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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129 (Page 114)

katerpillar Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
I saw ur ff link after reading ur PLAYBOY...nd I've read it widout any break...1-16...u write really well  Thumbs Up...loved it very much...waiting eagerly fr ur next update...plzzz do pm me...btw I also loved ur other os n ss...very well written...Smile

-AlwaysDamon- Senior Member

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
okay so here i am...after playboy the word for this...'

awww...maaan...s**t...i am so mad at tht maya...hate her a lot...

hw can sumone reject a mere small ten yr old boy...???????

maan was so sad...and broken...awww...i cried for him...poor him...and geet she was awesome...and BTW i jst luved ur rain and strom thing with indirect somparison with maan's was beautiful...and i liked d fact tat she gave him right advise to go to dadima...ohhh poor...dadiama...she is so nice...and maan ignored her lifetime...aww...

good work...maddy...

now update soon...pls i hope this marriage and party in ur home finishes soon n u wll update for us...:)

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
sad and shocking part!
even i was in tears by the end of the part!...
how can someone be so heartless and selfish???...disgusting!
poor maan!
continue soon!
basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Maddy... Don't want to annoy u ... I know u have sum wedding stuff going on but plzzz update soon whn u get a chance.
Dekho maan kab se udas hai :( I wanna read how will his heart
cool down. I can't help him but u can :)
rani-lucki IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
i loved part 16...was so emotional :-)
iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by basicquestion1

Maddy... Don't want to annoy u ... I know u have sum wedding stuff going on but plzzz update soon whn u get a chance.
Dekho maan kab se udas hai :( I wanna read how will his heart
cool down. I can't help him but u can :)

Yes...I'm busy in marriage and now in next thirty to forty mins, I'm off to one day picnic...but before that I will update next part so you guys will not curse me...I'm extremely busy these days yr...I have read all comments but not enough time to reply to each of them...Will be doing that work too...After i will be back home..Embarrassed

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged

Sorry for late update and THANK YOU ALL for great response to PLAYBOY...And I'm extremely busy these days, and I read all your comments but not enough time to reply each of them...I will reply to all of you after i will be back home...Right now off to picnic...!!! Embarrassed

Huh...So busy LOL

Something Called Love


As he entered the room, he saw his grandmother sitting opposite side on the bed; he went ahead and sat on the floor near her feet. He could not dare to look at her. She was still crying silently, he touched her feet and she ran fingers through his hairs. They did not say anything for a moment and the she broke the silence.


That was it. She said it and he released the gush of tears he never shed for years; all his hidden and blocked tears for years was finally left free to flow away. He put his head in her lap and cried like a small child, same 10 year old boy, innocently as any boy would cry in front of his mother, hugging her tight and securing him from the whole world. She did not say anything but cried more looking at her grandson - her son - her life. Finally the moment came from which she was scared, the reality of his grandson's life that he was not legal son of Khurana Family. He was his father's first love's child. She remembered the dreadful yet blessed night when she first saw him.

Savtridevi was as usual reading book in the night lamp and someone knocked her door and she opened it just to see ten year old boy standing there with her son. The boy was cute and sweet, with deep honey colored eyes and baby long hairs.


'Who is this, amar?'

'Mom…he is Maan, my son.

After initial shock, thirty minutes later, he broke the silence with tears in his eyes.

'She died this morning I came to know about him by letter she left. Mom, all these years she never bothered us for anything but today she was dying, she had to tell me. She brought him up for nine years, and never complained.'

'What? Preeti died? How? And? Amar…no…please say no…Maya will never tolerate this.'

'I had no choice mom, he is my son, and I could not leave him there on the road like this.'


'…mom I loved her so much, we could not marry but for god sake please don't do this to him. What is his fault? He is still my son…I never loved maya, anyways. You know that, our marriage was just a deal…I still regret it…she doesn't love me…she doesn't love anyone mom…'

'I will bring her back mom; maya will come back next year.' He added.

As he knew that he was giving her last chance, he always knew that maya never loved him, but his family and name khurana was enough for her to marry him. He left with regret in his eyes, as he lost his love. He left him with her - his grandmother.

And she welcomed him, with all love and warmth. He was a clever and charming boy. She fed him and told him stories; she kept running fingers in his long baby hairs and made him sleep in her lap. She loved him, as days passed; she became more and more attached to him. He was her life now, she cared for him like she cared for her own son, and she brought her up. He also liked her company, they were happy until the day maya came back home. He was a child, he thought her mother came back, but he was not aware of the fact that maya hated him to the core. She came back for money, divorce and to get huge amount of compensation. She was there in the mansion for few years and one day she left them, she left him crying and screaming. And she could not even stop her as she knew that it was for his good sake, that woman never loved him.

To save him from hurt and pain, savitridevi, decided to keep mum and decided not to tell this secret to anyone, but as she was scared, the day had come when he came to know about it from dev. But what shocked her most was that, he was already aware of the fact that she was not his mother and yet he tried to chase her, he asked her silently to love him and all those years, he kept the pain, the hurt, the awful feeling of rejection to himself. He never shared it with her.

She was thinking about him, soothing him and running fingers in his hairs and she was interrupted by him.

'I…I'm so sorry dadima…I'm so…' he sobbed.

'No…beta…no. You are my son. I love you, in fact I'm sorry I hide it from you all these years.'

'I was a fool to ignore you like this, slap me dadima. I am awfully terrible son, I really do not deserve your love, I…I am very bad…I always ignored you…'

He added.

'I…do not belong to this…'

'…never. Never say this again, maan. If you ever want me to see happy then you will never ever utter these words again in your entire life.' She said firmly.

He did not say anything, but nothing could help him from the feeling of dejection and the rising pain of the word…'Illogical'. He could not say anything to his grandmother, as he knew, she loved him a lot. He had no right to hurt her anymore.

'Promise me maan. You will never leave me and our home. Promise me.'

'I promise…' He hardly said it.

'Its okay…its okay…' she chanted again and rubbed his back with gentle pats.

He looked up and asked in most innocent way ever, 'Can I sleep here in your lap tonight?'

She smiled at his yet maintained innocence, 'Of course!'

And he got up and slept in her lap. She was still, running fingers in his hair. And he did not realize when he slept. She smiled, after 18 years he was there in her lap, sleeping peacefully.

It was just that they were not aware of the fact that someone was standing near the door and looking at them adoringly, shedding tears. As geet saw dadima, switching off lights silently and carefully, coming to her tiptoed. She silently stepped back and came to the passage, stood near the window, staring at the rain, it was stable then, the storm was vanished, and the rain was clear and beautiful then. She felt someone patting her back, and she turned around as she knew that she was dadima.

'Thank you for bringing my son back.' She whispered in silent night, except for sound of the rain.

'Please…dadima…don't say that! I think it's late I should go home now.' She said and then she left the mansion.

As she came out in the rain, she stood there for a moment; she was not in a rush to go home which was empty. She felt guiltier by then, she supported and worked for that person, the lady who was cruel to him and who rejected him. In stead of telling him the truth she was finding excuses to delay it. Though she was relieved by the burden but then she was doing another mistake by not telling him the fact. She was once again saved by god today morning when she was called. She remembered the talk between them in her AC soundproof cabin.

'Why you called me in here?' she asked irritatingly.

'Relax handa. I just wanted to clarify one thing to you.'


'That maan is not my son.'

'What? But…he is… '

'Listen to me carefully now.'

She continued.

'Maan is not my son, he is my step son, a big mistake of my ex-stupid-husband. But that is not point handa, my point is that, by now you must have known the fact that dev is my son and also a heir and legal son of me and Amar Khurana. Maan is nothing, no one. He is just a random boy from the street. I want my son to get the place he deserves. That savitridevi accepted him and look at my son. I can't see this injustice to my son and you will help me, handa. I know, you are close to him…may be you two…You see there can be danger accidents on highways and roads…all I need you to do is to get him without his guards and security…'

'Control your words, Mrs. Maya Gujral. And, before you offer me anything, I am finally telling you that I will not agree to anything you offer. So please save your time. And please delete my number from your contacts as I do not wish to talk with you in future as long as I will live.'

And she left it, angrily.

She left it from there unaware of the fact that her talk was recorded by her, only the part which she wanted to record and to use it in future. Though she had warned maya to stay away from her but still there was a little piece of burden, in her heart that she hid it all from the maan, she felt suffocating in the open ground under the heavy rain. She kept drenching in the rain, and tried to console herself, but she could not. He trusted her, he told the biggest secret of his life that he never mentioned to anybody till date but only her, she was holding much significance in his life, it was proved, and she felt guiltier. By then, she was aware of the fact that Maya was dangerous to him, as she had worked for her in past; she knew that how powerful and dangerous she could be. She was scared for him; she prayed to god that he did not have to pay price for her mistakes. She stood there for few more minute and then she left.

It was middle in the night when she was restless in the bed, changing sides, getting up and pacing back and forth in the room, she could not sleep thinking about his state, and when she could not control much, she willingly got up and called dadima to ask for maan and only after she assured her that he was sleeping peacefully, she went to bed, still edgy, she was lost in his thoughts, after all that happened with him all these years and today, she respected him more and more, it was not about sympathy but she respected his will, his courage and his emotional strength, though he seemed weak to her but there was something in his eyes which made her believe that he was emotionally very strong person, she kept thinking about him and she did not realized when she slept.


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nazsij Senior Member

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ye maaya tho ggrrr i will kill her...awesome update...maan is an illegal son but he is symbol of nothing is matters...loved it.super update...

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