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...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya ![1] {New Link available} (Page 134)

Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunurlove

Hey Joseph and S3...Very Sorry for so late comment...but honestly i didnt get time to come online and reading update and do comments..but today finally i got some time..and i read this one...As usual update was Superb Fantastic and Fabulous...thoroughly enjoyed it alot...starting with sam and his mom scene and then that pratha's one...It was wonderfull...Samrat mom is really very nice...Embarrassed...when he first refused to eat thanda pratha there i got some kind of hint that there must b going on something in his mind.then he said my Plan scene was too Gud..the way ishita was noticing him and then teased him...i thought both are playing prank on each other...and poor Gunjan totally unaware from all that Khichri..Wink..Ishita is Too Smart...afterall shez Bhabhi of Samrat scene was the soul of this update...part 1 Sajan with Ishita was realy nicely written...when ishita was trying to know abt Sam's feeling abt Gunjan and then giving suggestion to Gunjan for choosing her life parrtner carefully everything was mind blowing...Clap
i enjoyed every  bit of this update but mine most fav scene was Kitchen part 2...only Ishita nad Samrat's scene..that was something Extra ordinary kind of...u know in ur both FF while reading i always think that its a perfect new Show for Monaya..Joseph  u should b a producer and  writer too...and then u have to take Monaya together in ur new course S3 too...bcoz u have a great team work...i really mean it..bcoz whenever i read ur stories its just like a perfect show which is going on infront of our eyes and getting store in our minds with all its clearity of scenes and dialogues...ClapClap
okk that kitchen part was i loved to the core..Ishita was finding ways to confess Samrat and teasing him..and the Excuses that he was giving to Ishita to stop think abt Gunjan and Rohit Marriage were so hillarious. so meaningless...Both "Dever , Bhabhi " were Too much...and when they acted infront of Gunjan oh was beautiful scene...Very Very Well written guys...Thumbs Up...Brilliant Performance was done by both...started form "its Ok bhabi..kisi ko parwah nai the end of their was my fav scene...Embarrassed
Gunjan is such a innocent so easily she beleived on what ishita said..her praying and worrying scession for her future was also Mind blowing...Thumbs Up
Dinning table scene was also nice.i think now she must be thinks that hez really very irritating..but when i read abt that diffrent feelings i was quite happy...Wink.
Samrat's mom so wished to make Gunjan her Bahu only...Shez indeed Perfect for her son..but there are so many barriers in is SD and the 2nd is Arnav...that going to market scene was also Superbly written...naughty Samrat with his naughty ideas...awww hez so in love wid her..hope he soon get his desire...but lets see...Sam's mom thought scene was Awesome...Poor mom didnt know how much her son is in love with Gunjan...Big smile i think after knowing this truth SM will b the happiest person among all...
Guys Is there any Proeblem with Gunjan?..OuchOuchOuch.i felt such like by that medicines lines..Conversation between Gunjan and her mom...plz reveal soon this mystery na...
OVERALL it was Mind blowing part...IShita nad Gunjan made a Perfect and Best devrani jethani CoupleSmile
plzzz continue soon the next part and thanks for the pm

Hi Rija !! Thanks a lot for this sweet Reply.Smile. N please don't feel sorry for that..actually,I am feeling guilty too for so much late feed-back... But,really these days too much busy in Studies n writing Updates with S3.Embarrassed.

We are really glad that you liked this part so muchTongue...Yes..Kitchen scene was USP of last update. Ishita is smarter then Samrat...She caught to him red-handedLOL poor Gunjan...she is so innocent..totally unaware with Devar-Bhabhi's thoughts n planningsEmbarrassed.

OMG !! What a Superb complimentTongue... ('O Rabba Main toh mar gaya wey...!' type reactionEmbarrassedLOL).
Kaash... Main Producer hota...Embarrassed... Phir toh MoNaya book ho jaate...Wink Unhein kisi other P.H. ke show karne ki zaroorat hi nahin padti...Embarrassed ROFL. in serious note... We really work hard for each scenes n dio portions...n without S3 support , instructions, additions n editing...It can't be possible. If,your story is strong but,your presentation n scenes development part is not good...then no body can save your story n characters strength. so,we only try to maintain a simplicity of presentations of char. n sequences.Thanks to all readers.(just like youEmbarrassed) for appreciate our works.

Ishita somewhere knew Samrat's feelings... so,playing her cards so brilliantly...n finally trapped to Samrat. He is totally fall in love ...He can't imagine anyone with Gunjan...Embarrassed Second side...Gunjan was totally unaware with her own feelings... she is confused that Why is she so caring for Samrat??  But,same time she knows the reality too that,she is committed with Arnav [??Confused] so,she is scared about her marriage with Arnav...because,she is not aware with Arnav's personality.

Arnav's family mystery will be reveal in next part... SaJan 'Un-official Date' seq. will be show on  Next 2 partsEmbarrassed... N  yaa... Tinku-Samrat scenes is the main high point of Next part Smile...after Break of 2 parts...He is back with Big BangEmbarrassedWink.


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jenshad IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Okay :) Checking Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Ektaa..

Originally posted by SIZZZLER

Originally posted by ..Ektaa..

[QUOTE=..-Sanzz-..]Yea dat toh u ARE !! Cool M so PROUD of u Approve This Nirdayi Ppl give Regular updates only coz of You ! Love Youu <3 Hug ROFL

Unfortunately Its true.LOL and V all always, too much scared for Sanzz Wake-up calls.LOL Poor...JOS woh toh darr se On-Line hi nahin ho raha... B'coz,He completed only 1 part...[But,its really so much enjoyableEmbarrassed Full of funLOL]

Yes It Is Stern Smile ROFL & Sanzz is actually PERFECT in her Job so my complete support is 2 her ROFL Aaplogo ke saath yehi honaa chaiye Stern Smile ROFL & Specially Khadoos ke saath ROFL WE R EXTREMELY PROUD of U sanzz !! Approve Go Gal !! ROFL Ur doin a VERY Shubh kaam ROFL & 1 Part of What?! :O

@Sanzz- I Understood dat sweety Embarrassed LOL 

If we Cont spamming like this, then I feel Thread aaj hi bann jayega ROFL 

Phir se 'Khadoos'Angry TL...I'll not leave You...Angry Wait...TINKU ke through tumhaari leg pulling naa karai...ROFLtoh...mera bhi naam... LOL ROFL Wink

N yaa...Your plan
[Sanzz's wake-up commentsROFL] is working successfully...Embarrassed Very smart girls... Shocked Masoom bachhon ko kitna darati hain... ROFL.

1 Part of APHG...Embarrassed Now,next part of APHG has been almost completed...
Embarrassed...will be post very soon....

But,I am really shocked...
Ektaa aur IPKKND...??Shocked Shocked Shocked
Yeh kya hua...? kab hua...? Kaise Hua...??ROFL.Ab toh really isse specs chahiye...ROFL.Story mein yeh twist toh mujhe bhi samajh nahin aaya...ROFL.

Edited by Joseph_A - 19 January 2012 at 9:04am

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arzzo

thanx for the reply and know need of sorry i understand u have a row of comments to reply tu joa late comment karta hai jaisa mai Embarrassed  unka tym ahna mai tora tym lagta hai and sorry u are rite mai nah galti sah tinku kah naam mention kar diya tha i know uski pic post hu chuki thii sorry again bs rohan kah kahna tha Embarrassed

Thanks for understand our problemEmbarrassed. Ok...koi baat nahin...Next ROHAN ke scene mein...we'll be post Rohan's pic too.Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SajanRox

You did not reply on my comment! :( Apologies again .. [For the late comment]

Don't be apologiesEmbarrassed Please check P-136...for my reply.Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snowwhite28

Hi Joseph & S3    Hello Tanu !!Smile

Firstly extremely sry for late reply...
  Oh ! its ok...Embarrassed  Actually feel sorry too for so late answering Embarrassed

Now coming to the was Fun filled total sajanish style...In other words it was a SAJAN BONANZA...Very good new year gift for sajan fans like us...Embarrassed
Thanks for your precious comment Embarrassed

Loved  Sam & Ishita Bonding...Finally Sam confessed his feelings towards gunjan in front of Ishita
Embarrassed..... Yes...Because , Ishita is smarter then SamratLOL She caught him so cleverly.Embarrassed 

Samrat is such a nautanky...His & Ishita's Paratha drama was superhit...& Poor gunjan...she so innocent & naive
..Yaa..! This Dever-Bhabhi jodi is very smart... Poor Gunjan... she didn't realize their plan.Embarrassed

I think she started to feel something for Samrat
Blushing...she can't see him hungry...she was soo concerned about Samrat...Blushing...Yes...but,she dont know why...??Embarrassed

This ff always highlighted the human relations & there bonding... & that is the USP of this ff...Keep up the Good work guysThumbs Up...Again thanks for your ComplimentEmbarrassed

I was expecting some mysteries will be revealed abt arnav & his family...but may be in further updates we will get to know something...Confused
Yes...Its coming on Next partEmbarrassed sorry for long wait...Embarrassed

Continue soon...Thanx for the PM..
..Yaa...we'll be post very soon...may be Monday.[23 Jan.11]Embarrassed



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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1gunjan7

Hi my dearest friends Joseph,Soham,Swati,Sonia..S3JHug...1stly once again A very Happy New year 2 all of youHug...

Here is my comment below ...chalo 1st time toh jaldi comment kiya...Smile...Wasey This update of APHG was a superb new year gift from you all..THANKS S3J...
Wow!! what an update...RockingClap...You have not disappointed us at all...The update was fully up to the mark...infact the update was just Mind Blowing and Out standing...Each scene and every dialogue was excellent...each part of the update gelled 101% with the other parts...each dialogue was awesome and blended with the situation fully...loved each part each scene and every dialogue...there was absoultely no mistake in any parts...infact the whole update was so so good that I had a awesome time reading the update..enjoyed it completely...U all r GREAT writers Joseph,Soham,Sonia Swati S3JThumbs Up...
Thanks Gunjan for this Detail reviewSmile. It is really so encouraging for us...We are really glad that you liked our effort.

Starting of update was awesome...mazza aaa gaya ...Thumbs Up...Samrat-SM scenes were superb...loved the mom son talk and love and care ...infact found mom-son part very sweet.
..u know no matter how much a child  grows up in life for parents a child will be a child only...and when infront of parents a grown up also becomes a child their parents child...Smile...because we can only demand and be naughty with our parents...especially our matter how much we become and irritate a mother still our sweet mothers will do everything 4 their children and will fulfill their every wish and demands....thats why their is a saying GOD Cannot be with us everytime thats why He has send MOTHERSSmile...U excellently showed the same thing between Sam and his Mom...Mother-son love 4 each other was fully visible is whole scene and dialogues...sam being naughty irritating his mom and asking 4 hot paranthas and when he came 2 know Gunjan was in his home and helping with pooja etc he 2 find out how his mother felt 4 Gunjan put his plan into action and made his Mom angry everything was excellently shown S3J....Now samrat knows that SM loves Gunjan very much and Sm words about Sanskar these words ---->
Tradition' kisi school yaa college mein nahin sikhaye jaate...woh toh hum apne gharon se sikhte hain...woh kab hamari personality ka part ban jaate hain...hamein pata bhi nahin chalta... 'Sanskaron' ka 'Shaadi' se koi matlab nahin... 'Sanskaroon' ko kisi book yaa training se nahin sikha ja sakta... aur GUNJAN ko woh sikhne ki zaroorat nahin... woh 21st Century ki hi ladki hai... Lekin,usse uske roots...uske traditions pata hain..)I loved these words and I will say right said Thumbs Up...awesome scenes Sm n Samrat...ClapClap - dining table scene was also excellent ..Even I LOVE AALOO ka PARANTHAS a LotttWinkSmileSmile...infact Aaloo ka parantha is my favorite...Smile...the Way samrat said Mein nahi kahoonga yeh thanda hai 10 min pheley bana paranthe ColdShocked was sweet and funny..because we know why samrat was being so naughtyWinkBig smileBig smile...Excellent part Clap..mazza aa gaya totallyThumbs Up...Sudha (SM) loves Gunjan and is wishing that may she become her Daughter-In-Law wow!! Big smile...I can imagine Samrat will be very very happy when he comes 2 know what his mother was thinking and Sm thoughts also proved one thing though Sm understands her son more then his dad does But still there is some communication gap between the parents and one side Sm in her heart knows Samrat doesnt like Yamini but she is confused also as samrat has not said anything 2 her still and that is making her think that may be she is wrong and Sm thinks Samrat doesnt like Gunjan and that's is because in front of her Sam has always shown he doesnt like her ... I think SM will be very happy when she comes 2 know Samrat Loves Gunjan and wants her as his wife ...Awesome thoughts Of SM it showed her feelings and confusion clearly Thumbs Up...SM-Samrat part was a important scene of this Update...for portraying Son-Mother relationship n their bonding.Sudha Jii knows his son... He is her 'Laadla' so,Samrat can throw many tantrums in-front of her.She is really loving mother ,just like other mother...n she only wants to all happiness in her son life. She knows that,Gunjan is Right for him but,she has no any clue about Samrat's feelings..By the way 'Aaloo ke Parathe' is my favorite too...But,due to 'dieting' I can't take it... [After 'surgery' put-on some weight]

this part I loved the most Samrat and ISHITA
...the way Samrat was planing 2 put his Plan-2 into action and got a surprise instead by ISHITA She also used same plan 2 find samrat feelings and gunjan's feelings and she put her plan into action without Sam knowing it Big smilewow!!Big smile and Samrat didn't even knew that why Ishita was doing all this scolding samrat and then not cooking fresh parantha 4 him , and mentioning about her cousin etc..Wink LOL... I would Love 2 say this If Samrat is Ishitas devar then Ishita is also his bhabhi.LOL and she knows her Devar and his likes and dislikes very well ...Big smileand when ISHITA said 2 Samrat don't stare at her like a LAFANGA LOLLOL...I said 2 myself wow!! gunjan thought the same thing...LOL...Ishita knows both Sam n Gunjan well ...Totally Awesome part ...Mazaa a gaya read karkey Bhabhi devar bond showed fully that both are very good friends and Sam loves and respects his bhabhi very much and ishita also cares and loves Samrat like a elder sister n loves teasing him....Awesome awesome awesome Super Awesome Part...Loved it totally and enjoyed alsoClap.
Thanks a lot for liking this part...  writing this part was so difficult for us...because,writing of any Comic scene is really so much difficult. Ishita is smarter then Samrat.Her guess was right. In this scene,Samrat's condition was just like a poor guy. Ishita trapped him so easily...and he is really scared about her thoughts (Gunjan wedding with her cousinOuch). 'Lafanga' title is very irritating for Samrat
LOL, But,as a lady...Ishita can understand other girls thought also about a Boy's look Embarrassed

..Gunjan thoughts after she helped sudhaji and was coming back her thoughts were just amazing and interestingBig smile...mazaa aa raha tha reading her thoughts and imagining her reactions about Samrats attitude and fresh paratha demand and sm 2 be wife and when she decided she will not do this for arnav and make everything clear WOW!! Big smile...Sweet Gunjan doesn't know Samrat was just being naughtyWinkLOL he is not like this at all and she is so innocent she still thinks samrat will tell everyone about towel bike etc incident she doesnt know Sam was just teasing her Wonder what she will do when she knows this  Wink....Excellent thoughts of Gunjan awesomely shown Claploved it fully Thumbs Up
Yaa...these lines are really sweet...for portraying a girl's worried thoughts for her future married life n to be 'Husband'.

..Gunjan making fresh paranths 4 Samrat wow!!SmileSmileDay Dreaming..Samrat reaction was awesome when he realized she will make paranthas 4 himBig smile...and Dining table part of Sajan was also very sweet and januableDay Dreaming..Samrat being naughty just so that gunjan sits with him on dining table and his reasons 4 making her sit pizza tv ke samney eat karta hoon aaloo ka parantha table part LOLLOL...superb  yaar mazza aa gaya...and Gunjans reaction were awesomeClapvery beautifully and excellently written part and she sweet Gunjan sat with samrat for breakfast wow!! so sweet Day Dreaming...and samrat thoughts while having coffee wanting her as his wife every thought was superbly written...mazza aa gaya read karkey and imagine karkey S3J ...Loved it the most Sajan partClap - Oh !  It was our favorite too.Embarrassed
He is really behaving like a husbandLOL... poor Gunjan she didn't realize what the reason behind this

...Living room part was amazing loved it when Brij teased Samrat and everyone joined him in teasing sam..and Sam name babloo LOLand Sam getting irritated Ishita teasing him Sm teasing him and Gunjan joining also...I could imagine Samrat reactions and expressions at that time what would it be!! loved it ...superb workClap... loved the cool bro and friends relation sibling bonding between Brij and SamThumbs Up...nicknames par asey tease kartey hain and jab sibling sabsey small young ho house mein then he/she has various Nick-names and usko teasing Bhi bahut teasing hai Wink..thank GOD mera koi Nick Name nahiBig smile -
Yaa...Its really so irritating
Angry...I know n understand this situation very well because,I have experience.(my nick name is so much kiddish....)

Gunjan explanation Of WHY WE DO HAVAN AND USE SHUDH things in Havan and Agni Each and everything U explained S3j Soham Joseph Sonia Swati thru Gunjan each and every word Was just WOW !! 101% CORRECT and I agree with U completely..Thumbs Up...AWESOME explanation by Gunjan ...and beautifully and superbly described by You S3JClapClap..thanks 4 refreshing My memory about why we do havan and use Shudh things in it .
Smile.Beautiful and knowledgeable  .Thumbs Up...I think Sab ko pata hona chahiye these things as this is part of our Sanskriti .....Loved it totally ClapClap - Oh ! You knew about these things...Embarrassed but,I was totally unaware with this logic...Thanks to S3 for this info.Embarrassed

...Gunjan impressed everyone SM ISHITA BRIJ and Samrat Smile...Samrat doing Nakhra for bringing POOJa things was amazingly written loved it ...Ishita knew why he was doing this and Send Gunjan with Him WOW!! Sajan unofficial Date Day DreamingSmileSmile...and This part when Samrat Said he helped gunjan in making paranthas..I was like Oh!LOLROFL... and Asked gunjan 2 tell everyone he did soLOL and Gunjan confusion was awesomely Shown aab Sweet gunjan kya kehti Sam just passed aaloo and flour etc etc LOL...Awesomely written part Clap...Loved it Fully Big smileBig smile...Gunjan calling her Mom 2 inform her she was going 2 market and whether she needed anything and asking 4 tinku was very sweet...this showed Gunjan's caring beautiful awesome and responsible nature ...loved it Clap... - Yes,Gunjan was confused...woh Sudha Jii ko kya kahegi...?? Gunjan first priority is her family...n she is really so caring for everyone.Samrat likes her this quality so much because,he knows that she'll be adjust with him so easily.

Medicine part has me thinking again Something is seriously wrong But with whom???Confused...Rohan -Gunjan -ISHITA part was also rocking..Loved it when Gunjan tried 2save Rohan from ishita scoldling and ishita Scolding rohan n Gunjan was also sweetly shown...and Gunjan teasing Ishita about Her suit size etc was fabulous part
....loved the rapport between Ishita-gunjan ...
-Yes...they both are so much friendly with each other.N Gunjan loves kids a definitely usse Rohan ko bachana hi thaSmile.Medicine part is related to BHUSHAN's family problem...
It'll be reveal soon.

Sam meeting gunjan Ishita on stairs everything was SUPERB...BAHUT MAZAA AAYA READING the whole update .SM-SAmrat ..Samrat-Ishita-gunjan ,living room scene teasing part rohan-Gunjan ishita Gunjan-Gm part every part was just fantastic ,fabulous and fully ROCKING and OUTSTANDING...Clap...maaza aa gaya read karkey totally...Thumbs Up...Waiting excitedly 4 next update ...SmileDo update soon...Smile...thanks 4 Pm ...Hug

AWESOME update .Clap..Loved it Totally Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati Thumbs Up...thanks 4 the beautiful update My dear friendsHug...
Juhi parmar-Hussein as Ishita-BRIJ rocking choice Clap..I also like juhi parmar and Hussein Thumbs Up....

WOW!! 4th ko you all updated and I have replied by 7th wow!! Big smileBig smile...Thank God iss baar zyaada wait nahi karvaya...Embarrassed...

WILL READ MBYPH NOW and will comment soon ...Embarrassed...Sorry 4 making u waitEmbarrassed...

Love your good friend
- Thanks again for this sweet n detail feed-back n liking 'Juhi-Hussain'  as 'Ishita-Brij'. Now,We are working on Next part...
may b,Its coming on monday.N..yaa...Sorry ! for my very-very late reply...extremely sorry for this late...I think,you understand my problem...(because,due to exams...too much busy)

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
the ups are really awesum
needs to read more
plz cont soon and pm me

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