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FF-Meri Nanhi Dulhan-thread 4 (Page 33)

ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Hai Aiman. This is my first time reading ur FF. I finish it in a go.
Wonder how did i missed this. Seriously speaking this is really a beautiful plot of innocent love story.
Speaking bout ur Note, if from my POV.
I know maan woudlnt be able to stop himself from his long desiring intimacy.
I would suggest you to go for few more updates like maaneet moving in a room together. Having sweet sweet convo.
Plz do include Prem-Heer n Vicky-Prachi love story.
Take few leaps so tat more maaneet stories can be included. Mayb for 3-4 yrs. Cos i think even 18 is still young.
Moreover she is just 16.. its too early for eveything, and she doesnt really understand bout physical contact exp the part hugging n kissing ur love.
Mayb u can send Geet for her higher studies. Sth like she did well in her studies n been selected to go overseas on scholarship base. So few yrs leap on tat.
In this Geet will be more mature n more understanding on wat was going on btwn maan n herself.
Then once she had return.. u can show the more attractive version of geet. Seducing MSK n she herself demanding for SR!!!! TOo many ideas r pouring out...

oooh me jst in luv wif ur FF... i love it i love it!!!!
I had requested for Buddy. plz do add(puppy face)... Wink

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20tullip2000 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
waiting impatiently for more nxt part kab milega .??????????????????

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 12:55am | IP Logged
hey when r u updating plz tell me

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snemaan Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:21am | IP Logged
hi ...plz update the index also so that we can read again

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Anu_R Goldie

Joined: 16 January 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Waiting . .. . ..Day Dreaming

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HADmishti Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Waiting . .. . ..Day Dreaming

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20tullip2000 Goldie

Joined: 19 November 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:26am | IP Logged
yey yey yey yey yeee
u r updating
me desperately waiting

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

Joined: 19 February 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:37am | IP Logged
                                    Chapter 48


Maan and geet got ready and went down stairs''..
jaya vicky and prem were sitting in hall'''..
jaya seems to be tensed''.
maan'kya hua maa?
Yesterday, what ever happened, it spoiled our family name'''.

As for the first time police came to Khurana mansion'''
and its effecting our business too'''''.
Geet'sab mere wajah se hua''
jaya'nahi beta it was not at all your fault'..
geet--cant we forgive them and free them from jail'''.
'"if they comes out, I will kill them"'maan said with greeted teethes
jaya -----maan control your anger'''''.
 they made a crime and they will  pay for it'
and geet don't blame yourself'u haven't  done anything ''''
business main ups and down hote hi hai''''.
maan--maa don't worry for business I will handle everything''.
it wont be big hassle as bua is not our blood relative. I can easily close this chapter''..''..
jaya''..i am not worried for business maan I am worried for geet,,As your  dadi,  is   coming back to India, I don't know how she is going to treat geet as she is blaming her for all this'..
geet lays on jaya lap'.. aab kya hoga maa?

Jaya--Kuch nahi hum sab hai naa'..U don't worry beta'''''
and now stop thinking about all this. '''''.
prem'ok aunty I want to return to my house'today
Maan'why? I heard naina aunty is going to London for practice''..
if that so, then u are not going anywhere''.stay with us'''
jaya'yes ..prem, maan is right,'.U are not going anywhere, and that's final'. aur  waise bhi tumhe geet se shadi bhi to toh karna hai na?
Trio' turned to jaya shocked'''
prem dramatically says'marry geet? no ways aunty'. maan kissed my would be''.she is no more pure'.so I cant   marry her now'''.
vicky'sings'ram tere ganga maili hogaye'.sorry. Sorry'.prem  tere  geet maili goyaye'''

jaya'shut up vicky'' do U guys really think I am  blind, that I can't see what's going on, in my house specially between maan and geet'''?
maan'maa woh'''
jaya---haa haa bolo ek aur jhoot'''uff U kids are too much'''.
now end  your drama''I knew every thing. and I am very happy with it''.
maan hugged jaya'..U are best maa
she pats his cheek lovingly'''''..
maan'ok maa, I am  going  to office ,as I need to handle situation there'
vicky---  bhai I will also come.. They left for office'''

maan  and vicky returns from office'. others were sitting in hall and chit chatting'.
maan 'and vicky too  joined them '''.
jaya'maan U look quite tired'is everything fine at office?''..
maan'yeah maa'it took little effort'but I solved it'

Jaya---If everything is fine, then why are U looking dull..'''
maan---here everything if ok maa,but a new issue came from Canada KC branch'
I  and vicky  need to go there personally'we have to set many things there'.it may take a months for us to return'
Jaya---when are U going?
Tomorrow he said looking at geet'..
geet got up and ran to her room crying'''..
jaya'jaaoo sambhalo usse'''
maan-went to her room  and found her laying on bed,
 hiding her face in pillow and crying''
maan came and sat on bed beside her. Caressing her head,' kya kua bacha?
Why is U crying'.?
Geet---aap ne bola tha aap mujhe chod kar kabhi nahi jaaooge''..
Maan---jana padega na geet, business hai,'.dadaji  jate hain,'papa jate hai
toh mujhe aur vicky ko bhi jana hoga 'par hum  jald hi aajayenge''.
ab rona band karo aur yaha aaoo'.
he laid beside her and took her into his embrace'.
wiping her tears and asked'now tell me how was your exams'?
geet--good '
maan--good or very good?
geet--very good'..
he kissed her forehead'.
geet---aap kab aaooge'.?
maan---next month  you are turning 17,'. I will definitely return on your birthday'.
geet---U never been here on my birthdays'.this time U will return by that time naa?
maan--I promise shona I will return on your birthday'''
maan---now give me smile''..
she smiled and hugged him tightly'''
later she packed his bag'and he .sat watching her lovingly'''
they finished dinner ...she came to his room wearing  2 piece red nightly, and maan  too changed into his track and vest  they curdled up and slept in each other arms'''

5 am
maan woke and tried to move away from Geet, but she clenched his shirt tightly''..shona tum jag  rahe ho?
she nodded for no with closed eyes''
he smiled and kissed her eyes''..
ab jane do mujhe,'geet'.

maan--plz geet'mere baat mano,zidd nahi karte'''..
he closed his eyes helplessly, how to explain her, its not easy for me to stay away from her''but I have to''.

"Geet, don't make it difficult for me '.he said bit rudely ''..
she didn't respond'..
maan---this is why I don't  inform U  before...going out''..U are very childish'geet.
she cried ,.aap bure hu, bahut bure'..   pushing him on bed  she sat on his stomach' pounding his chest' '.then  scratches his open arms and chest widely  with her sharp  nails'  he didn't protest, infact  surrenders  himself to her' letting her take out all her frustration'
seeing him not responding she bends and bites his lips with her teethes

He groaned and held her waist tightly'..,
she freed his lips and saw blood was oozing out from one corner''..
she cried  more louder'aap nahi main bure hu' '.
nahi shona '.

Maine aap ko kata'.
so what I did it lot of times to U'..hai naa?
she nodded with baby face''..
he wiped her tears'''
aap ko dard ho raha kya''.
main cream lagate hu''..
he pulled her closer'..and kissed her  lips politely'.isko cream se  nahi,.. aise cure karte hai, samjhe''?
sitting on his stomach'she scanned his body there  were many  deep scratches on it'
aap ko bahut chot lage hai'''
Maan--its ok shona '''..
Geet--nahi mujhe cure karna hai'''.
maan was surprised'''.nahi  geet I am perfectly fine'utho
she crawl  on him kissing his chest '.very innocently seducing him''

He felt himself hardening, closing his eyes he curled his fingers controlling his urges' '
she kissed his biceps all over his arms then moved to shoulders 'he groaned stop it jaan'instead of stopping she trailed wet kisses all over his chest He was panting, with desires'and his voice is cracking 'don't, don't do this to me'geet'
she stopped hearing his plead, .

' while moving away. She accidently sat on forbidden area...' . ''
her breathe got struck in throat, and her eyes widened'in shock'looking at maan questioningly '''he snapped opens his eyes 'his passion filled eyes were equally shocked by her act'..
They both stayed in same position ...

  Geet was shivering, feeling him in her \?'..she moaned in fear
which broke maan's wild thoughts'.reading her scared eyes'..
he held her waist and pulled her off'making her sit beside him''..
 Avoiding her questioning gaze,  ''..he left to bathroom'took shower and came out'''in towel'
and found geet  sitting in same position 'looking him with wide eyes''..
as she is still in shock of understanding his body'''
maan came close and shook his head .dripping water from hairs on her face'she came back to her sense'and turned away nervously'
maan'geet'take shower and get me breakfast'.I am getting late shona''
she ran to her room without looking him'''.
maan smiled knowing her condition'very well''..

after few min Geet and maan went to hall''..
vicky was already sitting there'
Vicky---I cant believe this, Mr. perfect is late today''.
maan looking at geet'''
geet 'stammers '. I will get breakfast'..and ran to kitchen'
vicky---isko kya hua?
maan'smiles 'kuch nahi''..
They finished breakfast''
saying bye to all, maan and vicky went to door'and found geet standing there'.
geet hugged Vicky'.jaldi ana'---pakka sweetheart'.he said and sat in car''..
geet moved to maan and tied his tie'..maan kissed her forehead '
main jaldi aajaunga geet, take care 'he moved  little.'
she hugged him from back''.maan closes his eyes''
I love U she said'''
he instantly opens his eyes, very much surprised 'she said..Those 3
magical words '. He was dying to listen from her''..
He quickly pulled her holding her wrist and hugged her tightly''.
phir se kaho naa Geet,'
Geet sighed'---Abhi Nahi jab aap jaldi se wapas aaooge tab
he smiled and kissed her face all over'ab toh, woh sunne ke liye,dauda chala aaunga '' love U jaan''love U..
with that, he  went and sat in car'.geet waived bye to them with  a sweet smile'they left''''..

Hi friends here is part 48...

hope U all like it ...
sorry for mistakes...
and please  comment...

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