Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
Thank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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An episode full of sweet & cute romance that takes us straight to Arjuhi dreamland.HeartHeartDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Arjuhi can make any moment,any place & anything special. Even tabela turns romantic place to be in after seeing theese 2 romance their. And bread butter with salt is a romantic breakfast ( especially if you share ).No words describe the day by day love increasing for theese two. They just take me with them with each such scene.
karan &  kritz were amazing with the dialogues & expressions like always.ClapClap
Start & end was the best couldn't have asked for anything better. Although no SR took place but the romance the lovey - dovey scenes were beautifull. Actually I don't even want a SR in a place like that it would ruin the scene but cv's pls do think of this now as the end is coming closer.
Aww whole night they slept in each others arms all cuddled up.Heart so sweet they slept as if they have never slept before. How gently Arjun got up without waking Arohi & putting hay under her head. Then blocking the sun everything was so perfect . Such a gentleman Arjun is all he is thinking of is Arohi & to let her sleep peacefully. He also took a trip down memmory lane remembering all Arohi has done for him. Everything was brilliant. The song was also very good but something new would have been better. But no complaints for what we got.
Arjun wanting to get somthing to eat was another sweet gesture and he also leaves arohi a msg. like kavya said they made use of everything they found. Or should i say they were given everything they needed.
But   luckily cos of him going out he even found out they are on news with images & on 5 lakh reward money announced. 5 LAKH is very low amount but i guess it is what the ullu's can afford.
aksh here i can't write without ROFL & remembering your topic on the news. so i am moving on.
But Arjun buying the bread & butter well even after watching it again & again i couldn't work out if he paid for it or just picked it up.But I guess he left the money on the table cos otherwise the shopkeeper would have come after him. This was a small shop they were shooting on the sets of tere liye. Probbably cos their own sets are being demolished.
Arohi waking up after having a bad dream was sad but it's her love for her daddu. But in this moment of panic she did not even follow Arjun's instructions and left to make a call.Thankgod her saviuor Arjun arrived on time. But what she couldn't do Mickeal did it for Rajveer. He gave the location details although it was a voice over but he is so scared to face Arjun himself. I Cant wait for his truth coming in front of Arjun. I hope Arjun beats the crap out of him.Not let him off like last time.
In between rajveer was trying to fly by taping the calls. I think the senior officer instructed him cos Rajveer does not have his own brain. But Arjun already cut his wings.So no point he wont even manage to take off & he'll fall to the ground once Arjun & him come face to face again. 
The breakfast scene was too good. Arohi eating Straight away without offering any to Arjun. She probbably thought he is going to make some for himself also. But Arjun was in the mood to share. Very romantic both sharing & eating together. May theese two always remain like this as Arjuhi & as Karanika. I really love them both.
The cupids are a real pillar of strength to Arjuhi.Sanchit the caring brother who came with the information as soon as he found out & all cupids rushing to their service immedialtley.They the best friends relations every portrayed in any serial.Billu even knows a shortcut cos probbably has used that route maybe arjun showed him. Looks like they have reached & it was them at the door. I hope it is them. 
Can't  wait for the next scene. the bike chase & hopefully Rajveer ki vaat when they catch up. But even if they don't come face to face. Rajveer's face will be worth watching when he reaches the place & arjuhi have alreday left.

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HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Super loved the episode and arjun.  Ofcourse arohi was cute too Embarrassed.    Morning scene was good.  The kind of hug they ended in on friday, it was obivious that they just went to sleep in peace Embarrassed.   Olly said that hug was intoxicating and hence she slept for so looongg LOL,  but I say  the  barn atmosphere  and that  cozy  bed  to sleep  in an even more cozy hug on it Wink ,  made her sleep more LOL .  Single bed,  daadi  ne sirf kaha kabhi unke room mein single bed dalvaye nahi, but fate has decided that they will end up on one finally Wink.   this one is stronger than the honeymoon suite wala bed LOL.  How thoughtful of the tabela owner to leave it there with a blanket.   Obiviously both are so tired that they are not in a position to mind that.  They got their much awaited very well deserved sleep Embarrassed.   If his arm was her pillow , her forehead was his Heart , can it get anymore romantic ?  oh yeah it can Embarrassed .  He wakes up and his movement makes her snuggle some more and says 'I love u Arjun' Heart  that brings about a smile on his face,  'I love you too' and plants a kiss on her forehead Heart.   He feels proud and happy seeing the contented look on her face while in sleep Heart  smiles continuously LOLHeart.   oh oh shayad hath dukhne laga , he started looking for a replacement for his arm and finds an abandoned hay stack right  next to the  bed,  but the gesture was so sweet, he din want her to rest on the rough frame Embarrassed.  He gets up and shields her from the sun rays by using another hay stack Heart,  comes near her with the same proud smile and remembers all that she did for him to bring him out Embarrassed,  ( I really wish they played 'Tere Sason ki ' here it suited so well ).  He remembers that she is hungry and leaves to get food.  Wheel kitna kaam  aaya, uss tabele mein jo bhi cheez thi woh sab inke kaam aaye LOL
found this quote just now it suits the scene where arjun goes into flashback  "Because she my friend and my wife, she has seen and brought out the best and worst of me, and she is still with me and I owe her my whole heart, soul, attention, love, and anything she desires of me. She will always be there...
-- Dagny Connolly "
Arjun ofcourse had some money, if not  him arohi had , or romit gave him or billu.   Atleast he found some food and also found out that they have been flagged,  it is good coz now they will be extra careful.   Meanwhile aro dreaming of daddu and waking up in fear and not finding arjun freaking out Ouch,  as long as she was sleeping in his arms she was luking so happy , but as he left ,  her insecurities caused a fearful dream ,  kudos to the writer here for choosing the moment Thumbs Up,   Even after she saw  'dont leave' , she went from there,  I thot something really bad will happen, but thank god he found her on time.  His line  'unhe kuch nai hoga ,  tum itna pyar karti ho na unse to phir kuch nai hoga' Clap great way to convince and paccify her Thumbs Up .  
After the initial  distress and shock she is now back to normal , her fears are gone when he is near her Embarrassed and she is back to her masti Tongue.   Bread without being toasted,  plain butter applied randomly and a little salt sprinkled on it,   for an empty tummy that was feast  and the fact that the loved one brought and prepared it  made it even more tastier Heart .  Loved the super cute convo , the little teasing , her declaration of settling in the village and sending him to work while she will keep expressing her love and that if he is bored  he too can do the same sometimes , and the reply he gives that he doesnt mind , the cute sorry, the cute gussa , all of it was amazing Heart.  Karan Kritika rocked and rolled in all the scenes once again ClapClap.  Looks like in the end it was billu and gang who came. 
First scene was so beautiful and the last scene was cutest.  There is no need for them to show oh so intimate scene today  (matlab SR LOL),  they created more than that with these sweet and romantic gestures,  and that is enough for a viewer to understand their love.   But we will defo be happy when  they actually take their marraige a step ahead with an SR  in the show and enter their marital bliss ,   ofcourse not while on the run , but when the chase ends and when they settle down in his home which his mom left for him (Arjun Singhania tab to kuch aage badoge na Evil Smile  ya phir tab bhi sirf ek kiss aur hug deke suladoge arohi ko ConfusedLOL).   They can start living their married life and  like arohi said in the last scene they can make their own world and raise a family alongwith  Aman Preet Day Dreaming,  haaye arjun and his very own family Star.    I really dont want to see them still on the road when the show ends, I want them to be shown as living and relishing their life together Tongue.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Arjun...Day DreamingEmbarrassedHeart...StarClapThumbs Up
Cupids...Thumbs UpStar
9 epi's to go n still no sign of Teeji, DJ, Raj, Rashi, Makrand, kumud and havn't see Jignesh, RPS, Lovedeep(n i thot she was wid arohi in shefali's house...phir kaha gaye?!Confused) Preeti, sudhir, arwind...*sigh*
Pointers about today's episode..
*Super loved the starting of the epi..!!Heart so romanticDay Dreaming...arjuhi all cuddled up to each other..Blushing...i always wanted 2 c that between arjuhi..!! wow loved it..n arjun waking up and arohi cudding up to him again n saying I love you arjun n arjun saying it back was supersweet!!...i love how much they love each other n how it's shown!!...amazing!! :D..arjun den gets up and puts the hay and covers it up wid the blanket to arohi can sleep on it..Heart n den arjun going towards the way the sun is coming from n tries to cover it up wid the hay...aww arjun is just such a sweet, pasionate n intense lover!! muah!! Day Dreaming love the way Karan expresses every little detail on his face...from the faint smile, to the eyes...everything!StarClap...arjun den sitting up staring at his arohi hu was sleeping like sleeping beautyTongue...remembering all dose flashbacks from the hospital scene n all the tyms wen arohi supported him wid the song Saibo in the BG..Embarrassed...i still wish they had used the KMH2 title wud have been more intense...n at the same time we cud have got to listen 2 it after so longDisapprove...n the kiss on the forehead..was like saying thanks to her n showing how much he loves her...Embarrassed..loved the way it was has alot of meaningThumbs Up..thinking about her...n the fact she hasn't eaten since yesterday was so caringEmbarrassed...he wanted 2 get something for her but he didn't wanna leave her aloneEmbarrassed...n den he decided to go but before that rote a note on the big wheelStar...aww that was really uniqueDay Dreaming
*Arjuhi sharing bread n butter!!...awwEmbarrassedHeart!! n tere ishq ne made my day!!Day Dreaming..such a simple yet a romantic scene!! kudo's to KK2 for making is magical too...StarStar..even a smiple n cuet scene has so much magic n warmth...all because of it!!Clap Clap
*both arjuhi getting worried abt each other wen they neither of dem were in the house...was shown amazinglyStar..Embarrassed
*arohi's dream abt KSA dying better b a dreamEvil Smile...KSA cannot die because he holds the key to why their was a fued between the 2 families *sigh*
*Rajveer aka clown again getting screen space..n i thot he had been put of the case...Angry...such a honourable police officer he is...Stern Smile
*Cupids to the rescue...Clap Clap Clap...sanchi luks weird clean shaved...LOLLOL...prefer him wid the stubble...shefali didn't speak didn't get to know whether we were guna hear her dubbed voice or real voice...LOL
*Tattoo wala banda taking police help...D'ohLOL...still dnt get why he is after arjun...Confused

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Res.. Havent watched the epi till now...ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Embarrassedarjuhi!...Day Dreaming..they are just too cute!...they have redefined love in every possible way!..innocent yet strong!...even in the adverse circumstances!..arjun tries to be positive!..and protects his lady love in every manner!...they planning their future!..was so cute!...and then their sharing of bread and feeding each other!...Embarrassed..wat made the scene more realistic is that arjun din sacrifice the whole bread for arohi!..he was hungry too so he asked in a cute way.aww!..and the moments they shared followed by kmh BG and tere ishq ne!.. hats off to karanika for making even a simple scene so beautiful and real1..Heart..

the starting scene was very romantic!..but wanted teri sanso to be played it wud have made the scene more magical!..anyways hope to hear it atleast once before the show ends!Cry..just 9 more to goCry..

Rajveer urf clown is hard to bear so i dun remember wat he did or said!..LOL..AngryDead

loved the episode anyways!..Embarrassed..arjuhi we are gonna miss u!..Cry

PS:karan looked so adorable !..Embarrassed

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