Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Copycats can never get what Geet got,becoz?

Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Geet a lost opportunity to rewrite history books,which will be studied for years and regretted for having wasted due to lack of vision"

What drives the series Geet?

1) Maan and Geet,their life,the cute nok zhoks,the romance,ruthna mana,expression of love and sense of sacrifice and above all the presence of Drashti and Gurmeet and their immense talent which shoots up and breaks all barriers and sets new benchmarks which makes one feel,love does exist and if it happens to be like what Maan and Geet share then it is the sweetest feeling one could ever experience and it looks the best when Drashti and Gurmeet are enacting it.

Certainly when you watch Drashti and Gurmeet enacting,you dont feel like switching and moving your eyelid,the world comes to standstill and one gets dissolved with them as salt in water.

If makers and team geet see it from fans eyes then it is the most cherished gift mother nature could ever give to mankind in the form of Drashti and Gurmeet,becasue they surely make you fall in love with whatever they do and one feels only good should happen to them whether it is real life as Drashti and Gurmeet or reel life as Maan and Geet.There is a scientific reason to why we love to watch Gurmeet and Drashti together to make evryone realise why we loved to watch Sharukh and Kajol,Hrithik and Aishwarya,Anil and Madhuri,AAmir and Juhi and now Guru and Drashti,but wont get
into it.

2) The sequencing of plots,the music Maahii and its smart use rather than overdose and a simple script without any major headaches works great for the pair Drashmeet and characters Maaneet and above all if negativity is used for any reason then if it brings Maan and Geet together and sets up a funny plot,plot with light feeling then it works big time.

3) Fans want a simple story about how Maan falls in love with Geet,how he gets married to Geet,how he supports Geet and accepts her with her past,how their life goes after wedding,how Maan helps Geet to develop her character and personality from a small town girl to a girl who is strong enough to face any social issue,how a man with Maan's character stands firm with geet and loves her beyond the limits of love set by nature.

In short,treatment as such that nok zhoks,romance and love follows and is used as the soul or theme of every episode aired everyday at 9.30 pm Geet on Starone,where two maaneetastic couples in the form of Drashti and Gurmeet come onscreen make people forget their worries and make fall in love with them,certainly as viewers and fans we need break from our real life challenges and for a change we want to witniss how great love can be and how picturesque it can look and who better than Guru and Drashti portraying it.

In one word an idol pair which one would love to experience themselves in the form of respective partners.The reason why fans are reacting so much over negativity, is the difference in the opinion of makers and fans.

4) What worked was the initial build up and a natural process of falling in love which wasbeautifully designed and made millions loyals and get involved with the series,becasue somewhere down the line as it always happens,fans find difficult to draw a line between real and reel and it is the desire to either get what is shown in the fiction or somewhere in the mind there is something which is missing in real life of a fan gets completed after watching it in fiction.

This is what great directors and makers like Yash Chopra in particular have done,showing the good vision in a fiction with life larger than life,making people feel such a life is possible,his work speaks for himself and today his name comes in the top directors India has ever had.

5) The initial treatment to routine plots and presence of Drashti and Gurmeet in it,worked big time,making people like me who are grooming themselves for the entertainment sector and many others feel,this pair can do wonders with any plot which has positivity,even an average plot and a sequence or a scene as simple and normal as

a) Boss arguing with secretary

b) Boss going to dhaba

c) A guy visualizing a girl as life partner

d) a drunk guy falling in arms of his love and expressing his feelings

e) a guy expressing shock and hatred after realizing the half truth of the girl happened in past.

Add to it number of memorable scenes which Drashti and Gurmeet have given together which had no major build up and high voltage dialogues making me feel I am watching a bhojpuri film or south Indian film,no super power strengths to the leads to feel they are different couples.

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
It was sheer logical build up,continuation in the story,plots built according to the growth of relationship and there was purity in thought and planning and there was genuineness in efforts from all those who were involved,a team effort which brought Geet to the launching pad to take off and recreate history in the television industry for many to study and change the face of the television industry which still thrives on the concept of spreading negativity for striving in the sector.

The launching pad was created by efforts taken between episode 1 and 115,the effort was so remarkable that motivation was on high,support from fans was far more than expected,craze far good enough to gain loyalty of fans,hype,name,fame and even fate was in the hands of makers,where a steady approach,a vision and planning was good enough,because

"The acceptance factor " was out of question.

Yes fans had not just accepted Geet and Maaneet and actors Drashmeet,but they had made them inseparable part of their life and just like every makers dream the platform was so good and well crafted that the only thing left was reap the fruits of hard work by applying mind and keep serving fans what they wanted till the point fans themselves demanded some change or the changing environment demanded some twist to take the Maaneet story to another level.

Importantly all the pain and mind work and efforts required to generate enthu and keep fans engaged with series Geet required optimum inputs and not much to keep the series Geet sailing.

The makers had all the possible ingredients to make Geet series an epic and register their names in the history books as the ones who created waves and proved what television industry can do and how beautiful daily soaps can look,if sensible and logical approach was preferred over dramatic and illogical plots,because taste of fans has changed and so is the education level.

But as expected from the super special director of the series who has mastered the art of squandering all that is built with so much hard work,that one feels if he is obsessed with the idea of self destruction and destroying everything which is created so nicely for many to feel.if it is worth to follow such series,get involved with it,only to realise later that your association,involvement,trust,love,support and efforts and passion is merely built up to get insulted,abused,misused later on and make you feel one fool and leave you irritated with angst in mind and heart and regret over loving something and thinking so positive about it.

Certainly no one asked me to follow Geet,it was my own decision and certainly no one can ask me again to follow Geet ,because after understanding and experiencing the treatment in series Geet it would be a "Red and White" bravery award moment for fans to still stick and get tortured and above all feel the pain of a charismatic pair like Drashti and Gurmeet's talent getting wasted onscreen,because of few bunch of incompetent and people with self destruction attitude,for their own personal reasons squandering everything gained and making one feel,"Good" does exists but bad is too good over "Good" and it is a plot designed for fans to fall in only to realise later that they are trapped becasue of addiction and now they have to choose between loyalty and protest.

If they are loyal then you as fans know what you go through and what you have to suffer.If they protest,then they are made look criminals and banned for raising voice,infact for giving true feedback in hope of doing something good for those who out of no where did something good for you in your life.

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The thing is, as fans you have no respect but are used as mere sources from which everyone can earn fortunes by showing a vision a good vision and when as a fan you demand or bring to notice anything,then you are reminded about your place,your credibility and status and above all you are asked to remain positive about all the negativity spread by the creatives and later when suddenly your inner soul as fan starts feeling neglected as die hard supporter you tend to ignore things and move on,you are again fooled by showing something which is desired.

All this attitude is justified under the name of creativity and fans are constantly made look like puppets whose movement can be consistently changed with inputs...

"Mind games played openly and no one notices it under the name of creativity and authority"

Some do it under the name of creativity and selling vision and dreams.

Some do it under the name of authority and representation.

Some do it under the name of natural passion,support and following one gets under the name of

nationality and patriotism.

Be it television,films and what better than our Indian politics and to some extent sports,everywhere followers are made look fools and are made look helpless and one below standard and undeserving interferring irritating pests who have no rights becasue they dont have the credibilty and above all they are made feel and beleive that they do not have the guts to retaliate and overthrow all the wrong perceptions that all the representatives from the above sectors have about their followers and
that fans and followers belong to a class of masses who are too illiterate and lack self motivation and respect to even think what they would like to see and what they would not like to see and are made quiet under the name of loyalty and support for their beloved stars and a fake promise of some improvement in the future.

May be the time has come when fans let know their true value to makers and make them beg for attention and following,becasue atleast makers cant take Vikrant Khatri for granted and expect him to watch shere nonsense under the name of creativity and reality and expect him to invest time and give TRP's for something which is a mere case of lack of vision and planning from the back end team and the makers.

"I may be alone now,I may not get support,but still I will be happy for letting know the makers that atleast I have a good taste and I know what I want and how to treat the one who does not respect

my support,passion,motivation,love and above all,my efforts to make the series "Geet" and actors Drashti and Gurmeet the best ever seen on the small or big screen of any nation.

Vikrant Khatri would always feel that makers still have a chance of not only rectifying but also cashing on all the blunders made till date,if makers show some respect towards fans views and develop a positive attitude in terms of treatment to plots and refrain from hiding their incompetency in handling the craze for characters Maan and Geet fans have by introducing negative plots to ease their job.

If makers and Nissar parvez in particular continues with his attitude then the day is not far when all the fans,media circle,news papers,competitors,sponsors,bollywood,star one,4 lions,Gul khan,Nissar Parvez,Swati Pande,Barry Dhillon,Maan Singh,Noel Smith,Priya Ramanathan,staff and support cast and at last

the most deserving and precious talent Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet choudhary

who would still have achieved great but would still feel

""Geet a lost opportunity to rewrite history books,which will be regretted for having wasted due to lack of vision,planning,negative attitude and incompetency of the makers and channel and the most important and universal fact and a reason, ignorance of fans constant demand,efforts to make Nissar and makers realise that they were going horribly wrong"

Makers will regret and careers of many would change making them feel

"Wish could have at least read and considered what fans had to say,before it got too late"

Vikrant Khatri signs off after being deprived and banned from the "geet" official page for giving true feedback out of only one intention of making the makers realise before it is too late,only to take efforts to make his superstar onscreen pair look more spectacular..

With a desire and vision of making Drashti Dhami the most loved actress and alongwith Gurmeet the most Maaneetacular,Maaneetjastic and Maaneetastic onscreen pair,with efforts through writing and if future permits through other possible sources too.

It was nice meeting you all and a great experience,but for Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet,now future lies beyond Geet and may be as a die hard fan I am exploring few.

Vikrant Khatri is thankfull to all the fellow fans and friends,have a great career and future.

To Drashti and Gurmeet:

Vikrant Khatri is was and will always be a die hard Drashti Dhami fan who just loves to admire and visualise her chemistry with Gurmeet in the best possible manner.

Chaooo to the most ' Spectacular couple on this planet' who are now strangled in wrong hands.

With only one contribution as a die hard "Maaneet Follower" and a vision for them;

A concept for Geet season 2 with episodes written for makers to take feedback from fans and for them to explore the possible "treatment" which I have given to the concept which is seen before but never felt before and something which looks common but can be made look "outstanding" if treatment is different.

This is what I have tries to do in 220 odd episodes written and still going strong:

All Episodes of Geet Season 2:

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
dear we need to voice r opinion and comment more and more..i am  giving u links comment and ask others to coment as it where ever you the topic and spread the message..
Either they have to improve or Maansingh and Swati Pandey have to return

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RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Well that was amazing article.
And wow loved it.
I just totally agree with ur views. I just loved every part. And yeah. This article is like what i think till now... Well they must read ur article.. And better keep it in their mind..
Well continue. Want to read more and more.

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
just need support guys we as fan need to unite and raise voice

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