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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 84)

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

Hello ji...
Sowwie for being absent ...I did manage to catch up finally..(pats herselfEmbarrassed) .. ..yup your Geet indeed is different & so are her issues ..ekks Brij ..I love to hate him.
So the two M s' the Monsters are mother - in destiny.

I loved the way you described her inner conflict handing over that pen drive  to Maya ...
Dadi mentioned she sees the same look in Geet''s eyes that she had seen in Maan's mom's eyes ...strange coz given now I dislike the lady obviously ...

I hope Maan does not lose this tender he is giving his 101% to..plz don't let him lose it ...Ouch

Waiting for the next update..& yes going to be regular henceforth..Maan wala promise Wink


OMG ! Am I dreaming or nandu is really here ? Shocked Kidding ! LOL

BTW, how are you ? And, thanks for reading my torture ! LOL

My Geet is diff, the same I want to see in the show, but it's ' Mission Impossible ' ! LOL

Maan wala Promise ? Okay...I will see to it...Embarrassed

Bajaj Fan loves you ! Embarrassed

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by maansi85

OMG !!!!!

What a twist...that monster is mom of ur monster M...whoaa...great twist...i so wanna know what will happen next...i think after knowin dis...geet will for surely cancel the contract...n i wud lik her to confess to maan...

poor maan...he is really very sad abt his mom...nw i gt it why he reacted weird wen geet asked abt his mom...awww...mera bacchaaa maaan...

loved d update but HATE YOU for not updatin soon...kya problm he mujhse...pls pls update soon...u hv left me n others on point...m so eager...n u said maaneet moments...wt is that...??

pls update soon...

needless to that...i loved ur update n ur FF...ohh...i love ur FF...very very very interesting...pls pls pls don make it SAD as u love to kill either of main character...don do tht...or i wll kill u...

love you...Maddy as in MONSTER...tum monster se kam nahi ho...LOL

First of all, Thanks for calling me Monster, coz I really am ! Embarrassed Ha ! 

Thank you very much for all your predictions and analysis ! Wink You keep guessing and please don't hate me for updates yr ! I will update tomo ! 

It's sunday, mean no work only fun ! So, no update today ! 

I won't make it SAD but you know something ? I just love SAD writings...oh I miss my SAD endings yr ! Cry

I will cover this in a very SAD OS ! Count me on that ! LOL

anisharoy1 Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
nice ff...
read it in one go...
loved it...
interesting concept...
please add me to your pm list...

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anisharoy1

nice ff...
read it in one go...
loved it...
interesting concept...
please add me to your pm list...

Added ! Smile

And, Thank you very much ! Smile
sukklover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged


ur update was    also ...
u really done a  of couse ...
just  ...
 Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up4 ur  ...
 4 PM me dear..Embarrassed.
once again i said   n ...StarStarStarStar
lots of ...Hug

Edited by sukklover - 05 June 2011 at 10:39am

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Enjoy ! Embarrassed

Something Called Love


'You lied to me.' She screamed at full volume in AC soundproof cabin of her.

'What are you saying?' Maya gujral was still calm and composed.

'That you are his mother.'

'Oh! Did he tell you?'

'That is none of your interest. All I know is that you lied to me.'


'…No! Now, you listen to me Mrs. Maya Gujral…I'm no more part of it. Please, this is between you and your son. Don't make me pawn and try to use me. I'm not in it. And, this is your cheque. All the sums of money you deposited in my account.' She said firmly.

'Are you backing out, handa?'

'Yes.' She was still firm.

'Are you sure?'


'Okay. It's your wish. Don't complain me later'


'Okay then, it was nice to work with you.'

'Same here.' She lied, though.

And she left the cabin in one quick move. After she left, maya stood up, filled up the glass of champagne and grabbed the nearest statue of some random girl, made from glass. She smiled evilly, rubbed its back gently and then in one stroke she throw it away from the window in anger and saw it from the top, millions pieces of the statue and again smiled. And she called someone.


Unaware of future consequences, she felt from there with a great feeling as if she was relieved and free from prison. The same dried and dead flower was enlivened by blissful miracle. The burden of the guilt on her soul and heart was removed. She was far happier, as she did not expect that she would get free from her trap this much easily. Still there were questions in her mind about her and him. Why they had never spoken publicly about their relationship and why he told her that he lost his mother? It was confusing for her. But, all she was happy about that she was no more part of it and she would work for him, honestly this time. She decided to tell him the truth about her deal and reveal everything to him but given the fact that he was busy and his bizarre declaration about his mother, she was not sure whether to disclose the fact to him or not. She decided to put it on hold until the project ends. She knew which data she gave to her, and then it was her time to ratify her mistakes; she was definitely smart enough to alter the same data which she leaked once, if she could betray maan, she could betray maya, too. And, she did not feel guilty when she was determined to change data for maya, because she knew maya was not an angel at all. She thought something and smiled and moved on.

As she reached office with great amount of encouragement and joy, walking by the corridor singing a song in a low voice, completely lost in her trance, she entered the elevator and saw him, she smiled and kept humming the song in low voice,

'When you bless the day, I just drift awayAll…I just drift away…' She stopped as she forgot the next wordings, she tried to remember it but she failed and she dropped the idea, and out of the blue she heard him saying those lines,

'All my worries die, I'm glad that I'm alive…' he completed the line by saying it instead of singing it.

'I'm alive…Celine Dion, nice one!' he added while working in his cell.

'Oh! Working machine has got music player, too?' she smirked and then laughed on her own joke.


'Nothing' and as elevator stopped, she was about to get out and stopped by him.

'Is anything special? Got new job? Looking so happy?'

'Oh! Do not start like a question paper! I'm just happy and unlike you I don't need reason to be happy.' She tried to hide the real reason for happiness.

He did not argue further and they started the work again and the entire week spent in work, work and more work and she changed the original arrangement on which basis they prepared for the project, she successfully managed to make maan believe that she had another great idea, but only she knew herself that why she was changing everything. She wanted him to get this contract at any cost, it was then her time to set the things up which she messed up. She worked hard along with him but of course when it came to the competition 'who-is-machine' maan managed to win it effortlessly, the result of which they achieved at the end of the day. They got the same contract. The day when it has been declared that he again did it like every year, he was far happier than ever. She has never seen him smile like this, the smile which was more of a victorious than satisfied. He was happy as he had proved something to someone. But, as he was joyful, she found it his happiness somewhat mysterious. She was standing around the corner, watching him adoringly; he was talking with someone on phone, anxiously. But soon, he cut the phone and smiled a little and came to her.

'Congratulations, Miss Handa! We did it!' he wished her with a great mysterious look ever.

She stopped for a moment; it was much strange for her, because he was looking at her with some kind of satisfaction which was not more than a mystery to her.

'I said something to you…' he shook her. And she came out from her trance.

'Oh! Yeah…Congratulations to you too! You are the one who did it! It's purely your victory and your success.'

'No…Team matters, partner…Without you and adi, I don't know what would I do?'

She did not said anything, she just stared at him, there was something different in his eyes, he was happy but something disturbing her more and more was his mysterious look.

They announced party for the huge success of the company. She found the party to be the perfect and suitable reason for disclosing the fact to him and tell her about her previous job as she knew that he trusted adi and hired her, he never asked adi from where she came. He just knew it that she was not satisfied with previous job. Just for once in his life, he trusted adi and geet blindly, may be it was to be blamed on his fate or her destiny or their combined destiny, that brought them together and bound them in an invisible bond. Before announcement of the party, there was something special she had to announce for her near and dear friends, pinkey and adi, as they were getting married by the end of month, and she was being maid of honor of the bride.

As she entered the hall, she was stunned by the beauty of the hall and the crowd. There were bunch of peoples from all over the place, their rivals, friends, relatives and half of the city, she concluded in mind. She stood alone in the corner as she was waiting for pinkey. She chose to wear off-white knee length one side shoulder dress for the dazzling evening. As she clutched the drink in her delicate hands, and gulped the drink, she choked as soon as she saw him coming in, in black attire - his signature style. But, what shocked him was not the attire of him, but the person next to him walking by him. He was - Nik.

'What the hell is he doing here?' she muttered.

As she thought that her plan would back fire, to avoid him as possible as she could. But, she could not. In fact, he came directly to her and embraced her casually. She smiled at him.

'Hey…look at you! I must tell you geets, you are looking so nice.' He grinned.

'Er…thanks nik.'

She did not try to talk much, she stood there and looked out for someone - just someone who would come and drag her away. She was uncomfortable with him, as their last meeting was not so well. She recalled their meeting in the mall.

'Look…geets. I know you. You are my family friend. We know each other from our childhood. I know you are no more with us as in gujrals. But, geets from last few weeks, I realized that you are the one. I think, I love you, we will have wonderful life together.'


'Just listen to me. I have better plan. You see, I know why you left from gujrals. She will pay you more and geet no one except you and me knows that what is the real need of money? I'm with gujrals, she is paying me reasonable, but I know after we'll get married, she will have to pay us more as I know, she counts on you. You are one of her favorites. I know. She confessed it to me.'

'But nik…I don't think…'

'…don't think much geets…we will get married and that is what my family wants. I asked them, they are agreed and your family too. Your mother is ready and your father…well he will agree.'

'What? You did all this and you never felt like to even tell me? Are you insane? Nik…marriage is not about some future financial and social settlement. I know you love me, but I just don't know…I don't know…you are my very good friend and as a friend you are lovely, but I don't know whether I love you or not…so just hold it…I cant…'

'…but geets…'

'No' she screamed.

'Okay. I thought you feel the same for me.'

'I don't…know…'

'Fine. Take your time, I will wait for you. I know, you are confused geets, you love me but you have to realize that.'

'Bye nik…I have no more to talk' she was frustrated.


She felt totally embarrassed and uncomfortable with him, after she rejected him and his financial proposal in disguise of 'Marriage'. She was about to leave but he stopped her.

'I know geets, you are still angry with me, but its fine. I have moved on. Just stay with me, for old time sake.'

'Nik…I'm so sorry…'

'…trust me geets, I assure you. We were friends and we will be friends, right?'

She hesitated a bit and then finally agreed. They sat there and had a talk about their old town days and shared a fun time together. She completely forgot about maan who was standing in the other corner with clients and constantly staring at them. He did not felt well at all, looking her mingling with someone was unbearable for him. He was getting angry by then but he could not do anything. As soon as the music started he caught them together on the dance floor, she was close to him, smiling and the same enchanting smile of her which he used to love was then no more enchanting as he noticed that her smile was not reaching her eyes. She was just laughing for him; she was dancing happily with him. He glared at her, she saw him out of sudden and smiled, he darted away the gaze, with that she immediately got it that something was wrong with him, his eyes were speaking a lot.

She was listening to something nik was muttering but her eyes were searching for him, she did not find him anywhere. He was nowhere to be found - nowhere. And, she decided to leave the place, she was about to leave the dance floor and her silky hands were grabbed by strong pair of hands from behind, before she could turn round and reacted, she was pulled up closer by the hands. As she turned around to see who that was, she was forcefully pulled up more closely and she almost hugged him, she felt her hands sliding on his broad chest. She looked at him, few inches away, his angelic face from her pretty face; his thick eye lashes and deep honey colored eyes were reflecting anger, jealousy and passion. She forced more to free her hands but he tightened his grip further. She did not like it at all; it was way too much rude and bad-mannered.

'What is this?' she blurted out in anger.

He did not say anything but held her more tightly.

'Leave me…it's hurting me!' she flinched.

As he saw the pain in her eyes, he loosened his grip and left her hands. And about to leave but it was late, as they were under the spotlight. She held his hand tightly.
'Thanks to you, we can't leave the floor now.' She said angrily.

And, in the background the song started,

Pyar ki yeh kahani suno…Ek Ladka tha, ek ladki thi
Hoti kya hai jawaani suno… Ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi
They both stood on the floor for a fraction of a second. And then, she took his hand and placed it on her hip and she put her hands on shoulder.

Woh bhi ek daur tha…Waqt hi aur tha
Jab woh the ajnabi… Dono tanaha se the
Par woh kehte kise…Baat jo dil mein thi
'Now! Pay for it.' She muttered angrily.

He still was keeping silence, he was still angry. They started to move, matching their steps on the tune, he held as tight and close from hip, she twirled around and there they were doing salsa. She could not believe more. She was dancing with him - him and salsa? She thought.

She was embarrassed, there were media people and everyone, and she was doing salsa with him - her 'M' The Monster Singh Khurana. She looked at him, there was passion in his eyes which made her look away, and she could not handle the way he was looking at her. He touched her, he lifted her, and she felt the warm breaths of him, tickling in her neck. As the song finished, it was for the entire public in the party, they did not realized when it finished, and they were lost in each other, they were lost in trance, hugging each other. She saw the strange feeling in his eyes, she closed her eyes and enjoyed it, enjoyed her embrace. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him carrying her in his arms. She quickly realized where they were and what they were doing. They looked at each other for a moment until they were interrupted by the cheers and applause of the crowd.
He sensed her awkwardness immediately and left her. She adjusted her self and looked him trailing off outside. She was soon accompanied by pinkey.

'I never knew you are good at salsa.' She jumped with joy.

'I never knew he was good at it…' she said while leaving from there and following him.
Pinkey saw her leaving the place with puzzled look on her face.

She ran after him in the parking. She wanted the answers; she had so many questions, why he behaved strange in the party. She screamed out loud his name but he did not stop. She called his name again and again but he did not stopped, instead he went to his car and about to start the engine and she came in front of the car.

'What was that?' she yelled.

He did not say anything, he start the engine.

'I need my answer. What was that?'

He accelerated.

'I won't let you go. I need to know why you behaved like this.'

He immediately came out from the car and went to her, held her from the shoulder, pulled her up on the other side. He took a deep breath and came closer to her, and whispered in her ear.

'Because…I can't see you with anyone else…'

And he left in fraction of section, in full speed, leaving her behind in the cloud of dirt caused by air. She stood there amazed, stunned by his innocent confession. She did not realize when his car disappeared in the air, and her vision became blurred by tears formed in her eyes. She smiled through tears. And, she felt the water on her hands, it began with one tiny drop and then, several tiny drops and then, she was drenching in the rain - the very first rain of the season. The rain - season of love, romance had begin. She kept soaking in the first rain for a while. She smiled and danced in the rain - like the opening rain of the season and first love of her life was showering happiness in her life. It was her favorite season - the rainy season.

Rain kept drenching her and she allowed it to. She jumped with joy as she realized that, even though she was not allowed, she crossed the limits, she stopped herself for falling for him, she prohibited herself, she avoided him, she ignored him and after all that, there she was. He simply said it in one simple sentence, he as usual, managed to charm her and shocked her, but that was pleasant surprise. He, in mere one simple line, confessed his feelings for her, innocently and unknowingly. She cried in joy, her life was heading in the path which she never wanted to walk on. But still she had to tell him the truth, she decided to tell him the truth first and then, whatever he would decide for their future that would be binding on her. What she did, she had only one right, to apologize and not more than that, she thought. Even if he would forgive her but she was not able to face her own eyes and soul in the mirror as somewhere deep from her heart, mind and soul, she knew that she had betrayed him even after she ratified her mistakes because she knew that the crack in mirror was made, she could fix it but she could never get rid of the mark of cracks. For her, it matter the most, she did not care what others would think, only maan mattered and her own soul and confession mattered.

If not for any other person in the world but she wanted to confess it for her – as she always believed, the person in the mirror. She smiled once again as she realized that in the short period, he knowingly or unknowingly taught her so many things for her life, he was simply being her teacher, and she realized that she could never avoid the connection they shared, the bond they had. Suddenly, everything was so much clear as water to her, their first meeting, her job everything was making sense, till the date she never believed in luck or fate, but today, as raindrops were drenching her soul, she was convinced to believe in fate more than reality. If that was some magical dream, she never wanted to wake up and watch that dream snatching away from her hand. In the middle of road, as her life, she was stuck between her life divided into the two parts, a part of her was falling for him and a part of her was trying to stop herself as the feeling of betrayed was eating up her soul and burning her heart. Till the date, she planned everything for her life, her education, her job, her career and everything but she never thought the one fine day, someone named 'M' - The Monster - Maan Singh Khurana would come and ruined her plan. He simply came and changed everything for her. She stood there in between the road, drenching in road, in the dilemma, she thought, probably she was the only girl on the earth who was crying at realization of her love and smiling for the new transformation in herself and her life.

The Song : Pyar ki Yeh Kahani


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That was sizzling it!!

I love this 'J' Maan ...LOL

wonderful update!!!

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nice updates i luv it thnx 4 da pm meSmile

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