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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess_sara

OMG Waooo..what an update yaar.
it was tooo goood
totally luved it.
and the Sajan scene was reallly goood.i totallly enjoyed it.
Plzzz yaar,mujhe bhi PM karo nah...u did not pmed me this time.
Plzzz wjen ever u update the next part,don't forget to PM me.
I m waiting eagerlyyy.

Luv u

Thanks Sarah ! for your sweet replyEmbarrassed.Its really a lot to meEmbarrassed. Because,you are also very good writerEmbarrassed.Thanks for appreciating this Update,and really Sorry for PM thing...Its totally my mistake but,I'll not repeat it.EmbarrassedI'll be update on 21st Jun.Embarrassed.


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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
Posts: 28704

Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1gunjan7

Joseph dear SORRY Buddy for such a late reply and for not commenting on PART-3...Actually Kya karoon I have many pending FF left 2 read and pheley time nahi tha NOW I have become too too Lazy...I can't understand which 2 read 1st n which later..So I keep on thinking this only..But from Now I will give comments on time...

SORRY 4 Late reply...
Buddy After reading both parts 3 and 4th I will say this OMG!! WOW!! what a Rocking and fully Mindblowing ,Dasoon and SUPER DUPER Fantabulous update ..very well written...each n everything from Scenes, Dialogues, style of presentation and Siggys Made by Pragya...every part of update 3 & 4 was stupendous...Man Wow!! what an excellent and fantastic work...well doneClap...U r a very good writer...Thumbs Up...Love Ur FF a lottt...Awesome update...Clap..

PART-3 update comment...

Part 3 update was very well written...each n every part was described in a perfect way n mannerThumbs Up...It was an interesting update...Samrat n SM scenes were rocking...Clap...When a Son or daughter stay n work outside their home town and when they come home 4 vacations at that time they are the apple of parents n everyone eyes and their needs and desires are kept in mind by MOTHERS while making food etc ...and U showed this very well...and younger son /daughters is always apple of everyones eyes or family...and this was shown in case of samrat who is younger and stay in mumbai and is the apple of his mother eyes and his desires are fullfilled n kept in mind when he comes home...SM making food while thinking sam in mind and even ishita fulfilling her devar wish showed how much sam is loved by each person in family....SM n samrat conversation was interesting ...And sam curiousness to meet the girl whom his parents has choosen was interesting...Smile and Sam Mom n ishita keeping him in suspense n not telling was also awesome scene...Clap...Even Sam bhabhi scenes were interesting ...U showed perfectly rapport and friendship between Devar and bhabhi..devar bhabhi relation is such only in which there is friendship, care, respect and sweet Nok-Jhok and teasing each other...but with respect ...U showed this Kind of relation between ISHITA & Samrat...For Ishita samrat is like a brother who she cares 4 , n loves very much...she loves teasing him like a bhabhi but if samrat is wrong then she can also pull his ears n scold him..Even Samrat loves n cares 4 her bhabhi and loves teasing her and like a young brother gets his every wish fulfilled from her bhabhi who is like a sister 2 him and respects her a lott also....very well described devar bhabhi relation ...Loved their cute teasing, NOK-Jhok a lott.....Thumbs Up... even SM n ISHITA coversation was interesting... it showed that both care n love each other very much and both love Samrat...

Gunjan n tinku scenes were interesting also...Tinku OMG !! he is so naughtyLOL...1st he called Rohan MB and then he is very naughty ...LOL...But woh thoda spoiled bhi hai and I know by GunjanWink...She loves spoiling tinku but also scold him when he is wrong and doing badtamizzi...and I loved this fact that when he talked and called ishita MB KI MOM the way gunjan scolded him was good ...Tinku acts so mature but after all he is a young boy ...U showed this very well thru gunjan n tinku conversation after ishita phone call...Tinku Loves his sister very much and is very possessive about her and gets jealous also when some one calls his Sister Di or gets very close to gunjan or if Gunjan pays more attention 2 that person. and gets angry also...u showed this very well thru this Gunjan-TINKu scene  ...nice scene n interesting conversation between brother-sister...ClapClapClap..

Ishita-Sm-Gunjan scenes were also interesting... it showed the love and sweet rapport they all share.....the phone conversation and later on talk between ISHITA n Gunjan clearly n excellently showed that both share an excellent relation and are good friends also and ishita loves n cares 4 gunjan n trust her also and like friends sweet friendly teasing happen between them a lottt...loved this sweet talk n teasing between them and liked ishita wish that kash gunjan samrat ki wife baney...Smile...I hope so too JosephWink...

Even SM n Gunjan conversation and talk showed that Sm also loves gunjan a lottt and cares 4 her and knows how naughty Gunjan is ...and the way they called gunjan 2 help them showed how much they trust gunjan n think of her as family ...loves this GIRLS TALK n teasing BETWEEN SM-Gunjan -ISHITA very very much...Clap...Very nicely written girls talk n sceneThumbs Up......

OMG !! Samrat father will not agree 2 Gunjan-Samrat marriage...Shocked...UnhappyCry..Gunjan is such a nice girl.Dont do this Joseph...and SM-ISHITA conversation n guess that Gunjan will never be samrats choice was wrong..This whole conversation showed that thought both SM n ISHITA love samrat n care 4 him still they donot know samrats choice and thoughts very well..well it may be bec till now the type of girls who are seen with samrat are very modern they think gunjan is not sam choice..but how shocked both will be if they come to know Samrat fell in love with Gunjan at 1st sight...Smile..I can imagine their shocked expressions...Wink...

WOW!! joseph CHICKEN FRY POP and chocolate pudding WOW!! My mouth is watering already...itnii awesome dishesThumbs Up...yaar joseph aab mein kya karoon MUJH BHI KHAANA HAI BOTH DISHESWink...pls share with me which dish will be made JOSEPHWink...YUMMY DISHESSmile...

And HEY BUDDY NICE NAMES DDLOL but what does MB and MBA mean??? I know MBA masters in business administration toh nahi hogaWinkLOL...Plss do tell MBA matlab  n MB also...I know name meaning funny hogaLOL...

SAJAN 1st meet scene was Day Dreaming...Embarrassed...Yaa Sajan 1st meet scene was embarrassing but NOT CHEAP NOT VULGAR at all...u showed this scene in an Apt and proper way ..there was not cheapness in it at was funny and embarrassing both.LOLEmbarrassedBlushing...
Samrats thoughts after seeing gunjan for 1st time was also interesting showed samrat likes Gunjan and has fallen in love with her...and U r a master at showing Misunderstanding..ClapClapman what a misunderstanding..ClapClap...Samrat things Gunjan is Would be MRS SAMRAT SHERGILL ...Wow!! I hope this misunderstanding comes true...Day Dreaming...

On the whole I loved part -3 very much...each part was excellently written ..good work joseph...

PART-4 let me read second part of part 4 ie B PART as I have read part A but B part is left so after reading will reply ..wasey part 4 whose A part I have read is very very interesting and rocking. even b part which i have read little bit is awesome n funny n excellent ..WILL REPLY in detail about part-4 soon ...Thumbs UpClapClap...

Do send me link whenever u update your FF joseph buddy...

SORRY again 4 late reply...


Love GunjanSmileSmile...    

Thanks a lot Gunjan for your all nice and encouraging words for this Update(Part-3).Embarrassed I am so touched after reading this long Reply.Embarrassed and,No any need of say Sorry... U read this,Its more then enough for meEmbarrassed. Thanks for liking this story line,written part,Presentation n Pragya's siggyEmbarrassed. I am really grateful of her, for that Awesome siggies.
And,about Update...that,Kitchen Family scene was very imp. for story n character development.No doubt, tough for me also...because it was fully Girls convo oriented scene. TINKU is not just like other normal kid,he is little bit more naughty n mature then other kid of his similar age group... GUNJAN loves him a lot... Actually,I am trying to show a very strong n emotional bonding between them.This time I can't say more about the character of TINKU... because,this is surprise package of this story... and I am sure,no body can forget his character...
but,believe me he is not just like supporting fillers...He is very-very important part of this story.Embarrassed
Thanks for liking both dishes...Embarrassed These 2 are my fav. too but,mujhe full recipe nahin aati...Embarrassed. Agar maine cook kiya...?Embarrassed Toh yeh kisi ka favorite nahin rahega.LOL. I'll reveal the meaning of MB n MBA in Next Update of this story...and Thank You so much for liking SaJan first meeting scene and whole Update. I'll be post next part very soon.

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

Reserved...Cry Cry
I'll Kill u Mr.Khadoos...Angry Angry
Just Wait & Watch my Rply...
hmphhh...Angry Angry

BTW i Heart the song...Embarrassed
Take the world & Paint it RED...
Paint it RED...Dancing
& also 'SENORITA'...Dancing

Will edit soon...ROFL

I am waiting...Miss TLLOL
Actually,still waiting...OuchLOL
'Yeh Junoon' is my Fav too...Embarrassed
...aur kya chahiye YaarLOL


Edited by Joseph_A - 21 June 2011 at 5:49am

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gunurlove IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 December 2010
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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Hey Joseph...again veryyy sorrryyy for sooo late comment ...i had faced too much net problem these days...n little bit could not comment yaar...OuchOuch
i think this time i am very slow...but you are more slow than me...coz i was thinking whenever i will get a chance to comment on your ss u will surely update the other one's part...but u didnot...WinkOuch
okkk Update was as usual Marvellouse and Fabulouse...Your every update is 100% Perfect and Fully Justified with all the characters...Awesome job...StarStarStarStar..
.Mind blowing ConceptClapClapClapClapClap...each n eveything is very very nicely wriiten...EmbarrassedClapClapClapClapEmbarrassed
Samrat is still thinking the same abt Gunjan...whole update was really seems like a serial story...i mean like a tv show that we are watching all this in front of our eyes while we reading this whole update...Excellent job Joseph...ClapClapClapClap
Samrat trapped Rohan so beautifuuly and inetlligently...poor rohan dont know his Chachu's intentions...and then Kitchen scene was Awesome...very cute and wonderfull scene...
gunjan was getting irritate by his talks and called him ChipkuLOL
she also dont know abt sami POV
overall whole update wwas superb...then came our intelligent Tinku...what a mind he has...
as usual his scene was also written with great perfection...
you truly justify your every SS joseph..i must say...
sorry for short comment..actually still have no time to comment plzz sorry this time i will surely give long...
thanks for pm...
update soon the next part...eagerly waiting for next update...n sami's POV after knowing the truth abt Gunjan

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
Posts: 28704

Posted: 21 June 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys,
                 I know,You are expecting next Update this time...Embarrassedbut, What is this??AngryEmbarrassed Guys please don't throw Chappals... Sandels... to meEmbarrassed  Friends,this time I am really very busy... this is the main reason for late Updates.EmbarrassedBut,I really wanted to complete this story as much as possible soon.This story concept is little-bit tough for me...for some reasons...Embarrassed so,I wanted a co-writer for this story. Finally,I got it. They are none another then S3Smile.Now,They are co-writer of this story. They are best for this Emotional, Heart touching story... Because,this is not only a simple Love story, In this story, all characters and their emotions part is very important. Some forthcoming twists n turns... is main USP of this story. Dealing with human emotions is very difficult job,especially 'Right' emotions n expressions. and,I believe S3 is the 1 of the Best writer of I-F,who is perfect for dealing these emotions so naturally... They are really Fabulous.and,I am really happy to found them as a co-writer of this story.Embarrassed

So,Friends no more Bakwaas...Embarrassed I'll be try to post at least, 1 Update per week. Again,Thanks Guys for your all nice and encouraging words for this FF's story concept n all Updates.



StarS3 words

Hi Friends,

                 V know... first reaction will be like...Shocked OMG!!  Yahan bhi ??? These three reached here too !!!!! LOL So, yes... here we are to join, JOSEPH in writing this FF... "Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya... !"

 The reason for this is the Story concept... without doubt, JOSEPH has some groovy story ideas up his sleeves. And this FF is another one of those ideas. A mature and emotional story, APHG is now picking up pace. So when, JOSEPH asked us to join in, no way were we going to say 'NO'. We simply could not let this chance go. So here we are.

Hope we will be accepted. But let us assure you that JOSEPH is still the main writer of this FF. We are just around to help. We will be writing by the name... "JOSEPH with S3 ". 

Thanks .

With LoveHeart

Next Update posting Date : 23 Jun.11(Thursday)Embarrassed

Edited by Joseph_A - 21 June 2011 at 6:51pm

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 January 2010
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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
hey guys
im sure u will all rock this ff
as all of u are awsome writter
will be waiting for next part
do continue asap
and best of luck for writting this ff i know ffs are hard to write i can bearly think of what towrite! but you guys are all amzing you alwaya manage to entertain me and make me emotional with your updates

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
again welcome S3 in this ff u guys are awesome
agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2010
Posts: 7750

Posted: 21 June 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Good decision Joseph Bhai..

I am pretty sure that S3 will be able to manage very well.. Hoping for the next update soon!
Do PM me and Continue Soon

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