Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 18)

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Good Afternoon My Crazy FellowHugHugHug

Finally here with the update of the FF but before updating I want to give *Hugs&Blessing* to all those who appreciated my work. Thanks people.
47 likesShocked
Thanks a lot people
Means a lot for me
Here it is the much awaited sceneBig smile


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Vaada Raha...I Promise

It was two days since we came back, two days after I had confessed my feelings to Arjun, two days after I had revealed the truth, two days after he had learned to become a father.

I was back to work and along with Sid and children I had resumed our previous life, the life that once seemed wonderful, but that now seemed so dull, sad and dark.

The children kept asking about the Singhania, especially Arjun and Tia and I invented an excuse every day at least plausible to justify the fact that no one called and they themselves could not call the other. Certainly Arjun had told others the truth.

I had hoped that Arjun appeared in Mumbai to finally reunite the family, but I knew he would not come. He would never, ever been able to forgive what I did. I still remember his words to the death of Rajveer: "Not him, damn. I had to die, not him. He has a son, a child will grow up without a father. It is not right, shit, shit. "

Those words were imprinted in my mind like fire. Arjun knew that a child needed a father, he read it in the eyes of Sunny every time he looked at him and he would be willing to give his life just to give to Rajveer the chance to be a father and he, he became and had been able to be after five years, five years in which the children day and night asked what had happened to him who had put them in the world.

No, Arjun  would never forgive me, never.

I reached the home after the day of work and  I went to Sid's house, I knew I find all three here and in fact when I opened the door I found an exhausted Sid on the couch while children sit cross-legged on the carpet in the living room watching cartoons on television.

When they saw me, they ran towards me and jumped on me, but Sid just smiled.

After I cuddled my children I went up to hug Sid and moved into my apartment.

I checked the time and I realized it was half past nine and the children had to go to bed. Since we were back in Mumbai we had resumed old habits.

- Children in bed - I told them as soon as we entered the house.

- Can you bring company while you eat and then we'll go -  said my little man.

- No darling, I have eaten something in the office, then, go to put on your pyjamas and then to bed - I told him lying.

The truth was that I had not eaten anything. In those two days, the hunger seems to have disappeared, it was as if my stomach was closed. I did not want to do anything, the only thing that gave me the strength to go on was the thought of my children, if it were not for them I probably would have jumped in bed and I would no longer show from there.

Aru snorted, a clear sign that he wanted to postpone the time of sleep, but I pretended not to watch it.

I put the pyjamas on both and then we walked with them towards the room of Aru, but both stopped me.

- What is it? - I asked them.

- Tonight we sleep together ' they said smiling at me and I smiled in unison with them.

In house all had its own room. Being a male and a female, I had preferred to create two different rooms in the house, growing up I was sure that each of the two wanted their privacy, but until now those two rooms had been used very little, as children always slept together or in my bed or in their common room.

 I smiled to my children and went into the room and they immediately rushed to jump on the bed.

- Mom, but I do not sleep tonight - said to Geet after he curled his brother.

I sat on the bed and smiled, then took from the table the carillon .

 - Let me remain with you until you close your eyes, ok? - I suggested and they both nodded satisfied.

I took the carillon and after giving its rope that began to play the lullaby that my children loved it so much.

- Mom, you know that Aunt Riddhima when we stayed there she sang the same lullaby? Tia says that her aunt always sings it to her when she did not sleep well and Aunt Rashi and Dadi do the same- Geet told me more curious than ever.

On hearing those words I could not help but smile.

- This lullaby is always singing by grandmother Daljeet, for this besides me even aunts and grandmother know it- I revealed to them.

- That grandmother Daljeet? - Aru asked me surprised.

In the past I had talked of grandmother, telling them how much I loved her and how many things I did with her.

- Yes darling, just her. You know, grandmother was the mother Grandma Badi Maa- I revealed to them that at that particular moment I had hidden.

- So it was Arjun's grandmother? -  asked Geet, looking sadly the bracelet on the wrist.

Arjun was missing too much to both, to tell the truth even missed me too much, too much perhaps.

- Yes, I think Arjun was her favourite nephew. Grandmother loved him and you little girl have the same name as that wonderful woman ' I revealed to Geet, smiling.

- That's nice - she said so proud of herself.

- What about me? - Aru asked me curious about her name.

- You carry the name of Arjunpreet, blockhead - Geet scolded him as if it were obvious.

I told myself that I had a daughter too much clever.

- And why? -  asked the little boy.

- For what? - I asked.

- Why do I have the name Arjunpreet? -he asked seriously.

Maybe that was the moment of truth, maybe it was the right time to tell him their dad. Maybe it was wrong, but I had to tell them.

- See baby, when Arjun and I were in affair, we made a promise to her grandmother Daljeet. We promise that if one day we'd had a daughter we would have put her name. A promise that then he added another between me and Arjun. We swore that if we had a boy, we would have named him Aru, which was none other than the diminutive of Arjunpreet. I suggested the name, I wanted my son had the father's name - I revealed not knowing if they understood or not.

Of Aru I did not know, but I had no doubts about Geet. She would connect everything, she was too awake.

- Wow, I like my name is Arjun - Aru shouted happy.

As expected he did not understand anything, but Geet looked and seemed to reflect while looking the bracelet gifted by Arjun. I was not sure about what was happening in her head.

- Mom ... what is the name of dad? You never said it -  asked Geet after a moment of silence, the silence broken only by the sound of chimes.

Aru turned to look dazed, he was not understanding anything.

- What has this to do now? - Asked the child.

- Then Mom? - asked Geet still ignoring the words of his brother.

It was the moment of truth and could not pull back.

- Arjun, dad name is Arjun not it? - Asked me doing the little half smile.

Aru turned and looked at me with eyes that seemed to him they were going to go out of their sockets.

- Yes baby, dad name is Arjun - I told her sincere as only a few times in recent years I had been.

- Our Dad's name is Arjun? Our Daddy? - Aru asked surprised.

- yes Treasury ' I told him making him a half smile.

- Mom ... - Geet was starting to say, but I interrupted her already aware of what was about to ask.

- It's time for me to tell you the truth. Arjun, the Arjun, you wish you knew so well is your daddy, is he that put you in the world - I revealed to both look into their eyes hoping they got it right.

As soon as I finished speaking I saw a smile on their faces so large as to illuminate the entire room, one of those smiles to be able to illuminate the world.

Aru screamed and stood up to begin bouncing on the bed, while Geet is still taking the bracelet looked incredulous laugh like crazy.

One thing was certain, they had taken well.

Aru jump suddenly stopped and looked at me intently.

- Mom, is not a joke, right? ' he asked me before I burst out laughing at his funny face.

- I've never been more serious than that - I told him and he continued to scream and jump on the bed.

Geet looked at her brother and then she began to laugh like crazy, then she began to scream.

- Dad is Arjun, Arjun is dad ' she began chanting.

The two looked into my eyes and then with a scream that Sid had heard in the next apartment, but at that moment I had no intention of scolding. They had every right to be happy. Even Geet got up and started jumping on the bed.

When after a while they calmed down they both lay down on the bed exhausted, but with a look that left little to the imagination.

- Mom, Dad does not want us? - Geet then told as she realized that Arjun had never been with us.

- Treasury, the situation is a bit hard to explain. One day when you will grow up, I'll tell you everything, now you will not understand ' I said her.

- Yes, but we just want to know if he does not want us - Aru repeated ignoring what I said.

- When I found out I was pregnant, I have left with your father and he was very far away. We had so many bad things and so I did not felt to go to him and tell him I was expecting a child. Dad does not know that you are his children - I explained to them trying to simplify everything.

- And why do not say it to him? He would be happy. He said he would like  to have a daughter like me - suggested Geet and reveals something that Arjun himself had told her, something that I myself had felt when I overheard the conversation between the little and her dad.

For them everything was black or white there was no middle ground, gray was not conceived in their world view.

- We'll tell him, I promise. When we come back to Chandigarh, we'll tell him all - I told them, who smiled at me victorious.

To them it was all so terribly easy that I wanted that we adults think like children. The truth was different, was different and was more difficult. You could not go to Arjun and say "we are your children" and hoped that he would recover all right, but that the children could not know.

The only hope I had, the one I had left was a day that Arjun would accept children regardless of me.

In our story we had been wrong, the children have nothing to do and had the right to have a father and mother present.

- Mom, one day the four of us we will be a family like the one that Tia have? - Asked Geet with puppy eyed.

My heart sank on hearing those words, and then when I looked at Aru who looked at me with those eyes of his sister I would sink, but one thing was certain, they were too small to get as big a disappointment as it could be that to know the truth.

- Yes darling, I promise you - I said, smiling and trying to show me credible.

- Sachi Muchi? - they said both.

- Sachi Muchi my Jaanis - I said to them smiling and getting a bright smile from both.

I stayed with them a little , then I saw that pleased and happy they were about to fall asleep and when their eyes were closed I kissed their forehead and left both of heading straight to my room, where there silently I cried all my tears.

I made a promise to my children, the most important promise that they asked me to do and knowing that I had sworn we would have the happy family that Tia had, yet I could not disappoint them.

And while curled up on my bed I looked at the photos I had taken from my room at Singhania's home, the one that showed me in the arms of Arjun, I fell asleep with the taste of salty tears that touched my lips.



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So how was this chapter?Big smile

*Giving tissue paper* if you cryOuch.

I promise in the end you'll be very happyBig smileVaada Raha...I PromiseWinkLOL
At first, I thought to stop here and give you the upd but after seen Hrithik Roshan in
Ik Junoon's song of his upcoming movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara I was Day DreamingBlushing
and HR gives me the energy to continueEmbarrassed. Oh HR tussi great ho *Parm singing*
Hip Hurray for HRROFL
So it is for you, the next chapterBig postBig smile

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Arohi left for office and here he meet Danish Malhotra, his new colleague at work. He is none other than the boy she met at the bachelorette party of Rashi. Yesterday she met him and he tried that evening to invite  her to dine with him. Arohi told him she refused and she wasn't interested in him and she had  two child. But Danish as a Casanova start to flirt with Arohi next day.

- Listen Danish. I like to have a good relationship with everyone who works here, I like to create a feeling of work and everything else and I like that everyone feels somewhat the same level, that's the reason for my interest, but I know very well doing the head and keep the distance. All this to tell you that we're just here for duty, the pleasure does not exist. So look for someone else to flirt with because I'm not interested in you - I told him.

- Something tells me digest a little the men - he continued to assume an expression I had seen a bit 'angry.

- Let's say that I and man travel on two binary opposites. There is only one man in my life and it is my son - I told him looking serious.

- From what you say, I suppose you had a big disappointment and I guess that the one who disappointed you is  the children's father, but remember that not all people are equal - he told me while I felt like sticking a dagger in the heart.

Just think of the father of my children, Arjun, I was dying and I honestly did not know whether or not to agree with Danish.

It gave me a huge annoyance that anyone would talk about my situation without knowing how things really were.

- Danish, I will be clearer. Or you simply have a professional attitude with me or I will get to help someone else - I said, throwing a look of icy fire.

- Hit and sunk. I hit the problem, however quiet, and I will not say anything. I will just be as professional as possible - he said seriously, but with the look of one who understood a lot.

- Okay, I see that we begin to understand. Now you can go. I have to finish the job ' I told him.

I stayed in the office all morning, even skipping lunch time. I was not hungry. My stomach seemed to close more and more each passing day. And I could not help it.

-He'll come. I do not know of what Arjun you are in love now, if the boy of the past twenty or mature man who is now or if both of them, but I know he will not run. The old Arjun maybe he would, but it will not the person I've met so far. Be patient and wait. When he'll resume, he will come here - Sid told me while I threw myself into his arms.

- I hope so, I hope so - I could only say.

I thought again of Sid's words. I did not care if Arjun will forgive me or not, now the only thing I wanted was that he was present in the lives of the children. I would be able to hide the pain and to endure yet another disappointment, but they do not, they were not capable and they especially did not deserve it.

With these thoughts I focused back on the job, until I heard someone knocking at the door.

- Next - I said, and Sur went to the office.

- Miss Alhuwalia, Danish calls her - she explained.

I signaled her to come in him and when he sat down in front of me I looked Sur.

- Do not pass me any call, and if someone asks me, tell them I am in a meeting - I informed her and she lowered her head and then left the room.

I stayed for over an hour and a half in office with Danish, who introduced me to the material that he could find in a single afternoon and at that moment that I was unable to agree with Savita Punj. In the boy there was really a great potential.

I explained some things and rearranged the work just done, then checked the time and I realized it was already half past eight and I had to pull out at eight. As usual I found myself locked in that office even after the time necessary, even when all, by now, had returned home.

- For today's okay, we did too much. Great job for your first day - I told him as I saw him smile beaming.

- I'll say that there are good reasons to work in here - he answered me as I heard a knock at the door and the thing I was surprised that having seen the time there was to be no one in the office.

After my "forward", the door opened.

- Miss Alhuwalia excuse me - Sur told me coming into office with a look a bit weird.

- What's up Sur? How are you still in office? You should already be home half an hour - I pointed out to surprised to see her there.

- I know, but it is more than three quarters of an hour I try to keep away a person there who calls her - she told me.

- Tell him I'm in a meeting and that is not the time to receive people - I suggested with a smile.

- I tried everything. I said you were in a meeting, that the hour was late, that today you could not receive him, but he do not give up. If it were not for his petulance , I would not be coming here to bother you because you had warned you would not be interrupted - Sur pointed out.

- I can understand who he is? - Then I asked curiously.

- He would not tell me his name. He specifically said he wants to talk to her and did not seem very happy when I told him that you could not receive him -  said my secretary.

- Well, tell him that I'm back home. If he want to talk to me, come back tomorrow - I imparted a bit annoyed by the insistence that the person had shown.

Sur nodded and closed the door after she again apologized for the interruption.

- Of course you do not have peace 'Danish  pointed out to me .

- Well let's say I'm pretty busy - I told him before hearing a noise hell out of my office.

What the hell was going on?

- No, you do not allow. You can not enter - Sur yelled at someone - stop, I told you to stop - still before the door of my office was opened violently and that was then when I saw him.

There, a few feet from me, looking like a Michelangelo's David was the man who had captured my heart a distant spring of many years before, the man who had given me the greatest joy, that of being a mother .

I was glad to see him there? Yes, I was all right, but my happiness was swept away as soon as I met his eyes, hard and disappointed as I had never seen.

I did not expect to see him, not now at least, not yet, but it was useless to say that I had hoped, I had hoped with every fiber of my being.

- But I say, you're crazy, you can not come here - said Sur reaching my office - I'm sorry Miss Alhuwalia, but I could not stop him - then she continued, turning to me.

- Do not worry, Sur. Go on home - I said to her, smiling.

- Is not it better to pick up security? - She asked me worried.

- No, not needed. I know this man. Quiet, back home - I replied to her softly . She nodded and went out of the room.

Arjun looked at me, then shifted his gaze on Danish sitting in front of me.

- I see that in all these years you become very good at lying. You were in a meeting, I see that you're doing really great meeting. No, oops, almost forgot the meeting is over and you're back home. Well, I must say that this house is just cute - Arjun said closing the door to the back.

It did not take a genius to realize that the joke had a double-edged sword. On one side was a way to congratulate me for my children lie on the other hand to support its thesis that I asked to my secretary to lie for me.

Of course I did not know that he would come, otherwise I would not have ever done.

Despite all this, I could clearly understand his intentions. If he was there, it was not to me, it was only to receive the explanations at the airport I was not able to give him.

- I did not know you'd come, so it seems normal that I refuse. If you control the clock, I should already be home, I could not lose more time with someone who appeared here at this time - I pointed out.

- That's right, the great Arohi Alhuwalia is too busy to give time to someone. Forgive me, next time I'll send a press release to alert you of my arrival - he replied sarcastically.

- Oh my god, you're so acid, you remind me so much a glass of expired milk ' Danish, for the first time, intervened in the debate and it was then when I saw Arjun's eyes of the boy who had been a time, that careless and heedless to hurt people, I seemed to have in front of the thug who had been for too long, the brash and heedless of the rules.

I thought I saw in his eyes so much anger or annoyance in the affirmation of Danish that I would not surprised if he had punched.

He looked arrogant and then he stands a quite false.

- Of course you're just cute, cute as a hedgehog in the underwear ' He told him at that moment I saw the boy who really had been in the past.

- Danish is better that you go. We both had finished. We continue tomorrow, good night - I said, turning to my colleague.

- But ... ' he tried.

- Did you hear? Go out - Arjun said, raising his voice and opens the door nodded making out.

Ok, now it was official. Arjun was black and he wasn't certainly angry with Danish, but with me, but that does not prevent him from blaming anyone.

Danish looked shocked me and I shrugged and I motioned him to leave. He looked back at Atjun who was watching him with eyes of fire, then turned back toward me.

- Women will love always b*stard - he whispered to not hear from him, then left the room.

I reflected on the words of Danish and I realized that maybe he realized that the boy just entered was none other than the cause of my reticence about men, but what he did not know was that if Arjun was doing now the b*stard part was mine fault alone.

- Hey calm down first and then sit down - I said, trying to show a firm and decisive voice, but I found it very hard.

His gaze seemed to soften a bit, but returned immediately to be cold and icy, and when he sat in front of me I saw him pass a hand through his hair, clear sign that he was quite nervous.

- You owe me an explanation - then he began looking at me straight in the eye.

It was the moment of truth, the whole truth in me and I only hope that he could get into my shoes and understand me, just so he could forgive, but unfortunately, looking at his eyes, which were only the perfect mirror of his soul, I realized that in that brown eyes that I loved so there was absolutely no space for forgiveness.


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Sooo kaisa laga...

Arjun don't turn into DevdasROFLROFLROFLAll happy shappy na???
No reason for killing meCool
What will happen next time? What "Movie" gonna happen?
1- Luv Ka EndShocked
2- Phir MilengeDisapprove
3- Koi Mil GayaHeart
Don't miss the next upd. which will be done approx. on 11st of June...last day of schoolSmile.
Till then take care.
Promo will be up later...have to settle down the project on my mindTongue

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Happy News:

After exams, I'll start a new FF called "Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya" starring Arjuhi of KMH1 and Maaneet of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.
 If possible, before exams I'll try to give the prologue.Big smile
@Shreyu, will PM you after exams for info. about Maaneet.

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yay arjun is back!!!
m sure hez gonna 4giv arohi!!!
lukin 4wrd 2 fun family time!!
only arjun arohi geet n aru!!!!

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Originally posted by channi_star

yay arjun is back!!!
m sure hez gonna 4giv arohi!!!
lukin 4wrd 2 fun family time!!
only arjun arohi geet n aru!!!!
thanks channiBig smile...happy you liked itBig smile

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