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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 63)

SakshiGarg Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:35am | IP Logged
wat is it wid maan's mother???? y he gets furious everytym on her mention???? i m hell confusedConfusedShocked

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SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 2:48am | IP Logged
wow..  awesome update...
i love geet's attitude...
wat wl maan do next???????
plz do cont soon..
thnx 4 d pm..

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Something Called Love


Few weeks passed as usual in work but they did not talk much after the lunch, neither geet asked much nor he wanted to say much. They both worked together but, with less arguments and more silence. He did not like it but it was his big-metal-elephant-size ego that was not allowing him to ask her anything. On the other hand she was happy as she was once again on real world from fairy land trip. She did not like distance from him, but she had to bear it because she was there just for using him and his company. And she would never allow herself for falling for her enemy or her very own 'M' the Monster Singh Khurana.  He tried to avoid her as much as possible because he could not look into her eyes and say anything, not even sorry or just nothing. He was vulnerable when it comes to his family matters which he consider as disturbed and no family at all. In the period of this few weeks she only learned that nobody knew about his family and no one was even, allowed. She found out that adi was his only friend. But, that did not matter much. She chose to stay away from him and avoid him for herself.

It was another normal day when she was working in her cabin as usual and she was bothered by call. It was from adi about acceptance of her recent project and success of it. It was about celebration, means another party, she thought. She refused to come but when she was informed it was big event and even dadima was invited, she was back. She thought about it for sometime and continued her work again.

It was when she was leaving for home, she entered the elevator and there he came. There was silence for some moments. She did not look at him nor did he. He stood beside her, he looked at her but she did not, disappointed by his own action, he removed the gaze. She saw him with narrowed eyes and looking at him giving same attitude, she looked straight again. After few seconds, suddenly he pulled the stop button.

'What are you…' she asked in shock but was cut off.

'…relax. Just listen, you know there is this party tomorrow and they invited dadima too.'

'I know that.' She said and gave him stern look. After so many days, she was looking him, in his eyes.

She thought, he would ask to come again for his dadima, she expected him to beg her for going with him at the party. She mentally started preparing herself for explaining him about her no-carrying-grudges strategy.

'So I just want to tell you that if you don't want to come then don't. I will not force you. I will explain dadima. You don't need to do that anymore.' He said and pushed the button again.

He did it again, she thought. It was never plain and simple business with that guy; he always shocked or surprised her. She looked at him for while and darted away her gaze.


There was silence again in the elevator.

'I'm…' he was about to say something but they reached ground floor and she left without listening him.

'…sorry for that day.' Finally he gave up, his inner battle. He never shared his personal life with anyone and all of a sudden, she came and tried to penetrate into the thick dark wall around his heart, she came with bright light in his dark, disappointed world. He was taken aback, mere one girl whom he met before a month was influencing him and changing him. It was not acceptable for him.


He came late in the party; he hated this, meeting all those fake people around his world. Someone seemed nice or extremely sweet, loving him but the fact he knew was that the reason for them to love him was his empire, his fame, his money and his name. Girls used to go gaga over him, they love him. He was never interested in those girls, never, ever - except for one. He was meeting few clients but he was not interested at all. All he was doing that staring at the entrance door continuously. Somewhere he knew in deep down of his heart that she would come. She would surely come, he tried to concentrate somewhere else, but his mind was occupied in her thoughts and eyes fixed at the door, waiting for her.

Sitting on the chair, waiting for her, he was trying to gulping down the drink clutched in his hand. And there he saw her, coming to him with a guy in black. He checked both of them and looked away as he did not care at all. He saw her once again, though he did not wanted to look at her, she was in black too with dark black hair pinned up well stylishly. Her diamond necklace was shining and adding beauty to her natural face. He felt like he was meeting her after long years, as indeed he was.

There she was - his best friend once upon a time and his ex-girlfriend - Sameera.

She came and greeted him. He did not say anything.

'Hi maan, so long…how are you?' she asked.


'Where is dadima?'

'Must be here.'

'Okay. Here, meet my friend, Vikram - the famous…'

'…industrialist of London. Who does not know him?' he completed her sentence.

'Nice to you Mr. Maan, I heard a lot of you from her as well from media.' He said it politely.

'Thanks.' He said without much interest. He was still looking for her. He excused himself and tried to keep him away from them and everyone what he wanted was just her - her presence.

He was sitting on a chair, clutching glass of wine. It was very rare, him and drinking. He was not fond of it neither he was addicted. But, when he was sad or lonely or extremely happy, he used to have drinks. He was gulping down the drink and thinking about her, and he saw her. The girl in dark purple knee length dress, as usual, in her natural look and long wavy hair. He saw her entering the hall and meeting people and smiling. One thing he was agreed on without any doubt was that she had the best smile in the world. Looking her smiling brightly, a small - tiny smile appeared on his face which he tried to hide but failed. She was talking to some other colleagues and she saw him staring at her shamelessly. She did not feel it right. She was supposed to control herself. She started again between conflict of heart and mind.

'Don't even look at him, geet. You are not allowed.'

'You are not allowed.'

'You are not allowed.'

'Of course, I'm not allowed and I will not look at him, though he is wearing nice black suit, but tie could have been better. Did he just have haircut? Looking nice, Oh…Geet, what are you doing? You are not allowed.'

'Yes, I'm not allowed and definitely I'll not talk with him at all. No. Not at all.'

She was in self-talking mode and she did not realized when in her mental battle between allowed or not allowed when she reached there, near him, just few steps away.

'So you came?' he asked bit hesitatingly.

'I will not talk at all. I'm not allowed.' She thought.

'I had to.' She found herself replying to him.


'…I know you are sorry but don't be. I should have never asked you about your personal life. It was not my business at all.' She said it quite frankly and casually.

'No…it's just that I'm more of a reserved person geet. So, I just can't quickly get along with my…you know…I hope you understand…I…'

'…I know maan. In last few weeks at least I know a little bit of real person inside you. It's perfectly fine. I didn't felt bad at all. But you don't feel bad.'



Soon they were disturbed by his dadima who came with sameera.

'Oh here you are geet. Where have you been? Anyways, sameera meet geet.  She is with Maan - his girlfriend.' She introduced them to her.

It was then her time to get shock, sameera was taken aback. She knew after their break up, maan was always single. She could not digest the fact at all. But, she had no other option but to hide her shock. On the other hand, maan liked it. He was enjoying making sameera jealous as he knew that she was still in love him and his name, fame and money - especially after his success.

'Oh my goodness…Maan I am so happy for you. That's great. She is so beautiful.' She continued her sweet-fake blabbering and he did not pay attention. In stead he found himself lost in the beauty of the lady standing by him, trying to show off as his girlfriend.

'Will you dance with me, love?' he asked her to her shock.

'What?' she eyed him and he asked her again with his mysterious look.

'Sure baby…' she joined in with him in the fake drama.

And there they were on the dancing floor.

'What was that?' she asked him, while clutching her hand on his broad shoulders. He pulled her in closer and tightened his grip over her hip.

'What?' he asked, tried to be ignorant and innocent.

She tightened her grip over her shoulder, almost digging her nails into his shoulders.

'Ouch…that hurts!' he flinched a bit.

'What the hell was that Mr. Maan?' she asked smilingly as they were under spotlight.

'Okay. She is sameera…'

'…I know that.'

'Well, she was my girlfriend in London.'


'We studied together, and then I came here…'

'Oh…so ex - grudges huh?

'Not like that…but you see the effect, she is already boiling' he said and pointed at her, of course, no one could see that, there was no gap between them.

'Oh…jealously business? I got it. You are so evil…' and she laughed.

He looked at her adoringly, her smile was so enchanting and magical, he for once, forgot that they were not together for drama. He twirled her around and pulled her in more closer, and soon she found herself on his broad shoulders, she felt like it was a feeling of homecoming. She did not protest she leaned on him slowly as the music turned to a slow romantic number. He engulfed her in his arms, slowly and decently. She closed her eyes in mixed emotions of fear and pleasure. She had to control but she was just lost in his magical embrace. She did not want to open her eyes, but suddenly he broke the hug and looked at her. Her dream just broke, she was in reality.

'She is gone somewhere. Let's go.' He said swiftly and left the dance floor. And she just stood there; she looked at him in surprise and awe. She stood there rooted for split of second until he snatched her away.

Rest of the party was not boring for both of them, as they found each other. Either fighting or arguing but they were together. They did not realize how much compatible they were each other, but they did not realize someone stalking them. Each and every step of her, someone was noticing her. As, the person saw her leaving the venue with him, the stalker followed them.


'I could have come home alone. My car is bad, but not that much bad as you think, Mr. Maan.' She said.

'I know. But it's quite late and I can't say no to dadima.' He said while driving.

'Okay…' she said hesitantly as she knew by the time that there was something strange kind of relationship between him and his grandmother. She could see love and care in his eyes and his actions for his grandmother but at the lunch and party, he did not even talk to her properly. She was quiet all of a sudden, he saw her, with confusion in eyes and in deep thought. He realized that it was time.

'Geet, I need to tell you something.'

She did not say anything but looked him with silent permission and to continue.

'I…I'm sorry for that day at lunch. But, you see I have this…you know…it will sound so lame, stupid and exaggerated…but…'

'…just say it maan.' She cut him off as she saw felt his hesitance.

'I lost my mother when I was a kid and I don't remember anything about her…just nothing.' He said with strange sadness in his eyes, it was more of a disappointment then sadness.

'It's okay. I understand. Now shall we go? I have to reach home and reach office on time tomorrow; otherwise you know my boss is so cruel. He will fire me; he loves to find reason to fire me.' She smiled. She decisively diverted his mind, as she did not wanted to bring it again because she saw something eccentric feeling in his eyes whenever he used to talk or think about his family.

He smiled.

After they reached, he saw her trailing off to her little home, he started the engine, saw her for few more minutes and left.


As she opened the door and entered, within few seconds, she felt someone's strong hands covering her mouth and nose. She tried to protest but it did not help her. She tried to grab the stick she saved for urgency but again she failed. It was impossible for her to breathe then, she tied to fought more but she failed. And, she was relieved. And, she was taken aback to see him.


And, in reply she was slapped hard - very hard. She fell on the ground and hit her head from the corner of the table core. With excruciating pain in head, she looked up and asked with tears shining in her eyes, 'What do you want now?'


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Wonderful part!!!

loved it ...amazing one!!

Who is the guy???

pls con soon ...

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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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I loved the update!

MG were awesome!

Pssht. I already hate Sameera LOL

Oooh I wonder who was in Geet's room? :O

Update soon!


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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -dia-

Wonderful part!!!

loved it ...amazing one!!

Who is the guy???

pls con soon ...

WOW ! For the second time, you are first to comment !

Cheers ! 

Thank you so much dear ! Hug
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Thanks for the PM and a thriller update...hey who is this guy who slapped Geet...please end this suspense soon

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