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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 69)

shanzy Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 2:32am | IP Logged
nice update maddySmile,
who was in geets roomShocked
m realy curious about maans family...
thanx for the pmSmile
love uHug

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanzy

nice update maddySmile,
who was in geets roomShocked
m realy curious about maans family...
thanx for the pmSmile
love uHug

Thank you shanu ! Embarrassed
iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess163

Originally posted by maanddy

Originally posted by princess163

u r not taking adequate rest and so, i won't comment!Angry

By now, you should 'ASS-U-ME' ( LOL ) that i'm perfectly fine, I can certify it ! Now, please say it ! I know you are dying for that ! 

Khurani is waiting for your verdict ! Embarrassed

And, once again, I'm fine ! Now, only that brown irritating scars left on my beautiful hand ! ROFL Which does not bother me at all ! Embarrassed You see, i'm so strong, bornvita girl ! LOL are EVIL, but still, you are my Khurani!LOL
So, i will ASS-U-ME that you are not lying and that you are ACTUALLY fine!
Guess Bournvita has helped loadsss and then , the MSK healing touch is also thereWink
ummm...since you are so DESPOTongue for my VERDICT, I will ObligeTongue ( I am very generous you see)
Okay, i am gonna go in a random order!
The intruder who came towards the end is well, NICK...and I wanna kill him if he is gonna keep her away from Maan even for a secAngry, so just warn this character of yours against potential murder!Wink
and, I was angry at Maan tooAngry! He wanted to make Sam J, Fine! But, then , did he have to spoil the moment and drag her the moment that Sam left the dance floor, or its vicinity? HuH...duffer!
But, I was like hayyyeee when he said, "'Will you dance with me, love?'" 
But, i wish it was for real, or should i say wish he had said it knowing that it WAS for real!
Geet's not allowed monologue...awesome!!
In the lift part, our Sherni was left shocked by him...hahahaha...dudette thats Maan Singh Khurana you are dealing with, he ain't so predictable!
But, poor Maan, for once he had wanted to apologise, I eman come on! THE Maan Singh Khurana and apologising...and the fortunate recepient of the apology walks away!
(I know I said random order, but I guess I have more-or-less gone backwardsLOL)
All, in all MY GREAT VERDICT-8/10 (I cut two points so that you bring in more of Maaneet, more Chemistry, less of dumbos and yeah, no intruders!Wink
Love you my Khurani!
take care!

Aaah ! Finally you showed up ! BTW, thanks in advance ! And, Thank god, you finally believed me that i'm fine ! 

Of course, i'm fine thanks to bornvita and Maan's magical smirk ! Day Dreaming

BTW, you have so many dislikes for sameera, huh ? Poor girl, swati se dushmani kar li ! LOL points cut ! Cry coz of that stalker ! Wait, i will remove that part, and i will get 10 , Yippie ! LOL

Okay, Thank you so much for your verdict, you know my thread is incomplete without your destructive comments ! ROFL

Khurani loves you, too ! Embarrassed

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nazsij Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 5:31am | IP Logged
plss add me to ur pm list...i love to read ur is really good...i loved's awesome...

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged

: Note :

Many people will not agree with this part and the social issue I have mentioned but, still in many parts of India, It happens ! It's REAL ! Smile

So, sorry if anyone finds it violative or unreal ! So sorry ! Smile

Something Called Love


'What do you want now?' she asked with tears and fear in her innocent eyes.

He was about to kick her hard and as he left his hand to hit her more. Out of nowhere, he was stopped by him - her 'M' The Monster Singh Khurana.

He kicked him hard on the face and stomach and he fell on the ground.

'You did two big mistakes today man! First, you shouldn't have touched her, hitting and slapping was far away. And, second, you should not have followed us.' He said and again kicked him hard in the stomach. But it seemed he was strong, he kicked maan hard by his leg and they started fighting. She was still on the ground, oozing blood from her head and lips, she stood up with little struggle and tried to stop them.

'Maan...stop it. Please stop it. Leave him...leave him.' She screamed.

'How could you hit her like this huh? Let me show you it hurts...' he screamed and punched him hard.

There was anger and passion in his eyes, which was unstoppable and uncontrollable. She was shocked to see him there and his 'angry young man' side. She tried several time to stop them but it was of no use and finally when she could do nothing, she took the flower vase near the table and throw it away to keep both of them shut. He looked at her questioningly and she stood there crying her eyes out. He stopped, he could not see her shedding tears and in pain.

'Geet...I will see owe an explanation me and mother.' the man stood against the wall said in utmost anger.

'I don't owe you or her anything. It's my life. You have no right to tell me anything, Brij veerji! I'm sending you money, satisfying you and mother, that is it. It's none of your business...' she yelled.

'I'll come back...keep him out. This is family matter and I'm your brother, no one can stop me...' He groaned and left from there, leaving her shaken in fear and helplessness. She covered her forehead with both of her hands and snatched her hairs out of anger, frustration and vulnerability. He sat beside her, looking at her wounds, continuously flowing fresh tears from her eyes, he tried to stop her, but then he thought she need to lighten her burden a bit. He caressed her back and tried to comfort her. She was feeling like a lost daughter who was pathetically failed in life. Dissuasion overpowering her sanity and intelligence, she cried more and more. Her past life in the same town, with the difficulties and struggle she went through for them and in return, she got nothing, not even a plain thanks, but a tight slap. She could not control anymore and she screamed in pain and frustration, and eventually found herself on his shoulders, in his tight and protective embrace. After a while, when she felt better, she tried to get up but could not. And he carried her in is arms and gently put her down on the bed.

'Are you okay now? Let me get first aid kit for you.' He calmly asked.

'It's there in first drawer.' She said still shivering in fear.

He came with gauze in his hand and antiseptic liquid. He tried to make it as smooth as he could. She closed her eyes in pain, but it was the sweet pain she felt, when he touched her face gently. She closed her eyes in fear, fear of losing him, when she would open her eyes again. She closed her eyes in shy, when she could never meet his soulful eyes again. She closed her eyes in little part of her dream, because she knew it, when she would open her eyes, it would not be the same dream again. She was not allowed, but for this moment, the freezing moment she was willing to forget anything as she found herself melting in his one touch. She shivered from the spine when she felt his long, smooth fingers touched her lips. With pounding heart, she chose not to interrupt the moment. He came closer and closer, she was about to brush her soft lips with his, when she heard him saying, 'Here - That's done!'

And she opened her eyes in surprise. It was something in his eyes, she could not understand. As if he deliberately stopped the moment, as if he forbidden. There was awkward silence between them. She was embarrassed - he was embarrassed. And once again her mind started asking questions to her heart.

'What was that? You were about to give him a kiss? You fool? How could you geet? You forgot everything? He is not your property and you are not allowed.'

'I bet he is thinking the same.' She assured herself.

'Of course, not. You sentimental fool. Geet, you know why are you here okay? Focus.'

'Oh my god, he was thinking about my self respect and my dignity. He is so kind and caring.'

'Oh...shut up you 'senti'...don't forget he is the 'M' The Monster Singh Khurana. He never cares for anyone. Not even his grandmother.'

'I don't think should have...'

She was still struggling between her heart and mind and suddenly her thoughts were disturbed by him. After the clean up, he sat beside her, still worry in his eyes, he asked her again.

'Are you sure you are okay?'


'Does that hurt much?' he flinched.

'Yes. It does, but you don't have to make puppy face for that.' And she smiled.

He was surprised at this girl's nature and 'never-say-die' attitude. He could not believe much, as before few minutes she was crying in his arms and then she was smiling like an innocent child.

'Yes' he could only say that.

' hurts when I smile. Still I'm smiling and never smile. I mean, never, ever?'

He did not say anything but grinned.

' can. And you look nice when you smile. Try it sometime; it will work like magic for girls.'

'I will keep that in mind, too.'

'I doubt how many things regarding me you will keep in your mind? Does it have that much capacity?' she wondered.

He remained silent but his eyes had millions questions which she realized first was about her recent encounter with her brother. She was surprised still, as he didn't choose to ask yet. But she understood his dilemma and before he died in the same puzzle, she decided to blurt it out.

'He is my brother. My step brother. My mother died when I was born, and my father married my step mother, under family pressure. I can hardly relate to her or my brother, but I know my dad is suffering much there. I could not stay there with my step family anymore, my dad knew that so he was ready but in front of my step mother he was too weak, as 'our' home is gifted by her father, so basically, my dad is indebted to them and my step brother and mother are sunk cost. I studied high, and I never told anyone but I ran away from my home because they wanted me to marry some rich old man who was willing to give them his haveli - a very prestigious mansion of our town. I wanted to be independent and free my father from there. I ran away and came here. And from the day, I got good job, I have to send them money every month, without fail or what you just saw, can happen anytime.'

She stopped. He remained silent.

'I am doing this for my father only, once I get my own apartment or just small home, I would bring him here. He just does not listen to me. He does not want to live his town at any cost and I can't see him like this. You see, it's little complicated. But, it's okay. Who does not have problem in home? I'm used to it now.'

He took deep breath. 'That sounds...serious.'

' is, but you know something maan? I made a self-agreement with my mind and heart, that if I ever will worry about my own problems much then I would never be able to solve them. I prefer to leave it up to my performance and fate. I know, it is sounding like some sentimental story, but trust me I never missed my mother because I have never seen her except her marriage's photo. But, I have no regrets too. I've made up this way. My dad gave me everything what I wanted. He was my father and mother. So, basically if you see the big picture, I'm not that much sad and depressed soul, nor devdas.' She smiled.

'Okay. I never knew about this part of you.' He wondered.

'I hope that was not disappointing.'

'Not at all.' He assured.

'It's late. You should go home now.' She mumbled.

'Are you sure, you will be fine?' he repeated.

'Yes, Boss' she re-assured him.

He got up. But before leaving, he placed a glass of water and medicines by her bedside. He left after she was groggy and drowsy; she eventually slept while talking to him, like a small little girl.


As he left her house, he stood by his car for a moment and to check further more if he was still there. He took out his phone and dialed one number.

'Hello...? Yes...It's me...I need more security guards.'

'...No...not at the mansion.'

'I will send you address.'

'...By tomorrow. No excuses. I want it means I want it. Tomorrow only.'

And he cut it off and left from there. He was about to sleep after a cold shower, and he saw a message in his cell. It was from geet.
Thank you.
He saw the little smiley following the text, he smiled and slept.


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awesome update!!

Birj ...Angry disgusting ...glad Maan kicked him.

love it ...awesome!!!

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minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged
this brij...Angry he will always be evil na...Angry
well maan gave him the treatment anyways...!!!!!!!

continue soon!!!!!!

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -dia-

awesome update!!

Birj ...Angry disgusting ...glad Maan kicked him.

love it ...awesome!!!

Oh ! For the third time, you are first ! Big smile

Congo ! Smile

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