Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 4)

princess_nabz Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
its goin 2 b the cont of the story rite

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piamist Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Congrats Parm..i don't know if i am in ur PM i daily check for ur update when i first come to the forum..if not add me to ur PM list.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Good Afternoon My Crazy FellowHugHugHug

Finally here with the update of the FF but before updating I want to give *Hugs&Blessing* to all those who appreciated my work. Thanks people.
Thanks a lot people
Means a lot for me


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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Maybe It's Love

I turned and found myself Gauri's black eyes staring at me sad.

I nodded and then I got up from the legs of Sid and I walked away continuing to see at Arjun and Geet.

- They are beautiful - she told me.

- Who? - I asked curiously not understanding who she meant.

- Arjun and Geet Looking at him now he looks like a child even more of her - she remarked.

- Yes, you're right - I answered sincerely.

- He and the kids have tied a lot - she said while I only managed to nod.

There was a moment of silence, then she turned to me and looked into my eyes.

- Since  I knew Arjun I never saw him so much  happy as in the last two weeks. It was hard to admit it, but eventually I was forced to do so. The reason is you, since you came you managed to make him become the person I always looked at the pictures of the Singhania house, I saw those eyes shining bright and all those photos and now I realize that he has not lost because he lost Rajveer, but he lost it because he has lost you - she told me seriously as she struggled not to let out the tears.

- Gauri ... I - I tried to speak, but she silenced me with her eyes.

- Let me finish, please. I met Arjun in the hospital, he threw me on the coffee and when I looked into his eyes I'm lost in that brown, I believe in love at that moment, but at the same time I realized that something tormented him. We became friends and he has not done anything but repeat that he could not give me more, he never wanted to explain why, saying only that he could not, but I have been able to wait. I waited until he felt for me at least half of what I felt for him and I came to believe that were the case, I have come to believe that he was in love with me. I knew there was a ghost hovering over us, but basically, I told myself, because I had to ruin my life for a ghost? You were not made even a comeback for three years and I honestly did not think you would come and still believe that somehow Arjun has forgotten you – she began to tell me

I wanted to say something, but I did not want to interrupt her again.

- When I saw you, I thought nothing would not change, you were going on with your life, and he with his. I thought you had only a past to bind you with him, but then I realized I was wrong, I realized that you still were there, you were inside of him more than I was. I do not want to continue to be with him every day wondering if I can stand the comparison with you because I know I can not stand. I gave him time to clear his mind and choose what to do with our story, but he has chosen a lot sooner than he or I imagined. There was no choice. He has chosen you, you...he always would have chosen, but I hoped not, although I have beaten in the face of a thousand things that I would have had to understand. Then today, I opened my eyes. You are destined to be together I like it or not - she finished running a hand on the eye to kick away a tear.

- Gauri, I do not know what to say. I'm not coming here to disrupt the lives of anyone, I came only because two of my best friends have realized their dream of love and I had to be there. Everything else is so uncertain, insecure - I explained sorry for the pain that I caused.

- Arohi, you do not have to apologize for anything. You can not decide who to love, otherwise it would be all too easy. As for insecurity, trust me, there's nothing more insidious. It invade a little at a time until all affect what you do, until you look like the image that others have of you. Do not let that happen, you know what you want inside you, you know and you have to fight for it - she answered me.

- No, I do not know. I do not know what I really - I said sincerely.

- You know that, however. You want him as I want it, you love him like I love him, the only difference is that he loves you – she pointed out to me making me a smile.

I looked at Arjun and I saw that he had stopped dancing with Geet and looked at me and Gauri, but our look was interrupted by a voice.

- And now, under the specific request of the bride, here's a song I want to dedicate to two people very special to her - said one of the members of the orchestra.

As soon as he end to talk stated to play a  notes of a song I knew very well. "Kitani Mohabbat Hai" the song me and Arjun.

I had to expect a joke like this from Rashi .

When the notes of the song began to fill the air I saw Arjun's eyes focused on mine and I did the same. The last time I heard that song in his presence had been the day when everything was over between us, the day that Rajveer was dead.

I saw him smile at me and I did the same thing with him, then began to approach me.

- Go to him, the man of our dreams, because it's you he loves you, the woman he wants - she pushed me I could not say anything.

The only thing I did was continue to look into his eyes and approached him until we were a few distance of each other.

He held out his hand to invite me to dance and I took it, smiling. He drew me to him and squeezed me while we were dancing lulled by the sweet notes of that song.

And today, as then, I shared the words of that song. We were here to dance and looked at each other like lovers while everyone looked at us realizing that we were those to whom the bride dedicated the song and all looked at us all surprised because no one today was able to understand what Arjun and I felt.

- Why do you have to be in this way? - Arjun asked me as I shook him stronger.

- How? - I asked curiously.

- So perfect - he whispered in my ear.

- You never give up, is not it? - I asked, smiling.

He pulled away just enough to look in my eyes.

- I give up only when I have the evidence that for what I'm fighting for, give me reasons not to continue to do so - he said, returning my smile.

- Perhaps it would be easier to forget, is not it? - I asked even though I really believe the words he had just said.

- How can you forget your past when you want this to become your future? - he asked me rhetorically.

- But this is not the past nor is it the future, this is the present and it's all so complicated - I pointed out.

- Senorita, there is nothing complicated. It is we who complicate everything when it serves no purpose. You want to complicate your lives, well, go ahead, but know it that I'll be here waiting for you, always. I'll wait for you, one day you decide to get go inside here - he told me and rested a hand on his heart as if to say he wanted to go in there.

- Of course sometimes you are just stupid - I pointed out.

- Hey, do not fool me. I do the serious and put it on you laugh? - Asked by the fake pouting.

- Arjun, you do not need you to wait. I am that I waited all these years and I'm tired to wait, nor I intend to wait you- I revealed to him making him understand that I felt for him the same as what he felt.

He looked at me and smiled, then the song ended and we are off, but I saw Riddhima go closer to the orchestra as she watched me and it scared me a lot.

- After Rashi, it's my time to dedicate a song. And I dedicate it to someone talking to me today described her relationship with a person as a mere friendship, but I also dedicate it to all those who are here today and love, I dedicate to the love - then saying she said something to a man orchestra .

I knew that she meant to me, because I'd been telling her a few hours before that Arjun and I were just two friends.

"Mere Haath Mein". The song started, and Arjun and I resumed dancing.

My love with Arjun was never finished because it was indivisible, indissoluble and inseparable. We had been away, but love was returned.

- I think she have dedicated to us - then I said to Arjun.

- So what would you called us just friends? – he asked me almost shocked.

- Well, what did you want I said? - I asked, smiling.

- Maybe the truth – he  answered me as if it were obvious.

- And what is this truth? - I asked.

- That you and I have never been just friends and we never will - he replied confidently.

"Adhoori saans thi

dhadkan adhoori thi

adhooren ham
magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe

aur ab pooren hain ham"


 Here are the words of the song that strikes me most.

- I think this song is telling the truth, our truth - he pointed out to me.

- Strange to say, but I think so - I answered, smiling as I hugged closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

I would have liked to kiss him and I was sure it was worth the same for him, but I could not do it, not there among those people, not at that time.

Despite this, however, that moment seemed to me extraordinary, and I did not need a kiss to finally hear him again mine.

We continued to dance for a while.

Perhaps, I could still cap my dream of love, perhaps, I could still create my own family, in fact, join it, maybe I, Arjun and our children we could have a bright future.

Maybe, but that maybe that was enough to make me hope that happiness had come for me...



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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged

Next time the much awaited Confession sceneBig smile

In order to give you the scene I'm skipping some scene so making you a small summary of those scene.

Arohi want to say to Arjun the truth next morning but Simi came to talk with her and ask her not to ruin her sister Gauri's life snatching her boyfriend, mean Arjun.
Arohi sad decided not to tell Arjun anything and leave Singhania's house as her holidays are finished. She ask to Rashi about ticket plane but Rashi said that she has postponed the flight of two weeks in order to spend some time with her and children.
Arohi got very angry and she had a fight with Rashi about it and Arjun try to make the girls chill but he don't succeed. Rashi left the room angry and Arjun want that Arohi stay at Chandigarh with him in order to start a new life.
Arohi,lying, said that she don't love him and everything that he felt was love wasn't so. It was fake. She'll leave that day. Later she make peace with Rashi.
Arohi and Sid with children left for the airport.
And next time I'll continue from here

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.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Great Update As Always.. :) Like The Promo :)) Cont. Soon :)

Love Your FF

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
it was awesome
continue soon

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-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
ii love your ff .
And ii never miss a part of it.
the 1st tym i do after logging in iz check your update. 
And this update iz freakin awesome as usual.
And congo for da new thread.

Add me to your pm list, kay ?

Awesomeness Smile

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