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Wow, what a nice thread and what sensible posts by all of you Thumbs Up 

I think I have been a lil biased towards Terence ki toli for both DID-1 and DID-2. I don't know if its the influence of Terence on them or is it the contestants itself that impress me. But now that they are all mixed up, I see some personality differences in the same contestants that I admired before like Kruti, Amar, Jai, Alisha. Regardless, I really like these people as dancers Smile But now my instincts say that Terence does force me to like his contestants with the way he presents them as a dancer and as a person. Kudos to you Terence Clap How I miss you on the show Cry It makes me wonder how this drama would have been if only Terence was there at that moment. Obviously, Geeta went overboard to make this a big issue but omg I was so impressed by Remo's calm nature. He said what he had to in a very effective manner. Even in the limelight, he just said it so beautifully that the less we talk about negativity the better it is. Remo took my heart right there LOL I did not like Remo in the beginning as he came across as very biased to me but I started to like him now. 

With all this drama, I guess the true personalities kind of came out if not totally. But at the end of the day it is a dance show, and dance should matter more than their personalities. After all, nobody is perfect Smile

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Originally posted by charmz517

I do agree that Vrush is the queen of expressions! However, I do not think Vandu is bad, but she just doesn't have versatile expressions, which is VERY important. As for Avneet, she is such a doll!! But, I remember Farah saying something in LM that kids needs to watch their expressions because sometimes it does not come off innocently and ends up looking bad.. this was said after that girl Hansika from Mayu-Vrush's team performed (something like that). Hence, I think Avneet gets a little too carried away with her expressions sometimes and needs to find a fine balance between expressing naturally and expressing dramatically (she is still a child, I am sure she will learn). Star

As of now, I think Avneet still maintains that classy look to her expressions. I don't think she ever made it look cheap. I am glad she is able to balance it out well, coz it is really hard at times to keep that, especially when you are performing on an item number Confused Avneet is really praised for her expressions and I am sure that she gets conscious and works more and more on her expressions which may seem dramatic but poor kid its not her fault. Elders should guide her properly Confused The judges should give her tips to work on her step completion rather than always bragging about her expressions. That will make the kid realize what she needs to work on and will help her to become a better dancer in the future. I feel Avneet really gets carried away by others and she seems like the baby of the show. She is really innocent Smile

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Originally posted by charmz517

I am trying to figure out one thing. Yes, DID 2 is not perfect, but neither is DID 1. They both have their flaws and they both have their motor mouths. LOL DID 1 has 1 too many.. and DID 2 doesn't have motor mouths, they just have Kruti who overreacts and Amrita who is outgoing hence always speaks her mind (which also speaks a whole bunch of positivity). As for Vandana, I love her, but she really falls so weak compared to all the other contestants and makes me really miss Binny and Shakti on the show. Confused

DID 1 started all the controversy in terms of who is better and who is stronger, yadda yadda.. at first, DID 2 kept very quiet for the first week or 2, but when the opposite side continues their rants, how long is a person going to stay quiet? I agree, that Kruti and Amrita do talk, but not as hurtful as some of the things that DID1 contestants say.

It's a competition, so naturally they will be against each other and will want to prove they are better than the other side, however, in reality, both teams are equally strong. Both have extremely strong dancers and some very weak dancers.

Each dancer is SO different from the other. Yeah, both Mayuresh and Punit are from TL's academy and both are contemporary dancers, but still, they have their own type of styles and strengths. Punit has actually done a lot of other styles besides contemporary, since he was on Remo's team and Mayuresh had some of the most memorizing contemporary performance since he was on TL's team. So, it wouldn't be fair to compare them.. or D and Prince.. or Amar and Jai.. etc. They are all different.

In terms of who puts the Janda and who build the foundation... they ALL are the base and ALL are the Jandas.. DID 1 set a strong foundation, but DID is not their show.. they didn't make it.. BUT, they MADE IT in this industry THROUGH DID... just like the rest. It's not THEM who made the show popular... it's DANCE that makes it popular. Needless to say, they are amazing dancers obviously, because through auditions, naturally the best amongst the best would be chosen to compete. Oh.. and let's not forget.. it's all the drama and masala that Zee adds in to make it more spicier Wink

Whatever Jai did was not right, and everyone has the right to be agitated by it... plus, if his own team members were not happy about how Jai was reacting, why should DID 2 be? It was an unfortunate situation for 1 and all and hopefully something like this is never repeated. It was disrespectful and it was sad at the same time. I am glad that Jai apologized at the end and hopefully he finally learns to keep his mouth from running unnecessarily.

As for Amar, he was behind Jai, so not sure how it would be disturbing. It's a thakkar round.. it's all about the spunk, attitude, aggressive and rawness, and healthy competition. Yeah, I admit.. it was a little weird at first, but then when Amar was trying to console Jai.. that showed his sportsmanship and respect, regardless of the situation he was involved in due to Jai's shocking and indecent behavior.

As for Kishore, he is a sweetheart, however, I want to point out, that it's always the DID 2 members that stand up, and come on stage to congratulate a DID 1 member if their performance touched them. I don't recall many instances of DID 1 doing that, heck, they barely stand up to appreciate the other side when they give an amazing performance. And the incident on Saturday with Jai, it wasn't only Amar who consoled Jai.. so did Parvez.. and Dharmesh and Punit even went and hugged Jai.. I think that should be enough to show that they are not as pride driven as some make them out to be. Smile

P.S. --> Alisha is not quiet. She has made some over-confident remarks in the limelights videos where she says something like how DID 2 has weak contestants that's why they keep sending D to the thakkar round. Mind you, this is after Parvez outshined Alisha in their thakkar round.  And I will admit, Kruti's behavior really shocked me too! She was reacting as if Jai cursed at her and told her she is the worst dancer or something!! It wasn't that serious! Amrita is usually the type that says what she feels anyway, but she is always very appreciative and supportive of those who are very very talented on the other team, like when she mentioned how Jai is one of the most talented dancers.

Okay, I think I am done! Sorry!! I don't blame anyone if they don't read this post.. I know it's overbearingly long!! Confused

lol, this probably is the most impartial post regarding the verbal wars of both the teams
none of them are perfect and none of them stopped  attacking the others.

 but i was disappointed with amrita and kruti, amrita always i have  been disappointed, only once i admired her control, when she behaved like a proper skipper in LM. She was the head of department in an education society, and kruti has a masters, one would think  high education have drilled some sense and control in them, but, the moment the situation turns adverse, wo log kamar bandh ke nikal pari ladne.
 BTW: i think kruti is friends with jai behind screens, i have seen some sig floating around in this forum
 actually i never liked vandana, who in her first episode probably , said how she hated to go to a 10-5 work. while i appreciated her thought, the way she said it, making the whole bunch of people  doing 10-5 work like some mindless creature,who just sweat and earn moeny  ,who has no aesthic value, made me dislike her instantly. i was , who do think you are? some two penny dancer whose show comes on air coz 10-5 people make it and 10-5 people  subscribe to the channel where your shows come.
anyways, none of the members were quiet in Limelight, not even vrushali or  bhavna, only one who never bragged or said unnecessary stuff was mayuresh, i respect him for that.
apart from that, whenever prince opened his mouth i felt like, do kaan ki niche maroon ek chaper, siddhesh atleast is 26-27, u r just a baby , freshly out of diapers, a ke karne lage bade bade baaat. 

I agree with you, avneet has still lots of room for improvement, mentors  just dont ruin her by raising her to sky ,like u have done to certain other people.

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Now THIS is what I call a DISCUSSION! People post their views calmly and maturely! Aaahhh...this topic and the poster here make me feel good. People have their own views and opinions, but there is a proper discussion and posting of views going on here. This is just great!! Big smile Thanks everyone for maintaining maturity!!! Hug

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Few points wanted to add:

1. Yes, in Jai-Amar round Amar should not have got all perfect 10s , whatever Geeta said about giving marks it was obvious Jai would have got lower marks not only because what happened but because of his overall performance. It's true he did harder moves but what Amar did was neat without any clumsiness.

2. I really don't care about participants being/talking confidently about the team orthemselves. Why not? Not everyone is same, some do & some don't. It's a competition afterall, no friendship show. For TRP, the camera follows them to speak such things, they don't follow the camera..

3. Alisha being confident? Why should not she be? There was not a single girl from DID 2 to give her takkar! Sab ko pata hain puri ki puri kha jati. Only a boy could challenge her!

Edited by Pradarshak - 16 May 2011 at 6:00pm

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Originally posted by chocolover89

In that sense yes, they definitely come across as more competitive than the Josh girls who are more composed. There have been a few cases where I have been turned off by what some contestants said in the limelight..from both sides. I got annoyed with Amrita's jhanda bhashan..It was really stupid LOL

Vandu is the weakest dancer in DKS IMHO :( When she gets introduced as expression queen..I'm just like no no no LOL..that title is Vrushali's and no girl comes close to stealing it from her yet. Avneet comes the closest though..

Agree -- Vrushali is definitely the QUEEN of expressions on DID show, among the female contestants... After that it's Shakti and Kruti, and not Vandu... Vandu has good expressions, but not always perfect... Avneet is good, but her "acting big" bugs me...

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Originally posted by nureat01

Honestly I've seen both Binny and Vandana's attempts to be soap heroines...Vandana was majorly cringe-inducing in her maha bore of a show...Binny is a far more natural actress (even though the show she's in is utter crap had muchhh better expressions than Vandana on the DID stage also...and yes, Vrushali anyday beats both of them hands down in expressions...Vrushali is a TRUE bollywood heroine style expression queenClap

Also agree about Kruti's reaction in this scenario...veryyy disappointing...she looked like she literally wanted to kill Jai...what kind of behavior is this?? Such HATRED for a co-contestant?Thumbs Down  What exactly has Jai done to be HATED like this?? Kruti is a damn fine dancer but she doesn't need to look like she wants to KILL ppl...this is a whole another extreme levelConfusedConfused

Agree about Vrushali - she is always my Queen of expressions on DID.. Forgot to mention Binny in my earlier post here.. She also has better expressions that Vandu.. So do Shakti and Kruti..

Kruti's reaction -- no comments! I am still in shock... Shocked

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ive seen the limelight episode where Alisha said they keep sending D sir in takkar...but that is true - they do! why not send others? come to think of it..a kishore v paulson tollywood takkar would be awesome!!! (i just loooveee tollywood acts!!Dancing)
Alisha even admitted that her performance was not that great during her takkar with Parvez - so i dnt think she is as arrogant as she is made out to be.
i also agree that both teams speak a lot, but from all the episodes i have seen...the attitude that is there is DID2, esp Amrita, Kruti and Vandana, has really put me off them. i agree Prince and Siddhesh also talk too much, but they have always been like that - since season 1 so that has never surprised me. DID2 contestants were not like it stands out for me.

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