Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:Precious Forever #2 Complete| NEW SURPRISE P.69 (Page 11)

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I was waiting in the waiting room, I watched Sid and the twins who looked at me and saw in their eyes an unquestionable trust in me, a confidence that I had failed. They trusted me, trusted unconditionally and I had not shown itself worthy of that trust.

I tried to smile to them, but suddenly I saw the little smile while looking at an indefinite point behind me, they made a gesture to Sid and he began to look in their direction and then smiled. At that point, out of curiosity, I turned too curious to find out who had restored the smile of my two angels.

What I saw, made me stop the heart. In front of me in all his beauty there was Arjun totally out of breath trying to catch his breath, perhaps returning to a race, looking at me smiling. He spent his gaze from me to the children and smiled at them, then looked back at me.

- Miss it's your turn - an old gentleman noticed to me  in line behind me, but I was too busy looking at Arjun to realize what was happening around me.

- Miss, excuse me, miss, you feel good? -  asked the same man pulling the shoulder.

It was then that I came back down to earth, but I do not look away from Arjun, who continued to smile at me, while I did the same with him.

- Miss, it's your turn -  repeated the man then turned to look at the point where my eyes were focused - ah, love - he added.

At that moment something moved inside me, and certainly was not hungry even if I had not had breakfast that morning, the feeling that I felt was like a thousand butterflies fluttering in my stomach. And when I thought of the reason for his appearance at the airport I went to him step by step, slowly, very slowly and he did the same with me.

When we were just a few inches, I hugged him tightly and  strong arms around me and I felt his close to grow more vigorously, as if afraid that I might slip from his grasp.

Meanwhile, the queues at check-in went back and everyone had forgotten about me that I had sold my seat to the gentleman to run into the arms of the one man who I was certain I would have love for the rest of my life .

A part of me was happy that he had come, perhaps this was what I was expecting, maybe that was why, subconsciously, I was determined to go and buy a bottle of water, hoping to delay the time to be here and to ask me to stay, but the other part of me did not want him there, now go away because it was more difficult, more painful, but in the end maybe it was normal, after all it was a goodbye, our farewell.

The truth was that goodbyes are like that. They contain good and bad, and break the tie, the desire to flee and to remain and as I watched his eyes to prevail in all that mess of emotions was my desire to stay with him, anyway.

When we detached we looked intensely and I realized how difficult it was to say goodbye.

- Why did you come? - I asked breaking the silence between us.

The airport was full of people, but at that moment there seemed to be just me and him, we who were close enough that I could easily feel his breath on my skin and he mine.

- Because  I can not, not follow you, I can not give you up - he said it without thinking too much.

- You should give it up, though - I pointed out.

-Give up your power to attract me and I give up my will to follow you - I said smiling at him sideways.

I smiled and for a moment the desire to kiss those lips turned into a growing need.

I walked slowly to his lips and when I was a whisker away from kissing him, he started talking and I was forced to stop.

- Do you really know why I'm here? - he asked.

I am unable to say anything, I nodded.

- I'm here because six years ago I've been stupid and I moved away  you from me and you when you were re with me despite my immature behaviour I have driven out you again when the only thing that I really wanted was to stay with you. Then one day, when, by now, I'm hoping to meet again with your eyes was lost, I saw you in my house to open the door. That day you don't have unwittingly opened the door, but you opened again my heart and with it the feelings that bound me and bind me to you yet and so I have to say thank you, thank you because you reminded me what I can try. It is as if all this time away from you I was watching my life through a clouded window, then I saw you and it was as if the spots were gone, the window was clean. This morning I greeted the children, Sid and I left because I knew I could not say you goodbye. I climbed into the car and went to the beach, our beach and it was then that I understood everything. I understand that only a fool does not want to return to the place where he was happier and my place, my place it is you Senorita, my place is beside you. And that is why I'm here, I'm here because I lost two times and it was my fault, I can not and will not allow that to happen again - he told me a whisker away from my lips.

I felt at that moment, between his arms a few inches from his lips I finally felt the Arjun that I loved practically since forever.

- Arjun I ... - I was trying to tell him before he put a finger over my mouth to prevent me from speaking.

- Yesterday it was difficult to understand your words, but a little while ago I was in our beach I understood everything. You're afraid and that is why you said those things, but I know that are not right, I know you feel something for me, I know, I feel it. We are meant to be together, there is nothing to do so. Everything I love loses half its pleasure if you're not there to share it with me and for too long I allowed this to happen, not anymore and you know why? ' he asked smiling at the end twist and placed his hands on my face and looked me straight in the eye.

- Why? - I could only ask.

- Because I'm crazy about you, I am totally and unconditionally in love with you. I love you, Senorita, I love you like I never loved in my life, I love you like I did not believe that I was capable. My love is like the waves of the sea, the rocks are high but they can never block the wave because it is too eager to surrender to the harmonics of the sand that caresses is none other than his only and eternal love, just what you are to me. I love you Senorita, I love you, love you, love you and if you do not love me, tell me the same, but you have to do looking into my eyes ' he completed at the end and only then I realized it was the first time in five years that I heard that strange to say he loved me and those "I love you" just said were worth more than a thousand doubts and uncertainties of the thousands that I had up to that point.

I looked into his eyes and only then smiled, then took his hand, which until then was in my face and leaned on my heart making him feel the beat strong.

- Do you hear? Arjun you feel it? - I asked him after seeing him nod and went ' Since all my life  it beats for only you and only for you will always beat. How can I tell I do not to love? You tell me how do I do so if I have not stopped even for a moment in all these years? Today I realize why I could not forget the past, I could not forget you. How can you forget the past when you would become it become your future? Monster I love you - I said smiling.

I had only time to see him smile before he looked behind us. I turned and saw him staring Aru. I do not know what my son saw in the eyes of Arjun, I just know that he made the thumbs up, smiling as I had never seen done before.

At that point Arjun smiled and looked back at me, making me turn to look at him and before I knew it he was kissing me.

Were years that I waited for that time and had finally arrived. Arjun was kissing me and not any one of those kisses, kisses one of those who know of love and found, that taste of passion, but at the same sweetness.

When we separated I found the expression in his eyes that I was so in love and he had to find in me the same thing because I smiled.

The moment was interrupted by the ringing of cellular of Arjun. He left it ring and stares at me and at the end that the phone stopped playing to start soon after. I do not know how many times the phone began to ring and then stopped and started again, I was too busy watching him to stay focused on my surroundings.

Umpteenth phone call I could no longer turn a blind eye.

- Maybe it's better if you answer, if they continue to be an urgent call - I pointed out.

- He/She'll call back later. Now I turn it off - he said to predict the mobile phone from his pocket and checking who it was ' it is Gauri - he said refusing the call and turning it off.

- You should see what she wants, then. If she insists so much , it'll be for a reason - I tried to say while  trying to hide the discomfort that I had to know it was her.

I know, it was an unjustified jealousy mine, but it was as if now I felt Arjun mine and jealousy had returned to be felt stronger than ever.

I saw him nod to what I said and after a "Back in a moment" it was called that, now his ex-girlfriend.

I did not hear what he was said, I was too busy looking in the direction of my children and Sid was smiling victoriously.

Arjun did not take long and soon came back to me and looked at me weird. What had happened?

- Is something wrong? - I asked hoping it was not so.

- You're always the same - he told me seriously and in that moment I could not understand the meaning of those words.

- I do not follow - I pointed out a bit scared.

- You want to know what Gauri wanted to tell me? - he asked.

- Only if you want so - I replied, hoping he would.

- She told me to running to the airport to stop you - he simply told me to smile back.

I did not understand the meaning of those words.

- I still do not understand - I explained.

- Simi told her the chat yesterday with you, so Gauri ran to my house to inform me of the thing, but she didn't find me and you were already gone and she could not even speak with you - he told me.

That's why I saw Gauri few minutes before. And I thought it was run to Arjun for some reason.

- The truth is that you are always the same. Before the happiness of others and then your life - he went on smiling.

- I thought you and she would be able... - I tried to say.

- Would be bale to what? Get back together? Senorita I love you, only you. I would not be able to stay with her, since I have lived for you for two weeks. You came here and you've messed up my life - told me while my face was sad. I was right, my presence and the kids would break all his balance - but you know what? For five years I do not expect anything but that. You and the kids you've arrived like a hurricane, sweeping away everything I had before, but you brought something new and fresh that I did not think I deserve. You were better than all could happen ' he finally revealed to me while I smiled.

He walked over and kissed me in a whisper and at that moment the loudspeaker called again a sign that my flight is not far before having to go. I was no longer certain of departure, I wanted to stay here, but it had to be honest with Arjun  until the end there was only one way to be.

- You would not have the same opinion if I told you the whole truth - the I revealed.

- What truth? - he asked me dazed by my words.

- The truth that will bring you back from me, but I love you and I must tell you, I have to do it, even if it means lost you exactly ten minutes after we found - I told him and he seemed surprised by my words.

- Senorita what are you trying to tell me? - he asked curious.

- When I came here you asked me how old the kids are, remember? - I asked and he nodded, surprised - and remember that I told you that they completed five years the month before? - I said and he nodded again - the twins were born in June, 21 June 2005, exactly nine months after our meeting in Chennai - I concluded looking into his eyes.

I saw his expression and I saw him upset, so much so that his hands until then encircled my hips positioned themselves on the back straight to his hips.

- Arohi, you're telling me ... - he tried to tell him.

The fact that he had replaced the nickname "Senortia" with the "Arohi" said volumes about the reaction.

- Yes, I'm telling you that Aru and Geet are your children, our children. Arjunpreet and Daljeet as we had promised one day years ago - I revealed.

I saw him shocked and terribly disappointed in me. He had trusted me, had trusted that girl who only two weeks ago had said that those were not his children and now she was saying he was right.

He did not say a word, but looked at the children, seemed to study them, then looked back at me.

- Miss you need to check-in. What intentions do you have? -  asked a lady raising a little voice to be heard.

- Just a moment - I said to the woman before returning to look at Arjun.

He had not changed expression. He still looked shocked, unable to say or do something.

- I know now it is not possible for you, but forgive me, forgive me one day. Now I have to go - I told him approaching and kissing him in a whisper before a blow in her ear "I love you immensely."

I turned to reach the check-in, but he stopped me by the wrist and at that moment I hoped that the gesture was a way to not make me go, for making me understanding  that he forgave me, but looking at his eyes I did not see that.

He shifted his gaze and smiled at their children. The first smile that he did  after my revelation, then looked back at me and the smile on his face disappeared.

- Ask me to stay and I will - I revealed him looking into his eyes.

I hoped with all of myself that he tell me to do it, but unfortunately he did not, indeed left the grasp.

At that point I realized it was really over. Tears came to my eyes and I settled back my glasses on my face for not making to see me cry. Then I turned on my heels and walked to the check-in, where in a few minutes I did everything and I was able to reach children and Sid while Arjun still upset keep watching us leave.

- Mom, what happens? - Geet asked me awake more than ever.

- Nothing, dear, nothing - I replied trying to smile.

- And Arjun? Does not he come with us? Do not we stay with him? - Aru asked me continuing to watch her dad.

- No darling, Arjun is not coming and we can not stay - I answered sadly.

- But why? -  they asked both in unison.

- Because  is complicated, things are big, you could not understand - I replied to both.

- Maybe, but I think you adult make life unnecessarily complicated -  said my little girl giving  me her hand.

Before disappearing from the sight of Arjun, they turned to him and he greeted them with his hand like a robot. I looked at him and saw his eyes fixed on mine, there was disappointment, so much, maybe too much and failing to hold his gaze and I  looked down on the ground, along with Sid and children, walked in the direction indicated to us by hostess.

Until the last I hoped to hear my name from Arjun to stop me, but he did not and I with a broken heart  went on that damn plane.

- Hey baby - Sid told me in a ear not to be heard by children.

He did not say anything, but that "hey baby", was worth more to me than a thousand words.

- I told him everything. Now there's no secret to keep - I later revealed after taken place.

- He? -  asked Sid.

- He did not say half a word, he was upset - I told him.

- You will see that he'll be fine soon - he told me confidently.

- I do not think. He trusted me and believed me when I denied it. He did not expect that I had lied. When you lose confidence in someone there is nothing that can change his mind. I know him too well, he will not pass over. The trust, for him, is the foundation of every relationship, as it should be ' I explained.

- Hey, you two do not always say that you do not say things to ear - pointed out Aru angry because until then I whispered to Sid.

- Forget it, these two talk good and bad scratching - the sister said in our place with the expression of a woman's world, and I looked at Sid and smiled.

The plane departed and then a miserable little hope that was inside me disappeared like snow in the sun. I had hoped that Arjun came and not allowed us to leave, but unfortunately I knew I would never have happened.

We flew over the sky until we reach a great height and then, always with the sunglasses on my face, I began to cry, trying not to let me hear from my children.

The thing did not go unnoticed to Sid, but the children fortunately did not notice anything, luckily they did not understand what had just happened.

They were happy that the scene had seen and hoped that maybe in their hearts for me and Arjun there was a future, but unfortunately neither of them knew that within half an hour I had found and lost again the only love of my life.

The truth was this. I had lost again and this time it was my fault. We could have been a happy family, but I had miscalculated and now I found myself crying and despair for a decision until just a few hours ago I was sure to continue.

I had lost Arjun, I lost for the third time the man of my life and there was not something that did more harm.


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So how it is the update? Too much sad kya?Ermm

I know you want Arjuhi together as soon as possible but picture abhi baaki hai meri Crazy FellowWink.

Rate the scene pleaseEmbarrassed
Agree or Disagree with Arjun reaction?
Like the cute scene between Arjuhi?
What will happen next?
Arohi will move on her life? Maybe with the new guy that she met on bachelorotte party?!? ErmmErmmErmmErmmYou'll kill me if I do so, na?ROFL
And about poor Arjun...he will turn into the modern DEVDAS kya?GeekGeekGeekGeek
So he need a modern ChadramukhiStern SmileStern Smile
Don't miss the next update to know what my mind cooked for all of you.
Much Love

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ya i m first before pm
it was nice
waiting for what arjun would do
keep updating

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Stern Smile Arjun Confused

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a heart-touching update..i wished Arjun stopped Arohi..!!continue soon!

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Pmed you everyone and edit the 3rd post.
bye bye and take care
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Awsome update. Luv d scene n pic. Pics are exactly fitd in d scene. Plz bring arjuhi together. No new guy or chandramukhi. We want our arjuhi.

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged sad! I dont know why but i dint expect arjun to be angry...i thought he would be overjoyed! But...i feel bad for arohi, she had to gothrough so much pain because of him and now again he hurt her! Or should i say she hurt him??

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