Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 48)

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Dreams come true

I turned the lock and entered the house

As soon as Aru and Geet heard the door open, they looked away from the television and looked at me smiling, but a smile that lasted very little.

- Mom, you're late - Aru reproached me with funny face.

I did not move from the door, thus not allowing them to see Arjun who was behind me.

- Huge delays - continued good-naturedly by Sid from the kitchen.

- three hour and fifteen minutes - informed the little Geet pretends to be angry with a face.

- And we haven't set in motion the clock - Aru pointed out to me.

- Yes, in fact we have not put in motion - retorted Geet.

- No, no, do not you Arohi, no, no, no - said Sid with his mouth full of food.

I could not help bursting out laughing at that scene so funny. Sometimes I wondered who was the most childish among the three and still today, after five years, I did not know an answer.

- Okay, I give up, you're right, I'm in tremendous delays, but there is a reason. I brought you a surprise - I told them, smiling at heart.

- A surprise? - They told me both excited and curious Sid leaned his head back to see what it was.

- A surprise that you will love - I kept moving from the entrance door and allowing them to see Arjun who came inside, closing the door and looking at the twins.

I stopped to watch the children and they remained motionless for several seconds looking at the figure that they had before, almost as if it were true, or to study if it was their imagination, they looked into the eyes both of them and only then realized that was not a dream, just looking into my eyes and read the surprise in the eyes and figured out that their dad was really there, really close to them.

Arjun looked embarrassed, maybe he did not know how to deal with the situation. It was as if he saw for the first time those kids because in that moment he was watching for the first time in a different way, not like my children, but as his children, our children.

- Hello kids ' he only managed to say.

- Arjun knows everything - I told the children that I told everything to him because I told them that we would reveal the truth as soon as we'd be back in Chandigarh.

As soon as I finished speaking I felt as if the situation had been unlocked from the still image, however, that had appeared until then.

Aru ran to Arjun throwing like a dead weight between his arms, and he, well he had been prepared to find that hug, according to the union of two hearts, but of one blood, one unit father and son separated for too long.

And in that embrace I saw everything that Sid would never have been.

I had seen for so long, my best friend dealing with children, it was he who from birth had been next to me, it was he who changed the diapers when I could not, it was he who took them in his arms, making them play it was he who put them to crawl on his back pretending to be their dog.

He had always been there for so long, and I believed that somehow he could be the missing father figure to children, but today, today as I watched father and son embraced with adoring expression on face I realized that it was impossible for Sid could play for them any paternal role. For children, he would always adore their Uncle Sid, nothing more than that.

When Aru and Arjun came off I saw the little look at father, he smiled and then he began to look at Geet who had remained steadfast in her position, but she smiled at the scene.

- Do not you come to greet me honey? - Arjun asked hesitantly that she might not be as happy as Aru.

- Yes, Dad, I am - she replied, running to his arms and crushed him in a typical hug.

At the word "father" I took my eyes to Arjun that seemed dazed, I could not decipher that look good, and then my eyes went to Sid that he had ceased to eat and had assumed a serious expression. He noticed that I was looking at me and smiled before saying me an "I told you it would end like this." I could not smile back before finding myself back to watching Arjun with the little Geet in his arms and noticed that Aru joined them.

After those three interminable minutes broke away and Arjun looked hard at Geet.

- Honey, how come you called me? ' he asked hesitantly.

- Sorry, I must first ask if I could ' she justified sadly.

- But no, you do not need to ask me. I just wanted to hear. It is a word that is so beautiful - he pointed to the smiling happy.

- Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy - all began to shout in unison and Arjun smiled a smile that not long ago I saw on his face, one of those smiles able to illuminate the world.

Sid laughed of the stage and I confined myself to smile. Arjun looked at, then, my best friend and started laughing, too.

And in that moment, seeing all smiling, I finally realized that my kids could be really happy.

When they finished kissing the father, they began to look at me and ran up hugging.

- Thanks, Mom - said the little Aru.

- You have made the surprise that we could get more beautiful - Geet continued smiling.

I hugged them and at that moment my eye fell on the father of my children and at that moment I realized that in his eyes there was only adore. There was love, unconditional love for those children and for me.
Aru and Geet walked away from me and returned by Arjun making him sit on the living room couch and Sid followed them while I went into the kitchen to get some of water.

The kitchen and living room were connected; there were no walls to separate the two rooms.

- Arjun did you eat? - Then I asked him.

- Not really ' he answered me as he took Geet in his arms.

- What do you want? - I asked him kindly.

- Do not bother, I buy something later on in the bar below - he answered, smiling.

- What about a pizza? - I proposed returning the smile.

- Go for the pizza -he answered me as I nodded.

- Going down to take one, then - I told him headed toward the exit.

- Mom, but wonders how Dad wants it? - asked Geet.

- If he has not changed tastes, I'll take a Moonlight, right? - I asked, convinced of what I said.

Arjun had always loved that kind of pizza.

- Moonlight always - he answered, smiling at me before I got out going down to the pizzeria downstairs.

I ordered the same two pizzas, one for me and one for him, and went up again in the house finding all four of them laughing like crazy and while not knowing the reason for the laughter, I began to laugh too.

I put the pizza on the table and Arjun and the children joined me and Sid still remained in the living room to chat with us from there.

We continued to talk while a child, especially Aru, steals pizzas in the dressing of both.

- Dad how's Tia? - Asked the little Geet smiled.

- She miss you - Arjun said as he continued to eat.

- And the grandparents? Uncles? - Continued with the questions Aru.

- Grandparents are great. Uncles as well as the aunties- Arjun explained in brief.

I looked at him full of questions about the Singhanis, and he seemed to understand me because they looked at me as if to say "we'll talk later."

- How many days will you stay here? - Then asked to change the subject.

- Two weeks - he told us, biting into another piece of pizza.

- That's great - they shouted in unison.

- Where do you stay? - Sid asked, coming over and stealing a piece of pizza.

- In a hotel nearby - he replied smoothly.

- If you want my apartment is big, you can stay there. For me there is no problem, really - he suggested, smiling.

- Nooo - children shouted in unison.

We were scared all three looking them dazed, but they smiled at us sarcastically.

- But are you mad? - I asked them scolding.

- Dad is still here - explained Aru as if it were obvious.

- Yes, Aru is right. There are a lot of rooms where you can sleep. Dad does not move from here - said Geet, as if the decision were up to me.

- Kids, it's okay. I'll stay in Sid's apartment - Arjun replied.

- Nooo - they continued as if nothing had happened.

- Stop it now - I chided them raising a little voice.

I did not like when they act that way.

- Daddy please, stays here with us - Geet asked him making puppy eyes.

Aru also carried them and I saw Arjun in obvious embarrassment.

- I really ... ' he tried to tell them.

At that moment I realized that it was right to say something, after all the embarrassment of Arjun could be due to my silence.

- Well, if you want to stay here, there is space. I do not know; choose you- I told him leaving the absolute possibility to choose.

Arjun was about to say something, but when he looked into the eyes of Aru and Geet could not open his mouth.

- Please Daddy - Aru followed by Geet said.

- Okay, you win. I will stay here - he said at the end.

The twins started screaming and jumping for joy, while Sid laughed and looked at Arjun.

- I've warned you. They are tremendous. When they put something in mind there is nothing that makes them change thier mind - pointed out my best friend.

- Like mother, these children - Arjun answer before bursting into laughter too.

We finished eating, and then we moved into the living room where we spent a wonderful evening of jokes, laughter and comments.

That evening I made an exception and allowed the children to go to bed later, the rest was almost inevitable given the opportunity.

After a few hours Sid began to yawn and Aru did not expect more than this to tease him.

- The old man was asleep - he began.

- Hey, old man to whom? - Sid asked, pretending to be angry.

- At one Sid, you know him? - Continued the little man.

- Come here, chotuu - Sid said getting up off the couch and trying to jump on Aru to tickle him, but the baby took refuge in the arms of his father, who smiled at the scene just seen.

- Papi, you do not pay any attention. These two are a lost case - Geet told him squatting on his chest.

Arjun smiled and then covered with Aru in his arms and Sid could not do anything.

- Now the old man goes to bed. He is very tired today as he turned half the carnival to please a thankless chotu - said my best friend getting to his feet.

- It's time to go to bed too - then I began.

- Mom, Dad there is tonight - Aru complained.

- Mom was right, it's late. You have to go to bed. I will stay here and tomorrow I'll be beside you when you wake up, I promise - said Arjun.

- Sachi muchi? - Asked Geet.

- Sachi muchi Jaanis - continued Arjun, during our stay, he had taught their typical ritual of promises.

Sid said good-bye and disappeared back into his apartment while the children insisted to accompany Arjun in the guest room.

- Dad in this room you can not enter. It's locked - Geet explained, pointing to the room next to the guests.

- And why? - Arjun asked, curious.

- It's our room when we were babies and mom leaves it locked up because she says that she is afraid we'll ruin the room - said to him, Aru.

Arjun looked at me with a curious expression.

- Do not look me so. You have no idea how much these are crazy - I pointed out and he smiled.

- Dad, can we sleep with you? - Asked in unison, then the little ones.

- Dad is tired, each in his own room for the night - I said instead of Arjun.

- No, I'm glad if they sleep with me, then, go to sleep - he said smiling at the children.

He took Geet in the shoulders and Aru in his arms and headed for what for the next two weeks would be his room.

I kissed the kids and I closed the door behind him.

-. Good night my Jaanis. Love you- I said before walking away form the room and went to my room.


I woke up and I checked the time and I realized it was half past seven in the morning. Before making the breakfast I went to check the kids.

Arjun slept placidly among the children. Geet put her head on Arjun's chest and Aru on the other side did the same thing.

They had all three blissful expression on their face, they were happy, and almost made me realized that it was right that was so. All three had found a part of themselves that had been stripped away so cruelly, all three deserve to be happy now.

I walked slowly to the bed and left a gentle kiss on the forehead of all them and head to make the breakfast.

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Heyyy..finally able to edit the postLOL

Had busy days with university tourEmbarrassed.
I hope you liked the upd...I did my bestSmile
I don't know if the next upd, will be the last or notErmmErmmErmmErmm
But will give a longgg updates, this is sure...using both Arjun and Arohi POVWink
"Arjun?" My voice was a faint whisper.
"Yes Senorita?" He answered, looking at me intently.

"Even if I could, I'll never clear any moment of my life spent with you any time, either positive or negative, will always remain in our hearts and it is rightly so. Each event has grown, has given us the strength, the smiles, tears and many other emotions and I'm happy to remember them all. Arjun , I did not want to forget any time spent with you because it's part of me and what I am. You have filled my body, my heart and my soul and every day you can make me fall in love more and more of you , Arjun Singhania. I'm glad I married, have had our little miracles and share my personal life with you. "

"You are my life, Mrs. Arohi Singhania Alhuwalia."
He understood everything, everything.
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
tHANKS FOR your comment and support. Means a lot for me

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Awesomeness :D
Your FF is surely special.
It has this real feeling which leaves me awestruck.

I love the bonding between Geet, Aru & Arjun so much :D
They are such a sweet hearts :)

And Sid is sweet too :)

I can't wait to see how the family becomes 'ONE' again ;)

Please. Update soon :]

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very niceee
loved this update
worth waiting
plz post the next update soon

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arohi_arjun Goldie

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It was awesome. it was worth a wait. Love this happpy family and the reunion..
waiitng for next chappy. Update ur other ff OH my god soon
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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every time i read your updates i fall more and more in love with reading as well as writing!!

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res..btwt ws ur res fr parm?

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