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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 January 2011
Posts: 35320

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged

Nabi<33333333 ur awsome love!!!!!!!! so gonna use!!!!!!!!!!!

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.Nabi. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 June 2010
Posts: 16314

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ridhi.

rocking update jaanThumbs UpDay Dreaming
loved mayur n rati ones mostEmbarrassed
fab job
Thank u so much Ridhi ji..

Originally posted by -moona-

Nabi ji again Fantastic Update, The ist avi which is for Radha is just Mind Blowing, Imran is looking very hot..Blushing
and Kash avis are just wow and BeauTiFul, this is one of my fav Kash scene..
and Mayur one are wow, Perfect gift for MaYurians as there is the anniverary of Fanaa sequence..Day Dreaming
and when it comes to Rati, her icons and avis ar just Mind Blowing, as u r perfect in them...Embarrassed
Btw i am not watching the serial, but i really liked Ram Priya Avi, it is BeauTiful..and Rest of the Update is BeauTiFul too Nabi..
u r improving Day by Day...Hug
Lovely Creation Nabi ji..Hug
Loved ur Hard Work Nabi ji..Hug
Thank u soo much Mona..Hug
You are my biggest inspiration and support to improve further..Approve
Love u..Hug

Originally posted by mona-bg

rati ones is superb dear http://cdn.pimpmyspace.org/media/pms/c/zb/bl/l6/tweety7.gif [/QUOTE]Thank u soo much..Embarrassed

[QUOTE=Coeur2PsychoFMS]OMG Nabi awesome updates...  I love Abhay's entry avis and his vampire look avis sooo sooo sooo much Posted Image then I love also Sid's one... 

Mayur and Rati Pandey's avis are too good too 

Good job 
Wow these emos..Silly
Thank u soo much my emos queen..Wink Hug

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Lovely creations Nabi ... the Fanaa Ones and the RP one's are Cute ... also the Ram-Priya ones are awsome
Thanks a lot Preeti..Hug

Originally posted by Fantasies

awesome ... beautiful yar!...
all the avis and icons are outstanding!

Wow Fantasies..Wink
Thanks Priyu..Hug

Originally posted by -roshnee-

they are gorgeous, nabi and my net is giving too much problem.  hence couldnt use the like button! sorry for that. 
Thanks a lot Roshnee..
Thats ok yaar np..Big smile

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-RatiKliye- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 September 2010
Posts: 12645

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
updated my post on pg 39 finallyLOL

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.Nabi. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 June 2010
Posts: 16314

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by blossom1234

hayeeeDay Dreaming
wow wow wowDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
loved the kash one's and all the requestsClap
OMG mayur's ones r awesomeDay Dreaming
and abhiya,wowDay Dreaming
rati and kabir..awesomeClap
and the big size ones r greatThumbs Up
mind blowing work nabiClap
loved all of themHug
Thank u Nikky..Hug

Originally posted by ...PARiNA...

beautiful ones .. thanks for the PM
Love this a lot

Thanks Pari for appreciating..Hug

Originally posted by -Faria-

OMG Nabi
u r just superb hun
awesome awesome creations
ll d avis r just amazing

i loved mayur fana vis...and also loved ram-pria avi

very nice dear
keep it up
Aww thank u soo much.Hug

Originally posted by zishaRP




Thanks a lot for appreciating my work..
Im sure u also gonna rock if u try..Big smile

Originally posted by -ArtiKliye-

res will edit today pakkaLOL
Waiting..Stern Smile LOL

Originally posted by MohitsLeena

OMG wow fab update nabi :))) u r tooo good n superb yaar :)))) loved it all
Hey thanks a lot Leena..Hug

Originally posted by -Swetha-

awesome avi's by u NabiDay Dreaming
i loved all of them <3
Thank u..Big smile

Originally posted by -Rumi-

Superb Nabi...Clap

Abhay...Kabir...Ram-Priya...Rati..Vishal...Day Dreaming

Thank u Rumi..Hug

Originally posted by -RougeDreams-

Nabi<33333333 ur awsome love!!!!!!!! so gonna use!!!!!!!!!!!

Thnks so much Tash.. Hug

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.Nabi. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 June 2010
Posts: 16314

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -ArtiKliye-

res will edit today pakkaLOL
nabi nabi nabiDay Dreaming
omg that was just ahhh what can i say yaarLOL
ur just fab seriously kya karti haTongue
those mayur ones are just awesomeEmbarrassed
and abhiya one hayeeeDay Dreaming
n rati and kabeer omgBlushing
do update soonHug
Aww u updated.. So sweet..Embarrassed
Thank u thank u thank u..Hug Hug
Onli for u will update soon..Wink

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.Nabi. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 June 2010
Posts: 16314

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Charu21

Nabzyyy!! my sweetheart!! my avi Star gal u rock!!! Hug Aww Charu im so glad u r back..Hug

Eeeksss!!Dancing thanx a ton baby!! loveddd it sooo much!!! muahhh... Hug Arrey for once i got the chance to pamper u.. so couldnt lose this opportunity..Wink Hug

Simply awesome update!!! Radzy's requests Day Dreaming  Thank u.. Hug

Amar & Shakti OMG!!! awesome!!!  Hug
MaYur woahhh!!! dreamy!!! Day Dreaming Approve Thats them..Embarrassed

AbhIya -- hayeee those golden days!!! Day Dreaming that Mr attitude was way better than these days abla naari!!! Ermm memories!!! Blushing Haan yaar missing this old Abhay..Unhappy

Kabir - Tongue LOL Wink LOL

Abhay - cool!!!  Hot Vampy..Blushing

Rati from Shadi street - heyy she looks adorable!! Approve is that some new show?? No actually its from her first show.. Didnt gt the chance to watch the show..Ouch

Ram & Priya -- aah!! i m in luv wid this couple!! Smile  ME TOO Approve
OMG!! all big size avis are brilliant!!! luved Ram & Priya one da most!!! Thumbs Up Thank u..Hug Now waiting for some siggies on them from u..Wink

ahaaa... sone pe suhaga!!! LOL superb icons darling!!! Clap   Awww thank u..Hug

Keep rocking... catch yaa soon... Hug luv yaa... Hug Love u too love..Hug

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radt IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 July 2010
Posts: 6359

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nabi.ARti

Originally posted by radt

My new replie in green!LOL


Reserved First Spot... Yeahhh...Dancing Yes..Dancing
Meri reservation se yeh haal!ROFL
Reserving first spot in your n Charu di's spot... or second spot (next to only FariLOL) is such an achievement!Embarrassed Aww i always want u to be in first spot..Hug
Lol... It shows my love for u people! (Besides the fact that I stalk you)ROFL *oops* Oye i just love when u do that..Hug It indeed shows ur love for us..Hug
Thank God u ignored the stalking wala fact!ROFL

Finally... After 15 whole minutes... the page loaded fully! Woah 15 mins..Shocked net prob always giving a hard time nah..D'oh
U ask me y did I wait? Coz I wudn't stand to miss any of ur creations!Wink
*hugs jaanu* Aww how can sum1 be that sweet..Hug

Coming to the Update...LOL

Yeah!!!!!! Party 


Hein ulta dancing bananas..LOL Kahan se mila?? Cool..Cool
Google se specially search kiye toi ke liye!WinkLOL

My jaanu has made it to the fourth update already!Approve  Unbelievable nah..Embarrassed
Yes! Totally... You should have made it to the 4th Gallery...Embarrassed

Congratulations!Hug Blushing Thank u.Blushing Hug

May u have millions such updates!Embarrassed Tumhari mooh main ghee shakkar..(Nupur's style)Wink
Awww... I miss her...Ouch *hugs* to my real life nupurLOLHug Toi!!!!!!

*eyes fell on the update*
*frozen*Shocked    Embarrassed Such main..Embarrassed
Aur kya! Itni mushkil se hile hain!LOL

WOW!!!!!  Blushing

The KAM avi... It is Fantastically awesome!Hug  Honestly..Embarrassed thank u..Hug
It was really hard the way I asked u to do the tymings... and you managed it so so so so so so so well...
I am overwhelmed!Embarrassed U know wat it was relli very easy to do..Tongue
Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so  so so so so so so so so much My Nabhsy!Hug
I am so so so so so sooo Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                 Oye itney thank u..Angry Anything for toi..Wink

Toi so so so sweet!!!!!!!!Hug

I LOVE it!!!!!!!Clap  I love too these emos..Day Dreaming LOL
*grrr* I was expecting "N i love toi"ROFL

*sees the next request*
*pooping sound*
*Radzy flying in the air*
(No it's not red bull)ROFL Radzy tum bhi nah..ROFL
Main bhi nah!ApproveLOL


My next request came out even better! 
Infact, it is the best one.Day Dreaming Kash magic i guess..Embarrassed
I am so so so so so so so happy with my request!Star  Thats wat i wanted..Approve
Thank you so much Nabhsy!

Radzy these thank uS are going to kill me..Dead LOL

Cute hain nah? Meri tarah...???Embarrassed
Makes puppy face... *woof*LOL

It is so beautiful! Just like you..Wink
Haaye! Open romanceROFL
Using it as my avtaar ryt away.Dancing
Cannt wait for another moment.    Thats my girl..Dancing
Perfect match for my super awesome siggy...Embarrassed So true..Approve
U two girls are my angelsHug U are our angel..Hug U are relli special to us. And im sure Charu will agree with me that anything we'll do for u will never enough.Approve

Awww...Hug Toi made moi so happy! *sob sob* *sniff* Khushi ke aansu hain!LOL

Sam's req looks lovely!Embarrassed Just hope she liked it..
And Charu Di's surprise... awww... That was so cute!Hug
Get well soon di!
Thank u my baby..Hug
Radzy this is Sk..Blushing Charu defo will feel much better after seeing this..Embarrassed
Rite Charu.Wink

Coming to the Update...  Embarrassed

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed

Is that Kriyaansh????? yup..Embarrassed
Where do u get all these links? YT..Cool LOL
My God!! U must b working hard!Hug  Actually i've become obsessed with this couple. So here's the result..Embarrassed

They are TERRIFIC! Thanks..Hug
Mayur next... This is my type of an update! Thats our kind of thing..Wink
Wouldn't say much...
Coz it leaves me speechless...Embarrassed I can understand that coz they have same effect on me..Especially Nupur..Day Dreaming
This goes STRAIGHT into my dabba!Approve Aww u r a sweet sweet sweetheart..Hug

Abhiya ones look beautiful!Embarrassed Aha remember those days..Wink
And Kabir... awww... he looks so cute!!!!!!Hug I know..Blushing
He's coming in a new show!Big smile Ya cant wait..Embarrassed
Hope he looks equally hot there!Wink Of course he will..Wink

Abhey! Lol... he looks cute!ROFL Radzy cute is not the word..ROFL
Ikr!LOL just i cudnt say anything elseLOL

Rati looks so cute, like always in the Shaadi street avi!Embarrassed Haan yaar i wish i could watch this show..Unhappy
BALH ones are AWESOME!!!!!!Hug Thank u..Hug These two have become one of my favorite couples.. 
Mum is loving the show too...Embarrassed
Bebo and Ranveer ones are Hot! Smashing!Day DreamingEmbarrassed They are.. Day Dreaming

Ur icons are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Thank u..Hug

I like this..Cool LOL
I'll se this more often then!Wink

Making the font of my long post small so that ur update loads easily!Wink Aww thats so sweet of u..Hug
P.S. More requests coming soon... Waiting ji..Wink
Don't get fed up of me and kick me out... Radzy..Angry Dont ever say that again..Angry OK
You are my sweetheart and i will never get fed up of u..Approve UnderstandAngry

Thank u so so much for these wonderful comments.
They mean a lot to me..
Love u..Hug



Toi ke liye new emoction dhoondh kar layi moi!LOL
cute hai na?

Edited by radt - 28 June 2011 at 12:04pm

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mayur-maaneet Senior Member

Joined: 18 May 2010
Posts: 705

Posted: 29 June 2011 at 2:31am | IP Logged
lovely!!!!just simply awsome...n woa...its long!!

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