Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 60)

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

Originally posted by Arjuhisis

Originally posted by veds_6791

I read the whole FF again... it's sooo amazing... i cant stop reading it...
very true - cant restrain from reading it again and again
this ff is one of my all time favourites and will always hold a special place in my heart
missing aru and geet a lot
Coming here after many days...and saw that I miss this comment...thanks a lot Priya HUGS

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Hello shello my crazy are you?

Someone told me that you were missing this FF a lot...Is this news true? I think yesLOLLOL
so thought to give you an extra chappy about of those scene that I deleted before.
I'm talking about what happened the night before Rashi's weddingBig smile
I deleted a beautiful family scene but now I finished to write it and posting it now.
I'm great na, guys?
Tell me yesssEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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A beautiful night
To wake me up was the noise at the door, a sign that the boys had returned.
I heard someone climbing the stairs a sign that he was going to bed, then I opened his eyes to check the time noting that it was two and a half.

I'm ready to take the kids to get up and I was stopped by the sound of some steps that seemed to get closer to the couch. Immediately I closed my eyes and when the person in question was close I could recognize the scent of aftershave and I do not take me long to realize that belonged to Arjun.

I stayed with my eyes closed, pretending to sleep and I heard him take a pillow and adjust my head to not make me a stiff neck, then I tried to peek at the tip of the eye and saw him better accommodate children.

It was so sweet

It was then that I pretended to wake up, after all I had never been a good actress.

- Sorry, I did not want to wake up - he told me softly.

- It's not your fault. How was the party? - I asked smiling.

- We had fun - I answered him.

- And ... - I asked him to continue.

- And...Nothing. It's was funny - he said smiling.

I was doing the role of a jealous? No, I couldn't it be so.

I got off the couch ready to take the kids, but at that moment Geet woke up and saw Arjun as soon as her eyes lit up.

That girl was crazy about Arjun, I could read in her eyes.

- Hello small - Arjun said kissing the tip of the nose.

She mumbled something and smiled, then put her arms around him and hug him and moved aside abruptly from Aru who woke up and saw Arjun as soon as he smiled and threw herself on him.

They had tied a lot during those two weeks and I could not help but smile thinking about the relationship they might have if Arjun that day five years ago had not sent me away.

- Small we go to bed now - I said ruining the spirit of peace that had been created, but it was late and had to go to sleep.

- I have a better idea - proposed Aru.

- I will accept your idea only if it involves going to sleep - I said.

- Tell me- but Arjun said.

He looked at me and smiled.

- Let's watch a movie all four together? - Proposed Aru.

- Good idea, all four together - Geet said and in her eyes I saw the sweetness in the afternoon I had seen as she spoke with Arjun.

- No way at all. It's late and tomorrow Rashi Bua will get marry - I said, aware that it was too late.

- Come on Arohi, we make an exception to the rule for once. We'll watch a movie and then go to bed - Arjun suggested going to support the child.

- Hey, you should support me - I chided him giving him a pat on the shoulder.

- Then Mom, can we? - asked in unison the two children.

- Yes, we can mommy? - Arjun continued doing the baby voice.

I looked at them and saw their eyes realizing as they were identical. All three looked at me with eyes as a puppy that you could not say no. Then they looked into each other eyes and all three put on a trembling lip to melt even the most terrible witch of the planet.

I smiled to see them and seeing them so I could not say who was the smallest of the three.

- It's not fare- I told them and  I saw them as a response to become even more tremulous lips - okay, you win. Let's look at this film, but then to bed - I said categorically while they laughed pleased with the victory.

- So what do we look? - Arjun asked curiously.

- Our favorite movie - Geet proposed.

- Do not just talk about it, until we saw the other day. Change - I suggested.

- No, we'll look at that. I'll get it myself - said Aru going away from the living room.

- What would this film? - Arjun asked.

- Parent In Trap Have you ever seen? - Asked Geet.

- No, never - he replied smiling.

- We always look at it - pointed out the small.

- And always mean that everyday- I said to Arjun.

- The usual exaggerated - father and daughter replied in unison.

What was that in a conspiracy against me?

I made a grimace followed by a tongue and they laughed.

- What's it about? - Then asked Arjun to Geet.

- Two twins who are separated at birth. One goes with the father and the other with his mother - began to explain Geet.

- Really? - Arjun asked in amazement.

- Yes, yes. I know it's strange. Good thing that Mom didn't divide me from Aru. Without my brother I do not know how to do it, but you do not tell him, though - she told him crushing her eye.

I had to smile. That movie they loved it because they see thierself in those two twins.

- Promised. And then what happens? - Arjun asked curiously.

- The twins meet and switch places with the intent to return with their parents - told him Geet.

- And how does it end? - Asked him who seemed enraptured by the story.

- Then you'll see. I'll not spoil the ending - my daughter said, smiling and moving closer to Arjun to kiss his cheek.

Immediately Aru came with the DVD in hand.

He did it all alone. And he placed it all before starting to sit comfortably on the couch next to Arjun and Geet.

The children were at the center, while I and Arjun at the sides. He near Aru, and me close to Geet.

My treasures were all busy to watch the film, as if it were for them the first time they looked the movie. I saw the expression of Aru and then I watched Arjun and I realized they were identical. Two sides of the same coin.

The images began to occur one after the other and the children seemed enraptured by the film.
I shifted the gaze of Aru and I realized that he was dazed as usual watching this film. Aru was a playful; he always had been and always had a smile except on two occasions. When he saw me and Geet feel bad or when he thought about his father.

His gaze was dazed because he saw himself again in that little girl so much of the film as he had lived with a parent, but with a parental figure as that of the father was completely absent.
Then he looked at Arjun and subtly put his head on the chest of his father. Arjun looked at him and not think twice to put his arm around his shoulder and squeeze the little louder to him.
Perhaps, he realized why those two were so closed to the film; maybe he realized how they identify themselves in that film.

Arjun gave a gentle kiss on the head of Aru and then went back to watching TV, while Aru gave a smug smile returning to concentrate on films.

It was when one of the girls said, referring to his father, "my mother never talks about it, as if by magic he had evaporated into thin air" I saw Geet watching his brother and he do the same.

- As our - they both said in unison, looking into each other eyes before focusing again on film.

Arjun looked at me, but I could not sustain that look and then I looked away to watch tv.

- Here comes the Witch - Geet began seeing the new girlfriend of the father of the twins.

- That's a shrew –said Aru.

- A shrew? - Arjun asked surprising that so small child know that term.

- Of course, mom calls her so - my son pointed out to him and gave me a smile.

- She says that this makes the concept better - then added Geet.

Arjun looked at me, raising an eyebrow and I put on an expression that seemed to have been hit and sunk.

- Hey, do not look at me like that. That is really a bitch - I justified and laughed as he followed closely by children.

- And why is she a witch? – Arjun asked curiously.

- Because she hurt the twins - I explained.

- No, it is because she is an obstacle to the love story between Nick and Elizabeth - Geet explained, referring to the parents of twins.

- A little as Gauri - Aru said while images of the film continued to flow one after the other.

After the words of Aru if I was standing I would surely fall.
But it was the way to say these things?

- Aru - I chided him.

- Let him say - Arjun said, glancing - Gauri, then she would be a witch? - He asked curious to Aru who was smiling.

"Let him say?" He just said that? Arjun had no idea where he would be driven by continuing this speech.

I should stop this discussion before starting it, but Arjun had just told me "let him say." Oh yeah? Well, worse for him. I'll never say a word to stop my son.

- He would not say this - interfered Geet.

- And what did he mean? - Arjun asked with a smile still on his lips.

- That she is an obstacle like that witch in the film - told him the baby.

- An obstacle to what? - Continued to ask Arjun.

- To you and mom - told him the baby and was then when I saw Arjun in evident embarrassment.

I could say or do anything to prevent that speech continued, but I would not have done. Saw Arjun embarrassed wasn't a stuff to see all day and though I knew him I had seen him, in very few sometimes embarrassed.

I saw him looking at me, but I smiled and mimics a "let him say," as he had told me before, then I went back to lay eyes on the movie pretending to pay attention.

The truth was that the focus was no longer the same and the kids were too busy to talk to Arjun in order to concentrate and watch that movie that they loved so much.

Arjun looked at the children, but he did not know what to answer, only smiled, but it was clear to everyone the embarrassment in which he was.

- What do you mean? - Then maybe asked to take some time and find the correct answer.

Bad move because now Aru would explain him word by word what he meant.

I did not take my eyes off from the TV.

- I mean, you could be with Mom, basically once you were engaged, but you can not now because of Gauri - my son told him.

- But you were not jealous of the mom? - Arjun asked, embarrassed more than ever.

- Yes, in fact I'm, but I make an exception for you - told him the baby.

- And why? - Arjun asked.

- Because you like Mom - replied the child.

- What makes you say that? - I intervened and Arjun gave me a look as if to say "thank for the help."

- Because he is jealous of you as I am. When you go to Bua Rashi's party ... - Aru was trying to say.

- We look at the movie, I want to see how it ends - Arjun proposed stopping Aru.

- What were you saying love? – I said referring to my son ignoring the words of Arjun.

I would not have happened at other times to see him embarrassed, I had to take advantage.

- I said that the day of the feast Arjun told me that I should be more convincing and sent you to change - explained the little while Arjun was dying of embarrassment.

- It is true, Mom. He actually said - said Geet.

I burst out laughing, while he was petrified embarrassment.

- And then he also asked permission to kiss you, so be careful, because I gave it - Aru continued smiling.

The fact that he had asked for permission to kiss me, made me smile and at the same time made me happy, really happy.

I did not know the real reason of the thing, but I was happy.

- What is a conspiracy against me in? - Then asked Arjun trying to recover.

We all laughed, and then the embarrassment seemed to disappear because we watched the movie again in the meantime had come near the end.

I saw Arjun calm down, the embarrassment had passed, and his look was more relaxed, more beautiful.

- Arjun, you and Mom why you left? - Asked him again and I saw Arjun again in embarrassment.

- It's complicated to explain - he said.

- But you loved her? - Continued the child.

He had asked the same question that her sister had done to him in the afternoon, with the only difference that I was not there then.

- Yes, of course – he said after having launched a glance.

The embarrassment was palpable.

- So why do not come back together? - Proposed the little Geet.

- Because things have changed since then - I said instead of Arjun.

In the end I could not be so bad to leave him alone in the middle of those two wolves.

- Or maybe because now there's Gauri - continued the child.

- Actually ... - Arjun tried to say embarrassed.

- I said that she was an obstacle, as Meredith - the little snorting continued, referring to what in the film was the girlfriend of the father of the twins.

Ajun looked at him but said nothing and continued to watch the movie in silence.

When the credits began to appear on the screen, Geet turned off the TV.

- And they lived happily forever - using the phrase she said always said when the movie ended.

- Have you seen what happened to Meredith? - Asked Aru to Arjun.

- Yes, the end she deserved - he said.

- This is the end of all those who are hindering the great love. As Gauri is doing - kept the baby with an expression that left no room for replicas.

He was too young to understand that Gauri had nothing to do with the witch of the film, for him she was only a hindrance to what he saw to be his new family because all that I had come to the conclusion: he see Arjun as a father like Geet.


Arjun was in obvious embarrassment and I was laughing up my sleeve savoring those moments that I had missed so much.

- Will you stop teasing? - Arjun asked me throwing a pillow at him.

- I'm not fooling anyone - I told him restoring the pillow.

- But I tell you - he continued.

After playing the pillow's game, we walk to my bedroom and after entering in all three of us threw ourselves on the bed


 - In bed now - I said to both of my children.

I put my pajamas and then I flung myself into bed. Geet came up to me and hugged me, squeezing me and placing her head on my chest.

- Mom? – She called me softly.

- Tell me darling - I told her.

- I have great time tonight to play all four – she said smiling.

-Me, too, love - I said sincerely.

- I really like Arjun- then added before collapsing in a dream world.

Me too I thought in my head.

And before I fell asleep I could not help but think back to that night just passed realizing that I really had fun and above all, how happy I was, my children and even Arjun, because in his eyes I noticed that happiness which I had learned years before.

We looked like a happy family tonight and, perhaps, who knows, we could be forever.



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oh my God, What is this reserved for parm
Am I dreaming ??????????
Any updates parm?????

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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sorry did i interrupt ur line of reserving parm

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No problem Priya..DONE  what I wanted...the suprise is's extra chappy of PF :DDD...Girls, you love me now?

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Originally posted by DUGGUlicious

Hello shello my crazy are you?

Someone told me that you were missing this FF a lot...Is this news true? I think yesLOLLOL
so thought to give you an extra chappy about of those scene that I deleted before.
I'm talking about what happened the night before Rashi's weddingBig smile
I deleted a beautiful family scene but now I finished to write it and posting it now.
I'm great na, guys?
Tell me yesssEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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The update was really very cute... loved the way Geet and Aru were explaining Arjun and poor Arjun was sooo embarrassed... but the kids explained really very nicely... ClapClapClap

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