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...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya ![1] {New Link available} (Page 14)

gunurlove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Joseph_A

Originally posted by gunurlove

Hey Joseph...Congratulation for your new SS first part...EmbarrassedTongue
It was mind blowing n soo interesting...ClapClapClap
Arrange Marriage concept is very nice n totally diffrent...
Convo between Samrat n his bro abt Marriage was written sooo nicely...each n every word was so true...Smile...Definately not all the people in the world do love marriage...80-90% marriges in our society are based on Arrange marriage...n they have to compromised with their lives to maintain their marriage successfull...Star
so very well written...Gunjan was as always soo  cute...Embarrassed
Somewhere i was expecting that Accident...LOL...n thinking if it would be  happen then it will be the converse situation of Sanaya barun new show...(like promo)...
so plzzz update soon the next part...
thanks for the pm

Thanks Rija ! for your precious comment...Embarrassed and thanks for liking this Concept n Update. Yaa,This is my point...'Arrange Marriage' is very common thing of our society...but,no body interested to show this beautiful bonding.

Converse situation or Similar Situation...!! Read and part is coming very soon.Embarrassed

arey Joseph...Show me hero ki car scooty ko hit karti he...or is SS me scooty ne car ko hit hui na converse situation...Wink..btw thanks for liking comment...Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aashizin

hey joseph it was seriously wonderful first part Clapu clicked us with this first part no doubt u r wonderful writer , loved story covering this first part , showing two different ppl falling in love when they will have their own perspective would be life partner, i loved concept and reading this update i m gaining more interest in this sajan's story ,ohh u showed that scooty scene which i was craving to see on sajan it won't be for them any how but loved u fulfilled my wish here thanks Embarrassedoww dhano part was cute LOLand gabbar reminds me monaya 's gr8 feb issue  LOLEmbarrassed

coming to samrat and his bro's talk i liked it very mature and sensible one their povs abt love and arrange marriage , i think whatever marriage u do its only based on trust and understanding , accepting person the way they r now it will be interesting to watch how this two different ppl with different surrounding will meet and their love blossoms with passing time finding that special person in each other and thanks for pm do continue soon hon 

Thanks a lot Aashi, for this sweet and detail reply.I was waiting for your take because,I always want to read your deep thought about characterization...Embarrassed Its necessary for judge myself.Embarrassed

SAMRAT respects the institution of Marriage...whatever,LOVE or ARRANGE...he knows this is life time Commitment. I'll show, GUNJAN's view about marriage very soon...Embarrassed She is Modern girl but,knows the family value and importance of marriage too.

Definitely, Trust n Understanding is main pillar of successful marriage.No body can Perfect... so,adjusting is also important.

Thanks again for sharing your precious view about these things,here.Anyway,SOHAM Bro. told me about some pics.(related to MBYPH char.) I am forwarding you...

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SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Absolutely wonderful update Joseph Clap...hatts off to u Bhai.Clap...superb ...amazing ...GD n GM COVO was gr8 ...Samrat's convo with his bro was superb Thumbs Upit looked as we r watching the scene infrnt of us...n u gave a superb name to samrat frst u told him KHADOOS in (MBYPH) N now GABBAR ROFL...KIYA KRNA HAI BHAI ... the whole part was supeb ...loved it to the core ...n u r doing full justice with the story ...i really wish u BEST OF LUCK ...n update soon ...otherwise MBYPH  ka update nahi milegaEmbarrassedWinkLOL

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1gunjan7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Hey joseph 1stly SORRY Buddy for late reply...Cry...Actually 2 days back I read Ur FF update and commented also & was about 2 post my comment and by mistake presedsed backspace button on my lappy and Whole commented disappearedCryCry...Sorry Buddy ...

As for Ur update OMG!! joseph Wow!! What an updateClapClap...Simply Magnificent and Out-standing ...Ur update is so good that I want 2 read it again n again...Its a perfect update from a perfectionist thats you joseph ...U r a brilliant writer Joseph...infact you joseph & S3 are the best writers of IF .Thumbs Up...U write everything with perfection ...Ur each update each part of story is Brilliant..U take care of each and every detail ...U rock ...Thumbs Up...This update is so excellent that I loved reading and imagining a lotttDay Dreaming...infact u thru your this update described each and every character nature so properly that I could visualize each characters expression in each scene...I felt as If this whole update was On-air infront of me...and I am watching a show On Tv...Out-standing, fabulous , stupendous and totally rocking work Joseph...Thumbs Up...each and every scene was fabulous..each dialogue was Superb...I loved the whole update a lottt...each scene is my favorite...but Gabbar and dhanno part and Sajan entry is my most favorite part...Awesome and Amazing work joseph ..well doneClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...

GM & GD scene was excellent..This was the kind of scene and conversation which happens in every household among parents...parents worry 4 their children safety and moms worry when her daughter grows up and her age is marriageable that how will she cope and then mom's decision 2 advice her daughter so that she is well settled and happy in life......In every household A  father loves his children very much N wants them happy n safe ...especially a father loves his daughter the most in every household... she is always apple of his eyes ...he always wants 2 give his daughter everything and keep her safe and happy in life and even when his daughter grows up For A father His daughter is and always will be his little girl...who he always wants 2 protect...And GD is exactly this kind of dad...He as a dad loves his children a lott..but He loves gunjan the most she is apple of his eyes ...his worry shown by you joseph is kind of  worry which every father in life goes thru ...Excellent scene..Thumbs Up...And GM is a typical mother who loves her each child and worries 4 her daughter as she has grown up N wants 2 teach her everything and advice her so that her daughter remains happy in life..Brilliant scene...Thumbs Up...every parents in real life is exactly as you showed in you FF...good work ClapClapClapClapClapClap...

Sajan entry was Just Magnificent ...Thumbs UpLoved it  a lottt...Samrat-Brij scene was fabulous ..their bonding was superb..loved it...Clap...Samrat n brij are brothers n best friend both...Brij is a nice,smart, level headed ,friendly and sweet n mature person he is a kind of person n brother which u will find in each household n life who is sometimes friend and elder bro both 2 his younger brother  ..Brij loves his family a lott and wants whats best for his family and brother Samrat..sometimes he is best friend to Sam who jokes and teases his bro ...sometimes elder brother who scolds , advices, guides his little brother in right direction when he is wrong.he gives his view then then leaves the decision upto his brother samrat then again becomes friend 2 him...Brij is a sweet and mature person...Loved this characterThumbs Up....even samrat is a typical brother who loves his whole family n brother very much and wants whats best 4 his family...he has a broader outlook n view of life but he is not stubborn infact he knows whats right n wrong in life and he is in favor of love n arranged marriage both ...he is searching 4 right partner in life and he knows what he wants in he could not find right partner himself so has trusted his family and let them choose for him....he also respects his brother ..for him his elder bro is friend n guide both....thats why he jokes with him also but also respects his view of life and listens 2 his opinions ...infact samrat knows marriage is for keeps and adjustment has 2 be done n love n arranged marriage both...he is ready 4 marriage ...He knows value of marriage  and respect the institution of marriage....Samrat is a broad minded and traditional guy both...awesome character and excellently describedClap...Loved Samrat-BRIJ bonding very muchThumbs Up...

Gunjan and tinku are also typical brother-sister pair which u will see in every day life...their bonding and love  4 each other is amazing..they love n protect each other....thru these scenes I feel that Gunjan is a Modern, COOl, Bindas, sweet yet little naughty girl..who loves  speed n fast life of metro city ..she doesn't like if people are slow in life she wants everyone to do their job at proper time ..she hates slowness ...she is impatient also but she is sweet n cute also who wouldn't hurt anyone ..She is modern but knows family values and respects them also.she loves her family very much ..their family bond is Amazing...her words to tinku said when tinku was worried about their dad reaction if they go home late..her Words MAIN HOON NA proves she knows how 2 handle her dad ..she has her dad rapped around her little finger....Smile and she loves her dad very much...Excellent character GunjanClapClap..even TINKU is amazing he is a typical child ..who is sweet n cute ..and tries 2 show he is grown up when he is just a child.he tries 2 act wise beyond his age...every child in life is exactly like Tinku...loved this character TINKU very very much...SUPERB N sweet characterThumbs UpClap...His talks are amazing also...accident scenes are mostly serious but this was the most Hilarious scene..when Tinku called Scooty DHANNOLOLLOL an Samrat GABBARLOLLOL..I just couldnt control my laughter LOLLOL I was DRINKING RUAWAAZA THAT Time joseph so U can understand when I read n imagined this scene meri situation kya hogi..Ek taraf drinking Ruawazza or dusri taraf hansi nahi ruk rahi LOLLOL.......WHAT a sceneThumbs Up..Brilliantly writtenClapClapClapClap...superb comedy scene..ClapClap..Bahut mazza aaya...enjoyed it a lottt...good work josephClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...I hope gunjan is not seriously hurt...

Gunjan n Tinku have run away from accident spot but Gabbar WinkLOLoops i mean Samrat has noted the scooty no what will happen?? will samrat chatch gunjan n tinku?? and if he catched them what will happen? really want 2 know this joseph So dear plss update soonnn...Plsss...

Once again Awesome and SUPER MAGNIFICENT and Fantabulous update joseph...Well done...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...u r doing a Brilliant job and I trust u joseph that u will do full justice 2 the story n all characters...Infact i know u will do a rocking job..under ur hands this FF will become magnificent...Do update soonnn and thanks 4 pm...

love GunjanSmileSmile...

Edited by 1gunjan7 - 22 May 2011 at 3:14pm

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwaNia_1

Absolutely wonderful update Joseph Clap...hatts off to u Bhai.Clap...superb ...amazing ...GD n GM COVO was gr8 ...Samrat's convo with his bro was superb Thumbs Upit looked as we r watching the scene infrnt of us...n u gave a superb name to samrat frst u told him KHADOOS in (MBYPH) N now GABBAR ROFL...KIYA KRNA HAI BHAI ... the whole part was supeb ...loved it to the core ...n u r doing full justice with the story ...i really wish u BEST OF LUCK ...n update soon ...otherwise MBYPH  ka update nahi milegaEmbarrassedWinkLOL

Thanks Sonia for your sweet reply.Embarrassed I am really glad...because,you liked it.Thanks for liking GD-GM ,SAM-BRIJ conversation and other part...Embarrassed KHADOOS is perfect for his character in MBYPH and GABBAR is only for create FunLOL Where,only RAHUL called him 'KHADOOS' and here...only Tinku...LOL ,In next part also.Embarrassed and I must say...some SAM-Tinku  scene is too hilariousSmile I really enjoyed to write their scenes (Forthcoming) thanks for sweet Wishes and don't worry! Mujhe MBYPH ka new update mil gaya...even,P-1(Title n Index) update bhi kar diyaLOL Smile

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fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
hey joseph amazing update loved itClap sam and his bro scenes were awesome too gud loved their conversation and bondingEmbarrassed loved the gd  n gm conversation too was so real Smilethe dhanno scene was lovelyLOL and sammy as ghabbarWink gr88 work beautifull written keep it upThumbs Up n do cont soon n thanks for the pm

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SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 February 2011
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
edited my comment on pg.8...
do chk it & rply...m waiting...Big smile
Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

YAY! YAY! Finally u started ur new FF...m sooo happy...OYE BALLE BALLE...DHINKA CHIKA...mazza aa gaya...Party Dancingbut m also angry Mr.Khadoos...Angry Angry...itni bhi kya jaldi thi post krne ki??? Cudn't u wait till i came back...???!!! Sirf 3 days ke liye to gyi thi...!!
Kya yaar...i wanted to comment 1st after ur CS posting...vryyy bad u are...nyways m the 1st one to comment on the 1st update...Big smile...OYE BALLE BALLE...DancingThnx to you Mr.Perfectionist Cum Khadoos...LOL Embarrassed

Wen u told me that ur starting a new FF & wer asking abt Title, '...Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya'...i was so happy as if on cloud 9...i was seriously missing ur writing & Updates evn though S3 is doing a fantastic job with MBYPH...but still... & m so happy that ur back with a "SIMPLE" SaJan FF...((SIMPLE...sounds wierd with JOESPH's FF...LOL))...a total diffrent CS & Concept from MBYPH...Approve

Ok now cuming to Samrat's CS...awww...its so awesum...unlike the MBYPH Khadoos Samrat...he is sweet, friendly & helpful here... & Is Single too...& evn ready to Mingle...?!Day Dreaming & is Ok with his Parents Choice for him...DHINKA CHIKA...Dancing...mazza aa gya...SaJan Arrange Marriage...i love this concept...superbbb joseph...m seriously lovin it...
Big smile

& now cuming to Gunjan's CS...OMGGG...A cuttteee, beautiful & bubbly girl...Girl-Next-Door type...Superbbb...thnk god shez not Shy & Dari-Dari si...m fed up of seeing gunjn like that & m so happy to see her confident here... & shez getting married to Aarav??? Ab ye kah se aa gya...IPKKND me kaafi nai tha kya???!!!...hmpphh...Unhappy

& now cuming to Aarav...hmmm...curious abt this guy...itni kya jaldi h isko gunjan se shaadi ki???? Kuch To Gadbad h...mujhe kuch theek nai lag raha h...wat is he upto??? I think i hav to cum to my detective mode & find out...Mission- Aarav ka secret...LOL Cool

& now cuming to Yamini...Dead...i dont like her AT ALL...Samrat ki "EX"...let her just remain an "X"...hating her from the CS itself...LOL...LOL...Iss Story ki New SHEENA...Dead

& the Concept...ARRANGE MARRIAGE...Wow!! M loving this topic...Big smile...u knw i love the love stories wich r set after marriage so in short i like Arrange Marriages...actually it doesn't matter coz marriage shud be based on Trust, Faith & Love... & i wud love to see SaJan married... & then...AUR PYAAR HO GAYA...!!Embarrassed

Amazingly superb, mind-blowing, rocking, awesum & Fresh Concept...thnk god its not VIVAH kind of story...actually i love that movie but still want to see somethng more realistic & the Characters r so diffrent here...Superb yaar...HATS OFF Joseph...again u rocking the FF section with ur writings...Clap Clap
Clap Clap Clap...BEST OF LUCK...u'll rock it for sure Mr.Perfectionist...Thumbs Up

Finally i rply to it coz i love reading feedback & will edit my other comment today itself...promise...Approve


W8ing eagerly 4 nxt k nxt cont soon...


Thanks EktaEmbarrassed For your Sweet Comment...after a long timeLOL...('Jiju' se complain karoon kya...Wink) Sorry Yaar,for starting this FF so soon...Embarrassed Par see naa...Before,1st Part...tumhaara Comment show ho raha hai and after 1st Part bhi hoga (If,Unres. kiya tohLOL) Ab sabhi kahenge main,Apne Relative ke liye thoda partial hoon.EmbarrassedLOL

Yaa...Thanks for clearance about Title Embarrassed Warna,again 2-3 change karne hote...LOL This Title is  totally suitable for this story...Embarrassed (Romantic tooEmbarrassed) and,You know me very-well...Embarrassed Me or 'Simple'...?? But,I'll really try to brake my image,through this FFEmbarrassed (Tum sab ne toh mujhe 'Badnaam' kar diya Yaar...Ouch Yeh bhi 'Jiju' se kahoongaWink)

Thanks for liking the CS of SAMRAT n GUNJAN...they are totally different from my previous story.Embarrassed By The way,Main 'SaJan Arrange Marriage' kahaan write kiya...??Embarrassed 

AARAV character is very intersting1...I'll show his character after some time...till waitEmbarrassed. Don't worry he isn't like RAHULEmbarrassed N need of start any 'Detective Mission'...its a simple emotion based Family Story...not a  'Mysterious Suspense Thriller'EmbarrassedLOL

I also love to read/see these kind of story...Love after Marriage.Embarrassed Its a really a beautiful bonding of relationshipEmbarrassed so...Please wait for some further parts...of this FF...Embarrassed Aur,Yes thoda jaldi Unres.kiya karo...EmbarrassedLOL Kahin Ambika ka toh side-effect nahin aa raha hai...LOLLOL I am waiting of your another 'Un reserve'WinkLOL.

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