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...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya ![1] {New Link available} (Page 59)

Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 10 August 2011 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arzzo

great awesome fantastic mindblowing super duper good reallly cool ClapClapClapi just love ur this ff not getting any more word to appreciate you i think i will need a dictionary to appriciate ur work and storySmile great and simple writing style so easy to read and understand love the siggys and pics which u paste after the scenes it matches so much with the situation and give more colour to ur ff and i reallly like ur long long parts as the story is so intresting and its so much fun to read that i really like that u post so long parts even i dont mind if it will be more long Day Dreamingsamrat povs are really awesome the dialogues the chemistry btw tinku and gunji and sam and rohan and the way gunji is close to sams familly is really awesome and according to my thought i think the prob in bhushan house is related to tinku i think he has any dangerous disease  and in arnav family i am lil confuse that whats the secret isErmm and do cont sooon and do pm me plz

and i have one more request can u plz give me the link of the ff u have describe in the start "MBYPH'' plzzz after reading ur this ff i wish to read that to plzzz
and last


Thanx Arzoo for your First n very sweet ReplyEmbarrassed.I am so glad that you liked this Story n all UpdatesSmile.And about long Updates...LOL That is our weakness.LOL If,you read MBYPH's updates...then,You realized what is the meaning of Long Updates !!LOL LOL

GUNJAN-TINKU's bonding is very imp. part of story.Because,In this story Family value, Relationship and their emotions is very important.We'll reveal all mystery ,very soon .Please,wait.

And,About MBYPH...Here,is the link [MBYPH-1] :-


Please,read and tell us...Your true Opinion about this story...V R waiting...Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
Posts: 28727

Posted: 10 August 2011 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hiii

wow awsome updateClap truly loved it

well u know i read this update and last update just now and was actully pleasently suprsie to see samrats growing love for gunjan i thought he might try and forget after he found out she was not the one...anywyas the part was awsome i already hate this yamine cant stand her...
and im guessing there is more mystry behind the bhushans moing to delhi thing im guessing there is more to it then just a move waiting to see that
as far as arnav goes he is a sweet guy so far i like his charecter i loved his and his naighbours convoSmile
and waiting to see more sajan sceens i wanna see what samrat does to befriend his to be salla causs that will be tough LOLWink
anywyas awsome update do continue soon and yes happy friendship day to u as well Hug

Thanks Tanzeel for your Sweet feed-backEmbarrassed.SAMRAT is very sensible person..he recognized GUNJAN's quality...He knows...She is totally right choice for him. He knows YAMINI is first choice of his family.he has no much time for convince his family for GUNJAN...Usse sabhi kuchh fast karna hoga.

GUNJAN n her family is facing a big problem... They know that,this fake happiness is not longer part of their family ...but,their view about Life n Live is different...They want to enjoy every moment of life...Yes,ARNAV is very sweet guy,A very loyal person too.Embarrassed

Next part is totally based on SaJan scenes...and dosti...woh bhi Very tough job...LOL We'll be update very soon.Thanks again for your detailed ReplySmile


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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 November 2009
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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged
it was again wonderful update hon guys Claploved it and enjoyed all parts of this update ,confidence of love fighting with situation ,some mysteries and growing maturity of char , ego clash and determination loved it 

starting from first part on hearing news of delhi gunjan and tinku heart broke and main reason is mysterious here but bonding of family special gunjan and tinku's maturity to handle and adjust with situation to support their parents it was treat to read the way u guys mentioned tinku didn't like place and now he is ready to live there showing his maturity in this small age and gunjan 's support system was main strength and power of her parents and family 

yamini and samrat's convo showed their determination yamini want to get him again her confidence and stubborn nature to get him flashed in it ,on the other side samrat became more confident in his decision gunjan is the one with whom he can spend his whole life happily yamini can't be good option for his wife ,with word drama its clear he knows her better she left him and chapter closed for him but she again came in his life with turning point on same day where he realized his liking for gunjan and decide to marry him so lets see how will he will get gunjan in his life and how will yamini try to stop him 

arnav liked gunjan from his first meeting he only saw her and fell for her and dreaming abt her as their marriage is fixed but he is unaware with mystery so as we so now can't wait to hear what's the main problem lies bcz of this gunjans' family is suffering a lot 

samrat and his mission he is firm in his decision and with passing moment he got more confidence with his decision to marry gunjan there r so much hurdle to get gunjan in his life not only from his family and yamini but also from gunjan's family and arnav's side so lets see how will this story take place as love story but for love can't wait for their friendship but tinku and samrat's bonding will be treat to read LOLdo continue soon can't wait 

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gunurlove IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 December 2010
Posts: 2977

Posted: 11 August 2011 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Hey Joseph and S3...Finally i have read the last two parts and now im here to comment on both parts...Smile
hmmm so start with part 6.
it was as usual mind blowing part...whole part was completely awesome...again visualize each and every scene infront of my eyes...Embarrassed
start with Samrat and his mom convo...Poor same could not beleive on truth easily and went to his mom to confirm..n after confirmation...OuchOuch Poor Sammy totally felt sorry for him...and hez such a sweet son na..couldnot tell to his mom abt Yamini..and gunjan too...bcoz hez waiting for the right moment...this whole scene was very well written...ClapClapClapClapClapClap
then came Confusing scene...dont know whats the matter ...but this whole scene between Gm and GD was also written very beautuifully...whatever the matter is...but their tention...concern for their children...pain each and everything was Superbly written...i know problem is related to Gunjan...but first time u have shown the bonding of GMa nd GD...No doubt they r a great couple..sharing a great mutual understanding and love with each other...therefore Nisha Ji immediately caught her husband that hez in trouble and trying to hide something painful for them...n then he told her  abt it...such a nice couple..(instead of Sam mom and dadWink)having two most wonderful children in their life...Gunjan to gunjan he...Tinku is also very smart and cute baby...i love his character...Embarrassed
what is the REAL TRUTH guys plzzz reveal it soon..i hate to be remain confused for a long time...Confused..but i know ur writing style very well i know when the ryt time will come u will disclose everything with an awesome way...but still hope to get it soonSmile
Something is surly wrong with Gunjan...its confirm and the way u have described parents pain and concern for their children when they would have to gone through any trouble its really hurts parents alot...this scene was very very nice...ClapClapClapClapClap
It was so easy for anyone to say that Reality has to be accepted... how would they know what a Mother feels... how It breaks her heart when her child comes crying to her with just a small scratch... how the tears in the kids eyes break her resolve to punish them when, they are naughty... the first day at  kindergarten school...and when the sobbing kids are taken away by the teachers... those few hours without them around are like hell... and here they were talking about kids going away... Forever... all she wanted to do now was to hold both her children in her arms. She wanted to hug them tightly... shield them... and dare fate to deal a blow to her kids.
these lines were Superb..Mindblowing and very impressive...(kahan see li hen guysWink)just kiddingLOL
this whole scene with Gunjan convo too was Too gud.Clap

Gunjan too notice of something wrong...

After this Samrat tensed condition was also described very natural way.StarStarStar...Obviousely now after seeing Gunjan how can he like and imagine anyone else as his Wife...and then after reading flashback scene ...Samrat is very ryt with his POV...Shez (Yamini) so mean...definitley does not deserve him...though he was a flirty man too...but he was also very sincere with whome he was in relationship...and now he has some expectation with his to-be wife...and one and only gunjan can stand up all of his expectations...Shez Perfect for him..if he thinks this is not wrong.he has a full ryt to choose his life partner on his own choice...But Sam DAD...OuchAngry

a big big haddi between Sajan...last lines of that flashback scene when Samrat was telling abt his wife were fantastic...loved it ClapClapClapClapClap

and then the repetition of those lines with present condition was really very Gud...HE was so

tensed to thinking abt Yamini...its realy hurt him alot...that what did he think and whats happeninig now...

and feeling very happy to read it...Samrat forgot all his tension when he saw Gunjan through the window...all his depression go away when he was thinking abt his meetings with her n all ..hez so determined to marry her...

Dinning table scene was mine fav...Embarrassed..Samrat dad seemed like a hitlor...but no doubt his mother is really a sweet this scene i love the line when he thought on Gunjan's name..haan ab aya na kaam ka topic...he was so desprate to talk abt her.WinkLOL

and when he came to know all his family liked and praised her alot...infact dad too..then his happiness had no bounds...but poor guy doesnot  know that His mother and bhabhi like Gunjan as their bahu but would not be DAD...OuchAngry

but still hez working hard on Mission Gunjan..LOLWink...Tinku's short circuit name was so funnyLOL

and that kitani bhukkad family he wo...this whole scene i loved alot...Hawa me Mehal bna rha he Samrat...relationship start hua b nai k kitni dooorrr ki soch rakhi he...LOLLOL

then his fake appreciation abt Tinku made me laugh ...and then Rohan's reaaction..everything was Superb guys...EXCELLENT and Marvellouse update...starting to end...i thoroughly enjoyed it more n more...Thumbs UpClap

will comment later on PArt 7...till then byeee



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Shreya30456 Senior Member

Joined: 30 July 2011
Posts: 826

Posted: 11 August 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Just read all the parts it was amazing

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gunurlove IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 December 2010
Posts: 2977

Posted: 11 August 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged

Hey JOSEPH and back with my remaining comment'.Smile

First of all I want to say'which I forgot to mention in previouse part..that Siggy was awesome''just love it to the core'.thank u aashi'Hug

Now start with Bhushan house'whole secen was very very touchy' have portrayed this whole situation (of tensed and worry parents and their concerned and supportive children who cant see their parents in pain and understand them)'.

In a very awesome way'''ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

Seriousely guys after reading these both parts..and imagining all scenes..everybody conditions ..everything was so clear in my mind'I was just thinking one thing'..

Why don't you guys make a tv show on your FF'Tongue''as you have brilliant ideas and concept'.with full on drama'...I mean impressive dialogues..strongly Main idea'everything seems just Perfect for a serial'...(somehow MBYPH ka sequal to ipkknd ki form me mil hi gya he..ab yeh idea kon churata he'Wink...lets see)

I wonder Gunjan is a sensible and mature girl..but that Tinku'look at him '..hez so small and naughty but when anything comes at his parents and Di...'..he become so Mature and intelligent sharp minded kid'such a caring baby he is'...'Embarrassed

thats y Gunjan loves him a lot and had been hurt by Samrat's Views abt her lovely little bro'Ouch'.. infact I was thinking Tinku may not b knows abt this whole matter..but he also knows'Very Gud haan'that shows Mr and Mrs Bhushan have a great faith and trust on their children'. ''.Embarrassed

The most touchwood scene in this matter was kitchen scene''CryCryCry...'

truly the magical scene of mother daughter beautiful bonding''the way how did Gunjan console and support her mom'..then the whole family scene'.everything was fantastic'.You guys always rock the every part..with ur brilliant writing style'.Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Then came Mission Gunjan side''..Smile

I will say'that Bhushans scene..then Samrat disturb condition'..everything'.

The one who read this story deeply'can totally understand the conditions of every its just like we r feeling their pain or looking at them'

I would again say'in your both SS(no sorry in thrice..coz with u always was mine first most fav..n it was my mjht 3...i remember...Wink...) its very clear to visualize all the characters very well...Star

Samrat do not has courage to deny his parents directly but his mom is sooo sweeettt'she had noticed his behavior towards Yamini proposal '..but I think she knows her husband very well too'...Samrat thinks that he would me convince her parents for Gunjan proposal..but I remember that Sam's mom had said that Sam's dad will never accept the Gunjan's proposal nor sammy too'...

Here Sammy is too desprate for proposal but his dad...Wink''don't know'Wink

And suppose if it happens..then the big problem is Gunjan herself engaged with arnav...'Ouch

Guys tum log apni stories me sajan ka milna itnaaa mushkil kyu rakhte ho''.Haddiyan remove karte karte hi sara time nikal jaye'''Angry

Rohan and his Chachu 'mention with Chachi scene was sooo cute I really like Rohan also'''.Embarrassed

Yamini and Samrat conversation was very well written''..Samrat cold behavior towards her and their marriage made anyone embarrase''but Yamini is Unique'.hez clearly saying that he can not imagine her as a wife'but still shez planning for their wedding and so confident abt that Samrat would again be fall for her'''''

Both are determined on their plans'''.one is on Mission Samrat'and other one is on Mission Gunjan''''''..i hope for the best..for mission Gunjan...'.Embarrassed

Arnav scene and his wife and cooking problem  was also very nicely  described'''.

Eagerly waiting for Sajan's meeting now'..Last scene was amazing I was so laughing on these whole thoughts'samrat abi se Gunjan k ghar ko apna hone wala sasuraal samajh betha tha..what a day dreamer boy he isDay Dreaming'and then his thoughts abt Tinku'.that first nyt one and 'LOLLOLLOL'. love the line when samrat says..yeh har ladki k sath bhai ka package dena zarori he kya..big ho ya small problem hi crate karta he'..LOLLOLLOL

Plz guys update soon the next part of both of ur SS'bcoz us teaser ne abi tk mujhe tease kar rakha he'..OuchConfused.'im really really confused'Confused..or ab is me b'...Confused

Wonderfull and Amazing parts''..Overall whole episodes were as usual Fabulouse fantastic'and interesting''..dont wanna take a break while start reading once''..

Thanks for the pm'..plz continue soon'

Joseph and S3 I have fulfilled my promise now by give a long long comments on both



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frndz_is_my_lyf IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2011
Posts: 5465

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
i loved ur ff very much ...plzzz update soon nd do pm me or add me to pm list,...

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
Posts: 28727

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cool_tuli

I actually had to go n revise the previous update... LOL
but now i need to reserve it... I'll comment properly later... Wink

Amazing, fabulous... such a beautiful update...! It had everything... drama, emotions, fun, everything... ekdum complete update... Big smile N bcoz u took such a longgg tym to update this... u'll b punished... Tongue N ur punishment is that in the next update when u'll write abt Samrat goin to meet Gunjan na!? Their meet shud b sooo mindblowing that it shud stay in our minds forever... Big smile EmbarrassedEmbarrassed No complaints, no options.. u HAVE to do this Wink
Okay now... the update...
Thanks a lot Tuli for your this sweet Comment.I am really sorry for this late posting...Embarrassedso,I accept your punishment..Embarrassed. We'll try our best for improve that part...Please,decide after reading.Embarrassed.

Bhushan House conversation... brain bouncer...LOL M sooo damn confused right now regarding their decision of goin back to Delhi... I loved Gunjan allooot... the way she managed every member of her family... it was sooo beautiful...! Smile M dying to noe d reason but wats worrying me is that u hav not mentioned abt it in d precap... which means that i hav to die for sum more days Confused Ouch urrrgghh i hate you for this Tongue Angry
I know,this was the Brain bouncer for you...LOL LOL LOL Toh,itni tension kyun leti ho...??LOL LOL .only wait N watch naa...LOL.It was important n main twist of story...abhi reveal kar diya toh,upcoming light ,oments enjoy nahin kar paaogi...

Shergill house part was the best... 1st of all the way Samrat was blackmailing Rohan.LOL The language that u used was "nikal yaha se" or "jaata hai kya"... n all... I had soo much fun reading it... N then later on when Yamini entered... Tongue
aaah I just loved the way Samrat was responding to Yamini Tongue. I was actly laughing when Samrat was replying Yamini only to make her a POPAT LOL LOL LOL. Bechari abla naari LOL LOLLOL
And the bestest thing in that part was Samrat's expression... they r explained sooo sooo soo cutely... that credit goes to the writer (no name coz m confused who exactly writes d thingsLOL )
Awesome work... Clap
Thanks for appreciating that part.Embarrassed.SAM-ROHAN conversation was very simple...we used simple common lines n language in this part.YAMINI as 'Abla naari'...?? Nice jokeLOL LOL

Awww... Arnav... he is chooo chweet yaar... His bell ringing activity is just like me... Even I hate if my house is locked when I cum from outside.OuchConfused Joseph... r u tracing me?? Evil Smile Then how cum ur characters r getting similar characteristics as me... ROFL ? anyways... its soo gud to see Arnav like this...Wink poor thing... donno wats disturbing his family but thats not worrying me coz u hav said that u'll disclose it in d next update... n Joe if u don't na I'll put u in that ship on Juhu Beach ROFLOh !! Actually,that bell ring activity is very common n normal activity Embarrassed(Thank God ! You are normal personLOL ).I don't like too.Wink But,seriously...We really want to show our all characters in little realistic way...Readers can be relate to them. And about you threating...ROFL ROFL ROFL JUHU beach waala ship toh kab ka dub chuka...ROFL

And finally the last part... again Sam... an adorable, charming, lovable, ahem ahem... his attempt to meet Gunjan... I wont comment on it now... coz i hav given u punishment based on this thing... so after you do it.. i'll comment Wink
Ok Boss...we'll be waiting for your comment.Wink 

So overall.. again a clap for u all who hav contributed to this beautiful update Clap!!!!
N thank u soo much for not creating much hype... otherwise my brain wud hav actly blasted out n when my mumma wud ask me the reason i wud take up u ppl's name n she wud  hav hadnever spared u guys ROFL ROFL ROFL
Thanks for save our life from AUNTY's anger...ROFL ROFL Woh apni naughty daughter ka sara anger hum bachhonEmbarrassed par nikal deti.ROFL ROFL ROFL.

 Again... Eagerly waiting for the next update so that sum of my doubts will get cleared.. arrey haa... my old doubt isn't cleared yet if u forgot...Tongue about Arnav's marriage to Gunjan but Grewal's regrets Embarrassed remember na? but i guess that doubt will b cleard in this phone call... okay then I'll wait for d call... LOL
Till then... Gud luck and Belated Happy Friendships Day to you too... Hug
Please,read the Next part...(1 of the longest part) I hope,ARNAV-ANKIT conversation se thoda doubt clear ho...(No Guarantee...Confusion increase bhi ho sakti hai).Really,very thankful to your this brief feed-back...Bye..till next part...(waise,REPLY ko re-reply bhi kar sakti ho,I don't mind)

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