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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 57)

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Take care
get well soon

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Hey guys ! First of all, 

Thank You So Much for all your wishes ! Thank you and a Big Bear Hug for you all ! It does matter to me ! 

You all Rock my world ! Embarrassed

Love you guys ! Hug

I'm perfectly fine now, I was sick and tired of word ' Rest ' LOL So, here i'm with new update ! Basically, I can't lie on bed all the time, so here I am ! Fit and Fine, Healthy as Horse ! Big smile

Sorry for any mistake, apologies ! Tongue


Something Called Love


It was 10am in the morning, she skipped the office as it was her another business meeting that day. By then, she had tried fifteen different outfits but nothing was fit for her. She did not know how his grandmother will react, and how she was. She was nervous but she had no option but to choose one simple white dress which was natural yet classy. She decided to keep it traditional as she was meeting his dadima. She did not realized when clock ticked 12 and she saw his car from the window and left. His driver was waiting for her. As soon as the car entered the grand and huge mansion, she saw the small board at the entrance, glowing in sunrays, in old rich style it was written 'Khurana Mansion' on that. She saw the huge garden before the mansion; she did not realize it yesterday when she left in hurry. But she was taking time then, observing his mansion, which was established in pure royal way and the area was about in acres she thought. She passed by the parking and literally stopped for a minute, to count the numbers of stylish cars he had, there were thirteen cars in there and most notably, she loved all of them, they all were her dream cars, she always used to drive them in her dreams, she was surprised that this man had thirteen cars! She repeated in her mind for a second, 'One…Two…Three…Four…O.M.G. thirteen cars! I love that yellow beetle, Cherry red Mercedes sports car, Oh My God… is this a dream?' she was in her self-taking mode, She have never seen the house like that, it was excessively vast that her full family with all the relatives from all the way could comfortably live there. She felt like she was in some Jaipur's royal palaces, nonetheless it was not much different.

As soon as she found herself at the grand entrance, she saw two of the servants coming outside to invite her. She felt awkward, never in her entire life was she being welcomed like this, at least not by family, five stars hotels were unusual case then. She reached the main hall, too big and vast hall with stylish furniture with ancient look adding beauty of the mansion and there she saw the big picture hanging on the wall, it looked like paint to her. She was a young lady, wearing red sari and sitting on the chair with a person standing behind her, he looked like a king of the place. And the lady was wearing an enchanting smile; she was divinely beautiful and classy woman. She thought they may be his parents. Breaking the deep concentration of her gazing at the picture, she was disturbed by same dry voice of her 'M'. she turned around to look for him but she did not find him and then only she realized that he was talking on phone with someone near his room, she looked him for sometime but having the thought about him not finishing the talk, she moved on walked around the hall and she came across the room. And, there she saw a woman coming out from the room; she hid herself around the corner so that no one could see her.

She looked at her, a perfectly wrapped off white sari with golden broad border and ponchas, her favorite. The lady had fair complexion and she narrowed her eyes and soon she realized that she was the same lady she just saw in the picture. She was simple yet dynamic. The only major difference between the picture and the real lady she was looking was, about the color of her sari. She was amazed by her beauty, yet at this age she was lovingly and outstandingly beautiful and more importantly she was dynamic and impressive personality. She noticed her body language and the way she ordered the servant about work, it was purely authoritative but yet polite. As soon as she left the room, geet came out and tiptoed outside room and before anybody could see she left the mansion. After watching this dynamic lady she was much nervous, she had never seen such personalities except in movies. But here it was for real, she was about to take lunch with the lady, the mere thought of it made her shiver. She looked back once again and ran towards the doors as fast as she could and reached the main door from where she came just before few minutes. But soon she felt herself smacked in someone, against someone's broad chest and muscular arms; she opened her eyes through labored breath with a sweat covering her forehead just to see him. Yes. He was there; her 'M' Monster Singh Khurana caught him.

'Running away, huh?' he asked confusedly.

'I can't…have you ever looked at your grandmother? She is just…just…WOW! I'm nothing in front of her and look at my cloths, I'm looking like an appellant who wants claim relief subsidy from your royal palace or mansion whatever…' she said in one quick breath.

He tried to hide his grin at this girl's innocence and nervousness, it was always mystery for him how this girl who is highly professional and intelligent at work has this small girl innocence in her. As if the child in herself has refused to grow up but at the same time she had a profound sense of maturity. She was certainly a piece of art for him which he can explore more and more every time he talked with her.

She kept blabbering something on and on and he kept staring at her and then suddenly he realized that they were outside under hot sun in the mid of summer.

'Geet…look at me…just look at me and listen to me now. You see she is just a normal person like you and me…'

'…who said you are normal? You are her grandson, just like her.'

'Will you please shut up and listen to me? By the way, you are not normal. Well, leave that topic for now and look geet, she is normal human being and trust me she is very simple person and she likes simplicity. She will like you…please just don't be nervous. Be yourself. That's it. You can do it. Trust me you can. You are genuine and simple girl and she loves straight person. In fact, anyone can like you.' He said looking straight into her eyes, holding her shoulders tight.

'Are you sure?' she narrowed her eyes.

'Yes. Now can we go inside? It's too hot here.' He said wiping the sweat on his forehead.

'Don't forget to act like a girlfriend' he added when they were entering the hall.

'Don't touch me, Mr. Maan' she whispered in his ear.

As soon as they entered the hall, she was there to welcome them. She came forward and greeted her. She did that, though she was nervous she tried her level best and at a time when she was confused, he covered her up. After formal meeting, they were set on the dining table and she was hell nervous looking at the menu, it was like she was attending marriage.

'So geet, when did you two met?' she asked adjusting herself on the table.

'Er…at the airport' she said.

'Office.' He stated.


'Oh! Dadima, we first met at the airport and then I saw her in my office, she joined the office before month'

'Okay. I'm so sorry geet I could not keep up with the office lately. There was a time when I used to handle the company but after maan graduated he never let me come to office even.' She said handing her the bowl of perfectly polished glass crockery.

'I did not know that.' She said.

'I wonder why maan did not tell you.'

'It's okay, ma'am.'

'Call me dadima. Everyone does, from office too.'

'Okay, dadima.'

'So…from where are you?'

'Hmmm…I'm from…er…'

'Hoshiyarpur' he stepped in.

'Yes, that it is hoshiyarpur a small town in…'

'…I know. It's nice place. I've been there when I was at your age.' She understood the confusion of her and tried to make her feel comfortable.

Geet felt relieved.

Rest of the lunch went peacefully and they talked about things which geet was not even interested in. After they finished lunch, he went to pick up call leaving both the lady to talk, though he signed geet about not to talk much and leave as soon as possible, he was little bit tensed because he knew his grandmother. She was quick and sharp woman, it hard for him to hide something from her.

After he left, they both were standing near the wall; geet was still stuck at the same painting of his grandparents. She was looking at it adoringly and she felt someone standing behind her back, she turned around to find savitridevi.

'You are still as beautiful as you were. I love this painting very much.'

'It was from my very first anniversary. He was mad for paintings' she said looking at it jogging her memory about married life.

'Do you miss him a lot?' she asked in flow of emotion only after she asked, she realized that she was getting more personal and she quickly corrected her mistake.

'Oh…I'm so sorry…I should not ask such questions and interfere much…'

'…its okay, geet. Yes I miss him a lot but I am not sad since he left me with ambition. He gave me another birth, he is always with me, after he left I ran his empire. And geet when there is ambition in your life, for your loved ones wish, with their support, you never feel lonely. Physical distance never counts then.' She said looking at her in mysterious way.

She was once again amazed by this lady. She just nodded as she was speechless.

'I know geet, you don't love him and neither does he.'

'No ma'am…I mean dadima…it's just…'

'…it's okay geet. Don't hide it from me. It's fine with me. I know he would do anything for me but he would never accept it. He could not avoid me so he would try everything to send me somewhere just somewhere far away from him, as I know him well he could not avoid me nor hate me. I don't know what is there between you two but I know one thing that I'm not leaving him alone this time. He may be acting like he is the king of the world and he does not need anyone but the truth is that my maan is after all, a human being, he needs someone. I don't know in future I will see you ever again or not, but as far as you are around him, I can assure myself that he will come out from his dark world.'

'What are you saying? I mean…'

'You don't need to think much beta, just relax. Let it be as it is. You are very nice girl; I see the same innocence and genuineness in your eyes as I saw in his mother's eyes.'
'I never knew about his parents…' she was about to ask about them but she saw him coming their way and she dropped the idea.

He signed him for leave from there and she did. He came close to her and embraced her from shoulder and tried to be as sweet as he could, 'Shall we leave now?'

She was feeling uncomfortable then as she knew they failed miserably in front of his dadima. She just nodded yes.


'Goodbye, beta. I would definitely like to meet you again.' Savitridevi said genuinely.
Maan rolled his eyes and bid goodbye and left as soon as simple.

He chose cherry red sports car, it was his favorite car, but then, she was not interested as she was lost somewhere. On the way, geet was silent. She chose not to tell anything to maan, about her conversation with dadima. But she was confused about her encounter with his dadima, there was something strange in her eyes, it was disappointment and failure when she mentioned his mother's name. She never took much interest in his parents; it was just that she knew his father's name that was it. She did not even know who his mother was and what her name was.

'See, it all went well. You were just nervous a bit.' He said calmly.

She did not say anything.

'Hello? Miss Geet Handa, come out from trance, we are back in your real world.' He shook her.


They did not say anything much but she could not but ask him about his mother, but in her style.

'I did not even know your mother's name. You should have told me in there, we could have been caught.' She said trying to act like ignorant.

As she mentioned about his mother, his facial expression changed. He did not look at her neither did he said anything; instead he looked at the road with wary expressions and strange fury in his eyes.

'Stick to the business and don't cross your limits, Miss Geet Handa. I think you would like me to drop you here.' He said maintaining his stern voice.

'So sorry Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, my mistake. And, yeah I would like you to drop me here only.' She said with same stern voice.

And he stopped the car and she smacked the door on his face and left walking on the road. He saw her walking on the road and looking for cab. He stayed there for a while and he smacked his hand on the steering wheel in extreme anger.

'Damn it!'

She took a cab and lost in the same thought, she was sad but the other way she was happy that he showed her the place where she belongs. She was happy that he opened her eyes, she was daydreaming and he made her realized that what she was dreaming of pleasant and loving rainfall in the mid of hot and cruel summer. Just like her life, cruel and vindictive day, she smiled through her tears that he finally made her realize that she was just part of the game and not the player. She was just chasing a dream that was never hers, in huge, vast desert she was looking for pond with lotus in it. She smiled at her own foolishness. She thanked god and him for throwing her out from the clouds of fake happiness and dreams, direct on earth.

After all, she was not allowed, she thought and quickly wiped one tear dropped from corner from her hazel round eyes, she smiled again on her fate.


Next day in office, when he entered his cabin he saw a cheque on the table with a yellow post it notes with it. He took it and read it.

Mr. Khurana.

I don't need your money. Consider this as your payback for putting up with me later that night and give me shelter for one night. I hope it settles my account with you.

Miss Handa.

He read it again and crushed the note, tore apart the cheque and threw them in trashcan.

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wonderful part!!!

loved it ...amazing!!!

Hope U r better now,TCBig smile

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lovley update
so sweet
loving dadima's character
every thng was so beautifullly described
loved it

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Awesome update!

Wonder what's up with Maan's parents! Dadima was nice!!!

Continue soon :)


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wow loved the write up...Maddy do take care of yourself babe...dont stress so much.

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Thanks for the update dear...
So Geet has walked out from the contract...has she left KC also?????/
Maan is arrogant,,,,,,
with this update it looks like he has some type of past relating to his mom...
continue soon

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beautiful part.
loved it.
 continue soon.
 hope u r feeling better now

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