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...Aur PYAAR Ho Gaya ![1] {New Link available} (Page 120)

Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hiii
seriously these are killing meDay Dreaming

Oh ! We can't forget that priceless expressions of SamratSmile and a very cute SaJan moment.Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunurlove

Hey Joseph and S3'.Smile

Plzzz don't throw Chappal on me okk..again for being Extremely Late''I have alots of pm to read...plzzz bear with me..Ouch

Okk come to the update it was Out Standing and Fabulouse piece of work once again...ClapClapClap

Starting with Bhushans home'...Each n Every scene was finely written'.Guys konsi update me ja k koi hint mile gaaa..plzzz reveal soon na..whats the matter is'.i thought may b there is a problem related to Arnav Gunjar marriage...but when Amit and nisha were talking abt Arnav and gunjan-Arnav marriage'.i was sooo confusedd'Confused...tooo much confused'ConfusedConfused ye b nai to masla kya he phir'im loosing by control day by day..infact update by update now...plzzz guys now start to remove  these confusions'..Embarrassed

One Question plzzz...what medicines Amit Nisha and Gunjan were talking that only general , normal medicines..or any seriouse kind of , Gunjan Amit scene was so cute..purely daughter father this update I missed tinku alottt'not a single scene he had...Shocked

Then Shergill mension scene...OH god..SD is so rude..hez too much...firstly for Samrat...and then for our so sweet Gunjan...Guys why he was behaving like this with Gunjan..Kahin Samrat-Gunjan k barey me doubt to nai ho gya kyaWink'but how..i don't think so...then why he behaved so rudely and weirdly with Gunjan..even SM and Brij didn't like this..I love the line when Finally SM spoke abt her views for Gunjan as a Samrat's wife'..ohhh so sweet'EmbarrassedEmbarrassed she really want this we know..but infront of her hitler husband..its require to much courage na..but thanksfully she uttered those words'.and definitely SDs reaction was totally expected on this statement'.when she compared Yamini with Gunjan'..everyone likes Gunjan for Samrat except his I was thinking why do all family members cant convince a single person'I know he has stubborn nature but its possible na if all would force him for Gunjan..most of all Samrat don't like Yamini but love Gunjan..and luckily his mom bhai bhabhi all are with him' why cant they convince him...WinkEmbarrassed.breakfast scene at shergil's house were very nicely written...ClapThumbs Up

SM is so sweet..she is so kind n loving the way she treat Gunjan as a family member...Heart

Ishita and Gunjan scene was too Gud...mind blowing scene it was..i was imagining them as Devrani-Jethani..Big smile..surely they will b the best devrani jethani if Sajan marriage would b possible..they way Gunjan was teasing her their convo and Gunjan took care of her was beautifully written'...Specially tum hi ajao Rohan se khelne..LOL.and then that God lene wali cute scene it was..but in this whole scene I truly loved one touchy and thought provoking line..when Gunjan unnowingly said something seriouse abt life's strategy ...something like " zindagi me sb kch badal jata he..or ...hamare hath me kch nai rehta...hamen yakken hi nai ata k itna sb kch itni jaldi kese badal skta he."  Ouch ...Aisa hi kch tha..theek se yaad nai'but it was the Best line...after this Ishita's realisation abt Samrat-gunjan relationship..that was so sweet..shez very intelligent how fast she understood everything...thank she would help Samrat surely...Embarrassed

Arnav scene was again fantastic but with full of questions and curiosity in mind'.Guys plzz open soon this mystery..

Now come my most fav scene...Heart.the pictures which u used in all this scene..(in Grey frock)...somewhere I was expecting this like original mjht ones...

Shez trying veryyy hard to wake him up..but hez Samrat afterall...Big smile i loved Rohans dialogues in this matter...i thought u may b write totally like the show...but the way u adopt different things on the same pictures of original one ,but u totally changed the scenes..n situation with ur own was Out standing work...that I appreciated and admired a lot...really Wonderful...this new style was Perfectly set on those pictures...Thumbs Up

Enjoyed each n every bit of this scene since starting to end...starting from outside the room and then come closet n closer to his bed...and finally on his bed'icing on the cake was that " Short" scene...from Rohan statement to till the end...Superb scene guys...Awesome work...Clap

Samrat got one more chance to tease her..this time he used Short as his weapon'.and Gunjan shez incredible'how anyone can b so innocent yaar'kitna easy he usy fool bna lena...exactly said by Samrat...Conditions were mind blowing...and she unwillingly agreed without arguing and annoying on sweet of her.Embarrassed

Without even knowing that..her this sweet feature can drive Samrat crazy for her even moreEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Samrat naughty thinking after her leaving were soo cute...too much beautiful when he was imagining gunjan as Mrs samrat shergill n all...Day Dreaming

Fabulouse work...Wonderful update...keep it upClapClap

Thanks for the pm

Update soon the next part

Thanks Rija for this sweet feed-back and don't worry...we all are facing same type of problemsLOL so,Chappal kyun waste karna..LOL  LOL

We are really glad that,you liked this partSmile.Arnav's family problem toh very soon revel ho jaayegi.Gunjan's family problem ke liye thoda wait karna hogaEmbarrassed. Now,Arnav is ok with his family decision...but,only for short periodWink.

n about,I don't think,its general medicines because,general medicines toh kahin bhi mil jaatiEmbarrassed. Actually,Tinku is very important part of this story so we don't want to waste his partsEmbarrassed. Uske short scenes bhi,story ko move,we'll be feature Tinku in next partEmbarrassed.

Yes,SD is so rude with Gunjan...because,he knows his family choice so,don't want to take a risk. in next part we'll be disclose the reason behind of this rude behavior.Embarrassed except him, all family members like Gunjan n they all are ok with her as a Samrat's wife. But,problem is they still don't know anything about Arnav n her family commitment with himOuch.  

Ishita shares a very friendly n sisterly bond with Gunjan. She wants SaJan pairing so much.Embarrassed Yes,she would help Samrat surely...Embarrassed..We'll be unveil all mystery of Arnav's problem very soon.

And about Samrat's bed-room scenesEmbarrassed...Thanks for your appreciation of that part.Yes,we worked a lot for that part because,It was totally different thing from that original one.Wahaan koi masti,koi naughtiness nahin thi but,these things was imp. element,here. Samrat is really 'smart' n clever...and this quality is very helpful for his character move.He knows very well what he wants in his life... now, Gunjan is his aim of  and poor Gunjan...Embarrassed she is really innocent... doesn't know his intention but,what will happen...? Jab she met Arnav...Embarrassed n Samrat would be know about him...Embarrassed. Little wait...Embarrassed 

Now,I am going to GOA...for a long vacations with my familySmile. will be back next year...Smile...Aate hi sabse pehle Isse hi update karoonga...Embarrassed till then bye guyz...Smilethen,

                  Milte hain 2012 mein...Smilewith new Part Embarrassed


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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lekshmic7

RES!! Sorry Joseph, i hate to RES. I will comment soon

No problem...We'll wait for your Comment.Embarrassed

Edited by Joseph_A - 29 December 2011 at 7:52am
jenshad IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Update Coming ?! Embarrassed

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Update Coming ?! Embarrassed

Yes...on 3rd Jan.,2012.Embarrassed

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jenshad IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
YAAAY =) Embarrassed Hug

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1gunjan7

Hi My dearest friends Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati ...Hug...

1stly SORRY Sorrry for so so late comment...I know you all updated on 17th nov and My comment is coming so so late ...Embarrassed...Once again I am really SORRY guys...Embarrassed...

The update was just too too out-standing, fantabulous, Mind -Blowing,rocking, awesome, amazing and SUPERB...Gr8 work Joseph, Soham, Sonia, Swati...Clap...Your FF's are getting interesting and excellent with every update..each new update is more rocking and more superb then the last one...I am enjoying reading the updates of FF very very this update also I loved reading and Visualizing each n every scene...fantastic work Clap..

the starting was very good...U very well described the emotions of GM n GD...each was very sad about what had happened in their past and what they and their children had will go thru in future...each was in deep pain and both were trying 2 hide their pain from the other and both were trying 2 comfort the other and be strong 4 one another and their children.
Whats wrong ? whats happened? I feel something very bad happened that has reduced GM n GD 2 tears.....from their conversation I came 2 1 conclusion that whatever happened in their past concerns their when something is wrong with the children and something is about 2 happen 2 them and thinking of their pain and what they will have 2 go thru and face in future...after thinking all this and only their childs pain can make PARENTS cry so much...The way u showed amit(GD and Nisha(GM) pain it was shown in so excellent way that their pain bought tears 2 my eyesCry...u very well showed their deep pain and feelings....AM I right that what tragedy happened concerns Gunjan and Tinku...??Let's see whether I am right or notConfusedConfusedConfused...Gunjan and her father amit scenes were very sweet...I loved them and their father-daughter conversation...Parents love their children very much and 4 them each child whether its a girl or boy is equal and same they love both equally ...But as a son is the apple of mothers eyes same way daughters are apple of fathers eyes...Fathers love their sweet daughters very much and fulfill their every wish N they can do anything 4 their little girls..and they protect their daughters also from pain...In this GM n Gunjan part also this was excellently shown AMIT concern for Gunjans fast driving and telling her he will bring medicines ...and  1st he had said he won't eat breakfast but when Gunjan said Breakfast khanna hai he couldn't say No 2 her...In this part father-daughter understanding protectiveness and love is excellently shown...Loved this part ...This is the 2nd time topic of Medicines have come up 1st tinku said 2 gunjan medicine le lii di...Now GD asked about medicines...What I am wondering is IS GD talking about general everyday Medicines like Vitamins and BP etc or Is their more 2 this part??ConfusedConfusedConfused...

Shergill break fast scene was also superbly written...every characters feelings emotions and POV was superbly described...SM and SD scene was interesting SD was trying 2 catch SM attention But she was not looking at him As she had enough of his arrogant and stubborn thinking...their conversation showed SM and SD feelings both for many situations...Why is SD always so rude towards samrat...? they have a deep conversation gap ...He doesn't understands his son at all & thinks him good 4 nothing...he doesn't realize samrat is very intelligent n good in his work...SD is still in the same frame of mind of How samrat was in college...he doesn't accept his son has changed 4 good..Samrat has come 4 holidays and for his marriage purpose and SD wanting samrat 2 still wake up very early morning When he is on leave from work was very strange ...Though he loves Samrat but he doesn't understands his views and thinking at all..But SM loves and is somewhat trying 2 understand Samrat now.....though she is still wondering about Samrat-yamini pic but has realized that samrat doesn't like yamini...and she also has realized what type of girl yamini is and she doesnt have any good qualities and her each conversation showed that she wants a sweet girl like Gunjan as her bahu and samrat's wife and she wants samrats happiness and even Brij and ishita n rohan like gunjan and not yamini...BUT SD I was shocked the way he behaved so rudely towards Gunjan...IS THIS The way 2 behave with a guest in ur home ?? Even if u donot like someone u never behave the way SD behaved
....What I was wondering was WHY SD doesn't like Gunjan..why is he so rude towards her??ConfusedConfused...she is so sweet caring and loving girl so why doesn't he like her??ConfusedConfused...and Is it because gunjan is from middle class family ??..I saw 1 think in this part that 4  SD this rich and middle class thing matters and even though SD has realized yamini has many bad habits and faults even then he is ready to look away from Yamini's faults and accept her as his bahu she is from rich family and share same standard as him and as for SD his word his everything...and he knows his whole family likes Gunjan more and not yamini and  he has realized they will love if Gunjan becomes samrat's wife and their daughter-in-law and he knows Gunjan is a very good girl with awesome qualities which they want in their bahu  and yamini lacks good nature & qualities and they both can't be compared. I think that is why SD is rude towards gunjan and doesnt want her 2 come 2 his home and he doesnt want his family 2 get 2 attached 2 gunjan and he thru his rude behavior was making sure every person in his house understands this and that he wont change his decision...THIS is what I think about SD rude behavior why he is behaving this way suddenly now...Lets see whether I m right or not....Confused.I think SD should change himself and stop this attitude of I AM ALWAYS right.. this stubborn & arrogant nature before samrat and his family rebel against him ..I didnt like SD behavior towards gunjan at all .Angry..his saying He will tell gunjan himself 2 stop coming here These words of SD SHOCKED ME and made me think How can a person behave so rudely towards a person who has never harmed him n his family who is so loving can SD HATE her just 2 get his way in his house???...SDAngry...SM n BRIJ are very nice ...and I loved it the way SM questioned SD about His rude nature towards Gunjan and why he is doing this...and I think if Brij hadnot handled the situation then arguement would have happened...interesting part...This part made SD nature more clear and showed how stubborn and arrogant he can be and also cleared the whole family views about different things and yamini...Nicely shown n written part...Thumbs Up....

I just loved this part ...ISHITA and Gunjan part was superb...their love care and feelings 4 each other was excellently shown in this part ...their each conversation showed how much they both respect ,love & care for each other...their deep friendship and understanding was superbly described and shown in the whole part....I loved the way gunjan teased Ishita about Baby thing and took care of her gave her medicine and told her I will take care of everything and u rest 4 a while and then Ishita teased Gunjan about that she will tell brij that Gunjan teased her about Baby part and Gunjan so sweet n innocent didn't realize she was being teased and got scared and I loved the part when Ishita called Gunjan her little sister Smile so sweet ..It showed How much deeply she loves Gunjan ...and ishita thoughts when Gunjan said samrat is nice Ishita immediately realized something has happened 2 change Gunjan's opinion showed how much she understands gunjan...Smile and when she realized that Samrat likes Gunjan and may want her 2 be his wife...the way ishita got excited showed she loves this idea very much and she also doesn't like yamini like her M-I-L and Brij ...and 3 of them r of same opinion infact I will say 4 of them including Samrat think same and want Gunjan as shergill bahu...Smile...I loved Ishita's excitement...Thumbs Up...her thoughts that she will help samrat but she will wait till samrat tells her himself about his feelings and her thoughts about making everyone agree He M-I-L and brij were awesome...I just loved the whole part very very very very muchThumbs Up...I wish kash Ishita-gunjan part thoda aur hotaDay Dreaming...EXCELLENTLY part Clap

Now SAJAN PARTSmileDay!! kya awesome part thaa yaar...mazza aa gaya...whole situation visualize karkey...My memories of MJHT and sajan and samrat sleeping in shorts and Gunjan woke him up these memories were refreshed...Day Dreaming...Pictures choosen suited the part fully ...nice picThumbs Up...Loved the whole part very very much guys......Clap...Gunjan hesitation 2 enter the room and calling samrat from outside and rohan teasing Gunjan about samrat sleeping habits and when gunjan entered the room and her calling samrat ..1st SamratjiBig!! samratjiBig smile...I felt as if she was calling her husband ..Suniyee ji  but here samrat ji Day Dreaming...and when she called him MR SHERGILLOL...MAN I felt as if 60 saal ke old person ko she was callingLOL...She is so sweet she couldn't decide what 2 call samratSmile...and her tripping on bed wow!! and Samrat thinking he was having dreamLOL and calling her chashmish Gunjan getting angry WOW!! so sweet..
Day Dreaming...and when samrat woke up Man his acting LOLLOLLOL...Samrat bhi GUNJAN Ko tease karney ka koi moka nahi chodataWinkLOL...LOLLOL...I was roffling so hard ....ROFL...his words what u doing here ..kya hum ladkoan ki izzat nahi hoti kya ..Kahin subha subha asa wasa kuch ho jata uske sath His these words LOLand when he said to her I hope tumney kuch wrong benefit nahi liya hia OMG!! SAMRAT SO NAUGHTYLOLLOLROFL...and when he teased her about his sleeping habits shorts think Embarrassed...Just Like Rohan teased her and POOR Gunjan she is so innocent she believed samrats each n every word..she didnt realize even 4 1 moment he was teasing her... LOL...and when he pretended 2 call his mom n bhabhi...OMG!!LOL...What an excellent infact super duper awesome Sajan part Clap...Loved it immensely .....SUPERB PART And My most favorite...and awesomely written part...Thumbs Up...U know the way SAMRAT and Rohan teased gunjan about Same shorts thing.Embarrassed....I thought 1 thing BOTH Chacha-bhatija are the same...Wink..LOL...Rohan full on has gone on his chacha and also agrees with his chacha's every word...I remembered this SONG 1 line---" KYUN Bhai chacha haan bhatija"...Wink...and I donot remember But I think chacha-bhatija was a movie also...ConfusedSmile...Awesome part..Clap.
Now ARNAV part ...OMG!! was shocking...the man who always was shown 2 love Gunjan so so much that he was even willing 2 do anything and confront his family about why they not answering his questions about her Now when his friend emailed something 2 him His attitiude changed ConfusedConfused...what was in that email and what did his friend tell about Gunjan that changed arnav thinking and made him say this  how could she do this ...and he even deleted her pic from his lappy...ShockedConfusedConfused...and he was suddenly supporting his family and decided not 2 do anything against their wish they have suffered enough and now he has decided 2 go 2 delhi ...ConfusedConfused  these thoughts of Arnav and his actions confused me and is making me ask again What happened 2 years back that changed everything and which is giving everyone pain..and why did ARNAV say yeh nahi ho sakta woh asa kasey kar sakti hai......???????? whats the meaning of these words??Confused...and why does Arnav family donot like Gunjan anymore?? what happened...ConfusedConfused...I think something BIG happened...BUT WHAT???...Confused...

Awesome and Outstanding update Joseph,Soham,Sonia,Swati...Very well written...BAHUT BAHAUT MAZZA AAYA WHOLE update and each and every part scene and dialogue READ and Visualize KARKEY...Excellent work My friendsClap...and Once again Sorry 4 my  late comment...Embarrassed...

Thanks 4 Pm and do update soon ..very curious 2 know what will happen next...Smile...

Now MBYPH's  turn ...I will read  part-35 soon and reply soon also S3J...

Love your good friend

Thank you Gunjan for this sweet feed-back.SmileIts really very precious for us Embarrassed this time , sorry for this very late reply to you.Embarrassed 

For parents, even a slight scratch on their child brings tears to their eyes. So it is but obvious that something huge has happened, that is the reason for their sadness. However, you will have to wait to find out what it is as gradually all the reasons will be revealed. 

The father-daughter scene is a normal scene, in almost every household, where the daughter is perhaps the only one who gets the Dad to listen to her. Medicine mystery will be unfolded soon.

It is not that Samrat's Dad does not understand him. But , he is  hurt when he hears people speak something bad about his son and then he can only vent his anger on his own people, not outsiders. So he is a bit harsh with Samrat. He wants Yamini as his daughter in law for... SD is rude towards Gunjan.n he has some reason behind this....He doesn't want to take any chance.Yes...'Social Status' is also important for him.

I am right is what most people think and this does cloud their normal thinking process, but it is characters with this trait that help the story move forward.  Smarat's mom knows her son. She is after all  another, who can read her child's mind... so she has guessed that Yamini may have been her son's choice once, but maybe not anymore. But typically, she is unable to voice her thoughts.She wants to respect her hubby decision.

Ishita and Gunjan share a Great bond of friendship, but here too, Gunjan ensures she does not cross the line. She just says it to lighten the atmosphere.Ishita really likes her,wants her for Samrat.

SaJan part...our favorite too.Embarrassed Writing this scene was a pleasure and we had to ensure, it did not turn out cheap and sleazy. MJHT will always have a place in our hearts and we will always write some scenes that bring back those wonderful memories of SaJan. So, Samrat will never change. he will need any reason to tease Gunjan.

Arnav now knows the reason his family refused to talk about Gunjan. He is shattered, but...after all he is family person...His family is his first priority. He is right on his place... we'll be unfold the reason of his family decision in Next Part.

This story is really close of my heart... because,Its based on a real incident and I am witness of that family tragedyCry [here,Gunjan's family].As a very easy to blame to anyone
but, Its not fair... Everyone has own view... own problems... n some times uncontrollable circumstances... and most importantly...Destiny can never change.

We'll be Update Next part on 3rd Jan.12... will be wait for your about that part also... Embarrassed

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Ektaa..

Amazing Update Mr.Khadoos...!!Heart
Do I need to comment More?! Ermm ROFL ROFL ROFL


Haaayyyeee...!!!!!! Maaarrrdddaaalllaaa Muje...!! Silly Silly Silly
Gosh, This was so Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
Killing ME Guys...!!!!Silly Silly Silly
& the SG Convo was so Romantic, Cute & Hillarious...!!! Awww...!!!!Day Dreaming
M Sure It was ur "PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE" wit sum1 hai naa Mr.Khadoos?! Wink ROFL ROFL

& Awww... He called her CHASHMISH Shocked Embarrassed... Finally Wish Fulfilled in this FF... Thnk u so much...!!Hug

Will be back to EDIT more...!! If I can Stern Smile ROFL ROFL

P.S- Completely Agree wit Sanzz...!! Want MBYPH Update Soonish...!!Approve
"Sadda Haq Atthe Rakh" ROFL ROFL


                                          *More EditedD'oh ROFL

Ufff !!!!! Yea Me here to EDIT... "The Final Edit" huh D'oh Iske baad no more Editing... M Tired !! The Update was Mind-Blowing, Fabulous, Fantastic Guys !! Seriously... U People r the Best !! Approve I have to Invent my own words for ur Taareef now Geek I Will Try to according to ur High Calibre LOL  >Thanks a lot TL Mam... for your half un-reserved portionsEmbarrassedLOL LOL . Tired...?? Where...?? Chatting mein...ROFLROFL .Thanks a lot for your sweet complimentsEmbarrassedSmile

Ok now cuming towards the Update, M really in a Shock to see Bhushan's Condition... Its so Vulnerable... Watever the Reason is but it must be really Heart wrenching for them... I can make dat out Ouch & I guess I know the Reason, Thoda Thoda but wont say !! Ur Fav Lines- Wait & Watch !! Wink LOL Well-Written Convo between GD & GM... It showed thier Pain Broken Heart  Thier Hopes r High on Arnav but I guess they'll be Crashed down by him soon Ouch >Thanks for shut your mouthROFL .I know,It is very difficult for you...after you are a girl naa.ROFL Ok...Sorry..just kidding...Gunjan's family is trying to pretend happy... But,same time they know that,It is not possible for long time...But,they can't do anything...CryYes, their hopes are high on ARNAV ...because,still they are unaware with current developments in DELHI.

Cumin to Gunjan-GD Convo, It was a Short & Sweet... A complete Father-Daughter Convo Embarrassed Haha... Loved the Way she tried to Hide the "Scooter Incident" so innocently Embarrassed LOL Awww...Shes so Cute !! & Her Concern for her Dad was chhhooo Chweet !! Embarrassed Daughters Rock !! Cool ROFL > Yes...She is favorite of her usual...just like other Daughters...Embarrassed Totally...'Papa ki PARI hoon main...' typeSmile [

Now Cumin to the Next Part, Samrat toh baba is Samrat !! ROFL & "SHAHZADE SALIM?!?!" Shocked Shocked OMG !! Good One GD ROFL He is "Shehenshah Akbar" den & Gunjan the Poor, Innocent "Anarkali" OMG OMG ROFL ROFL My Imagination has to Stop now... Cant Stop Laughing & Imagining !! ROFL ROFL > Hey ! Really nice observation... Maine yeh toh think hi nahin kiya tha..D'oh.Smile But,don't worry... here,ARNAV is also in Line...Embarrassed

Hmm, Rohan Loves to see his Chachu in Trouble :P & Brij is the Sweet Brother !! Loving his Character & Loved wen he Defended Samrat Embarrassed But Yea the Shocking Part was SD & Gunjan's Equation Confused M Confused now... I mean Gunjan is So sweet & Innocent but wat is it wit SD?! Y Does he Dislike her?! Wat Problem with sucha sweet Girl?! Its So Strange... EvryOne Likes her in the House & Samrat has fully planned to make her "Ghar Ki Bahu" den?! I Wonder how will he React wen he cums to know abt his Dad's Disliking for Gunjan... Hmmm... Interesting !! Tongue I Know U People wont Answer these Questions & Say "Wait & Watch" Stern Smile so i wont say k Plzzz Batao LOL But Still Thoda Hint... Plzzz !! *PUPPY FACE* Embarrassed  >SD knows somewhere that,Gunjan is better then Yamini... secondly,He understand his family choice,don't want to take a risk. Yamini is his dearest friend daughter...and she belongs to a high Class family too. Upcoming SD-SAMRAT scene/convo will be clear all confusion,very soon...Embarrassed

Anyways Gunjan had to be in the Pooja as shez soon goin to be a Family Member of Shergills Wink Awww... I Loved SM for saying dat she always wanted a Bahu like Gunjan :D Hope SD Realizes dat Gunjan is Real Gem & Perfect rather than YAMINI !! Dead I'll Hate SD if he creates an Obstacle Stern Smile > 'Pooja' sequence is very important part... [N yaa...little bit 'Cute' tooEmbarrassed] Now...SAMRAT is in full action mood...poor Gunjan... Embarrassed She is surprised to see his behavior...Shocked...specially in 'Beakfast' part of Next update...Wink

& & Now Ishita-Gunjan Part, 
Will Be Back To EDIT !! Gtg... Arrrggghhh :X  > Ab tak nahin kiya toh ab kya karogi...ROFL.ROFL [Waise,this time Next PM waali line bhi write nahin ki... D'oh ROFL]

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