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||*Happy Birthday Hottielicious Harshad Chopda*||

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Person no 1: Hello Ms. Cynic
Ms. Cynic: Hello, Ms. Romantic
Ms. Romantic: Today is a very special day. Embarrassed
Ms.Cynic: Ermm Isn't everyday a special day for you?
Ms. Romantic: *Insistently* But today is THE special day
Ms. Cynic: And let me guess, it has something to do with Harshad Chopda? 
Ms. Romantic: Call him Harshu. Embarrassed
Ms. Cynic: yes I should have understood seeing the above posterStern Smile
I just don't understand...why is everyone so fida on this guy? I've never seen his face.
Ms. Romantic: That's the point, stupid. LOL
Ms. Cynic: Okay, so maybe he's good looking..what else? Lemme guess, he's some actor?
Ms. Romantic: The Best. Approve
Ms. Cynic: Okay, but still..there are so many good-looking talented actors..what's SO special about him?

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Ms. Cynic: I'm still not convinced...okay he's a nice guy. And some of his interests are the same as mine. Ermm Don't look like that at me.

Ms. Romantic: See..he's just an ordinary guy like you and me..and that's what makes him special, the ability to look like any other human being and yet be so divine. Day Dreaming

Ms. Cynic: Ermm..

Ms. Romantic: Are your eyes okay?

Ms. Cynic: *Snaps back* Of course my eyes are okay!

Ms. Romantic: Because they seemed a bit...lost...

Ms. Cynic: *Sighs* So dreamy

Ms. Romantic: Errmm..you said something? Shocked Evil Smile

Ms. Cynic: You seem to be imagining a lot nowadaysErmm

Ms. Romantic: What to do...I toh even saw his performance which was breath taking today...it's a good omen!

Ms. RomanticShocked

Ms. Cynic: What Ermm

Ms. Romantic: You called him HARSHUUU!! Big smile Day Dreaming

Ms. Cynic: I think today is a very special day for you

Ms. Romantic: Yes...guess what is

Ms. Cynic: *Sarcastically* Lemme guess...HARSHU DAY! *rolls eyes*

Ms. Romantic: Well for me, every day is a Harshu day. Embarrassed
Well guess na? Angry

Ms. Cynic: Okay fine, I give up, what's the day today

Ms. Romantic: Its someone's birthday todayBlushing

Ms. Cynic: Isn't everyday its someone's birthdayGeek

Ms. Romantic: But today is birthday of someone very specialDay Dreaming

Ms. Cynic: So special ways of celebrations of special birthdaysErmm

Ms. Romantic: Ms CynicStern Smile lemme explainCool

 Ms. Cynic: Are you trying to say that...oh my god..it's his birthday *screams up and down like a little kid*

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Yes Finally 17th May is here, birthday of an ordinary person with most extra ordinary persona.  With this year,HC entered into a new year, his 28th birthday, all his birthdays have been so memorable but as he says last 3-4 birthdays were his best when at one birthday he received award for his breakthrough performance, his first award perhaps as an actor and the love that fans were showering on him ever since he entered in the Industry is his most precious gift.

All of us wait for one day in whole 365 days, our own birthdays or someone very close to our heart but Harshad is one such actor whom we don't know as such yet he is so close to our heart, making us wait for another days in the year, his birthday where we can see his love for his fans and how he reciprocates the greetings and admirations of his fan.

On this Special Day just want to wish him all the luck and love of his fans.
Thanks for introducing us to the most finest actor in television Industry and making us fall in love with your characters, telling and teaching that what is Love? How it feels to be in love? .
On your 28th Birthday Just want to THANK YOU for the all love that you showered on your fans, the way you reciprocated is your fans love is something which cannot be define in words.

After touching the height of success still you are same adorable star for your loved ones.

God Bless You

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agmyangelnilminPremeerKashAmrita_18niku28sugiiminaz296mini_ksg_ARchaha_khanAnu*Gayani*Anu-SnowKid-sangiiGunjan.Ann_92dia27Fangirl_Anniexx-Rai-xxMMBG-Hina--Alina-Natasha_shaikhIshradivanluverSweetAddiction..SidraMeehak.viniva sharma-Maha-Farzu-poojahandamishti_17-Fatima-

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17th May

Very Special Day, someone is turning 28 today. And on this special day we have nothing special to wish coz good wishes and luck is something we pray daily to God to bestow you with, gives you the desired dues and you reach new height with every passing stage of your carrier.

On this day we just want to Thank you for making us fall in love with Prem. Giving new heights to our love and likeness for you as an actor through Onu, transforming that love for the character to the admiration for the actor and henceforth making us to adore you as a human, no one is perfect individual but you stands apart with most simple flaws of humans you stands apart in the crowd.


Happy Birthday


Just want to say that we fans will always be there for you, supporting you in every phase of your life.

With all the best wishes and love

Yours only two sisters in bunch of 1000s Deewanis


Ashlesha & Maha

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Harshad


On your birthday, I wish you much pleasure, happiness, and joy.

I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true.

May each second, minute and hour be filled with delight and your birthday be perfect for you!

Once a year, I get the chance to wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me to no end.
I wish you another great year ahead

Once again, happy birthday to you Harshad, from bottom of my heart.
May your good times multiply and you enjoy your birthday with friends and family
Oh also, may you get loads and loads projects in your upcoming days that you deserve

I just want to say that I very much appreciate your flawless acting and hard work.

 Please come back soon and I hope, this birthday brings you back on our screen!

[Please come back soon...missing ya a lot]


Have fun and enjoy your day to the fullest

Happy Birthday Harshad
Many Happy Returns Of The Day. Wishing You Loads Of Happiness On This Special Day Of Yours. Hope All Your Wishes and Aspirations In Life Come True.


What should i say about an actor who acts SO well that the audience is unable to differentiate between real nd reel? 
What should i say about an actor who makes all the elder ones praise him nd his personality for his humbleness nd down-to-earthiness? 
What should i say about an actor who makes ALL the girls go ga-ga over him? 
What should i say about an actor who refuses to accept that he is the current hearthrobe of Television? 

Well, this weird guy can be no one, but Harshad ChopdaCool

Harshad, if you're reading this, i just wanna tell you that i havent seen any actor like you till date, who is SO sweet nd SO down-to-earth! I LOVEEE YOUU Heart

Many many happy returns of the day to you. May you have a rocking birthday!
I hope nd pray that all your wishes come true, nd the graph of your career always continues to rise, inshaAllah :)

Here is the weird-cum-amazing guy's birthday cake LOL

Nd some flowers from me Embarrassed

Nd ofcourse, since he's a big foodie (like me Embarrassed), here are some extra bites for him Wink

Once again, a very very Happy Birthday to you. 
Just remember, all your loyal fans, especially me, are always with you no matter what. 

Love you for ever nd hamesha <3

Baar baar din ye aaye, baar baar dil ye gaaye
Tu jiye hazaaron saal, ye meri hai aarzoo

To the most amazing person I am a huge huge hugee fan of,Blushing
Many Many Manyyy Happy Returns of the day to you My Mr.ChopdaHug

Here I am taking my hectic time out to write you all these, but you know what it's all worth it. There are rare special people in the world who are like you, so I am definitely not going to give this chance a miss to celebrate the day when such a special person was born.Day Dreaming

I might be one of your newest fans, but I feel like I have known you for ages. You're such a humble, down-to-earth human being that each & every person can relate to you. Embarrassed

When I saw your acting in Tere Liye, I was convinced I can never ever see another immensely talemted actor like you who can burn the screen with power-packed performances & every little powerful expression. When I saw your interviews, I was convinced I can never meet another actor whose simplicity will melt my heart. Your smile, to your eyes, is a beautiful piece of artwork that you make great use of to capture people's hearts. Even every colour bows down to you & become more beautiful when you embrace them.Day Dreaming

Sorry I got carried away. But in short...Harshad, you are such a talented actor & such a nice human being...All i can pray for you is that you get all the success in your life cuz you deserve all of them, you get all the happiness in your life & may you keep smiling always. 
Day Dreaming

Have a wonderfulll birthday
Love You & Always will My Heartbeat<3 Day Dreaming

God Bless youHeart

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Harshad!
May God bless you and fulfill all your dreams and wishes. Wish you all the success and happiness in life.
Have been waiting for the news of your return since 2nd April... and I know you will come back with a bang! This wait has taught me to have patience because it tells me that when you come back, the character you will choose to play will have impact like nothing before.

Happy birthday to u happy birthday dear harshadHug happy birthday to u
hey harshad wishing u a very happy birthday may god bless u and give u everything that u want from ur life 
love, happiness, fame,success always stay in ur life,wish u to have a wonderful day and year ahead missing u alot 
hope to see u back on tv soonEmbarrassed


"Wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day"

wishing u many many happy returns of the day...may u keep smiling always and all ur dreams and wishes come true

Hey HarshadBig smileMany Many Happy Returns Of The Day

It all happened a 28 Years Ago,
In the garden so beautiful with candles to blow.
They say an angel was born, on a beautiful day.
With merry little eyes and sweet tunes to play.

The day of chocolates, candies and cakes is here. It is your special day. May you have loads of fun today and in all the years to come. I wish you faith, luck and happiness for the rest of your journey. May it be a wonderful one

On this beautiful day, I request you to look up to the sun and yell out with pride and believe that this is your year. Let the world know it is your special day, let the world celebrate your birthday. Spread the smiles and cheers

 I wish you a year full of success and glory. With faith, courage and dedication, no dream is too big. Keep up with your efforts, staying oblivious to the results and you will certainly get what you desire.

I wish you a very sweet and happy Birthday. Enjoy! 


 Dearest Harshad,

Dearest Harshad,

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday !!!

May this Birthday Brings loads and loads of happiness and success for you .

Just like your last birthday, I wish this birthday too brings more awards, appreciation and good work for you, Amen.


We love you for who you are Harshad. So dont change yourself...as your fans adores you, respect you and love you for the person which is behind the camera...Real Harshad.


Once again a Very Happy Birthday !!

Enjoy your day !!




A very Happy Birthdayyy 2 Harshad Chopra!!! He is Truly the BEST TV Star and a great human being too...and yeaa he iss to HOT to handle i love it how my Bday is just 3 dayss before him and yea TAUREANS  ROCK LOVE U HARSHAD KEEP ROCKING!!!

Dear Harshad...

A very big Happy Birthday To You.

Enjoy loadsss and have loadss of fun,

And hamare liye ho sake tho come on the TV tooo. 

You dont look your age though, I mean you look much yunger than your age.

And I must say im toh totally mad over your acting as Anurag...

Enjoy your birthday and have loadsss of fun and dont forget your fans and me

Signing off for now


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agmyangelnilminAnuszkaAmrita_18PremeerKashniku28sabatahirharshiti8HarshadianNo1sugiiminaz296Anu*Gayani*Anuchaha_khanJenny_Barbiedia27-SnowKid-Gunjan.sangii_Procrastinatorxx-Rai-xx-Hina-MMBGpoojahandaMeehak.Farzu-romiosugar1.Sidra-Hoor-viniva sharma-Maha-mishti_17.Angel-Fatima-Silent.Dreamer

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Wish you a happy birthday!  Wishing you all the great things in life... May this day bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.May all urs wishes come true  We are all eagerly waiting to see you come back with a bang.Keep smiling & keep Rocking.Alla the best for everythingHappy Birthday again



"Happy Birthday to the most down to earth, sweet and dreamy man in this indusctry. Dear Harshad you are a gem in a true sense, I hope that happiness follows you always and you are always blessed with success, please dont ever change because you're amazing just the way you are
Best wishes- Chandni"

Happy Birthday Harshad!! May you have many many more! May god bless you and you get all the success in your life! We all love you! You do an awesome job on the screen!! You are an awesome person!! Have a great day! Take care...Lots of love and prayers for you! Once again Happy Birthday!

" Happy Bday...Embarrassed.. Luv uu... Muahh

"Some like sunday, some like monday, but I like your b'day! Happy birthday Harshad!"

Many many happpyyy returns of the day... May god always shower his blessings on you...

You are always thought in a special way and you are wished the finest things in life.. TODAY and EVERYDAY

A wonderful person that u are, I wish God blesses you with all the happiness int he world

Be Happy Always

Happy Birthday


Guess what!!!
It's your birthday today!!
So what I have to say?
Is happy happy birthday!!!!!
I hope I can make your dreams come true!
But. Part of me says I already do.
My dreams have come true
That dream is filled with you
Filled with love and happiness
But, mostly you!!!
What can I say
I love you
Knowing you love me to
I try to find the courage to say I love you.
Yet it seems, when I'm near you..
When I'm near you..
I seem to not know what to say.
It's overwhelming. Knowing that you?re mine
All mine. Not another girl can have you.
You're the only one I need
When I dream I dream of you
Dreaming someday I'll be with you
Now that I have you..
All I can dream is?
Dream you will be mine forever.
All I can say is I love you!!!
I love you!!

These are some of the Pictures which i collected for harshad
and these words are those words which i want to give to
harshad on his birthday...!!

Wishes Exclusively for Harshad EmbarrassedROFL

May all your days be filled with memories and flowers,
friendship and happy hours.
       Happy Birthday Harshad HeartEmbarrassed


My heartiest wishes to you on your Birthday. Have a successful year filled with success and glory. Enjoy your day and the life ahead.

I wish you all that you desire. May God bless you with love and care. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Happy Birthday.



H p p y B i r t h d a y Harshad Chopra


I hope you all wish's & dream come true. Enjoy you special day with your family & friends. My God blees you. Be always happy. I wish that I can meet you & said you Happy Birthday. Anyway enjoy you special special day, Have a lotszz of fun shun  My Allah blees you always.






I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.


LOVE YOU HC Muhwaaa*




Happy Birthday Harshad Chopra

On this special day as you celebrate your,

Here's wishing u a whole lotta happiness &

Sweet surprises!


You are really really very special,

And deeply loved for what you do

So you are wished a Happy Birthday

With lot of pleasure all for u'..


It must have been a rainy day

When you were born,

But it wasn't really rain,

The sky was crying because

It lost its angel

Happy Birthday Harshad Chopra!!!
A warn hug to u on this special day
Ur die hard fan Khadija from Saudi Arabia

Happy Birthday to Mr. Harshad Prakash Chopda. May God Bless you with happiness and success and may you enjoy this special day when celebrating this day surrounded by your nearest and dearest loved ones.

May you recieve love, happiness and plenty of success. May you prosper with the support of all your true fans who wish you nothing but success. Hope you come back on our screens as soon as possible as we really miss you and your presense on our TV screens. God Bless You Harshad.

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Dear Harshad,
wishing you a very happy birthday with many happy returns of the day.  Just want you to know that you are my absolute favorite actor and you've outshone any actor that I had previously been a huge fan of...even Shah Rukh Khan, who I had been a fan of since I was basically born...all of them are only second best in front of you.  Keep rocking forever and never doubt yourself because you are the very best!! Love you lots and God bless! ~Tejy

 happy bday...may god gives u all d happiness in d world nd u r always showered wid d luv nd respect. i wish u a vry succesful year ahead nd may all ur wishes hopes cums true. dis day brings new hope for u..keep smiling always god bless u always

luv u harshad hamesha nd forever...i will always luv u...happy bday harshad hav a blast!!! wish u all d best for ur future luv u harshad


Many many returns of the day

GOD bless you and a long and blessed future!!!

You rock Harshad!!!

Love, Farah

With lots of best wishes and prayers 


Happy Birthday, Harshad Chopra Party
Wish you lots of luck, love, success & happiness in your life.
May all your dreams & wishes come true.
May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.
May ALLAH give you lots of joys & happy moments. May you live long & live happy.  I wish you good luck. A nice & lovely life to come. Bright & joyful future.
I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you. But I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Birthday !Hug
God bless you !
Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to dear Harshad Chopra
Happy Birthday to you Party
Big Birthday HUG from Hina HugHug
Love Ya. Hug

I want to wish u the best birthday ever

Let me tell u dat I fell in love with u when I first saw u

My friend told me that there is a new drama on star plus it looks really good

And I was like oh ok... I wasn't that bother

But when I YouTube it and found the video where your get up was in pagal Onu, I really thought this actor is pagal in real life too, those expression, those expressive eyes, the whole body language was speaking and I couldn't take my eyes off u and I watched the promo again and again and again' I can't tell u how many times I watched the promo

Then the drama started but it was small kid's story I can't tell u how much I waited these kids to grow up

And when u were introduced as a grown up Onu' the whole sequence from the airport to taxi and the eating ice-cream was mind blowing

And u r the reason I became an active member in IF and met such a nice people

I have done my besti by lots of people just coz I was too busy drooling over u

I forgot to do my assignments, essays, homework and not even once I regretted it

Even I convinced my teacher to watch the show and let me watch it during lesson

I always use to rush home and just sign in on IF to find out what happened today in TL

Onu was the best role I ever seen in my whole life, you made us cry and laugh with u' as an audience you made us to watch it again and again and no one can do dat

I love everything about u but ur smile just kills me :P so please keep smiling all the time

We fan and mostly me miss u a lot and come back soon

May all your dreams, wishes comes true and may u reach ur goal' always be happy' I wish u success, wealth, health, happiness and everything

Love u loads



OMG!!...So finally the day has cum'..17th may!! Don ,know frm when ws waitin for dis'..Used to calculate each day'.:P


Ok so frankly, I ws nt a gr8 kinda fan of u, bt the day I strted watchin TL'OMG!!..u r a killer, man!!!'''.i mean ur acting as Onu ws out of da wrld''.Onu's attitude, way of talking etc. ws mind blowing'..jus cudnt take my eyes of frm u'..N frm tht day I strted likin u sooo n soo much'.i guess will nt b able to define in wrds..

It ws tht day n tdy, my luv for u has just increased n increased n dis will continue ahead too''


Harshad, u r unlike any celebrity'''I mean being such a famous actor, u have never showed off nything

n always have respected ur fans''..The bst part of u is, u nvr make the fans realize dat dey r "jst fans"'''.Jst in luv with ur dis nature'..N wat to say abt. Ur choices'..OMG!!...frm ur fav. Car, to fav. Mob., to fav. Food''I luv ur pick ups''I luv foodies, n so I luv u'..So,


"A vry vry happy birthday to my dear Harshu"'..

May u get all wat u wnt in lyf, May god give u the strength to fyt all problems tht come ur way'..may ur fame keeps on increasing evry yr, month, day, hr, min sec of ur lyf''May u nvr get hurted by someone really special to u''..May u always stay happy'.God blesss u''Love u lots n may u always remain as u r (vry much down to earth)''. May this year be your best ever'..Not just a year older, but a year better''.Take caree JJ


"Wish u the treasure of treasure of happy yesterdays n gift of bright tomorrows

Harshad we Missing U a lot.Please come back Soon.Wishing U a Very Very Happy Birthday.God Bless.Hope your Birthday Is as Awesome as U are,and May all your Wishes Come True.You are always thought of in a very Special Way,and You're wished the finest things in Life today and Everyday.Happy Birthday...God Bless U Harshad..Mwhaa

Dear Harshad



Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birhtday to our dear Anurag

Happy Birthday to you


Hope this birthday is the best birthday so far, and you get all the happiness and success in the world. You have made us fall in love with you through your amazing potrayal of Anurag, and we are so proud to be fans of such a brilliant actor! You're acting onscreen and your persona offscreen is what makes us love you so much, and on your special day we just want you to know that your fans will always support you unconditionally!


Wish you all the best for your future projects, and InshaAllah they will be a great success. Thank you so much for making us fall in love with Anurag and TaAnu and Tere Liye so much, without your superb acting and dedication to the role, our beloved Onu and Tani's love story would not have been so popular! We miss you so much on screen and just hope that you return soon to conquer our screens!


You are a GEM of an actor and person, and wish you MANY Many Happy Returns of the day! May this year bring you all the happiness and success you have wished for!


Lots and Lots of Love


Your biggest fan Trina


Many more happy returns of the day harshad.

may god give you all happiness and success to you and your family in personal  and professonal life.
keep smiling always.
stay blessed harshad .
may this day brings happiness and joy to you always.
keep hardworking never give up
be kind to all be sweet to others .
love you lot harshad
god bless you


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Happy Birthday Harshad
May you get all your dues soon
God bless you with Loads and loads of happiness

We are so proud to get associated with someone like you who is a gem of person even after touching height of success still same down to earth humble guy who loves his fan as much as his fans do.
Thankyou for making us such proud HCians at every step and making our believes more firm every time that we have chosen a right person as our star

We will always Love you and support you

Have a prosperous year

Many Many Happy Returns Of The DayParty

Thankyou  guys for helping me out with the thread, without you all this could not have been possible ever.

Thanks Meg for such unqiue idea of script which covered every part of him personal or profeesional
Thanks Mans for such beautiful write up, I didn't expectd anything less than this and you proved me right.

Thanks shikz, vini, zunni & ish for such breath taking creations and that too on such short notice

I will not thank you maha coz without you this thread could have not been made at any cost so thankyou is just so small word.I  Love YouHug

Lovely vm di,I loved how you covered only HC in it, I loved the vmo much

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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Birthday Harshad

  I wish you all that you desire. May God bless you with love and care. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Have a successful year filled with success and glory. Enjoy your day and the life ahead.

Your Fans are always here to support you.Proud to be a HCian
Thanks alot for such different idea Aashi.Thread is looking amazing
Want to thanks all siggy Makers (Vini,Aisha,Zunni,Shikz)who helped us (Ashlesha and me) in this thread
Thanks Megs,Aashi and Manasi for writups
Thanks alot di for your beautiful VM

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