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FF-Meri Nanhi Dulhan-thread 4 (Page 20)

muskaan... Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
love the update...
good that not dragging ash & bua chapter as not much interested in that...

hope due to exam & all u will be able to grab some times...& leap by bits & bites...then u can shoe little maturity in Geet & got forward for their SR...

looking forward to next update...

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Ohh about time Aish and Bua's truth came out. I'm excited for the next part just for that purpose ;-)

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
loved it ...awesome!!!

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ambeern IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
supreb update.
love it.
cant wait ofr the nxt update

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
yippe hooray the truth DancingDancingParty
coming out
muah muah fairy
i luv yuuu
 what embarrassing
when open c** want
blow out like balloon
ha ha ha
hilarious update
enjoy every bit
pls cont soonnn

Thank You Glittering Graphic

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged

Day Dreaming

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:10pm | IP Logged


Days passed:
:Bua and Ash was successful in escaping and hiding their drama from trio'.
Raj went to US for few days on business trip'''..
One evening:
 maan is going to office when jaya stopped him''
maan'aaj raat jaldi aana'.aaj karva chauth hai''.
aur Aish ne vrath rakha hai,tumhare liye'''..
maan got irritated, he was leaving when,'he saw geet peeping from behind pillar''.
he knows what she wanted? His permission to keep vrath''..
He indicated her for no and left for office''.
many   neighbors also came to  khurana mansion'
All couples gathered on terrace waiting for moon''.
Ashlesha was waiting for maan but  maan didn't returned from office
geet came to terrace wearing  wine red  ghagra choli with beautiful traditional  jewelery and one plat  with flowers '...she is looking not less then a bride'
all praises her beauty'''
moon appears 'it was the time to open vrath'''
All couples stood in row''
Aish kept maan's photo in front of her'she closes her eyes pretending to pray'..
geet's eyes filled up ''how can anyone else keep vrath for her husband'''
unable to bare her tears Vicky  slowly went and replaced maan's photo with monkeys  photo''.After performing steps, Aish turned to photo and was shocked''..
prem and vicky laughed lauder'''
Jaya scolds   vicky for playing prank on Ashlesha'...
but vicky and prem enjoyed Ashlesha's expressions'''

Jaya turned to geet.. Asking her to break her vrath'''
Geet looking at prem and vicky for help''.
prem'aunty if U don't mind we want to do it alone '..
Jaya nodded'''..
after every one left prem and vicky gave geet maan's photo'
Vicky'chal geet jaldi se vrath khol de''..
Geet hugged maan's photo with tears''..
nahi jab tak woh nahi aate main vrath nnahi kholungi'''
hours passed all ate food and guest left one after other''.
jaya went to her room '.
while Aish and bua left for their room''..
vicky prem and geet sitting in hall waiting for maan''..
vcky--------bahut hogaya geet its 11 now ,ab vrath tod de,''''.
Geet---nahi vicky pichle 3 saal se main yeh vrath unke bina todti aa rahe hu '''.kyunki woh yaha nahi the'''
hamesha unki tasveer dekh kar vrath thoda maine'''
aaj bhi unhone mujhe vrath rakhne se mana kar deya''..
shayad woh mera vrath nahi kholenge'''
unke haaton se na sahi''' unko dekh kar toh main vrath tod hi sakte hu na''..
jab tak woh nahi aate main vrath nahi todungi
with that she turned  and saw maan standing at door listening her..
'..first his  expressions were expressing anger, for  disobeying  him'
tears rolled down her cheeks''..
Soon his expressions softened, showing love and respect for her'..

He couldn't  stop himself from falling in love with her again and again...
he stretched his arms, and she ran to him hugging him forcefully''..
they stood  in each other arms with closed eyes, feeling peace and pleasure of togetherness after a long time.

Prem and vicky watching and admiring their innocent love''
maan and Geet broke hug'.
Vicky---bhai usko bhook lagi hoge''
maan picked geet and carried her to terrace''.
and  fed her food  and juice'..then they all sat talking and enjoying '
prem and vicky told maan about Aish vrath ''they all were laughing'.
jaya stood at stairs watching them'understanding everything' she got tears in her eyes'' much she too wanted all this''''.
She always saw geet as her daughter- in- law''''
no one can take her place''but situation confused her''..
what to do now? one side its all Children's  happiness and other side
the promise they made''..without disturbing them she left to her room lost in her thoughts''''..
bua and Aish  saw every thing even jaya's reaction'''.
they felt situation is going out of their control'''.
so they tricked again''''.
Aish went to jaya's room crying'''
she informed jaya that bua's health Is getting serious''.
jaya rushed to bua's room''
she tried calling doctor but bua  made excuse saying  doctor cannot cure my problem''its only U who can give me new life'''
she begged  jaya' do marriage as soon as possible'
jaya helplessly agreed to it'''.

next day
jaya  took vicky and geet to prem's house''vicky  prem and geet got shocked after knowing the reason of their meeting''jaya was fixing their marriage date''..
vicky 'maa ek baar bhai se baat karlo''
Jaya'there is nothing to speak '''it will be my decision'
and he has to follow it''''
Geet got up maa I am not feeling well,I want to go home''..
jaya understood geet's restlessness but ignored ''.
ok geet driver will take U''
Geet left controlling her tears''..
vicky and prem sat trying to handle situation'..but it seems to be out of control''.they sat helpless'..
naina hardly managed to take one week time for fixing marriage date''.

khurana mansion
Geet ran in crying she was passing from bua's room when she heard bua and Ash laugh''..
Geet stood at door, feeling something fishy'''.
bua and Aish spoke about all their plans'.how they trapped jaya and fooled everyone'''..
Geet is shocked'

khurana constructions''.
maan was giving presentation''suddenly he felt suffocated as something wrong is going to happen''
he looses his tie and again tried concentrating on work''
but couldn't his mind was again and again going to geet'
leaving everything he left from office'..


khurana mansion
Aish turned to door and was shocked to find geet''
she smirk'.aacha hua geet tumne sab dekh liya''..
main bhi thaak gaye aachai ka natak karte karte'.'.

Geet'main maa ko sab bata dungi'..
Aish tum zinda rahogi toh bataugi naa'''.
geet's eyes widened with fear'she ran from there'.
ramu kaka to saw everything, hiding himself in kitchen he called vicky and told everything'''
vicky couldn't believe his ears'they are trying to kill geet'..
vicky told about it, to everyone sitting there''.
All were shocked '.
they started for khurana mansion''.jaya was shivering with fear''

geet reached backyard and stopped near pool''..
aish laughed ''.oh geet '.again pool,last time I pushed U in pool, U survived your maan saved U,
But today there is no maan to save ..'
Geet '-it was U who pushed me into pool in farm house'''..
Aish--yes'..but my bad luck maan saved U '''
she moved towards geet. Today I will kill U, and all will think, its an  accidents as U doesn't know swimming '.
Geet stepped back in fear---di plz aisa mat karo ,mujhe chod do'
Aish laughed evilly and pushed geet into pool'''
Geet drowned under water''calling maan one last time...'
maan ran in mansion calling Geet's name madly''..
kaka came and informed him  everything also that,geet is in backyard
maan ran crazily'looking for her everywhere''..
then he saw pool water shaking''..
without second thought he jumped into pool''.
his fear came true'..there geet is laying in one corner ...lifeless.
he picked and brought her out'.shaking her checking her''.
All reached and gathered near maan and geet'..scared'
prem checked her pulse '.heart.beat '.Breathe'everything stopped'
he looked at maan 'I am sorry''..
shut up maan roared ''..

And held geet to his heart 'hugging her '..
jaya and all crying'''
maan shook geet utho geet utho 'tum mujhe chod kar kahi nahi ja sakti samjhi tum 'main mar jaaunga geet 'mar jaunga ."Geeet"

he shook her madly '.then slapped her angrily '
then kissed her hungrily'expressing his pain and  every emotion''''.
tears were uncontrollably flowing from his eyes'''.
he continued his process of shaking slapping and kissing till he got her response'''yes she responded to his kiss''..,she coughed    in his mouth' and slowly her hands held him  hugging  him back''he smiled and freed her lips cupping her face''''

All looking at geet and maan surprised 'it was not less then a miracle'. Can anyone love more then they do with each other''

Geet opens eyes and smiled seeing maan'he too smiled with tears'
and hugged her'''''.

jaya turned to Aish who stood one corner scared''..
Jaya went to Aish while Vicky called police '''
Aish 'I don't know how geet fell in pool'.
jaya slapped her again and again'''how dare U,
U almost killed her''If its not maan then we would have lost our geet'.
Aish tried running away'..but prem and vicky locked bua and Aish in room till police arrived and took them to police station.

maan took Geet to his room ' they changed their dresses and laid on bed curdled up'feeling each other'.maan held his jaan close to his heart ''..and  patted her to sleep '''he  stayed wake  whole night'..thanking God  for saving his jaan, his wife his  Geet'.

(Hi friends here is part 47 ...Big smile

hope U all like it...
Sorry for mistakes

and plz comment Smile


















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kiran99 IF-Dazzler

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awsome ClapClapClap

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