Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 38)

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Phir Milenghe

I walked away and Arjun did not stop me. I took the lift and I was out of the building.
I walk aimlessly through the streets of the district for an indefinite period of time.
I do it crying. I lost the only man I loved and this time forever.

After some time I stopped and let my strength abandoned. My head was bursting, my body shaken by quakes of cold, I was in contact with the ground moist and wet...

Suddenly someone approached me.

"Hey Baby...what happened?" said the voice. It has an awful smell of alcohol.

The scene seems surreal, but I can keep a cool head. "Nothing" I say, "I'm good." And I stood up and I was leaving when that guy grabbed my arm. I looked at him very angry. How he dare to touch me?


"Leave my hand" I said firmly.

The boy started to approach me and we were very close when I raise my hand and gave him a slap. 
He looked at me angry. "You don't have to do this honey" he said. "You don't know me". And he took out from his jacket a gun. A gun...Oh My God.


" Quiet" he said and pushed me in a narrow street "Be gentle and nothing will happen to you".


I try to escape, but in response he pushed me and I beat my head on the wall.
I leaned forward. I missed my breath. It's like the hit had sucked all the air in my lungs I

"I told you be quiet" he said. I've never been afraid for my life. Never. I've never been afraid to die.

It must happen this way? It must happen this way? In a small street of Mumbai because of a drunk man? What have I done to deserve this death? Where did I go wrong?

I think of my parents. Can I see them again?

I think about Aru and Geet, I think about my child. I think about Sid. And I think about Arjun.  Can I tell to him that I love him? Can I tell to him that I am willing to regain his confidence?

I don't deserve anything.

It's really? I do not deserve anything?

The guy continues to speak in an incomprehensible frenzy. I don't move. Maybe I'm cowards, or maybe I'm too afraid to die.

Or maybe, I'm just giving up.

  Everyone deserves to be loved, at least once.

Everyone deserves to experience that feeling crazy and desperate that it feeds the soul and fills the gaps. Everyone deserves that heartbeat that takes care of every ailment, even the most serious.

Everyone deserves to remain with their eyes open for a whole night to think back about the romantic moment spent together.

Everyone should know the feeling of magic brought about by the desire to repeat endlessly brief moments, romantic phrases, kisses and caresses.

Everyone deserves a chance to prove to the world to have a heart.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to beat it seriously, that heart. To shudder at the thought of staying away for even a minute. To dream a future of good, happy, nice things.

Everyone deserves.

All except me.

The guy approached me and put the gun at my temple.

I can feel the cold metal, then it means I'm  still alive.

This is my story. It is to end, and I can not help but think about what I am going to lose, what I will not see anymore. The brown eyes of Arjun. The park of Chandigarh, Singhania's home. I'll never see more my child smile.

I give to myself knowing that every move can be fatal.

I entrust myself to words. "If you want to kill me, do it quickly," I said to him. I try to move, to stand, but I can not. The pain in the head was too strong.


I raise my head to look into his eyes. I do not want to leave as a coward.
The light from the street seems to draw orange aura around him.

"You understand what I said?" I Cried. "If you kill me, do it in-"

I stop at the same moment in which I see his arm fall in step. I hear him swearing.

The light was low, but I can realize what was happening. He has been hit twice. One arm, one on the face.

He leaned forward and then he hit again, on the back. The shadow that hit him it is fast and accurate.
He collapses away from me, dropping his gun.

The shadow run to his side and kicked the weapon, away.

The shadow moves on me, kneels. It has the breath.

"Arohi? Arohi, tell me. Are you okay? "said the voice

The eyes are now closed, but the voice of the shadow is unique. "Arjun."



I open my eyes when I hear a voice, a male voice. I immediately close them - the light is too strong - but I still hear his voice.

"Yes, of course ... No, she is well, as you managed to call paramedics immediately."

A sigh. The sound of footsteps. A shadow beside the bed.

I try to open my eyes, and although I have a headache and I can barely concentrate on the face of doctor. I feel weak, yes. Confused and weak.

"Thanks" said the voice of Arjun

"Take care, though: the next time you witness a similar scene avoid to be a hero and call the police. This time you has been lucky, but it not always be so. All right? " said again that male voice.


I opened again my eyes and this time I have in front of me the face a nurse.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.


I looked at her and nodded a yes.


She looked at the medical records and sign in some blanks. "Are you a doctor, right?" she asked to Arjun

"Yes," Arjun spoke.

She smiled. "This is her prescription," she said "Mrs. Singhania can be discharged in few moments. I'm preparing the entire document" And left.

I looked at Arjun puzzled.

Mrs Singhania


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Dil Dhadakne Do

-Well, you woke up! How do you feel? ' He asked a bit embarrassed

-Oh-Oh ... I'm fine thank you ... a little confused... - I whispered, trying to regain the capacity of the word.-
-It's normal. It's a shocking experience for anyone ... 'he said.

I nodded
-Why she called me Mrs. Singhania? 'I asked to him.


He looked at me bit embarrassed and replied "We'll talk about it late" and walked out of the room. And I realised the reason.


"On what floor it is your flat?" asked Arjun once we were in the lift. We left the hospital and since then we didn't speak to each other. And now, after few minutes we're going to enter in my home and his "later" hasn't come yet. Suddenly, he lift stooped and I looked at him terrified who was giving me his back. He turned and said "We can talk now".

I took a sigh and started to speak.

"Arjun, you have no idea how many times I wanted to pick up the phone and call you to tell you everything, but I have always failed. You have no idea how many times Sid have pushed me to tell you, how many times he was there ready to repeat to me that you deserve to know the matter what and all you'd have to be the one to decide if you want to mess up your life or not, but I always had this fear of tangling your life, especially fear of complicating it and tied a bond with me just for the kids. I wanted you return to me because you loved me and not because I was pregnant - I told him sincerely.

Arjun stopped me by the wrist and forced me to look at him and at that moment I hoped that he would tell me something positive.

- In this story we both wrong, I know, and perhaps I have more mistakes than you, but Arohi, you have hidden an important thing. Because of you I lost five years of the life of my children. I can not tell you what I told you at the airport is gone, I would be false to say it. I thought looking in your eyes I would be able to put aside everything and forget, but I can not and I realized that love is not enough. - He told me firmly and at that moment I was going to burst into cry.


I was fighting not to cry and the heart seemed to have shattered into a thousand pieces...I was going to reply when he put his hands on my mouth.


"Arohi, do you know how I felt when I saw you in that streets?" he asked.


He went up to caress my face.

Then he came close, eliminating the distance between us. He kissed me.

For a moment I forgot the situation .I convinced that he was my Arjun.

Then I stopped him, pushing him away. I looked at him "Why...Why do you kiss me if you hate me?" I asked him puzzled.

He approached me again and took my hand and put it on his heart.

"Can you hear this beat" he replied "Look in my eyes and tell me what you see? Hate or..." he left the phrase incomplete.


At that moment, I looked straight into his eyes... I saw only one thing: an infinite love, a love that in that exact moment I really needed it.

-Love-I whispered.


-. We wanted a perfect life for us, that we always dreamed and, instead, how stupid we did not do anything apart us hurt - he said. He looked at me intensely.

- I love you ' he said.

I realized there is an important reality: no matter how far you go or what you try to escape, the truth is that your past in next to you forever, you can not erase it, you can not destroy it, you can only try to turn the page, as you can, and move forward.

-I love you too- I replied and hugged him tightly.


Happy, carefree, in love.

Complete, finally. Their love has saved both, as a small boa littered the ocean of life, here, that was their love, small, if you want, in front of everything that can happen in the world, but essential, fundamental. Because without love, you do not survive in the world.

It's like an intoxication, ecstasy, a heady aroma and delicate at the same time, sensual and sweet.

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Thaats all for now :D
Thanks for taking time and commenting n supporting me :D
Love you

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you updated...Big smileBig smile

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That was such a lovely updatee...
I'm still daydreaming
that was so romatic =)
Thank you for updating =)

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resDay DreamingHeart

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Originally posted by PriyaK.

That was such a lovely updatee...
I'm still daydreaming
that was so romatic =)
Thank you for updating =)
Thanks for liking it PriyaEmbarrassedI'm happy

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