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FF-Meri Nanhi Dulhan-thread 4 (Page 62)

febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Still waiting !!!!

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love4all IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
plzzz juldi update kro na cant wait any more

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monika1992 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
waitingDay Dreaming

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
aur kitna time...Shocked

Lagta hai Maan kuch jyadahi naughty hogaya hai...Wink

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anch_cutedevil Newbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
hey yaar plz update soon na now i cant wait any more...

m starving plss jaldi se ek yummy sa update do

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged

                                       chapter 51

maan closed his eyes and a tear dipped from his almond eyes'remembering '. Geet'I love U  jaan I love U'

tonight he didn't  tried  hard to sleep'as .her presence was  soothing his heart, mind, and  soul so he dosed off instantly'  geet was sleeping facing other side, and maan facing her back''..

while sleeping, geet freed maan's photo, she turned around and hugged maan from his waist 'maan hands automatically  went around her taking her into his embrace protectively''..
  Her breathe falling on his neck tickled him'and 'her close proximity is intoxicating him 'he started rubbing her back sensuously.. pulling her closer and pressing her more on him'.Geet unconsciously responded to his touch, same way rubbing his back gently'Both were not fully in sleep, still didn't want to wake up from the dream they are leaving in'' 
            Specially maan who is taking, Geet;s presence as  his illusion and he don't want to come out of it''he wanted to stay in this illusion  for ever. Where he can touch her feels her and love her'..

maan rolled placing Geet on bed under him '.,his eyes were still close and he was almost laying on her''.she was  sleeping like a child but still  feeling  his touch..

Maan dips and hides his face under her neck''rubbing his nose on her neck and shoulder .Then replaced his nose with lips   soaking her with wet kisses' '..geet titled her head giving him more space and pulled him closer'''. ''.
maan heart  pounded with her response  , and he is hardening like anything'.he moved to her chest...kissing  deeply her cleavage. .

    geet clench his hairs roughly and moaned with pleasure maan"''
his name on her lips  was driving him crazy. he trailed kisses  all over  breast to her abdomen...sucking her belly  passionately ...geet moaned uncontrollably ... he came back to her face and captured her moaning lips ..  ''..Geet snap open her eyes''..
it didn't took long for her understand its not her dream but reality'..
and  maan is kissing madly''without second thought she too kissed him back...feeling each other  after so long was  giving an  indefinable pleasure to them  ' ''both got lost in each other''maan's  hands roaming on geet's body ,stroking  her curves ,her open waist and back...

 while geet's hands were in maan's hairs playing with it''.. Both were loosing their senses,he rolled back taking Geet on him  and  started pulling  dori of her choli''
reality hit Geet'what ?is going on..?I can't be close to him.
till problems sort out'.

Did he recognize me? She gulped hard and  moved closer checking his eyes'.they were closed''.she took a relief breathe'he is dreaming'she shied and tried moving away when maan pulled her back on him .his passion was again  twisted by pain and fear of loosing her'. " mat jaoo Geet" mujhe chod kar mat jaoo '.she could feel  his longing, and  his pain in his voice'.she hugged him more tightly, trying to  ease his  pain .
and laid keeping her head on his chest'  assuring him, she will never leave him again'''both felt peace and slept holding each other tightly''..

5 AM
prem barged into   vicky's room waking him up'.vicky 'jaldi utho
vicky---kya hua prem sone de naa'?..
prem---maan maan is back'
prem---I woke early today for receive my mom's call,. After that I went to kitchen for getting water, there servants informed me,that maan returned late night ''.

Vicky rushed to maan's room and his eyes widened 'seeing maan and geet sleeping curdled together' geet was little messed, her dupatta was on floor, and her dori's were also open but maan's hands were very     possessively  hiding  her,  as protecting her  from world''.
vicky'looked away little embarrassed but same time  shocked too'?did bhai knew everything? What next..?
he hesitatingly moved  close and pat geet shoulder slowly..
Geet stirred and jerk away his hand'.
vicky again pats her'.
geet's opens eyes and see's vicky'she smiles nervously'

Vicky indicates her to come out'
she makes a pleading face 'asking few more min to stay in maan's arms'
vicky nodes for big no'. he picked Geet's dupatta from floor, handed it to her, and left room.
Geet slowly removes maan's hand' feeing her self she got off. He stirred by not feeling her weight on him'Geet placed a pillow in his arms he hugged it in sleep,  ..She corrected her mess form, tied her open dori and left room'.
Vicky took geet in his room where prem was waiting for them'
vicky'now speak up, what happened..?
When did bhai came?
Geet--I don't know, I felt him, few hours back, and thought its my dream'but later found its reality 'I cant explain how it felt being in his arms after so long 'she said dreamingly'
prem'eh hello, geet, get off your dream land and come to reality'
did maan know U are here'?.
Geet'no, his eyes were closed,'I think, he too felt me  as his dream,   she blushed'
vicky- and prem exchange looks'.
vicky clears his throat'dream, dream main kuch ho jata toh'?
geet'kya ho jata?
prem and vicky   looks away embarrassed'
vicky'mera matlab hain, jab ladke dream dekh raha ho, toh ladkiyon ko dur rehna chaheye'.aur khas tor par, agar sher ek saal se bhooka ho toh''..
geet'sher kaha hai sher,'?..main sher nahi unke paas thi'?
vicky ---ek hi baat hai'?
prem hit vicky---kise samjha raha hai,yeh aur maan se dur '..? ho  nahi sakta'..
"nahi ,main  try karte hu naa"'she said making cute face..

Vicky---That's better'.Aacha ab drama ke liye tayar ho ja..

She was leaving room,'.when vicky called'happy birthday gudiya'
she came back and hugged him, and prem'.
vicky---how would U like to celebrate it?
prem'kahi bahar chale''
geet'nahi,'main aaj unke sath rehna chahte hu' apne haaton  se khana banakar khilana chahte hu'''
vicky'Gudiya bhai ghar par nahi rukenge'..kuch dare main chale jayenge'''
main phir bhi banaunge'..she left with tears'''.

maan woke ,and found pillow in his arms instead of Geet 'he jerked pillow away'.Geet kaha hai?, 'I felt her, It can't be my dream'no'was that my imagination'? Wasn't she was with me.. ? did I  was  hallucinating '? he push his hairs backward'frustratingly  then left to bathroom  disappointedly '.getting ready, he walked out of his room'.dadi  jaya  prem and vicky were sitting  in hall'.
maan  passed them without giving  a look'''.
Jaya rushed to maan'.

Jaa rahe ho Maan, humse mile bina ?
maan turned to jaya'and  touched her feet '. chalta hu maa..
jaya---breakfast kar lo maan sab tumhara favourite bana hai''
mera favorite  maan smirk mockingly'.
dadi looked away understanding maan's taunt '''.
maan turned and started  to leave''
'geet was watching it from kitchen, she sobbed seeing maan going away from her''.'
 her tears were not only maan's but vicky's weakness too' without second thought he risk their drama'''..
And called out loudly'''.
"mishti breakfast lana"'''.
that was enough to froze maan's feet'..he quickly turned to Vicky surprised''then followed Vicky's gaze'''..
There he saw a girl in red lehanga choli, coming from kitchen with a tray, her face was fully covered with veil' placing tray on table she waited for maan,,''..

Maan walked towards her in trace''and stood behind her'

feeling him close geet clenched her dupatta tightly''..
maan was observing her keenly ''.
, geet turned his plate'and served his favorite dishes'
maan sat on his seat silently, not  moving  his eyes from her for a  second'.
Dadi and jaya were very much happy,. to see change in    maan  after along time''they didn't know the reason neither they were bothered about it''..his presence was enough for them'''
dadi---Is ladki ka khadam bada  shubh hai hamare liye''..
jaya'nodded with tears and went to maan'
maan yeh mishti hai,dadaji ki care taker 'prem ke relative hai, kal hi gaun se aaye hai'''
aur mishti  yeh maan hai'is ghar ka bada beta''
maan didn't paid any attention to her introduction, as he knows who is she''..his heart  knows she is his geet '..
Geet folds her hands and greeted him 'clenching her dupatta in between teethes'''..

Hearing 'her voice which sound different Maan turned away his gaze, in disbelief 'how can he be wrong in recognizing his geet'?
His mind shouts stop hallucinating maan,U  are getting mad,. First, U felt her touch, and now her presence 'that too in a mere care taker..

               But his heart disagrees with mind'and was completely sure, she is non other then his geet'his jaan his mishti ''.

mind---  check her face'
heart' I don't need it for  recognize my soul'my geet
mind--- its better to confirm'before making any mistake'
as,If she is your geet, then why  will  she  hide herself  from U?

A fight started between his mind and heart''and maan  seems to be
very much convinced by heart'''

after serving maan,..geet   moved to serve others, when maan placed his foot on her dupatta, feeling tug on her dupatta she stopped and' turned to him'maan looking down 'and eating'she scanned others nervously, all were busy in eating, she stood silently  beside maan   till he finishes his breakfast'''
After breakfast'maan sat on sofa pretending to read magazine, but was observing geet from corner of his eyes''..
Geet was busy in cleaning dining table '
 Adi entered----hello sir/''..
maan indicates adi to  take seat,''..
Adi ----sir here is your flight tickets'1 hour main aapke flight hai'
Geet hands shook and glass fell on floor 'with thud.. Breaking into many pieces'like her heart '.
Maan smiled seeing effect'on her'..
he got up and came near geet'kya hua misthti'?
any problem'?
she nodes for no and sat down for picking glass pieces
maan'tum rehne do'jaoo mere liye coffee leaoo'
he definitely don't want her to get hurt by glass'''he ordered other servants to clean it'..
And sat discussing business with Adi'''
Geet came with coffee and stood beside him'.her eyes fell on tickets placed on side table of maan'.
She looked here and there then spilled coffee on it,'
adi amd maan quickly got up'''
geet'mafi saabji,'galti se gir gaya'''.
Maan chuckled at her silly attempt of stopping him''.
Adi 'koi baat nahi sir'main net se ticket print out nikal lunga'
Geet pounds her feet and turned to leave'but stopped hearing maan'
maan'rehne do Adi,main nahi jara ha'.
yeha ka business  bhi toh dekhna hai,  na'''..
he said looking at geet'
Geet 'is happy beyond limits'she ran to kitchen panting'.(.thank U babaji aap ne mujhe itna aacha birthday gift dedeya'thank U )
Adi and all family members looking at   maan''. shocked'..
vicky to prem---jis ka dar tha wahi huva,bhai ko mishti par shak hogaya,ab who kahi nahi jayenge''..?aur to aur uske peeche haath dho kar pard jayenge''..
jaya---what happened to maan---how is he changing'?
dadi---Are woh sab chodo'. aaj itna bada din hai,
hamara pota hame wapis milgaya'.
ab toh jashn  hoga ''..
ghar sajaoo,Dhol ,baje mangvaoo'.bhangra karvaoo''
jaya '-looking   maan for his permission'''.
maan nodded as he too want all this but for other reason'..
(mere mishti ka birthday hai toh yeh sab toh hona hi chahyeye''..)

Hi,  friends, here is part 51...

hope U all like it...
sorry for mistakes ..
and please comment Smile




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luv_DD IF-Rockerz

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maan recognised her wow!!!!!!!w8tn 4r cute maaneet moments!!!!!!!!!
do update sooon

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zeeenu Senior Member

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Hmmm thankuu 4 update 
let me read

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