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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 119)

wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Great update!
continue soon

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
part 17
so touching...
Maan was so broken and letting everything now...
his step mother Maya Gujral is sure a heartless person...
hope Geet tells Maan soon everything...
cont soon...

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by basicquestion1

Being illegal only stands valid till u don't accept sum1 but at first
maan is a real khurana and secondly they have accepted him so now Maya can b slapped with this answer :)
whn maan broke down in dadi's lap, it was so sweet to read.
Uff Maya is an evil mastermind. Hate her.
Maddy thank u so much for taking time to update.
Though I'm anxiously waiting foe the nxt update, I wud like u take ur time for fun . Once u r done with ur stuff then update but yes plzzz make it long then if u update after sum days.

Thank u again for a nice read :)

Hey...I'm back and so tired and groggy ! Just woke up ! I just can't live without my updates response ! LOL I need to check comments first and reply them first ! 

It matters ! Tongue

BTW, Thank you so much babes for loving it and you know after this one what you said is so right, 

" After so many years Maan is Home :) " Embarrassed

WOW ! Embarrassed

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanzy

      as u told playboy was all about relations...
maddy i find this as well...story of beautiful betrayed by evils...n sm pouring endless love
relation of mother n child is smthing having no counterpart in the world same is the thing struck to maan's thoughts i guess...
but we cant claim anything which was never ours...
moreover sucha nasty lady dont deserve maans love...
i wish he soon realize it...
the love he was craving least he found it...from right person...dadima...i loved there scene...
i know u are busySmile, take ur tym honey...
n thanx for update in busy routine...
love uHug
oh one more thing...dat song me kbhi btlata just enough to make me cry...n when i imagined it on was too much for meCryCry

Yes, Shan you caught it ! I always thought, Maan and Dadima has a great bonding ! And, i really love Dadima ! So, it was little attempt from me !

And, yes ! Again, Relations ! Embarrassed

Maan will come out but with difficulty, you see ? A mere child, at this small age, he came to know about that, but as he could never accept ! He will accept slowly, coz Maan loved her innocently and selflessly ! It's hard to get away from her, to cut the cord ! 

But, when geet is there no worries ! Tongue

And, yes I came back last night, late ! So, tired and groggy ! But could not resist GF ! LOL

Thanks and love you shan ! Hug

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess163

*swati waves*

Hey ! 

I finally came and free ! 

Still tired and now another task begins ! Editing snaps ! LOL But, for that one task I will not stop updating and replying to your pink lines !

BTW, I loved your poem for Playboy ! WOW ! Clap

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Awesome update! Thanks 4 da pm. Hate Maya...Poor Geet. Geet needs to tell Maan everything asap!

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged

Something Called Love


Next morning, with a drizzling and cloudy atmosphere she opened her eyes to witness the slow rain, she was still unhappy and scared about her meeting with maya. She decided to tell him the truth the same day but she was shocked to see him later night, all that he tolerated and the rejection at such small age. She wanted to be with him, to soothe him, to encourage him but she knew, at that time he needed his grandmother more than her. She wanted to say him truth but still somehow in her deep heart, she had a feeling that it was not the right time for it, as he was already dishearten and broken but with the hope of releasing from her guilt she entered the office and it was different atmosphere there. He was not there, he had few meetings to attend; she knew it that he would hide himself from the world, especially from her. She tried to contact him but it was of no use.

In between all other things whirling around in her life, she almost forgot that it was her friend's pinkey's marriage in few days and they were not there. As she was the maid of honor, she had to help pinkey in all the preparation. She was on leave for few days.  Her days spent busy with marriage preparations and shopping. She did not realize when the day of her marriage arrived and she came to know about the fact that he was best man. She prepared herself for confession, she decided to tell him the truth this time come what may.

She reached the venue on the time as pinkey asked her to prepare her wedding vows. Basically, she was misbelieved that geet could write much better and different vows than her. And, geet did not get the time to prepare her vows that was the reason she reached before the time, but she was shocked to see that she was not before the time but she was on the time. She stood outside the hall and waited for him to come as she was informed that he would bring the ring and adi's vows and basically her idea was to copy adi's vows directly without any shame as she had no idea which kind of vows they prepare for such occasion.

Though he did not wanted to attend the marriage or just anything, he was forced to do this, as adi was his true friend and loyal employee. After accepting the fact rather knowing it, he was depressed and more than that, he found it all baseless and aimless. He did worked hard and achieved everything for her so that she could accept him but he learned few days back that it was useless and aimless. He was asking one question why he was doing that, now. He felt like chasing nothing in particular, without aim, everything seemed so fake and so aimless to him. However, still he managed to attend the ceremony but he was fighting with his lost confidence and self respect. He entered the hall and he was stunned by the beauty of the lady standing near the door, he was amazed by her looks, she was in light pink sari, leaving her long silky hair opened and perfect long diamond earrings shining from the corner, making her look outstandingly gorgeous and she checked her thumb whether she was wearing his ring or not and she was wearing it - he smiled. The only person on the earth who could make him smile or even react to something. He had never seen in her sari, he was purely spellbound by her beauty. He did not realize when he reached there near her; he did not remove his gaze from her for a single moment. As she saw him staring at her continuously, she quickly check herself whether she was not looking like fool. She broke the silence and interrupted his gaze,

'So you brought the ring and vows?' she asked hastily.

'Er…I gave ring to him and vows? I don't even know what to write…' he said emptily.

She immediately realized that he was still in the same moment, he was still broken, his confidence was shaken, she never found his eyes so discouraged and lifeless. She decided to involve him in something that could help him in at least some way. As usual she knew it, he would only react to her over drama and she started it.

'O.M.G. Maan, I was counting on you. Even I don't know what to write. Oh my god…She will kill me now…Ceremony will start in any moment now and look at me…I have no vows for my best buddy…The marriage will cancel now…the world is ending…' she said it exaggeratedly.

'Hey relax…we can still make it. Come here, come sit down.' He pulled her up on the bench outside the place; they were under the tree in which purple and glowing lights were glimmering.

'What are you doing?'

'Do you have a paper?'

'No. I just have this stupid invitation card cum pass.' she smiled even in her worried state.

'Fine. Give it to me. 'He requested calmly.

She passed it to him and he removed the cover and turned it back and started to write something.

'What are you doing?'

'Now suppose, if you want to get married then what will be your vows?'

'Oh! I can't…because I'm not marrying anyone now!' she snapped.

'I know…you just have to assume. Pretend that you are in marriage hall, everybody has come to blessed you and your partner, you are in bright white dress looking heavenly gorgeous and in front you, your man is there in tuxedo, adoring you and loving you through his eyes. The minister had just come and asked you to declare your vows. What will you say?'

By then, she was in some other world, like he said she was there in her own marriage, she was in bright white dress and her man was standing in front of her in black suit with dark purple collar and same dark tie with maintained and perfectly trimmed hair and stubble. There was divine love and warmth in his deep soulful honey colored eyes. He loved her, through his eyes, he adored her. They were together, holding hands in hands. She was smiling through tears, and there was a shine of sweet lone tear in his sparkling eyes. She observed him; the man in her imagination was identical to the man sitting in front of her in real. She closed her eyes in dismay, she was dreaming about him in front of him. Suddenly she found herself lost in his presence.

'Okay…if I have to make vows, I will make it like this. You can change if you want to' She said dreamingly.

'I will pen down. Say it.'

'First, He will love me even when he will hate me.'

He started to pen it down.

We will love each other, even when we will hate each other.

'Second, He will have to love me even when I will be having Cancer or Alzheimer.'

We will love each other, even when any of us will have Cancer or Alzheimer.

'Third, Come what may, he will never run away, never, ever. He will fight and survive but not escape.'

We will never run away from the situations, come what may, we will fight and survive but we will never escape.

'These were some basic vows, but in real, I have got so many conditions, if you want to write all of that…'

'Oh! No…not at all. That will do.'

And he stood up and handed him the card on which back he wrote the vows.

'You are not bad.' He tried to smile but he failed miserably.

'You, too!' she smiled and looked at him, but she was disappointed. The spark in his eyes was gone somewhere.

And they were entered the hall together, she found pinkey to hand her the vows. She came and gave it to her but she refused.

'Oh! Geet, thank you but adi made it. And I just loved it in his way, now it's of no use.'

And she left for ceremony.

'Kamal karti he…' She crushed the paper and handed it to him in anger, and left.

The wedding ceremony finished peacefully and it was dance party after that, she was sitting with her friends on the corner of the bar and she saw him standing alone in the corner, she found it correct opportunity to tell him the truth. She left from there and went to him; she was shocked to see that he was drinking hard; his eyes were dark and hollow.

'Have I told you that you are looking heavenly gorgeous today?' he asked as he saw her.


'Well, then you are…'

'Thank you, Mr. Khurana.'

'My pleasure Miss Handa.'

'Maan…I wanted to tell you something'

'I know…'

'What?' she was taken aback.

'I know…you wanted to tell me that you are sorry.'

'Why?' she asked in shock and horror.

'Because you came that night and I was low and you are feeling guilty for that, right?'

'Maan…it's not that you…'

'…I know geet. It's not your fault that I'm a street side random…'

'…don't ever say that again or you will face the consequences.'

'Strange! Dadima also warned me and now you…?'

'Because we lo…because she loves you maan. You are her son, why are you hurting her now?'

'Am I? Am I hurting her? No…Geet. It's my luck, my fate that is hurting her, just because of me she had to bear all these things and…'

'…you are drunk! You don't know what you are talking. All I know is that you are Mr. Maan Singh Khurana and this kind of behavior does not suit you at all. You are a good, intelligent and smart businessman, maan. You have done this on your own. You are the one who made Khurana Construction top company of the country and now after one fact, you are convinced that you are rejected? Are you trying to tell me that all this happened without your effort, your brain, and your talent? Maan, I don't know what you and anyone thinks about you, but for me, you are the greatest creation of your dad and not mistake. And, you are insulting the greatest creation of your dad and my boss and my only close friend. Don't ever say that you do not belong to this…It's for you and created by you…Do you get me? Maan, name can be given by someone but love…well, all I know is that you are Mr. Maan Singh Khurana grandson of Savitridevi Khurana, and don't you dare hurt her or me…That's it.' She said in one quick breath and sighed heavily.

'Do you…?'

There was a silence between them; they both did not say anything then. As the music started in the background, he asked her for dance.

'May I…?'

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We will love each other, even when we will hate each other.

We will love each other, even when any of us will have Cancer or Alzheimer.

We will never run away from the situations, come what may, we will fight and survive but we will never escape.

loved the vows to the core

i can't imagine MSK like this,want my MSK back

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