar Khan."

1) The director and writers clearly lacked build up where all of a sudden just for the sake of showing and rather rushing "SR" in mahaepisode they planned an "SR" which lacked build up and what was more funnier was "Maan asking for it" said earlier in my article where I am giving blunder points maade by writers and why Maaneet effect is loosing its shine under the present writers.

"Present writers are making every single Maaneet high point look a formality and Suhaagraat was made one formality after Maan was made to ask for it rather than both Maan and Geet feeling for it which is a true" Maaneet Character".

Maaneet dont have to ask for "SR" they have to feel it and which was only possible after the letter reading and reunion scene,but as claimed earlier and now proved..till the time present writers wud be there every Maaneet moment will be made look a formality with no proper build up and no proper execution from the director...

What was shown?

The director ended the shot where actual "SR' shud have begun and he ensured that fans wont just crib but bash and insult and give every single reaction which will make sure the creatives will feel insulted.

Well the creatives themselves made sure they will get insulted...

If you look at past scenes ideally these were the shots and scenes which cud have been easily shown in "Maaneet Suhaagraat" had the director shown the will to stretch "Maaneet Suhaagraat" more than the other shit and crap which was served to fool fans.

What makers showed in "SR" was school going baby romance and add to it what was shown yesterday,one never felt 'SR" happened as Geet was sleeping on the otherside and scene began with Maan staring at her...

"One never felt "SR" happened becoz director never made fans feel it and writers showed and wrote it as a formality and director madde sure it looked like a formality..."

Hope the makers after reading this article and understanding what went wrong in "SR" work upon it or someone informs them to work upon it and show it again,becoz the mahaepisode which had "SR" in it cud have easily calmed down all fans who were disppointed and also cud have made sure that many new and old viewers joined the show and followed it..

It actually ended ensuring many wud either stop watching the show after feeling disappointed or wud have no more hopes left with the show,resulting in further decline and downfall of the most romantic pair on this planet and the most loved series..

"Maaneet" and "Series Geet" left in its worst possible state due to major major creative incompetant work.

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