Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 16th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
14 Days...

Amma wakes up in the morning and finds Runjhun in her room crying. She goes to Runjhun and asks her what is wrong. Runjhun embraces Amma and tells her she lost everything. She said she was trying to squeeze water out of stone and she'd forgotten how impossible that was. She tries to tell Amma about Guddu, and Amma stops her. She pulls Runjhun's arms away from her, and tells Runjhun that she doesn't know and doesn't want to know.

Amma tells Runjhun that when a husband and wife have love in between them, it is fine that the whole world notices, but when they're fighting or have problems then it is a matter that must be solved between them, and can't involve others. She says that Runjhun has to solve her own problem. Runjhun says how can she explain to Amma that she is on the last strand.

Amma says that as husband and wife Runjhun and Guddu are joined together.  A cart can't run on one wheel and needs two wheels of support. They have to find solutions to their problem together. She tells her that Runjhun and Guddu are responsible for healing each others wounds. She says if a problem arises, she has to find the root and cause of the problem and take care of it. Then only will she be able to solve her problems. She tells Runjhun that she and Guddu have to solve their problems together, and leaves.

Runjhun is contemplating, and Amma walking away stops by the window, and in her mind tells Runjhun that she doesn't mean to turn her away, but she wants to break Runjhun's dependency on her. She says that she wants Runjhun to be strong and learn to deal with her own problems, since she can't always be there with her.

Later, Runjhun having showered, is drying the sari on the terrace, and remembers Amma's words at find the root of the problem. Then she remembers Guddu's words to her that she can't change him, and that she failed the challenged, and failed to save the marriage. He tells her that he's never changed and won't ever change.

Billo calls out for Runjhun shaking her out of her thoughts and tells her to take her saris and load it off on the rickshaw. Runjhun finishes drying the sari then goes to the sari shop and loads the saris in the rickshaw and sits with it as the Rickshaw drives.

The rickshaw driver asks Runjhun if he can say something, if she doesn't mind. Runjhun doesn't mind. The rickshaw driver tells Runjhun she has to tolerate a lot of torture from her uncles and aunts. Runjhun tells him that working for her aunts and uncles is not torture for her. He tells her that when she got married to Guddu, he didn't like it, but he tells her that she's turned Guddu into gold. He tells her that her and Guddu together are like Krishna & Radha together. Runjhun says its all because of his blessing.

As they drive off, on the other turn, is Guddu behind the plants, having crashed his bike, and lying on the road, unconscious, wounded and bleeding.

Mahadevi at home, is wondering about Jabbo. She says that Jabbo talked about their little boat that would flow gently on the gentle stream of love, and now she can't even see the boat or Jabbo for that matter. She says that she will go and find out herself, and crashes into Mittho. Mittho asks her daughter where she's going crashing into her, and she looks like she's lost in someone's thoughts.

Mittho thinks it's her to-be-groom but Mahadevi tells Mittho she is looking for Runjhun. Mittho frowns and says she doesn't have thte time of the world to keep track of Runjhun, and says she has to go tot the temple. Mahadevi gets excited that Mittho is going out, and asks to confirm, and Mittho asks her if she wants to come too. Mittho tells Mahadevi that her father is goign to fix her alliance and that's why they're going to the temple. Mahadevi looks away, and Mittho mistakes it for Mahadevi's shyness, and then walks away to make preparation.

Runjhun is delivering the order at the sari store, and is lost in her thoughts. She thinks about Guddu dancing with the bar dancer, and then him throwing his clothes on the bed. She hears Guddu's voice calling her and turns to see Guddu, wearing the same clothes from yesterday, standing on the other side, smiling at her. She sees the smiling Guddu and her mind flashes back to the angry Guddu who burned his clothes. As she remembers his anger yesterday, Guddu on the other side is smiling at her, and staring at her. Runjhun is confused.

The sari shop owner calls out to her and breaks her concentration, and tells her that he has checked all the saris and the order is complete. Runjhun nods, and turns her head only to see that the place where Guddu had been standing moments ago is empty. Runjhun is even more confused and looks around but doesn't see Guddu anywhere. She wonders what she saw and heard.

Kukkan throws water on Jabbo to wake him up (Guddu wasn't lying earlier when he said Kukkan does that to him). Jabbo asks Kukkan what's wrong. Kukkan wakes up Jabbo and asks him why does he do such bad deeds. He says why did he stage his Mahabharat in the middle of Runjhun & Guddu's Ramayan. Jabbo tells Kukkan to stay as Runjhun's Hanuman but he has forgotten Guddu's words that one must grasp the situation before acting (Guddu needs to take his own advice sometimes) and he's done that only. He says he was goign to romance Mahadevi but Runjhun had to put her leg in the middle. Kukkan slaps Jabbo.

Kukkan tells Jabbo that he should be thankful that Runjhun only interfered. He tells Jabbo whether he forgot Chameli's brother who did his aarti with shoes. He tells Jabbo that when you play with someone's sister then you will have to pay the consequences. He tells Jabbo that when the truth comes out he will be in trouble. The Pandey Nivas people will not leave him. Jabbo tells Kukkan to go do his work and Kukkan shakes his head and goes behind the counter. He thinks to himself and smirks and says that he has Guddu's remote control in his hand, and he's not worried. He knows Runjhun will lose the challenge.

Mahadevi comes and tells Jabbo she won't talk to him. Jabbo tells her he isn't pleading her to talk to him. She tells him how can he be so cold hearted and asks him why he didn't answer her phone calls. She tells him that her parents are fixing her marriage, and they should go and tell her parents that they love each other and want to marry each other. Jabbo pushes her away and tells her that he wants nothing to do with her. Kukkan watches silently, feeling bad for Mahadevi. Maahdevi is shocked. Jabbo tells her he lied to her about wanting to get married. He tells her that a girl who didn't event think twice about coming to meet him in a lonely place must not have much of a character, and how can he marry a characterless girl.

Mahadevi hurt, turns away and runs only to run into Runjhun. Runjhun sees Mahadevi's tears and holds her hands and shakes her head, silently telling her that Jabbo is not worth her tears. Mahadevi still hurt runs back  home. Runjhun watches her leave, then turns towards Jabbo, angry. She walks towards Jabbo, and Kukkan seeing her leaves the counter and goes to stand behind her.

Runjhun tells Jabbo that she doesn't understand whether she should be angry at him for playing such a cruel joke on her sister or whether she should thank him for telling the Mahadevi the truth. Jabbo has the common sense to look ashamed at his actions. Runjhun says that now atleast she won't have anything against her marriage, and she won't be hurt from being separated from him. The only thing that will be there will be the wound of betrayal.

Tipi and Teelu come running telling about Guddu. Kukkan asks them what happen to Guddu but they just keep taking Guddu's name not being able to tell them Guddu has been in an accident. Jabbo asks them angrily what happened as Runjhun worries on hearing Guddu's name.

In the Pandey house, Kalsanwali is grumbling sitting in her kitchen that Runjhun doesn't care about the housework anymore. Billo and Mittho listen, rolling their eyes. She says that when Runjhun comes home she will take care of her. Vishnu comes and and calls out for Kalsanwali. Kalsanwali comes out and asks him why he's home early. She tells him that he doesn't get paid for resting. Vishnu tells her not to talk nonsense and tells her that he has good news. Mittho thinks it's about Mahadevi but Vishnu says it's bigger than that. Billo also comes out of her kitchen curious. Vishnu tells them that Guddu is gone. He says that Guddu Shukla was in such a big accident that he's date with the reaper is fixed. He says that Guddu's survival looks bleak. Billo and Kalsanwali are happy but Mittho isn't.

Vishnu gives the sweets and asks Mittho what is she worried about. She says that they have forgotten that Runjhun is Bhagonwali and that till Guddu is married to her, nothing will happen to him. She tells them the only way that something will happen is if Guddu and Runjhun separate, and she snips in the air with her fingers, indicating a break in ties.

Vishnu, and the others contemplate this, their happiness not looking so happy any more.

Precap: Runjhun along with Kukkan and Jabbo, and Tipi & Teelu rush to the hospital. They reach one of the hospital room and try to peek in and see the doctors covering the dead body with a cloth. Runjhun watches and is shaken.

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Thank you Wafah.

I had a feeling he would get into an accident based on the fact he could barely walk home let alone ride a motorcycle.

I liked how she saw Guddu's image...I assume that means Guddu called out to her in pain and she sensed it but did not understand why she was seeing his apparition.

Looking forward to watching...Smile

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Sandrav Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Thanks for the quick update as i missed todays episode.

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Prabhkallu Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Thanks ffor the great update, Wafah Tongue
Likes how amma explained Runjhun. That is the wise thing to do.. as Runjhun got into deep thoughts especially of Guddu..
Best scene has got to be, Runjhun's imagination of Guddu smiling.. Day Dreaming
Gosh.. didn't expect Jabbu to behave badly towards to Mahadevi.. Poor girl...
No comment of three pairs of nosy couple!
Precap: We all know it not Guddu.. Am i only one who thinks this way? Tmr, we shall see how Runjhun reacts... I bet, she gonna be so shaken up..  Hope nothing serious happen to Guddu.. Runjhun's bhagonwali and as well as love with prayers (in-depth feeling) will protect Guddu from danger...

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Meredith IF-Rockerz

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Thanx for the update. If I were Devi, I would've slapped Jabbo. Angry
Hope nothing happens to my dear Guddu! Shocked

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gardes IF-Dazzler

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Phew, thanks Wafah.  I was anxiously waiting for the update today.  I can't watch the episode until later and I will add my comments then.

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Aginaya69 Senior Member

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i don't know about you guys, but Guddu was looking very handsome in his apparition to Runjhun.  I like him better when you can see his face.  The wind effects does him good.

and now, given the turn of events, me things tis runjhun who will realize the love.  i'm also going over and over what amma said.

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Hi Wafah, thanks for the update. Love the precision.  Now RJ  has some time to think about everything and evaluate her feelings for Guddu.  Poor Guddu, his immense ego has with it a desire to self-destruct as well.

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