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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 90)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 5:20am | IP Logged
part 13
nice part...
wow Maan has confessed his feelings well not directly but still in a subtle way...
wow jealousy...
cont soon...

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maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
wow read all d updates
brilliant work do continue soon

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanzy

Originally posted by maanddy

Originally posted by shanzy

Originally posted by shanzy

[QUOTE=shanzyplz dont make her marry sucha gadha...i am pleeding u...

hahahaha wot ve i done,...ooopsssConfused
plz dont doubt my mental stabilityD'oh
m messed up, like u were in  ur pms last tymLOL
hahahaha...m still laughing on my stupidityLOLROFL
wot ve i done after sucha serious analysisD'oh

Well, shan it happens ! Like I did last times coz I was damn sleepy ! Sleepy Oh and yes, I will think that marriage later ! But real fun lies in that only ! Wink

You keep waiting ! I will try to please you time by time as i will give more maaneet moments in next one ! Embarrassed

again i started laughing on my stupid actLOL, well i felt myself ravan at that tym wid ten heads...i was preparing my assignment, listning songs, right then my friend told me dat she ve sent sm pics on my id, i ran to yahoo n fb to uplaod sm of them right then i accidently opend if page,...found ur pm, got excitedLOLn started reading...story goes on n on...ROFL, n i end up in sucha messLOL
coming to maneetEmbarrassed awww any tym or night m ready for maneet MOMENTSTongueEmbarrassed... cant waitDay Dreaming

He he he...You are just like me...multi tasking ! And then mess ! ROFLROFLROFL

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dimpzz

that was beautiful!
really glad that geet decided on leaving maya's job and rectified her mistakes
really happy cause of that
and maan actually confessed his feelings for her in that one simple sentence
it was beautiful!
i seriously can't tell you how much i loved this update!
I'm seriously speechless
all i can say is thank you sooo much! for this wonderful update! Hug


Oh Thanks ! I was scared that you guys will beat me up with 'chapals' for making Geet bad girl ! LOL

Once again, Thank you so much for loving my work ! Hug

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged

More Maaneet ! Embarrassed

Something Called Love


As soon as he reached his home, in his dark bedroom, he was about to switch on the lights and he felt someone's smooth finger sliding over her back and later, someone hugged her from back. He thought, there was some lady, and might be geet. And, he turned around to see who that was. In the dim light of lamp, he could see that she was not geet, but she was sameera. He immediately removed her hands from his upper body.

'What are you doing here sam?'

'Maan…please don't say anything, let me feel you…hmmm…after so long years I…I touched you…' she ran fingers over his angelic face.

'…just shut up and tell me why you are here?' he screamed.

'Oh maan…I cant see you with anyone…I just cant…I love you so much…I'm so sorry maan, I was a fool to not come with you India back then. Please forgive me; I know you still love me. Geet was just drama, I know that. Please…we could be happy together as we were together…please' she pleaded she started kissing his chest and face wildly.

'Sam…Listen to me. I know you are sorry, but I do not love you…I never did. You are my good friend but love is…something…I don't know…I don't love you…that's It.' he said and removed her hands with a strong push.

'No…Maan…please! I…I love you so much…' she cried.

'Sam…Er…don't cry sam. Don't waste your tears for me. You are a good woman; you will get your man easily. It's just that the man is not me. Please stop crying.'

She did not say anything, she just stood there looking down at the floor and weeping.

'Just go home, Okay?' he said evenly.

She controlled her tear and overwhelming passion within her soul. She left it disappointed and disheartened.


After the party, she chose her birthday to tell him the truth. Firstly, it sound strange to her that she was inviting him only, so she decided to invite pinkey and other friends, too. She was waiting for him at the home as she invited him to her place for her birthday to tell him the truth. Everybody was enjoying, and having fun. Initially she thought he would not come but when he called her in evening to remind her to leave the office for celebration; she assured herself that he would come. But she was wrong, as it was late and he did not come up, pinkey and her friends left for home as they had to go somewhere so she was all alone then, but she knew that he would come. She was more excited as she knew her father would call, to wish her. She decorated her little apartment in decent and sober style. She prepared food, a very special recipe's from the book she got it before ages and the auspicious book found the reason for its inauguration. As the doorbell rang, she opened it and saw him standing in white casual shirt and blue jeans, which was different for her; he was holding white flowers and a bottle of champagne in another hand. She welcomed him.

'I guess I'm very much late. By the way, nicely done' he said while offering the flowers and champagne to her, from his look she could guess that he liked her little decorated flat, it was once again, her natural designing talent.

'Late? You are just three hours late.' She said sarcastically and took the flowers and champagne.

'Thank you!' she added and left in the kitchen.

 'Oh! I must be your special guest then.' He amused.

'Yeah…You are a late comer special guest.' she taunted and her phone rang, and a bright smile appeared on her charming face. She ran to the cell and told him while running, 'Must be dad! He never forgets to wish me. Never.'

He smiled and signed her to pick it up.



'But…I did.'

'How are you anyways?'

'But…dad…I will never lie to you.'

'How much…?'

'Only one thousand rupees and you…?'

'Okay…I will check and re-send it to you.'

'Anything else you want to say…?'


She held it for second and then, threw it away in anger.

From the chat between her and her dad, he appropriately assumed that he had not wished her but asked for more money, or something happened regarding it. He stood there for second, to watch for her dumbfound reaction. He knew that she was disappointed and heart broken. There was a mix emotion of anger and disappointment in her eyes; her cheeks were red from the gush of anger. She stood there for a second and within a second she removed the table cloth in swift motion and all the crockery were down on the floor with a million pieces scattered on the floor. Before he saw the tears in her eyes which was the moisture caused by anger in here eyes, she asked him to leave her alone.

'Please…just leave me alone…go!' she screamed in anger.

'Okay…okay…relax I'm going.' And he left.

She saw him leaving her place and closing the door and she sat there, blank.


After what it seemed like thirty minutes after she asked him to leave, she was still there on floor, crying her eyes out on her life, on her failure, on her fate, silently. She was staring at nothing in particular with a dry stream of tears on her cheeks and she saw a piece of paper sliding under the door. She got up and picked it up.

If your drama is over, shall I come in?

She opened the door and saw him sitting on the steps waiting for her. She was surprised looking him like this, waiting for her.

'I asked you to leave me.' She informed him.

'Yeah…true! You asked me to leave you but not your home. So, technically I am right and I have not violated any of Miss. Geet rule-book. And, I'm here and I'm hungry.' He smiled.


'Look geet I know you are angry, but you see, I'm very hungry and you just ruined the food you made in your drama.' He amused.

'In stead of…'

'…shh…I don't know anything, I'm hungry and now we are going out. It's your birthday.'

'My birthday is over and so the party. My dad does not know that it's my birthday today; all he is worried about the money order in which I forgot to add thousand rupees. So, basically my birthday is over.' she snapped.

'Hey girl…you are forgetting something, it's only eleven o'clock so your birthday is not over yet.'

'So you want me to come with you?'

'Did I say it in Hebrew?' he smirked.

'Only on one condition.'


'Listen once…'


'No more your kind of five star hotels and luxuries'

'What?' he asked her in wonder and shock.

'Yeah…we'll be traveling in cab and metros, and I want to have chaats especially dahi-chaat. It's my birthday, agreed?'

He rolled his eyes and eventually nodded.

'Coming in five minutes'


He thought he was in some dream land or his nightmare as he was on local Delhi streets with her - his mere employee. They were hiring cabs and traveling in metros. He was surprisingly enjoying this, the local taste of India - taste of Delhi. But, he was too proud to admit that. He was enjoying this and she was on cloud nine. She, in the next fifteen minutes forgot what happened back then at home which was his main purpose. He smiled as he saw her running away after cab. He loved her the way she was - natural and spontaneous. They were at her favorite place where she was eating like maniac and he adored her. As she asked for a bottle of beer, he refused.

'Why don't you drink?'

'No particular reason. I drink when I'm in mood.'

Suddenly she got up on the table, hardly managing herself with a bottle of beer in her hand and in another his hand. He was shocked to see the sudden change in her behavior but that was not for much time as he saw one empty bottle under the table. He understood that she was drunk by then. It was his time to get embarrassed.

'Ladies…and gentlemen…I'm Geet. It's my birthday today!' she smiled foolishly.

And the crowd got together to cheer her up and wished her.

'And…and…here is my… boss, and… he does not drink...' And she giggled.

Before she could make more fun of them, he dragged her down and held her tight.

'Geet…I think we should leave from here.'

'Wait yaar…It's my birthday. Let me celebrate. I want to dance…' she smiled.

'Yes. I see. But can we please leave from here?'

'Okay. Boss. As you wish…' and she walked with him.

'Now I see how come you not stay with me here?' she muttered under her breath and smiled evilly.

In the rush of crowd, he was making their way to go out and suddenly he felt that she was no more with him. He turned around and searched for her everywhere. And then suddenly in the background, he heard the cheers of the people around there for someone on the small stage made in between the place. And on top of that he felt someone clutching his hand tightly and he found that he was some guy who seemed too feminine to him, like gay. He smiled at him lovingly, he came closer.

'You are so hot man, look at you handsome; you have good body, too.'

'Sorry?' he heard it clear but he asked as he could not believe.

'I know handsome, your type of businessman, but trust me every top actors and businessmen invites me. Here is my number, you can call me anytime.' He said coming closer to him.

And he was about to touch him and he ran from there. He understood that it was her set up. He hardly managed to hide from the person. And, he looked for her and she was still there. She saw everything from the corner and could not stop her laughter anymore. But, she could not escape the strange feeling when he came close to him; she smiled and winked at him. In the background, song started and she was on roll.


As he saw her there, dancing. He rolled his eyes on her another drama. He smiled and went ahead.


'Don't say that you didn't enjoy it?' she asked still in the mood of dancing.

'No. You tried to set me up with that guy who was … a gay?'

'Say yes.'






'Gotcha! I knew it. It's in your eyes. You loved it.' She smiled and took a bottle of beer from his hand. Eventually, he found himself blended in the color of hers. He was as drunk as she was.

'You know something?' she asked while walking back to the home.


'Do you see that baraat there?'


'I want to go there and dance…'

'…then who is stopping you? Let's go…'


And he held his hand and dragged her into the baraat.

Mein to ainvayi ainvayi loot gaya…

As soon as they entered, she started dancing, and he saw her for a moment and then, he joined. They danced like never before.


They were walking on the road aimlessly, completely drunk, hand in hand and giggling. She was laughing on her own acts, silly acts. They were in their own little personal world, when he noticed some goons were ogling at her, they come closer to them, one of them came to her and looked at her as if she was checking her out.

'Wow…! A piece.' he said to his friends and smiled foolishly.

He was angry by then and he came forward, he was about to kick him but she stopped him, he was shocked. She looked at him, winked at him and went forward to that guy.

'Chal…Kat le. Tere jese bahot dekhe he Delhi me…chal nikal…'

She said it with full attitude and local Delhi style. He was surprised; he tried to hide a smile.

'Do you know this guy? Look at his body and those muscular biceps; he will kick your ass. I'm just saving you from loss…maan lo…varna maroge…ye tumhe chhodega nahi…' she added dramatically.

He understood her new drama and decided to join her; he came more forward, gave one of his furious and mad look, raised his sleeves and opened first two buttons of his shirt. They saw him in fear and one of them whispered in his ear, 'Nikal yaha se…maar khayaga…nikal…'

And they left from there, literally running from there. She looked at them and then she looked at him, he looked at her. They both looked at each other for a second without any expression and then, they burst out in another hysterical laugh until their stomach hurt.


'Whoa…It was long night…' she sat on the bench in the middle of the meadow near the city. She sighed.

'It was…' he whispered.

There was silence for a moment as they both were tired and resting their head on the bench. She decided to break the silence.

'I hate black coffee. I feel like puking when you drink it. How can you?'

'I hate your cell, and every song in your cell. It's bakwas. Your choice is pathetic.'

'I hate you when you talk with sasha, sameera and lara and pinkey and...Even that guy I bribed tonight.'

'I hate it when your brother and your friend nik or pik whatever…looks at you and touches you.'

'I hate your brown pant and same shoes that you wear with it. Throw it.'

'How could you not keep your hair open everyday?'

'I hate your choice in food, all tasteless, patient's food…'

'I hate your colorful circus dress that you put on one bad day…throw it. White is your color.'

'I hate it when you behave like typical Monster. Your name in my world is 'M' The Monster Singh Khurana. And yes white is my color. I hate red flowers, I hate red hearts, do not ever give me red flowers, red hearts and red teddy bears, you may end up dying in trashcan with the same flowers and those red things.'

There was silence again. They both were much drunk to talk anything for the time being.

'I don't want to go home' she whispered.

'I see…' he leaned over her and about to touch her face and he stopped.

'You are sleepy…hmmm?'

'Hmmm…yeah…I'm…' she grunted.

'Let's go…'

And he helped her to get up and they left. On the way, she kept talking about random things and he agreed and they talked and fight. He dropped her home and he was about to leave when he stopped and turned around.

'I forgot to give you the gift.'

'Oh…I forgot to receive your gift' she giggled.

He slowly presented the small box from his pocket and gave her.

'I never bought anything for anyone. I was confused and I saw this in one newspaper and liked it. I don't know you will like it or not as I'm very bad in this thing…'

She opened it and choked. It was ring - a thumb ring.

'It's a promise ring. You see there? It means that in every step of your life, I promise to be there for you and to help you. 'I'll be there for you' is the theme of the ring. Did you like it?'

She did not say anything. Her body was motionless with surprise.

'And if you don't want it then fine, but don't give me back. You may throw it in trashcan.'


'It will look nice on your little cute thumb.' He said and about to leave when she stopped him.

'Maan, it was the best birthday and best day of my life. Thank you for making my day special.' She said genuinely.

'Good night, geet.' He wished her and left from there.

She smiled and closed the door. Though, she was not aware of the fact that somebody was watching them while they were enjoying on the streets.


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nice part buddy

i am very much scared and eagerly waiting for GEET to reveal everything to MAAN about MAYA GUJRAL's pathetic game

Edited by sldeeps - 07 June 2011 at 9:20am

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lovely update maddy...

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Originally posted by sldeeps

nice part buddy

i am very much scared and eagerly waiting for GEET to reveal everything to MAAN about MAYA GUJRAL's pathetic game

Thank you so much dear ! Smile That part will come soon but before that I have some other plans ! Wink

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