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...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya ![1] {New Link available} (Page 54)

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Hi Guyz !!

                   Finally,We are Back after 1 monthEmbarrassed Sorry Guyz...for this very late postingEmbarrassed.

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                     ...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya !   

PART  7 :    (1/3)

Siggy Banner made by : Pragya [pragya_luvsajan]

GUNJAN parents faces, them trying to hide their distraught... all this did not leave her mind and neither did what she thought was the possible reason for this. Listlessly she set the table and stood there, thinking. She felt a hand on her shoulder, jolting her out of her thoughts. She turned to see her Dad standing behind her.

This tension had taken it's toll on her Dad... those dark circles beneath his eyes were not to be missed. His eyes were searching for something and then finally he found what he was searching for. On seeing that, his face broke into a smile... His darling daughter had flashed her smile at him... her smile always managed this... moving his hand lovingly over her head, he took his place at the Dinning Table.
The silence was broken by chatter...TINKU and their Mom entered the 'Dinning Room'...TINKU chattering non-stop and their Mom simply nodding in a 'Yes' and holding his hand. GUNJAN was looking at them and signaled her little brother to keep quite and sit at the table. TINKU took his place opposite his Dad and next to him sat his sister. NISHA started serving food as AMIT decided now was the perfect time to start the conversation and break the news. But he tried keeping the conversation light...  He looked at his wife who was busy serving food and he spoke...
GD - WoW ! Kitni achhi khushboo aa rahi hai...Kya banaya hai aaj Lunch mein...? Mujhse toh control hi nahin ho raha.
GM - Arre ! Aapke favorite 'Dum Aloo' hain aur kya...
GD - WoW ! 'Dum Aloo' !! Mujhe toh naam sunte hi aur zyada bhookh lag rahi hai.
G - Papa...1 sec., main abhi serve karti hoon.
GUNJAN picked up the casserole that contained 'Dum Aloo' and started serving the others. Keeping the casserole down, She took her seat as did her Mom...
GD - Arre ! Main toh poochna hi bhool gaya...subah tum donon kahaan chale gaye the... Maine tum donon ka kaafi der wait bhi kiya tha.
TINKU stopped eating and looked at GUNJAN... She was looking at him too...A slight worried look on their faces... The brother-sister duo started their conversation... throught their eyes. TINKU raised his eyebrows and slightly nodded towards the main Door, which was open and their 'DHANNO'  could be seen, parked a bit away than it normally would be. GUNJAN nodded a NO... shrugging her shoulders, she looked at her Dad...thankfully, He was busy pouring water in the glass and had missed these signs... just one thought in both their minds... (( Ab kya karein...Kahin PAPA ne hamari DHANNO ko dekh liya toh...? ))
G - Wo...Woh actually Papa... ( looking at TINKU ) woh...
T - (Interrupting  quickly) Woh Papa Mom ne hamein vegetables laane ko kaha tha...toh,hum fresh veg. dhoondh rahe the...Pehle Market gaye par,wahan kuchh bhi fresh nahin tha...toh,phir hum ...
GM - Bas...Bas...phir wohi rata hua answer start... Subah bhi same to same issi word mein answer diya tha...
T - Toh...? Mom jo hua wohi toh bataoonga naa...!! (said with innocent face) Morning ka sach Afternoon mein thode na badal jaayega...Main toh...
GD - Achha..achha..samajh gaya...(looked at GUNJAN ) Lekin,Bete aap donon ko kitni baar kaha hai ki,tum donon ka zyada der ghar se bahar rehna thik nahin hai... toh,phir...
G - Sorry Papa...Next time se yaad rakhoongi.
GM - Arre ! GUNJAN main toh bhool hi gayi... ISHITA ne kyun bulaya tha...?  SUDHA Jii (SAMRAT's Mom) thik toh hain naa...?
G - Ji Mom...woh thik hain...Actually...  And she stopped talking as SAMRAT's face flashed before her eyes... she remembered everything... their first meeting... and all the harsh words used by him against TINKU.
GM - Kya hua...? Ruk kyun gayi...?
G - Nahin...woh,actually...unke chotte bete MUMBAI se aaye hain...unhin ke liye cooking mein kuchh help chahiye thi...toh...
GD - Thik kiya bete, jo wahaan chali gayi...Kaafi achhe log hain... Unki,wajah se iss nayi jagah mein hamein kaafi help mili hai...agar,hum unke koi kaam aa sake toh,yeh badi baat hai...
T - (interrupt with disagree tone) Par Papa... Unke bete jo aaye hain...woh mujhe bilkul achhe nahin lage... Khud ko bahot SMART show karte hain...aur pata hai...unhone... 

And  just as soon as he had started talking, he stopped. GUNJAN had given him a glare... and through her eyes, asked him to  stop saying anything else...
GD - Kya hua...? Kya kiya unhone...?(asked normally)
G - (tried to change the topic) Kuchh nahin Papa...Yeh bhi naa...Aap toh jaante hi hain isse...
T - (strangely) Par Di...?
G - Khana khao... Khate hue zyada baatein nahin ki jaati... (said in ordering tone)
T - Ok... Mujhe kya... ? Par,agar woh MUMBAI se aaye hain...toh hum bhi DELHI se aaye hain... aur,agar unhone...
G - Achha baba... Jo tumhaare dil mein aaye karna... but,at least abhi Lunch toh le lo...
TINKU said nothing and with a small frown on his forehead and his eyes reflecting his displeasure... He continued eating. AMIT [GD] could not stifle a chuckle... and looked at NISHA [GM] ... She was not reacting... her eyes looked sad... he felt sorry for her... He knew she was going through the roughest patch... but, Reality had to be faced. So he looked at his 2 lovely children and said in a put on happy tone... 
GD - Arre ! Inn batoon mein main tum sabko 1 important news dena toh bhool hi gaya...
T - Kya papa...? Kaun si News...? Jaldi bataiye naa... (He asked in a  very exciting tone)
G - Haan Papa... Please,jaldi bataiye naa... (asked curiously with little-bit excitement)
NISHA looked at her children as she heard their excited voices. Her already moist eyes let go and tears fell on her cheeks... She quickly wiped them and composing herself, she said... "Main Refrigerator mein Doodh(Milk) rakhna bhool gayi... Main bas abhi aayi...
And she hurriedly left from there. But GUNJAN had seen her wipe her tears... her eyes followed her mother as she left the room and was about to get up when TINKU's question stopped her...
T - Bataiye naa Papa...Kaun si news...?
GD - (said with fake smile) Arre ! Woh actually,tum sab DELHI ko bahoot miss kar rahe the naa...! Iss liye,maine dobara apna transfer DELHI karwa liya hai...Hum bahot hi jald wahaan wapas shift ho jaayenge...hai naa good news...?? aur...

 And then He saw his kids... They looked disappointed... both looking at each other and then at him... a thousand daggers stabbed his heart... The pain was that excruciating... His children's eyes told him they were disheartened by this 'News' and he hated to see his kids unhappy.
He spoke nothing after that. But, GUNJAN was now able to understand everything... The main Reason for her parents discomfort... The tears in her Mom's eyes... everything was now clear. She looked at TINKU, who was calm and composed... His eyes showed no any excitement... She looked at her Dad... His shoulder's stooping, He looked a sorry sight... She felt for her Dad... so putting up an act of normally, she said...
G - Its really GR8 news Papa... (said with fake smiling face) Par,kya aapne Mom ko bataya...?
GD - Haan...unhein bata diya hai...
G - (stood quickly n said in normal tone) Oh ! 1 sec. main abhi unhein le kar aati hoon... shayad,dusre kaamon mein busy ho gayi hongi...
And before her Dad could say  anything, She had scurried away to the kitchen. She entered the kitchen, a worried look on her face. She looked around and saw her Mom...  huddled in a corner, next to the Refrigerator, she was weeping... her hands flopped beside her...her knees close to her chest, She had kept her head against the wall and tears were flowing. Slowly her hands moved on her knees and she kept her head on her knees... sobbing.
 GUNJAN stifled a sob and rushed towards her mother. Like a mother would collect her crying child in her arms , GUNJAN did just that... kneeling down, She hugged her mother,  lovingly moving her hands over her head... NISHA held on to her daughter... and her sobs grew louder... muffled as she buried her face in GUNJAN's arms... sometime later GUNJAN broke the hug, wiping her own tears. Gently pushing her mother away from her, she wiped her mother's tears... she said in a caring tone...
G - Kya hua Mom...? Aap iss tarah himmat kaise haar sakti hain...? Agar aap iss tarah react karengi toh,Papa ko kaun sambhalega... ?? Woh tut jaayenge Mom... Unhein aapki zaroorat hai...aur TINKU...?? Uss par kya bitegi aapko iss halat mein dekh kar...
GM - Main kya karoon GUNJAN...?? Mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aa raha...iss tarah sab kuchh khatm hote, nahin dekh sakti. Ab aur bardashat nahin kar paa rahi...saari umeeed,saare sapne khatam hote ja rahe hain. Jab DELHI se aayi thi toh 1 ummed,shayad ab sab kuchh thik ho jaayega...lekin, ab yeh jaankar ki,DELHI kyun ja rahe hain...??  Khud ko rok nahin paa rahi... Kabhi kisi ka bura nahin socha...phir hamare saath itna bura kyun ho raha hai...
GUNJAN cupped her mother's face in her hands and wiped her tears again.She spoke softly... " Mom aap aane waale pal ke liye... iss khubsurat pal ko kyun kho rahi hain... Jo hoga hum usse badal nahin sakte...par jo hai... usse aap kyun badalna chahti hain Mom...? Aaj hum sab saath hain...ek dusre ko dekh sakte hain, Baatein kar sakte hain, ek-dusre ko mehsoos kar sakte hain... inn paloon ko mat khoiye Mom... Kal yehi pal aapki yaadein hongi...Yaadein aisi honi chahiye Jo, hothon par khushiyaan la de, naa ki, aankhon mein aansoo... 
GM - Main bhi khush rehna chahti hoon bete... par, 1 Maa ka dard... aansoo ban kar nikal aata hai...
G - (said in very loving tone) Yeh Aansoo... hamein hamari khushiyoon se door kar rahe hain Mom... Hamein zindagi aaj ko dekh kar jeeni hogi... Kal ki soch kar hum aaj ki khushiyaan nahin kho sakte...
As she nodded at her Mom, she could sense her eyes getting moist again. She quickly wiped her tears and smiling at her Mom, she said...  "Ab chaliye...Papa aur TINKU hamara hi wait kar rahe honge"
NISHA looked at her daughter... She had  grown up overnight, after that day... She had  so matured... lovingly She caressed her daughter's  cheeks and placed a peck on her forehead. She stood up and splashed cold water on her face. Accepting the napkin that GUNJAN gave her to wipe her face, NISHA put on a smile... and accompanied GUNJAN to the Dinning Room.

There was Pin-drop silence . Both father and son were avoiding eye contact with each other...  GUNJAN gulped and cheerfully, she said...
G - Arre ! Aap donon kuchh kha kyun nahin rahe...? Woh,kitchen mein thoda kaam tha iss liye hamein thodi der ho gayi.
GD - Koi baat nahin bete,Woh mujhe bhookh nahin thi toh...
G - Aise kaise bhookh nahin hai...? (said strictly)  Mom ne aapke liye apki Favourite 'Dum Aloo' banaye hain...khaani toh padegi hi... (smiled)
T - (Said quickly) Haan Di...Yeh toh meri bhi favorite hai...Main toh aap logon ka wait kar raha tha...Mujhe toh kaafi bhookh lagi hai...
GUNJAN hugged him tightly and sitting next to him, she served him some more food. If GUNJAN had not missed her mother's tears as she had left the dinning table, TINKU too could see through his sister's fake smile. He thought about something and then with his cute smile, he asked his 'silly questions' as GUNJAN called them... but, this was necessary to break the silence in the room. 
T - Papa...! Hum DELHI kab jaayenge...? Kya ANU Di ki shaadi se pehle...?
AMIT only nodded...whether he had even heard the question, only he knew. He looked at his son... and smiled... 
T - WoW ! Its GR8 naa...phir,ab mujhe koi Home Work banane ki zaroorat nahin.Kyunki,ab toh School jaa hi nahin paaonga...Ab toh sirf Masti time... (said in very exciting tone) No Books...No Tasks...No Schools...sabse chutti.
TINKU had hit the right cord... the smiles were back...genuine ones this time, no fakes. But then, TINKU's next question wiped them off as easily...
T - Lekin,Papa...ab hum rahenge kahaan...? Hamara Flat toh aapne VERMA Uncle ko de diya... phir, ab hum DELHI mein kahaan jaayenge...?
NISHA looked at  her husband. They had not discussed this at all. Had her husband thought about this?? AMIT looked at her and blinked her an assuring nod...
GD - Arre ! Tumhein uski fikr karne ki koi zaroorat nahin...maine Bhaiya ko keh diya hai...woh jald hi koi achha sa Flat rent par hire kar lenge...DELHI mein Flat ki kami thode hi na hai...infact,unhone apne Building ke paas hi kuchh dusri buildings mein Flat dekhe hain...
TINKU said in little sad tone..."You mean, 'LAXMI Nagar' mein...? Ok... (said in little sad tone)  phir,thik hai... Sunny-Bittu (His cousins) bhi pass mein hi honge...phir,kitna mazaa aayega...Hum saath mein khel bhi sakte hain..."(said with smiling face)
GUNJAN looked at him... had her brother changed or something??? This was the same TINKU who had thrown up nothing short of a tantrum when they had to move out of DELHI... He never wanted to leave... his friends... his home... and 'LAXMI NAGAR' ??... He always hated that place.

And today, here he was, happy to go and live there... proudly, She kept her hand on her brothers head... and clasping her fingers thereby holding a lock of his hair, She gently shook his head and then hugged him. TINKU had matured... He knew the condition they were in... He knew 'The Reality'...and He also knew he would have to act grown up... so no more kiddish demands... 'LAXMI NAGAR' ,It would be... GUNJAN kissed him on his cheeks as she said lovingly...
G - Haan,Yeh kaafi achha hai... WoW ! I am too excited...Naya ghar...Nayi Building...Nayi Society... Naye Friends... sab kuchh kitna achha hoga...
T - (smiled) Yaa... Yeh toh maine socha hi nahin...wahaan naye friends bhi toh milenge...sach Di,Phir toh bahot mazaa aayega.
AMIT and NISHA looked with pride at their kids... they knew both were putting up an act of being happy... but, they too played along... not wanting their children's efforts to go waste. They too smiled... they knew... It would not be long before this fake happiness too would not exist in their life. Light talk and slight laughter dominated the rest of the lunch...  

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                     ...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya !   

PART  7 : (2/3)

Siggy Banner made by :

Evening -
The KHANNA family reached AASHIYANA. They were delighted to see the SHERGILL's waiting to receive them. As they got off the car... Mr.VASUDEV KHANNA and Mr. PRATAP SHERGILL shook hands as their wives gave a formal hug.
ISHITA immediately bent down to touch Mrs. KHANNA's feet. SUDHA Jii looked proudly at her daughter-in-law. And then she looked at Mrs. KHANNA ... who said nothing and looked over her shoulder... YAMINI was walking towards them... She was dressed traditionally...  wearing a Red and Blue Punjabi Suit  with delicate embroidery... a Red dupatta flung over her shoulders, she looked different... she looked pretty. Her loose hair and minimal makeup did enhance her features more.
As she reached to where the others were standing, she halfheartedly bent down to touch SUDHA Jii's feet... SUDHA Jii stopped her and made her stand up straight and hugged her. YAMINI also reciprocated the hug, her face showing her feelings . After meeting ISHITA, she looked around, searching for someone. SUDHA Jii noticed this and told  ROHAN to  inform SAMRAT of the KHANNA's arrival... It did not ROHAN long to rush off to his Chachu's room. The others too entered the house and made themselves comfortable.
SAMRAT lay on his bed... thinking about how to go about MISSION GUNJAN... He had to act fast... or else... oh...that... He shut his eyes as he remembered his mother's words. Thankfully ROHAN entered his room just then...  SAMRAT looked at him as he got up and sat on the bed...
R - Chachu ! Aap ab tak yahin ho..?? Aapne kapde bhi change nahin kiye...??
S - Kyun...? Mujhe kahaan jaana tha...? Aur kapde...? (looked at his T-Shirt and The 'shorts') Kapde kya change karne...,mujhe kaun sa Modeling karne jaana hai...?
R - Oh ! Toh aap aise hi bahar jaaoge...? In Kapdoon mein...? 'Chachi' kya kahengi...? Unhein lagega,aapke paas koi kapda hai hi nahin...
S - (strangely) 'Chachi' ?? Kaun 'Chachi'...??
R - YAMINI Chachi..!! aur kaun...? Aap donon ki shaadi ke baad woh meri Chachi hi hongi naa...?
S - Nahin Bete... (with smiling face) aisa kuchh nahin hone waala...Aur agar Aapne apne 'Rishton ki Dukaan' bandh nahin ki toh..."PS-3" ki jagah, 100 rupees waale Video game se hi kaam chalana padega. (threat with glaring face)
R - Chachu ! U R so bad...Aap apna promise tod rahe ho...
S - Beta...agar tune usse dobara 'Chachi' bulaya naa... toh,main tera kaafi kuchh tod dunga. (glared)
R - Achha...Achha...Naraz kyun ho rahe ho...Mujhe kya...nahin bolunga 'Chachi' par,mujhe mera PS-3 chahiye...
S - Kal mil jaayega...tera "PS-3" , chal...ab nikal yahaan se...
R - Jaata hoon...Main toh bas aapko yeh batane aaya tha ki, Gammy ne aapko neeche Drawing Hall mein bulaya hai...Aap 'Kuchh' kapde pehan kar neeche aa jaaiye (Glared at SAMRAT,up to down) warna Grand Paa aa gaye toh...
S - Oye ! Chup-chap jaata hai yaa...
ROHAN ran for his life... he had no intentions of waiting there... SAMRAT opened the cupboard and took out a change of clothes... first he would deal with this problem...then GUNJAN... and he was lost in her thoughts again. The sound of loud laughter downstairs, brought him back to the present and changing his attire,
As SAMRAT entered, ISHITA and SUDHA Jii looked at him with pride. All eyes turned towards him. SAMRAT looked handsome. Dressed in a  Grey and White V neck T-Shirt and Blue Denims, He could have made any girl's heart skip a beat. He looked every inch a Greek God.

YAMINI was definitely affected by SAMRAT's presence.
YAMINI was unable to move her gaze off him...B'coz he was looking so different from routine Office Formal Dress-up look. But, SAMRAT ignored her and went and took his seat next to his brother,BRIJ. He joined in the formal chat...completely avoiding any eye-contact with YAMINI... who was staring at him.
Some chat later, Mr KHANNA decided it was time to come to the point...but without showing their desperation... so he said to Mr. SHERGILL...  "Yaar, As per tradition toh ladke waalon ko hamare ghar aana chahiye tha...par,tumne itne haq se hamein bulaya ki,main naa nahin kar paaya."
SD - Aur,nahin toh kya... aakhir yeh tradition bhi toh hum hi banate hain... aur yeh rishta toh...
SM - (cuts immediately) Haan Bhai Saab...! Iss rishte se zyada important toh inn do families ki friendship hai. Rishte toh upar waala banata hai... woh toh hamare haath mein nahin...par,Friendship maintain karna toh hamare haathon mein hai. (said with smiling face)
Mr. SHERGILL looked at his wife... he had a strange look on his face... why was she saying this??? Did she not know why the KHANNA's were here?? (( Yeh SUDHA ko kya hua...? Woh aisi baatein kyun kar rahi hai...? Hum yahaan 'Friendship' ki wajah se nahin mil rahe...hamein yahaan hamare bachhon ka rishte ki baat  'Final' karni hai. Phir...iss baat ka matlab kya hai...?))
Just as a wife understood her husband's look, a mother could not ignore her son's awkwardness at YAMINI's presence... She could see something was disturbing her son... ever since she had broken this news of his marriage being fixed with  YAMINI, SAMRAT had reacted in exactly the opposite way she had expected him to react...  (( Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki,SAMRAT iss rishte se khush nahin hai...? Jis Picture ke basis par humne yeh rishta jodna chaha kya ,woh sach nahin tha?? Woh itna sharmila nahin...phir,aaj itna chup kyun hai...? Kya YAMINI usse pasand nahin par,uss Picture mein toh donon saath mein kitne khush lag rahe the...kahin humne apne bete ki pasand ko samajhne mein koi bhool toh nahin kar di...?? Jo bhi ho...Main SAMRAT par iss rishte ke liye pressure nahin doongi...woh jo chahega,wohi hoga,sirf 'Friendship' ke liye main apne bete ki khushiyoon ko nazar andaaz nahin kar sakti...))
SAMRAT too was looking at his Mom... She had understood his feelings... He was elated... (( Oh GR8 Mom...! Mujhe pata tha aap,mujhe understand karengi... Main kisi ko hurt nahin karna chahta Mom...but,I know She is not right for ))
Mr. and Mrs. KHANNA too looked at each other, confused.  Mrs. SHERGILL's statement had baffled them...  seeing their discomfort, Mr. SHERGILL decided to change the topic... "Arre ! Hum logon ki ki baatoein toh hoti rahengi...Bachhe bore ho rahe hain...I think, hamein unhein bhi thoda time dena chahiye (looked at SAMRAT) Arre ! Tum YAMINI ko hamara ghar nahin dikhaoge...? Kitne dinon ke baad aayi hai woh... ab itna sharmaane ki bhi zaroorat nahin...Hamein pata hai,tum donon kaafi achhe dost ho...1 college ke baad ab 1 hi Office mein work kar rahe ho... (looked at YAMINI)  Aur bete aap...? Aap yahaan pehli baar toh nahin aayi...toh phir aaj aap itni khamosh kyun hain? Yeh tumhaara bhi ghar hai...  
YAMINI smiled a bit as she looked at SAMRAT. He was still not looking at her...just smiled at his Dad and said in an unexcited and very formal tone... 
S - Oh Sure Dad... (turned to YAMINI side) Please come...
And he stood up and started walking. YAMINI too followed him. As they reached the stairs, SAMRAT waited for YAMINI to reach him and both walked upstairs...
Mr. KHANNA said in very happy tone, "Sach kitni pyaari jodi lagti hai...Lagta hai sirf ek dusre ke liye hi bane hon.
Mr.S - Haan...(Happily) YAMINI jaisi family value aur hamare tradition ko samajhne waali agar iss ghar ki bahu bane , hamare liye iss se badh kar kya baat hogi...


SAMRAT and YAMINI reached the Terrace.  SAMRAT had shown her the house like he would show any other guest, least interested. He neither spoke to her or even as much as give her a glance. She however, could not get her eyes off him. SAMRAT was the least bothered... His hands in his Jeans pockets, he walked with her . Upon reaching the terrace, He walked over to the ledge, folding his arms across his chest, looking at the BHUSHAN's house, a smile on his lips. The cool breeze blowing soothed him... and he remembered her pretty face... her eyes... those expressive, beautiful eyes.
YAMINI was a bit disturbed... SAMRAT was ignoring her...  This was not done. She looked around the Terrace...It was done up pretty well. A small garden occupied one end... and opposite that garden was a swing... Garden furniture quaintly occupied another corner.  She walked over to swing and seated herself. She could see SAMRAT's face and could see that he was smiling... she waited for some time and then decided to break the silence...
Y - Then,tell me...kaisa laga yeh surprise ??

As he heard her voice, he turned to face her...his hands on the ledge and his feet crossed, he looked at her, his smile vanishing...
S - Oh ! Toh,tumhein yeh pehle se pata tha...?
Y - Aur nahin toh kya...? Pata nahin hota toh, 'Haan' kehti kya...?
SAMRAT tried to smile, barely succeeding at it and then he changed the topic... looking away... he spoke...
S - Waise, Tum MUMBAI se Kab aayi ?
Y - Aaj subah hi, Mom-Dad chahte the ki, DELHI mein unhein join karoon... phir,unke saath hi yahaan aaoon...toh, socha ki...
S - (cuts immediately) K.K.ENTERPRISES ka project tum hi handle kar rahi ho naa...? What do U think...? woh,Project hamein milega?  (Anything...He would talk about anything to just change the topic... He had no intentions of talking about the real reason she was here...)
Y - Well,milna toh chahiye...woh toh 'Programming Deptt.' par depend karta hai ki,woh ab uss project par ab kitna focus karte hain...?
S - Yaa. U R right...Ok...phir, kitne dinon ki leave li hai?
Y - Huummm! Abhi toh 7 days ki hi leave li hai...'Engagement Date' final hone par extend kar loongi.
SAMRAT just looked at her... and then again...changing the topic, he said... 'WoW ! Yahaan ka weather kitna cool hai...!! MUMBAI mein isse sab se zyada miss karta hoon. Yahaan ki hawa mein bhi 1 jaadoo si thandak hai..."
Y - (said in serious tone) Hum yahaan Office Project yaa MASOOREE ka weather discuss karne nahin aaye hain SAMRAT... Do U want avoid the actual reason...?? Jiske liye abhi hum yahaan hain...?
S - (turned to her side and said in serious tone) Look YAMINI...Mujhe iss rishte ke baare mein aaj hi pata chala hai...and frankly speaking,Its very shocking for me...Because, after our break-up,maine kabhi iss rishte ke baare mein nahin socha tha.
Y - I know,hamara Break-up jis halaat mein hua...main samajh sakti hoon. Par,yeh sach hai SAMRAT ki, hamare break-up ke baad hi mujhe tumhaari importance pata chali...uske baad hi maine jaana ki,tum mere liye kya the...aur maine kitni badi galti ki thi...
S - Its Ok..YAMINI. Main yeh sab kaafi peeche chhod chuka hoon.
Y - Main bhi...Issi liye,1 nayi shuruaat karna chahti hoon...sab kuchh bhool kar...bilkul,1 naye sire se. Aur,phir hamare Parents bhi toh yehi chahte hain... (said with smiling face)
S - Yeh sab asaan nahin hai YAMINI. I mean,hamara rishta jis tarah khatam hua...woh,kaafi bura tha...par,uske baad hamein yeh ehsaas bhi toh hua ki,hum ek-dusre se bilkul alag the.Hum ek dusre ke liye woh banne ki koshish kar rahe the jo hum real mein nahin hain. Hum donon ke thoughts nahin milte... POV bilkul alag hain...aur jahaan tak baat hamare Parents ki hai toh woh aisa chahte hain Kyunki,unhein kuchh bhi pata nahin hai...
Y - Haan... Par,yeh sach uss waqt ka tha...lekin,ab main badalna chahti hoon SAMRAT...sirf tumhaare liye...Kyunki,main jaanti hoon tum sahi the. Aur,yakeen maano...maine khud ko badal liya hai. Ab meri life-style pehle jaisi nahin rahi...Aaj meri priority , meri marriage aur meri hone wali family hai...aur,kuchh bhi nahin.
S - Ho sakta hai but,frankly speaking...Main abhi iss rishte ke liye ready nahin hoon. Mujhe waqt chahiye...Koi bhi decision lene se pehle,mujhe kaafi kuchh sochna hoga. Kyunki,ab yeh hamari puri zindagi ka sawal hai.Main nahin chahta ki,baad mein hum donon mein se koi apne decision ke liye regret sa feel kare. ( said in very clear way)
Y - I understand your point. Par,hum iss rishte ko 1 new beginning bhi toh de sakte hain...? 2 stramgers ki tarh...Jo 'Arrange marriage' kar rahe hain...without any expactations. (said in convincing tone)
S - No. I don't think...Main tumhaare baare mein nahin keh sakta lekin, mujhe expectations hai... apni Marriage se...apni hone wali wife se... Kyunki,ab main really 'Settle' hona chahta hoon...1 simple, sober and peaceful 'Married Life' jeena chahta hoon (said in very mature way) 1 aisi ladki ke saath apni puri life spend karna chahta hoon jo mujhe, meri zarooraton ko...meri family ko samajhti mujhe har tarah se complete kare.
Y - Kya tum yeh kehna chahte ho ki,main aisi nahin hoon...yaa, mujh mein yeh quality nahin hai...? Yaa,phir yeh ki,main tumhaari expectations ko pura nahin kar sakti?
S - I don't know... (after a pause) I really don't know...frannkly speaking now,V R not college going teenagers , Hum donon hi itne mature hain ki apne liye achha ya bura select kar sakte hain...Life ki kisi bhi situation ...condition ko sensible way mein handle kar sakte hain. Lekin.jab baat Life Partner select karne ki aati hai...Mere dil mein tumhaara khyaal nahin aata... (said in very straight way) Yaa,Yeh keh sakta hoon ki main tumhein apni wife ki tarah assume nahin kar pa raha.
Y - Main tumhaari baat samajh rahi hoon SAMRAT (said in little low tone) Shayad aisa iss liye ki, hamara Break-Up jis halaat mein hua...wahaan ... Ok..tell me 1 thing...Kya tum ab bhi NATASHA ko miss karte ho...??
That name, and SAMRAT was startled. He did not expect her to ask him about this. Well, she had not Right to ask him about NATASHA. He smirked at her and in an upset tone, he said... "No. I don't. NATASHA is my past. And Don't mind but,I don't want to talk or discuss my Ex-relationship with any1. Because,aisi relationship ko discuss karne ka koi benefit nahin jiska koi future nahin ho...Woh rishta puri tarah se khatam ho chuka hai...agar nahin hua hota...toh,shayad main yahan nahin hota..."

Y - Sorry ! Mera woh matlab nahin tha...Main toh...
S - (cuts quickly) Its Ok. I think ab hamein chalna chahiye...kaafi time ho gaya hai... Uncle-Aunty hamara wait kar rahe honge. (said in normal tone)
YAMINI smiled coyly and nodded in a positive. She stood and turned to leave as SAMRAT looked at her and with a sarcastic smile , he thought about this new drama of YAMINI... acting coy... but she would not be able to fool him with this act of her's. Now he was sure... as they walked towards the living room where their families were seated... both were thinking...
S - ((No way...I cant' spend my whole life with her...Hum mein ab kuchh bhi nahin bacha... Naa koi excitement...naa hi koi hamare rishte ko 1 nayi life de sake. Iss marriage mein koi scope nahin hai.Iss rishte se koi khush nahin rahega...Na main... aur naa hi YAMINI. Mujhe yehi baat Mom-Dad ko samjhani hogi...B'coz,aaj YAMiNi se milkar,yeh aur bhi clear ho gaya ki,GUNJAN se better mere liye shayad koi aur nahin ho sakti...uss se milne ke bad...main ab kisi aur ko as a wife imagine nahin kar paa raha...uski simplicity,uska simple style...uski family oriented thinking...hi usse sab se alag banati hai...Woh har tarah se Perfect hai. Jo ladki apni Family...apne Neighbors ...apne relations ki itni care karti hai...woh apne Husband,apne khud ki Family...apne bachhon ki kitni zyada care karegi...?? Iss par ab koi 2nd thought nahin ho sakti... Mujhe ab uss se bhi baat karni hogi... Mujhe usse manana hi hoga...Main usse loose nahin kar sakta B'coz, I know 1 woh hi hai jo mujhe aur meri Family ko complete kar sakti hai.))
SAMRAT had a spring in his steps as he thought about GUNJAN... He was happy... That whatever he had thought was the right thing... and there was no stopping him now.
Y - (( I know SAMRAT, Tumhein dobara convience karna easy nahin hai...But,now...I know U R the best for me...aur mera naam bhi YAMINI hai...Main ab tumhein yun hi meri zindagi se jaane nahin doongi. I know,tum ab mujhe ab pasand nahin karte...shayad mujh se shaadi bhi nahin karna chahte...par,iss se mujhe koi farq nahin padta...Kyunki,tumhari family toh mujhe pasand karti hai... Ab woh hi mera Trump Card banenge...ab woh hi hamein milayenge,Tum chaho ya naa chaho. aur 1 baar agar hamari shaadi ho jati hai...phir toh,tumhein mujh se pyaar bhi karna hi padega... kyunki,uske baad tumhaare paas koi aur option hi nahin hoga...))
YAMINI was confident too. She thought, It would be easy to get SAMRAT... either way...even if, it meant buttering his family...

The Conversation in the living room was light and casual... both the families were discussing their future plans. Just then Mr SHERGILL realised that it was time for dinner... he turned towards his wife and said...
MR.S - Accha...ab kaafi der ho gayi...chalo ab Dinner kar liya jaaye... (turned to SUDHA) Aap ab tak yahin hain...main...
But Mr KHANNA interrupted him... "No...Actually,aaj maafi chahoonga...Dinner phir kabhi...Abhi hamein jaana hoga..."
Mr.S - (strangely) Jaana hoga...? Kahaan jana hoga,...? Bina Dinner kiye hue tum sab kahin nahin jaaoge... (said in ordering tone)
Mr.K - Nahin Yaar ! Please,try to understand...actually abhi hamein hamare GM ki beti ki "Reception Party' attand karne bhi jaana hai...agar hum nahin gaye  toh usse bura lagega...aur Dinner ka kya hai...yeh toh apna ghar hai..aana-jaana toh laga hi rahega...
Mr.S - Ok...agar aisi baat hain toh nahin rokunga...par, Next time aise nahin jaane doonga.
Mr.K - Ok...Promise...waise,tum sab kal raat ka dinner hamare saath kyun nahin karte...? Yaar, 1 week ke liye hi toh MASSOREE aaye hain... issi bahane purani yaadein toh taaza ho jaayengi.
Mr.S - Thik hai,toh yeh final raha...kal ka dinner hum tumhaare ghar par karte hain... (said happily)

As he finished speaking, he saw YAMINI and SAMRAT enter. Both looked happy... they had  their own reasons... but, Mr SHERGILL thought otherwise. As YAMINI came closer to him, he stood up and before, he could say anything, she bent down to touch his feet. Mr.SHERGILL [SD] was surprised as was his wife, when YAMINI took her blessings too. But, this gesture of YAMINI's left SAMRAT bewildered...He was totally zapped...His mouth gaping open... He stared at her... 
A  nudge from ISHITA brought him back to reality. He looked at his sister-in-law who raised her eyebrows asking him why he was behaving so weirdly... He just nodded a NO and smiled feebly.
The KHANNA's said their goodbyes and walked out with SHERGILL's.  YAMINI gave SAMRAT a cheeky smile as she sat in the car. SAMRAT blankly stared at her, His expressions not giving his thoughts away. Mr. KHANNA  shook hands with PRATAP, BRIJ and finally forwarded his hand to SAMRAT who took his own time in shaking hands with Mr KHANNA.

A flustered look on Mr. SHERGILL's face showed his displeasure at SAMRAT's behavior. Finally, SAMRAT heaved a sigh of relief as the KHANNA's drove away in their car. As the car disappeared from their view, Mr. SHERGILL turned to speak to SAMRAT, but he was gone. SAMRAT did not even wait for the car to leave their residence premises.

                                     : : - Please Down the Cursor - : :.

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                       ...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya !   

PART  7 :    (3/3)

Siggy Banner made by : Pragya [pragya_luvsajan].

A long and tiresome day at work and ARNAV reached home... feeling sapped of all energy. traveling to his workplace and back home was really getting tiring. Add to that coming home to an empty house... He rang the 'Door Bell'...once...twice... but, to no avail. The Door did not open.

 He was irritated and with extra force kept the 'Door Bell' button pressed, only to hear the click of a lock... hoping his house door had opened, he let go of the button, but It was his neighbor's door that opened.  A fun-loving and  jovial person, Mr.SINGH was a very helpful neighbor. A smile on his wrinkled face, He said in a caring and loving tone...
Mr.S - Bete ! HARI ghar par nahin hai...Woh Flat ki keys hamare paas rakh kar rakh kar gaya hai.
A - Ji...par...
Mr.S - Woh usne kaha ki, uske ghar se Phone aya tha...kisi relative ki tabiyaat kharab ho gayi hai...unhin ke paas gaya hai...kuchh dinon mein wapas aa jjayega.
A - Oh ! Mujhe pata nahin tha...
Mr.S - Haan,shayad usne tumhein call kiya tha par,woh switch off aa raha tha.
A - Ji,woh Important meeting attend karte hue cell Off kar diya tha, shayad ussi waqt try kiya hoga.
Mr.S - Achha..ab andar toh aao...Thodi der baad chale jaana...
A - Thanks Uncle.Par,abhi kaafi thak gaya hoon...phir kabhi...
Mr.S - Ok...Ruko main abhi keys deta hoon. He walked back into his Apartment and returned with the keys... 
A - Oh ! Thanks. (said with smiling face)
Mr.S - Arre,Iss mein Thanks kehne jaisa kuchh nahin hai...waise, 'shaadi-waadi' ka irada hai yaa nahin...? Koi mili yaa nahin...? (asked casually with a smiling face)
A - Ji...woh... (feeling little shy)
Mr.S - Arre,Iss mein sharmaane jaisa kya hai...? Personal experience se keh raha hoon...Shaadi kar lo... Warna,hamesha inn Cook ke haathon ka bana hi khana padega. (said in advising tone)
A - Ji...Bas woh... (smiled softly)
Mr. SINGH  smiled even wider seeing ARNAV's expression... He was shy... and Mr SINGH could not stifle a chuckle. ARNAV looked at him and smiled back, understanding that Mr. SINGH had caught him Red handed...

 He quickly opened the Door of his apartment and almost rushed in. after gently shutting the Door, He kept his laptop bag on the dinning table and collapsed on the sofa. He was very tired... but Mr SINGH's lines were ringing in his ears...forcing him to smile.
  (( Yeh SINGH Uncle bhi naa...! Waise,kamaal ka logic hai inki generation ka... "Ladka bada ho gaya hai...Ab toh Job bhi karne laga hai... Bahar  problem ho rahi hogi... Shaadi kar do...At least, ghar ka khaana toh milega...Bahar ka khaana healthy nahin hota..."  (smiled) Oh God ! lagta hai 'Wife' nahin 'Cook' refer kar rahe hon...Inki saari care"Cooking N Fooding" par hi aa kar khatam hoti hai  (smiled again).Yaar ! Banda sirf 'Cooking' problem solve karne ke liye hi shaadi karta hai kya...?? Par,inhein kaun samjhaye...
He went to his room and opened his cupboard to take a change of clothes that he would need after a quick shower. Even as he opened the cupboard, his thoughts were still on Mr SINGH's words... "Pata nahin...meri hone waali "Better Half" ko cooking aati bhi hai yaa nahin...? (smiled) warna,ARNAV beta , Office se aakar Kitchen bhi sambhalna hoga...par,koi baat nahin... GUNJAN ke liye woh bhi kar loonga.))
As he picked up the neatly folded night suit and was about to shut the door of his cupboard, he saw her pic... and he picked up the lucky frame that held her pic... moving his fingers over the glass that separated the pic from his fingers... he could not help but think... ((Kitna strange hai naa...Hum 1 hi Function attand kar rahe the..aur tumhein sirf 1 baar hi dekha...aur woh 1 jhalak hi...(blushed) Hamari toh ek dusre se baat bhi nahin ho paayi... aur,hamari shaadi Final ho gayi... sab kuchh itni jaldi hua ki...par,main bhi kya karta...I agree ki,tumse shaadi  ke liye 'HAAN' kehne ke liye mere paas personal motive tha...But,yeh bhi sach hai ki, Mujhe tumse pehli hi nazar mein Pyar ho gaya tha... Agar,aisa nahin hota toh kabhi tumse Shaadi ke liye 'Haan' nahin kehta...par, (little bit sad) Agar mujhe usss waqt pata hota ki,next 2 yrs. ke liye tum se itna door ho jaaoonga...toh,kabhi tumhaare Dad ki baat nahin maanta Aur,tumse shaadi karne ke baad hi MELBOURNE  jaata. 
He caressed her pic with his thumb and then kept it on the table beside his bed as he sat on the bed, looking at her pic...
Aur Aaj MUMBAI aaye bhi 10 din ho gaye.Ab toh Office bhi join kar liya...par,tumhaari koi khabar nahin...Koi mujhe tumhaare baare mein kuchh nahin bata raha...Kisse poochoon main...? Kya Bhai ko phone karoon...? Aakhir yeh sab kya hide karne ki koshish kar rahe hain? Kyun koi GUNJAN yaa uski family ke baare mein baat nahin karna chahta...??  Aaj Mom bhi iss topic ko avoid karne ki koshish kar rahi thin...par,kyun...?
Having made up his mind, he stood up and walked to the dinning table and picked up his mobile... dialed ANKIT's (ARNAV's Bro) number... thoughts crowding his mind... 
Jo bhi ho...lekin,ab unhein mujhe sab kuchh batana hoga...Bas ab bahot ho gaya...unhein mujhse baat karni hi hogi...ab main aur wait nahin kar sakta...Mujhe GUNJAN ke baare mein jaan ne ka pura haq hai. ))
The rings on the other side continued for quite some time... and finally a familiar voice received the call... ANKIT... now would start the volley of questions...about GUNJAN... about her family...  ARNAV reciprocated the 'Hello' ...


   This Spl.Siggy made by : AASHi [aashizin]


SAMRAT in his Room
SAMRAT was pacing around his room... He was very tensed with the events that had unfolded earlier. What had happened was not Right... How could things take a turn like this?? YAMINI... No... Never... (( Kaise karoon yeh problem solved...?? Kaise batoon ki,main YAMINI se shaadi nahin karna chahta...Mom toh shayad samajh bhi jaayengi par,Dad...?? Unhein samjhana thoda mushkil hai...Par,shayad GUNJAN ka naam sun kar man jaaye...? Aakhir,woh bhi toh usse pasand karte hain...phir,unhein GUNJAN ko apni 'Bahu' banane se kya problem ho sakti hai...? Woh,uske liye mana kyun karenge...? 
SAMRAT was totally disturbed with this thought... he knew somehow he would have to convince his father that GUNJAN and not YAMINI was the right girl... for him and for his family. But this, he knew was easier said than done. Then he realised that getting his dad to say YES, was later... first he would have to speak to GUNJAN...
Par,abhi toh GUNJAN se bhi baat karni hai...pata nahin uska abhi shaadi ka koi irada hai bhi yaa nahin...? Uski Family kya chahti hai...?? Yeh bhi toh important hai...but,I think agar Mom-Dad unke paas mera rishta le kar gaye...toh,woh mana nahin karenge...!!  This thought made him little happy...but, suddenly... Par,agar GUNJAN ne hi mana kar diya toh...? Kitni upset ho kar gayi hai woh yahaan se... pehle toh usse hi manana hoga...Aur,usse manane ke liye pehle usse milna padega...Lekin,Kaise...? aur, Kahaan...? Woh toh ab yahaan aane se rahi... toh...??  SAMRAT was totally lost in his Plan... just then..., Idea !! Its GR8 !!  Agar woh yahaan nahin aa sakti toh kya hua...Main toh uske ghar ja sakta hoon... aakhir woh mera hone wala 'Sasuraal' hai...kabhi na kabhi toh jaata naa...toh phir,aaj hi kyun nahin...?  

He walked towards the window from where GUNJAN's room was visible. And a smile flickered on his lips as he saw her... Writing something. The serious look on her face did not change the fact that she looked so pretty... as she was writing... Then looking up, putting the end of the pen in her mouth as she thought about something... and then penning her thoughts down again. His smile got wider as He saw these actions... so innocent... so pure... and then his fell on TINKU... who was lying on the bed watching TV. SAMRAT's smile disappeared and a frown formed on his forehead.
 (( Oh God ! Yeh 'Haddi' bhi yahin hai...?? Yeh kabhi usse akela chodta hai yaa nahin...?? Dude yeh 'Chipku' toh lagta hai,hamari 'First Night' yaa 'Honeymoon' par bhi hamein akela nahin chodega... saari musibat ki jad (Root) yehi toh hai !! Naa yeh yahaan aata...naa hi main irritate hota...aur naa woh sab kehta... Kitna hurt kar diya maine 'usse'...
SAMRAT looked at the sky as He muttered, "Dude !! Kya sabhi ladkiyon ke saath 'Bhai' ka 'Package dena zaroori hai...?? Kyunki,yeh package 'BIG' ho yaa 'small'...kaafi problem create karta hai...aur yeh 'Short Circuit' toh kuchh zyada hi Dangerous hai...".

SAMRAT glared at TINKU as he thought... and his irritation increased as he thought about his talk with TINKU. ll
Ok...!! Calm Down SAMRAT...just calm down... Mujhe kaafi planning ke saath step lene honge...aur bina iss 'Tingu' ko pataye... GUNJAN tak nahin pahunch sakta...toh.. koi baat nahin...abhi jaakar iss problem ko bhi solve kar leta hoon. 1 baar Friendship toh ho jaaye...Phir,toh SAMRAT sab kuchh set kar lega...aur new FRIENDSHIP ki beginning ke liye "FRIENDSHIP DAY " se better aur kaun sa din ho sakta hai... 

 He smiled...nodding his head slightly... and checked the time. Only 9 pm... Perfect...not too late...  He looked at GUNJAN ... Wait GUNJAN...I am coming...for our first Un-official,aaj FRIENDSHIP DAY se start hogi.Wink))


And SAMRAT moved away from the window, turning back to look at her again... MISSION GUNJAN was on the roll now... 
                                                         [ To Be Continued... ]


Friends !Smile I think,this is enough for Today.Wink Next Part is little-bit long.Embarrassed So,If U want...We'll post Next Update in 2 Parts...Embarrassed
Featuring in 'Next Update' [Part-8]:
[A] ARNAV-ANKIT Conversation.Ouch
[B] SAMRAT at BHUSHAN HOUSE [All 3 Parts EmbarrassedSmile]
[C] ARNAV got a shocking Information about his Family.Shocked

Till then...Bye...N...Take Care...Oh YES!!!


With LoveHeart,
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Reserved... ShockedCool
Now dekhti hu kon bachata h tumhe mere comment ke changul se Mr.Khadoos...*DEVILISH GRIN*...Evil Smile ROFL
Coz M back to Rock & with my foolish comments...Cool Dancing ROFL
Mazza hi aa gaya aaj toh, By God...ROFL ROFL


Yay! Yay! M the 1st 1 to comment...ROFL ROFL Wow! Feels so good to be back to my own self...Cool Sacchi mazza aa gaya...Wink Tongue...LOL Kitni mushkil se mujse picha chuta tha but no Such Luck coz m back...Evil Smile Cool & Eureka...Shocked M commenting evn before ur update this time so applauses for me...Clap ROFL Ok enuf of my Bakwaas Bak Bak...Stern Smile Lets move on to the update...ROFL LOL

ok abt the 1st scene...kya raaz h yaar? I mean aisa kya hua h that Bhushans r so tensed & distraughted?...hmmm...Kuch toh h... & ye KUCH kya h ye toh bass Joseph & S3 hi bata sakte h... & itne acche toh aaplog ho nahi ki mujhe batao...Stern Smile Toh i dont thnk buttering ki zarurat h...ROFL LOL Pata nahi kaha kaha se leke aate ho itni saari mysteries...!! Sherlock Holmes fans Kahike?!...LOL Tongue & abt the scene it was so so so so so well-written...Clap hmmm...Dum Aloo...Good Choice...evn my Dad loves it...not me...!! Theek thaak h... BTW mere fav khane ke topic se hatte h...LOL & lets move on to the scene...OMG! Dhanno?! Abhi tak Papa ko pata nahi...?!Shocked lets see pata chalne pe kya haal krenge woh...ROFL & OMG! Y Delhi?!...Shocked No No No plzzz...abhi toh Samrat Mussourie aaya h & they wanna go to delhi?! No Ways!! Ur doing no such thng Mr.Khadoos... & this scene made me evn more eager to knw the unfold Soon...Embarrassed

& Awww...i loved the Bonding between Gunjan & Tinku...So sweet...Embarrassed & Tinku is the prefect kid...Naughty & Mature ka combination...Wink & he's so toughtful for his Sister...Unlyk My Brothers...Jinhone Raksha Bandhan pe accha sa gift bhi nai diya...Loosers...Dead ye waala update toh mere cousins ko padhwana hi padega... & wo bhi Zabardasti...D'oh It was Simply awesum... & perfectly Potrayed...Clap Clap Clap

& now cuming to Samrat-Yamini & thier Respective famiies scenes... hmmm...Yamini pretending to be the perfect Bahu, Beti & Wife... So Typical...Dead Thnk god Samrat knws evrythng abt her & mujhe toh uspe itna gussa aata h jitna Rahul & Monish pe bhi nai aata...ROFL Ya actually aata h...I dunno...LOL ROFL But aata h... & specially after the way she dumped Samrat...Angry Samrat ko koi kaise Dump kr sakta h...Embarrassed He's So... Januable, Sweet, Caring, Loving, Cute...Day DreamingErmmm...Ermm I know if i start on him, i'll nver stop...ROFL so i'll stop here & continue next time...Embarrassed & i just dnt want this marriage to happen...hope SD undrstnds this & let Gunjan be the 1 for Samrat...Embarrassed & yeah Samrat h toh handsome lagega hi...I just love his this Photoshoot...thnk god yehi choose kia...Day Dreaming Any Girl can fall for him...*SIGH*...Ok interrupting & stopping here nly...ROFL ROFL It was as usual Fabulously written...Clap Embarrassed

Ah! Thnk God samrat talked clear-cut with yamini... & tld her that we r not made for each-other...but ye ladki bhi easily nahi manegi naa...Angry but evn samrat is vry lets see whu has thier way?!...Approve Samrat go Ahead we r with You...!!Approve Again a fantastic Job with the scene...perfectly potrayed...Clap Approve

& now my fav scene Rohan-Samrat scene...!! God It was Hillarious...!! LOL ROFL Kya scene tha yaar...!!  I seriously adore these 2 so so sooo much...ROFL ROFL & woh Shorts waala dialogue MJHT waale Scene ki yaad aa gyi...LOL U remember MJHT waala these scenes...LOL ROFL

Omg!! Seriously I loved this Episode so much...!! & Full On Iss waale scene ki yaad aa gyi...!Day Dreaming OMG! He's sooo adorable...!! Full iss waale scene jaisa...i cud so well imagine it...Embarrassed & u say i shud make him my BRO?! No Freaking Way...!!Angry LOL & awww...he's dhamki's to Rohan wer hillarious...!! ROFL Hw Adorable! & The way he scolded him for calling Yamini as Chachi?!...ROFL ROFL ROFL...Too Good Yaar...!! Aise hi samrat scenes dete jaao...Day Dreaming Hayyyeee...terrific...!! My fav scene...Embarrassed Day Dreaming

& Arnav is so sweet...!! Evn m liking him...but that doesn't mean ArJan supporter ok...LOL It will always be SaJan...!! Wonder wat r they hiding frm him.,...God! Mystery again...Kabhi toh sudhar Jaao...Again a Mind-blowing scene...Clap Tongue

& now the last scene is WOWEST!! Samrat planning UNOFFICIAL Date for Gunjan?!Shocked ROFL M loving it...!!ROFL Hope Samrat suceeds in his plan...*Fingers Crossed*...Embarrassed & Frndshp Day toh kabka ho gya...!! God Ur sooo FAST Mr.Khadoos...!!LOL ROFL M worried ki kahi Raksha Bandhan naa ho jaaye...LOL ROFL ROFL

The Update Was Just Marvellous, Stupendous, Rocking, Superb As Usual...Now Update Fatafat coz i really cant wait...!! It was THE BEST...!!Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star

& Yeah Wat Pavitra Rishta huh?! Angry Mai Mohit ko Rakhi nahi bandhungi mtlb nahi bandhungi...!!Angry Did u get that Mr.Khadoos...!!Angry Archana-Manav Fan kahike...Dead & Nopes Rati is still in the show so wo waha kaise ho skti h...?! & Foot-Massage Kare Meri jooti...Dead LOL & By God Toh koi bhi bol skta h...!! & Mai aisi hi rahungi...Mera Excitement Level kabhi kam nahi hota...Cool LOL & U dont think much...Ghutno pe zyaada ASAP padega...ROFL ROFL Just Kidding Ok...Embarrassed & yea naa mai CHOOMANTAR hui hu & Naa Mere Brother ke Liye dulhan Dhund Rahi hu...ROFL Kabhi Kabhi Dhunki Dhunki Gaati hu & Dance bhi Kr leti hu... Coz i love that song...!! Thnx for the Dedication...!!Tongue Dhunki Dhunki Dhunki Laage...(1dum Katrina Ishtyle...Dancing Cool ROFL)

& Darn! How Cud I forget to add this?!Shocked
CONGRATULATIONS For finally becuming a GOLDIE...!! Party Finally u became 1...!! Now Get on to be a DAZZLER Soon too...Wink Tongue

Jaldi Update Karo...Coz I cant Wait...!!ROFL ROFL ROFL

Continue Soon,
Update ASAP,
Thnx 4 the PM & Dnt 4get 2 PM Me...(Itni himmat toh nahi h...ROFL)

W8ing eagerly 4 nxt update...Do Cont Soon...Tongue


Edited by ekta_monaya - 17 August 2011 at 4:37am

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Minnie. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged

im not usualy a fan of nicee loll short an simply that wht i lyk lol nice update bless ya

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Minnie. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
well not exactly short by that i mean u get straight to the point sort of loll overall i think its gr8

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preety88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
wonderful update...cont soon

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