Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 53)

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Good Evening My Crazy FellowHugHugHug

Finally here with the update of the FF but before updating I want to give *Hugs&Blessing* to all those who appreciated my work.
Thanks a lot people
Means a lot for me


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Precious Forever

Arjuhi back in Chandigarh with Aru and Geet...After  a month

I hung up the car keys and took off my shoes after I threw in a corner.
"Arjun?" I called him; my eyes were scouring the living room.
His jacket was a sign that he was already at home.
"Monster?" I tried again to call him, but again I received no reply.
I climbed the stairs convinced that I would find in his room, but when I was upstairs I heard a confused shouting coming from the child' room.
I blinked confused and intrigued by the buzz, I approached the door, putting my ear to it with the hope of understanding what was going on.

He did not feel anything, so I opened the door slightly and what I found myself in front of me to remain puzzled: Arjun. He seemed agitated; his hands had a velvet box, and he did nothing but whisper gibberish in front of the mirror.
"Arohi ' he murmured excited - you have always been very important to me ..." he started to speak but stopped, shaking his head vigorously.
For a moment I thought that he was talking with me, but when I realized that was not so I decided to remain silent, I wanted to understand what was going through his head at that time. Arjun talking to himself in front of a mirror ... I would not have easily forgotten it.
"Arohi - repeated - you have always been everything to me. Do you want to ... nah not good." he said pausing.
An amused smile came over my face. What the hell was he doing?
"So ... Arjun breathes. You can do it, do not panic. Strength... counts to three and try again. Arjun Heck you 26 years, you're not a teenager in the grip of hormones "staring at the mirror he spoke, gesturing nervously.
I leaned against the doorway, watching him carefully.
"Hey Arohi, you have always been everything to me, will you marry me ... no not good at all! - He paused. - Arohi words can not tell to you who you are for me ... NAH AHHH!" he shouted in exasperation at the end, bringing his hands through his hair.

Do he want to ... what? I? What?

"Maybe I'm wrong quite everything - he whispers to him, making me stare. - I'll ask her not making a speech, it will be natural and sudden, my heart will say her what I feel. I will ask her to marry me in this way. "

Oh my God ... He ... He ...
He was rehearsing for asking me to marry.
He was holding a box containing a ring and asked me to marry him.
He was agitated and anxious and was there in that room to ask to marry him.

He loved me and wanted to ask me to marry him.
I was there, excited, my face covered with tears, and Arjun had not even noticed me.
Suddenly he knelt.

"I will do a last test, then I'll stop. - He sighed to himself. He took a deep breath and began to speak.


- Arohi, I made many mistakes in my life and I'll never stop to thank the heavens for sending me an angel like you, who loves me, supports and continues to be with me despite being a complete idiot. I love you with all my being and I will forever, for better or for worse, in joy and sorrow. I want to wake up every morning and see your face, I want to go home and find your warm smile, I want to be there when you return from work and cuddle you. I would always have you by my side. Will you marry me, Arphi? - He ended his speech with eyes full of love and emotion that made me cringe and cry even more. - And-Maybe "

I interrupted.

"Arjun, it was perfect ..." I whispered.

He jumped up, with eyes wide and fell to the ground.
"A...Aro...Aorhi - he stammered, waving agitated. - I was ... I ... I ... you ... "
The I jumped on him without warning, making us both fall on the ground.
It was all so unexpected and weird, which made it even more beautiful.

"Of course I want to marry you Arjun Of course I do! I want you for a lifetime! "I screamed, crying and laughing at the same time. I buried my face in his chest, hugging him as I could.
He looked thrilled with his mouth open and speechless.
He pulled up, making me lean on his legs and then taking my face in his hands.

"I had not imagined it, you know? So crazy and weird! - He laughed, kissing my lips. - But now, I want to say it again, okay? I care. " he muttered suddenly serious.
But the eyes betrayed anxiety, agitation and emotion too big to contain.
I nodded as I took his hand.

"Arohi Alhuwalia, I would say many nice things but I can not, because have you here, with your eyes looking at me with so much love literally send me into a tailspin. It's always been that way with you, you could be mad all over, head and heart. Arohi, it may be obvious but it's true: you are my strength, you're my courage, you are my smile and my tears, Arohi, and you're simply, in every way, my life. Will you marry me? "
"Yes, yes and yes! I love you to death! "I exclaimed enthusiastically. I threw my arms around him, hugging him with all my strength. He did the same, squeezing me on his chest with such intensity that I could not breathe.
It would be forever, as I had always dreamed of.


In the silence of the night,
I chose you.
In the splendor of the firmament,
I chose you.
Enchantment of the dawn,
I chose you.
In most tormenting storms,
I chose you.
In the scorching heat driest,
I chose you.
In good times and bad,
I chose you.
In joy and sorrow,
I chose you.
In the heart of my heart, I chose you.

(St. Lawrence)

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4 years later.

I rolled under the covers, looking for the most comfortable position.
I felt a hand on my side in search of Arjun.
Every night, as always, I approached and I made me hug like a child.

I was right next to his body; I felt warm and loved the quiet of his heart beats.
I felt again, but I did not feel any presence.
Slowly I opened one eye and then the other with hard to sleep: Arjun was not there.

"Arjun? Where are you? "I whispered, trying not to make too much noise and wake up our third personal miracle.
Receiving no response, I got up and walked gingerly out of bed, first, to the cradle of the little Raj, but even then I found no one.
Where were both gone?

But I heard a small cry, which made me smile.
I walked slowly up to the room where the piano of Arjun, who both were was.
Every time Raj started to cry, Arjun took him in his arms and carried him out of our bedroom, so I do not wake up.

He was always so caring and willing to help me every time I could not stop the frantic beats of my heart.
I approached the door slightly ajar, peering inside and found two men on my chair by the piano.
I opened the door quietly; leaning against the jamb and watching those two people who made me fall in love like never before.

I smiled when I heard Arjun chuckle, while gently pinching the cheeks of our son.
Raj was born two years prior to our great happiness, joy and emotion.
After we were married, in a small and beautiful gurdwara.
I remembered every moment of the day: anxiety and agitation for the most important step of our lives, the love that shone from our eyes and those final words of the priest who made me burst into tears with emotion.

"You're husband and wife now "

Arjun came up slowly, looking me in the eyes.
"I love you Mrs. Singhania. Always and forever. "
"Precious Forever" I completed whispering.

About a year later I discovered I was pregnant and I was moved as with Aru and Geet's pregnancy. Arjun had returned home after his shift, finding myself on the couch smiling than ever.
When I said he would become a father, he had remained silent for endless moments until I saw his cheeks wet with tears.

"I will become father! Become a father! Become a father! "
He lifted me, making me turn in the air and the smiles and tears mingled with each other, for the thrill.
"We will have a baby! A child's ours! I'll become a father again! "
I hugged him.

" Arohi I love you, love you, love you! "
I agreed with tears-I love you Arjun."

And so, after nine months, lived amid joys and sorrows, Raj was born, beautiful and healthy, filling of happiness to our families.
I could not ask for more from life, I had everything I wanted: a big family, special friends, a great husband and a wonderful sons.
Since we came back together, my life with Arjun had always gone very well, even with those arguments that were part of married life.
But even these showed the love we felt towards each other.
Sometimes it could happen that we did not speak for a few hours, but in another way, one of the two approached and make peace, cuddling like two teenagers.
Always has been and always will be so.

Raj small little scream woke me from my thoughts.
"Sssh small Sssh. - Arjun whispered softly, lifting it a bit - Did you know that if you don't stop, mother wakes up and we do not want to wake her, right? She must get up early tomorrow to go to work in the office and must be rested. "
Raj showed his white teeth, accentuating his chubby cheeks.
His smiles, was equal to Arjun when he was little and I was sure he would grow more and more he'll resemble to him as Aru.
I sighed with contentment, watching my two men, who still had not noticed me.
"You've got the same as your mother's cheeks, soft, soft - Arjun continued with a smile accompanied by ecstatic little screams of Raj. ' She conquered both, huh? That woman has bewitched, and how can't you be fascinated by her? "

I tried to hold back my laughter, my mouth half open and they both seemed absorbed in thought.
Arjun, with Raj in his arms, was the portrait of beauty in person, over the years had become even more spectacular, a real man: more pronounced facial features, square jaw and strong, short beard that was growing back after the cut and had a body that would shame a model.
And then with eyes full of sweetness and love, that he was reserving to Raj, I made his heart beat wildly.
"We are really lucky ' he began smiling and rocking the baby. - I made many mistakes and continue to make, but my Arohi has always loved me and continues to do so and every time I ask myself what I did good in my life to deserve her, you know little? "

I smiled, I knew I was going to move, my sensitive side, he always took the upper hand lately.
That scene seemed to me extraordinary: Arjun, although he knew that our son could not understand what he said, there he was talking like a teenage boy and two years as Raj stared at the same time curious and confused.
My men ...

"At the age seventeen years I was not at all well behaved. But she was always there, for better or for worse, and she was always there to listen... I wondered why she was there every day, with me and for me to colour my days, because she was so pure, sweet, funny and I like a complete idiot, which made her suffer every day. But she never gives up, she was always there, listening to my nonsense, I gave advice, hug me, I passed on friendship - friendship that ultimately was not, but it was something much deeper - although I not deserve it. It was always her who gave birth to all things, and I found out later, unfortunately. When she screamed he loved me, I was speechless, like a total idiot! I could not believe that she loved. She loved me, only me. And I loved her ... I've always loved. - He sighed to himself as a tear fell from my eyes. - Raj, we...and we I mean also my two other Jaanis Aru and Geet are extraordinarily lucky, you have a fantastic mother and I a wife-he concluded.

Five years ago I never imagined I would have a family so beautiful. "

Those quiet whispers and light came in my heart with the force of a hurricane.
He felt he did not deserve, but maybe he did not understand very well that he had always filled my heart and that I had never regret him what had happened in the past.
Things had run their course, for better or for worse.
All we had to grow.

And the wonderful thing was that I grew up with him.
"But when you grow up I think that our wonderful woman we will start to pull the ears because I want to teach you a lot of things ..."

And began to speak again of he could not wait to do with him playing cricket and going to play games, where they would be stuffed full of food, teach him to play the piano, go to the grandparents and sit on the couch together and talk about the old days, but what almost made me laugh was when he spoke of appointments and girls.
Raj laughed and showed his teeth all the time, especially since Arjun continued to tickle his tummy.
"How beautiful are my men," I whispered loud enough so they hear me.
My husband turned to me, while his face is painted with the smile that I loved so much.
"Did you see who is there Raj? A mother really curious, "he whispered and made me sign of reach them

Trying not to fall to the ground as I excited I went sitting on the chair arm, while Arjun put his arm around my waist.
"Hey my love," I muttered.

"How you been overhearing? -asked my husband with inquiring eyes. ' This was talk of men, you know? "

"Mmm, little or nothing, something of appointments - I lied hoping he believed while kissing the head of Raj. ' I do not find you in bed and not seeing even Raj, I thought I'd come and look, "I said nonchalantly.
"I'll pretend to believe that you have not heard anything," he chuckled with a grin.
"You are always the usual" I turned away falsely indignant.
A shiver ran through me when he kissed my earlobe.
"I love you."
A whisper that made me tremble slightly.
"I'll take Raj in the cradle," I said walking quickly annoyed.

I liked to tease.
"Baby, but what we do with this dad who doesn't believe his wife? - I asked him gently. - We need to make him sleep in the bathtub? "

A grunt came to the ears making me laugh.
I got to my room and put Raj in the cradle, but not before giving him a gentle kiss on the cheeks.
covered it with a cover, donated by Rashi, and when I assured him that he sleep, I got under the covers.

"Champion you realize? She is the only woman against two men, but she always manages to have it both ways! We have to prepare a smarter tactical game, okay? - Arjun said making me giggle, but I turned away, trying not to show me. - I need you, baby. Now I go to sleep but before I regain your mom and nestled in her arms, like a child. I hope to do it and I hope she has not heard otherwise it will be difficult. "
I felt he gave a kiss and fall shortly after the mattress, a sign that it was put to bed.
"Wife, I'm cold, do you want to hug me?"
God as it was difficult to say no.
"Love, you know that you are beautiful even when you're half asleep?"
Grub Street flatterer.
"Honey, are you so angry?"
"No, - but I immediately regretted my response. - I mean, yes, yes and then yes! "
He laughed, taking me over his body.

We gently rubbed our noses, while I stroked his cheek.
I gently kissed his lips, while looking at him intently.
"You can not resist me" he joked, boasting to a sensual look.
"The usually monster" I muttered sullenly.

"I love this grudge," he whispered, smiling sideways and with his warm voice.
"I forgive you" I whispered, smiling with amusement.
"How are you tonight benevolent" he said like a puppy just cuddled.
I laughed when I return it to my side, I give him a hug.
We both lost in our thoughts, accompanied by quiet and regular breathing of the other.

I moved my head resting on his chest at heart level.
I stood in silence to listen to his beats.
It was a sweet melody, I loved to hear.
I turned around, getting lost in the ocean of his eyes.
"Arjun?" My voice was a faint whisper.

"Yes Senorita?" He answered, looking at me intently.
"Even if I could, I'll never clear any moment of my life spent with you any time, either positive or negative, will always remain in our hearts and it is rightly so. Each event has grown, has given us the strength, the smiles, tears and many other emotions and I'm happy to remember them all. Arjun , I did not want to forget any time spent with you because it's part of me and what I am. You have filled my body, my heart and my soul and every day you can make me fall in love more and more of you , Arjun Singhania. I'm glad I married, have had our little miracles and share my personal life with you. "

"You are my life, Mrs. Arohi Singhania Alhuwalia."
He understood everything, everything.

Eye to eye, at that time, no other words needed.
Because you know, sometimes few words say something, but mostly the eyes are the mirror of our soul.

"Thanks love."

To exist.
To love me.
To make me happy and fill my life...You was, you're and you'll always be PRECIOUS FOREVER

Next post for ARJUN'S POV

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Arjun's POV

I will do a casket of my soul for your soul,

my heart a residence for your beauty,

my breast a grave for your sorrows.

I will love you like the prairies love the spring,

I live in you and the life of a flower under the sun.

I will sing your name as the valley sings the echo of the bells;

hear the language of your soul like the beach

listening the history of the waves.

(Kahlil Gibran)

The years pass inevitably, there are many moments that we would like to forget but there are many others that we know that we'll never forget, for now, good or bad they remain imprinted in our souls.
But one thing is for sure: the years pass, but my love for you Arohi will never fade away...your smile is my life and your eyes are my world...Always and Forever...PRECIOUS FOREVER



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Here I am.

Sometimes words fail, as in this case.

Thank you all, really.

Thank you for making this journey with me, for having endured and grown.

I have grown very much, it's the truth.

With your support, your words, encouragement, compliments and criticisms you have also done a lot.

Thanks also to the silent people, who read only.

Thanks to all the people who have comment this story, always or sometimes, making us happy.

Immensely happy.

 I think I don't deserve this. Every time I remained- and remains - without words and emotions.

Believe me, I would like to embrace each one of you. Thank you.

It is a great joy to see how many people have read this story and have it appreciated.
Thanks for everything.

A huge thank you to everyone for being here with me.



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Exclusive Preview of my next Fanfiction called MAUSAM.

I'll start it after my holidays with familyLOL(Mid August as I have to fix few things about name)
Till then Enjoy
Past connects them
Present will bought them together
Alag ehsaas hota hai...tuhmare paas hone ka
Love and that's all for now.

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Priya aka Arjuhisis will PM you all from my other account soon.
thanks dear HUGSSS

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ii Actually refreshed my page for umpteeinth no. of tym for you to edit it :P

OMG this FF ended !
I am absolutely awestruck :O
Thank you for such a wonderful FF !

This is the first ff i've ever read and its very very special to me !
I love it from the core of my heart.
I loved every single thing about this ff.

Either it be the emotional contents between Arjuhi or the sweet moments between the whole family, Aru-Geet or Arjuhi.
You did justice to all the characters. You just presented everything magically which was absolutely mesmerizing.
The relation between Sid- arohi was described beautifully.
This FF gave me everything, tears, smiles, laughter every single thing.
I literally bursted out when Arohi left with Aru-Geet at the airport. And the party was extremely awesome. It gave me goose-bumps !
You handled ever single scene just so beautifully, that made everything special !
From the very beggining to the end, not a single scene was bad ! Bad ? Hell, none of them were not even below too too awesome !

A update from you gave me excitements !
I just got too too happy reading your updates .

And now that this ff is ending, i feel empty ! This ff was so close to my heart that now i feel empty.
Damn, waiting for your updates was an extreme fun coz the wait always gave me so much happiness at the end. And and i just don't know what do i say !
Just letting you know, you did an absolutely great job !
Thanx Alot !

Well, too excited for your other FF 'Mausam' !
And Please update OMG soon :)

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