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MG FF - Something Called Love - Part 18 : Page 129

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged

Smile Smile Smile

Hey Guys, me again ! Back ! Well, First of all, i need to give my introduction ! 

My name is Maddy as in Maan ki Maddy, MaanddyWink 

I'm a huge fan of Maaneet ! Many of you know me on GF for my fair share of posts and OS and SS ! Wink

And, this is my very first FF ! Smile

And, i'm hell nervous, like shivering literally ! I highly doubt on my ability to finish this whole thing, so please tell me if you like it or not ! I will try to justify it, but i can not give you all guarantee, so if you don't like it, please do inform me ! 

I will stop writing this and utilize my time in writing other OS and SS !

Here are my attempts on OS and SS :

And, here comes my new FF on Maaneet ! Check it ! Smile

One major declaration about my FF : I have kept it as simple as i could ! Big smile

Those who wants PM, please add me in your buddy list ! All those who are in my buddy list will receive my PMs ! 

And, yes one more thing, please ignore my PMs if you are not a reader !

I decided not to update PM list, as i'm very much lazy for that ! LOL 

Do leave your comments, whether they are positive or negative ! I would love to read them ! Call me greedy, i don't mind ! LOL



* * *

Something Called Love


Something, One thing, called Love,

She never knew, what it is, what is that 'L' word thing, neither she was interested.

Nor was he,

Fate brought them together.

Some say, love is blind, love is life, love is beautiful, and she said,

Love is a four letter word, means nothing. Just four letter word.

At first sight love, she never believed, nor did he.

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:46am | IP Logged

: Reserved Page For Author's Note :

I will update and edit this page later on as the story moves forward and if i feel, at any time to justify or give a note for something or literally anything ! 

You guys can check this anytime you want ! Smile

Okay, so my first take on this one is,

1. My character Geet is very much different from the show ! 

2. Same goes for, Maan ! I have used my freedom Wink and changed him a bit, not too much ! 

3. I will keep it as real as i could ! As in, for real life issues ! Wink

4. Oh yeah ! The most important one, please forgive me for any mistakes as me 'nansi si jaan' can make mistakes especially when i'm ruining my sleep and writing in the midnight like a ghost ! LOL So, Sorry for any mistake you find ! Chala lena ! ROFL

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 6:55am | IP Logged

Something Called Love


New Delhi

She stood there, near the pane, gazing at the sunset, it was the end of the day, the dusk, but it was beginning for her life. She could not make out whether it was fine or dire, but it was her fate.

She came backside, and looked at the young woman, a bride to be in front of her, a replica of her, same eyes, same features, she was looking beautiful, like a perfect bride should seem to be, wearing red and white sari, with most striking jewellery, and crimson look, She once again looked at her with narrowed eyes, in the mirror and muttered, 'I'm getting married!' with the weirdest expression ever. She sat there expressionlessly. She was still in disbelief that, she was getting married.

She was disturbed by a sweet voice, which later, turned into a panic one, 'Oh! Jeez! You are not ready yet! Geet, what on the earth are you doing? It is supposed to be your marriage today!'

'Can you get me a beer?' she said, trying to bite her nails, but did not.

'What?' have you gone mad?'

'Get me a beer, I'm nervous, please, you do understand me right?' she pleaded. She, indeed, was edgy.

'Okay! Wait! I'm coming but get ready!

'Love you, pinkey!' she smiled nervously and left for the washroom, for a while, she sat in the washroom, still the same thought and same disbelief, covering her mind.

'Here you go! But please, geet I know you are nervous, but its fine, it is okay, honey!' pinkey reassured her.

'Thanks!' and she started gulping down the drink.

After few seconds, and gulping the half of the drink, she looked at her, with little satisfaction, 'You are a savior, pinks!'

'Geet! What are you doing? It's your marriage, for god sake, be happy!'

'I' m happy.'

'No! You are not; this pathetic habit, this drink of yours can't make you happy!'

'Then what…? What can make me happy? Pinks! Tell me! You know something; I deserve this, so it doesn't matter now! I ought to have this only, and who wants pleasure, anyways? I lost my right to be happy the day, I betrayed him, so just let it be, I am just fed up, I already messed things up, now I do not want more drama, at least for my dad! He will die! So, please let me enjoy my wedding! My grand wedding…! Wow! I'm getting married…! You, too enjoy, go and enjoy yourself.' she snorted a hysterical laugh.

There was a silence in the room, both of them did not speak much, eventually, they knew the answer, but they successfully avoided it. Without further argument, she left from the room, after giving her the last warning, to be on time, to the aisle. Geet, looked at her, trailed away in frustration, she smiled a bit, at her frustration and her own confusion. She got up from the bed and once again, looked at herself in mirror, those eyes, she looked in her own eyes, for a second, and dart away the gaze, to avoid her hidden sadness, to avoid the hidden tears from herself. She looked at wedding card, put on the table; she read it again for the last time,

Ms. Geet
Mr. Nikhil

And, she threw it away, finished the drink in one large sip, flinched a bit and wiped her face, and left for the occasion, the day of her life.



He was waiting for her, standing near the trails, seaside; it was full moon, on the beach. He stood there in his black attire, shining in the moon light, with raw expression, tired and exhausted, but somehow, he could manage to arrange that. Still, he was wondering, why she had arranged the business meeting which was formal dinner, at this place, the sea-side luxurious inn. But he was least interested in the matter; all he wanted to do was to go back, his hometown, his mansion. As soon as, he turned around, he saw her, coming from the aisle, looking gorgeous in her black cocktail dress, he saw her, with least interest.

'Hey! You!' she exclaimed with over joy.

'Hello! Where are the clients?' he asked curiously.

She did not say anything, it was better to keep mum instead of telling lies.

'Wait! You set me up, right? No one is coming, right?' maan asked her in sudden realization.

'Well! Maan…yes! Kind of…I know you are alone, you want someone, maan. I wanted to be with you' she explained him in easiest way possible.

'No! Just…how could you?' he was angry by then. The start of the sagacious matter, abruptly, he was surrounded by the memories of her. He wanted to forget all that, forget her. He shut his eyes, tightly, he never wanted someone to pity and sympathize him, he never, let anyone did that, too. With concluding his haunting memories in mind, along with his eyes, he tried to leave from there, but she stopped him, blocked his way.
'Please, maan! It's my birthday today, please. I want to spend few hours with you; you are alone in this city.'

'Sam! Please! Let me go!'

'Please…maan! Just few minutes' she pleaded.

'Okay. Only thirty minutes.'

'Fine, Come, let's celebrate my birthday. By the way, you have not wished me yet!' she said smilingly, still she was nervous, but happy, too. Finally, she got the opportunity.

'Happy birthday!' he wished her and hugged her artificially.

'Thank you, it matters a lot!'

They did not talk much, but went to the dance floor, with a cool gentle breeze, blowing their mind, they were indulged in the ambiance, though, she forcefully, made him dance with her, he could not refuse much, he joined and slowly, they were dancing slowly on the rhythm, it was nice and melodious music, with the use of piano and later on, with pipes. She was lost in his miraculous embrace and strong arms, with the melodic tune and cool, calm and collected vibes; she moved closer and closer, he was lost, somewhere.

He closed his eyes, and images of her flashed through her mind, all over again, he was lost in the trance, he saw her. A beautiful girl, with big brown - childish, yet passionate eyes, the flawless complexion and the same image in light pink sari, long dark brown silky hair, and top of that, a charming smile, he was leaving the place, emotionally, to a little new world, his world, her world.

He remembered her words.
'Oh! maan…! Is this happening? For real? Or am I seeing, some horrible dream?'

'Stop that!' and her musical laughter chimed hysterically in his ears and mind.

'Mr.Khurana, you bring me to whole new another world! Should I take it seriously?'

And, he found himself, in identical trance of another, tuneful laugh, a sweet melody to hear, to heal his pain.
'Oh! It feels nice, isn't it?' she asked him, who was lost in his thoughts and probably not heard her at all.

'Yes!' he said under his breath.

'…hmmm…I…I love you, maan!' and she hugged him tight,

And he hugged her back,

'I love you, too! Geet…!'

And that was it, he ruined it which he thought, was not the fact, he did not bothered at all. Within a split of second, she broke the hug and looked at him in unease, then surprise, then shock and finally, in anger.

He stood there, rooted, eventually, he came out of his trance, it was not her, he was not with her, realizing his mistake; how could he say this? How…? He did not say anything, but looked at her, with no regret in his eyes. But still he tried to explain Sammy, his forcefully made, girlfriend and to be fiance, sameera.

'Sam! I…' but he was cut off her.

'Maan…! I thought…you…how could you…?' with that, she ran away, with a broken and possibly relieved heart.

He stood there, and smiled a bit, smiled at his own act, minutes ago and then, he walked down the passageway and moved ahead to the sea shore, in wild and stormy waves, he walked on and on, aimlessly. After a while, he was found shedding a lone tear, from the corner of his eye, and muttering under his breath, 'It's you, geet! It's you! Oh…my god! Geet…! It's you…!' he laughed unconventionally through tears, realizing his love, at the wrong time, wrong place, and wrong world. And he collapsed on the ground, and he did not even realized, when his unusual laughter turned into whimpers, he grasped the sand in his hand and freed it away, in the wind speed, with the flow of nature, as his life was flowing – aimless and hollow.


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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Hi MaddyTongue
Wow first to comment! Congrats on ur FF, Wishing u all the best!!! Smile Thanks 4 da pm n update. Loved it - was fantabulous. Geet weds Nikhil hmmm...Maan n Sameera! Atleast Maan loves Geet. Please update asap! Waiting...Wink...

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged you decided to finally pen down a FF. Great!!!!! BTW, fab update. Waiting for more.

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
congrats on new ff...
interesting start...
so they both love each other...
will her marriage happen...
pl cont soon...

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi MaddyTongue
Wow first to comment! Congrats on ur FF, Wishing u all the best!!! Smile Thanks 4 da pm n update. Loved it - was fantabulous. Geet weds Nikhil hmmm...Maan n Sameera! Atleast Maan loves Geet. Please update asap! Waiting...Wink...

Thanks ! Wink 

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