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FF-Meri Nanhi Dulhan-thread 4 (Page 19)

18mypride IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
leap or bua's problem kardo... ash bhagao...kush festive events...
no SR till geet is 18or 19... after all they are khuranas educated people... woh apni nanhi dulhan ko hurt thodi karega!

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
SR at 16 ? Its not a good idea take a quick leap yaar make her 18 then u can show SR. . . .

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sam1234fly Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
SR is fine...if geet demands it!!!!!!

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anaum91 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
i think u shud take a leap n show how their luv has grown wid time n also geet wud b a bit matured to make d first move...plzz update soon...v'll b waitinggg...

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anisharoy1 Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
well i think as u have described geet, her body seems to be mature enough that she can have a sr
but her like a six year she need some reality check ..
i don't want her to loose her innocence but she should not embarrass maan ...and should know how to keep their sex life to themselves
so a small leap where she should be sent for higher education will do more justification to story
and one more point is that she can have sr because even maan's parents are ready for her and prem's marriage even though she is just 16...
but 2 - 3 year leap will be best idea...according to me...
waiting for update

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cool_gal17 Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged

updateee longgg omeee

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
                                                  chapter 46

As soon maan touches her lips with his lips...
 Geet pushes  maan with all her strength'
he lost balance and fell on floor'''..
jaya entered and found geet sitting on bed and maan laying on floor'
Jaya is shocked 'maan what are u doing here in Geet's room that to on floor'''..
 I was hungry'and geet was still sleeping so I came to wake her'.
he said while getting up''.
on entering room I  stepped on something and slipped on floor '''
and geet woke hearing my scream''..
geet 'haa maa'

jaya was not much convinced by maan's reply''.
but she can't doubt geet'..she knows her pari can never do anything wrong''..but what about maan he is young? What if he makes any mistake? She shook head, shooing away such thoughts''.and said''.
      Geet U go and take bath'''.

Geet quickly got off bed, took dress and ran to bathroom'''
Jaya'where is your shirt maan?
Maan- looking down embarrassed--   woh  maa I came here directly from gym room'.and I forgot to wear after workout'''..
jaya'rolled her eyes'.come on maan U are not a kid'
getting into girl room that to without shirt'its not good'and don't forget she is soon going to be someone else wife''..
 It angered him 'how can any one think his wife his jaan  can ever be anyone else'.

Maa mujhe aap se kuch kehna hai''.
prem and vicky stood shocked at door'
Vicky barged in''Maa papa is calling U drop U for shopping..
Jaya--oh haa your bua is returning today, I need to buy stuff of her''..
U want to talk something Imp maan?
Vicky folds his hands in front of maan,;..Requesting to stop''..
maan'nahi maa aap jaoo'..
Jaya left''..
prem'maan tum kya kar rahe the'''.?

Maan--I can't take this more''..

maan do U think they will agree to U '
no in spite of it, they may get alert and restrict U going near geet'
have patience maan. .let bua come today'''
we will close this matter for ever''.
Geet came out wearing a dark blue suit'.looking beautiful and fresh as always'..
maan's anger vanished seeing her'''.
vicky and prem settled on her bed'with mischievous smile'
Vicky--So guys how was night'''?
maan gave vicky angry look'.
vicky 'I mean without us'.
U must has missed us a lot, isn't it?
maan  rolled his eyes, and went to geet drying her  hairs''..he made her sit on bed'

U had fever last night, so U better take rest whole day'
I will get breakfast for U 'he left room''
vicky and prem jumped besides Geet'kal kya hua..?
Geet innocently told every thing their fight then maan taking care whole night, except a part of romance. as she felt little shy'''.
vicky'ok but don't forgive him so easily'''unhe bhi manane de'..
maan stood at door listening them'then said'
 main tayar hu'mana ne ke liye?hain na geet?
geet gulped nahi nahi'main maan gaye''..
prem and vicky looking at her confused

maan chuckled'nahi geet mujhe mana hai'and that's final'
Geet--ajeeb pareshani hai'.maine kaha na main maan gaye'..
prem'yaha heer ko mana ne ke chakar main mere hadiya toot gaye..

Aur yeh maan'''yaar yeh cheez kya hai'''.
vicky'bhai I think we need to learn a lot from  U'
Mere chod apne bare main bata'heer kaise hai'?maan said smiling mischievously?
vicky'broke into laughter'
Prem'sally,chodunga nahi main tujhe''.
maan'don't worry yaar I will speak to her'
vicky'bhai I spoke and cleared their misunderstandings .

Maan' good 'next time ladki chene se pehle sonch lena'.
trio laugh'''
prem'kuch bhi bol,U cant deny the fact'yesterday night, great maan singh khurana lost himself to a 16 yrs girl '
I lost myself to her long back'when  first time I saw her''.maan said while feeding her breakfast'''

maan and geet eye lock''..
vicky and prem smiles and left room giving them privacy'.
maan. Wipes her lips with napkin and tucked her in blanket'
U sleep'I am going to my study room ''.
giving her a kiss on her forehead he left room'''.

prem and vicky sat talking in hall'''
prem'ok what U have planned for prachi's birthday'..its next week right'..have U brought any gift,,,,,

vicky--'yes, a very spl gift'he opened his purse and took out a packet of c*****''..
prem'eyes pooped out ,How old prachi is?
year older then geet but mentally she is much matured'''
prem--kyun na ho,tere girlfriend hai'''actually give me that,I too want to try it, with heer''..
vicky--get your own pack''..
They were snatching from each other''..when geet came and ran away snatching it from them''.
they both stood shocked ''
then ran after her'''to stop her ..but she was too quick'
she ran into maan's study room'''
vicky stood shaking out of maan's study''
prem'ab kya?

they ran again in random directions for saving their life's''..
from maan'.
Geet'barged in panting''.
"Careful bacha,  gir jaaooge"''..maan said while flipping  file pages'..
she settled on sofa'unwrapping the C*****..
yeh kya ?ek balloon  ke liye vicky aur prem jhagda kar rahe the'?.
her words caught  his attention'''
he looked at her''and was shocked  '
his jaw fell open seeing her playing with c*****
she is twisting it, pulling it stretching it,'.even trying to blow air in it''..
he is hell embarrassed. he wanted to hide himself somewhere, bang his head on wall .what ?what the hell she is doing?
how I am going to handle this'.?
he don't know how to react'''.

if he shouts at her she will ran away  taking it with her'''..
nahi nahi,I need to be polite''
he slowly moved towards her''hiding his embarrassment'
and sat beside her'''.
thinking how embarrassed she is going to be, on her own acts, once she  grows  up''he smiled at his own thoughts

"Geet its waste item just throw away"'''.

Geet----Nahi mujhe khelna hai''..
Maan---Geet give it to me''''''..
Geet--Now U too want this''there must  be something special about this, that every one is fighting for it'''
No, I don't want that, he said moving closer, as he knows how to distract her. "I want U" he said and  cupped her face,kissing her passionately'''
driving her into different world''.then slowly  ran his hand on her arms moving to her palms'still kissing'..he very carefully takes  c***** from her hand and hides it under his pocket'''

forgetting everything she got carried away with his passion'''.
pulling her on to his lap he kissed till she got breathless'''.
 there were looking each other affectionately''.. When they heard knock'''..
Servant came and informed jaya madam  is calling U in hall''.
both went and saw jaya sitting with bua and Ashlesha'.
maan and geet'greeted them'''.
prem and vicky too joined hesitatingly''''

Maan'gave vicky an angry glare'.

vicky dips his head in shame...and  apologizes to maan.

bua settled in room'..prem checked her reports'''
trio exchanges worried looks as reports were  showing her, really ill..

they sat in study, discussing next plans''''
when maan received call from geet's college'''''.
maan angrily puts ph down and called Geet in'''
"Geet just now principal sir called me ..and told your second term results"'U just got passing marks''..what is it'.?
she stood shivering with fear and looking down'
And prem why didn't U inform me before'?

prem---Geet requested me as she was scared of your anger''.
  maan---Do U have any explanation geet?
she sat on her knees holding her ears'.and crying'''.
he closed his eyes''.he really can't see her like this'..
prem and vicky left study'

maan went and  pulled her into his arms '.he carried her to couch and made her sit on his lap''..
Wiping her tears he asked her lovingly'.kya hua bacha'.
why are U not studying well ''..?

Geet---mujhe kuch aacha nahi lagta, '.kahi dil  nahi lagta'''
sirf aapke paas rehne ko dil chahta hai''she said while sobbing..
he hugged her ..Understanding her situation''its. Because of him she lost her interest in studies'and their intimate movements were making her weak and restless''..
He broke hug. .don't worry?
I will help U in studies''..
U just stop thinking about me'..I am all yours shona,
try to concentrate on studies''you are a brilliant student and I want U, to  at least compete graduation.
and it will be only possible when U pass this intermediate''.
hai naa?
She nodded'..
now go and get your books''

She brought and he helped her ''
he even started going office to avoid their closeness'''

(precap--karva chauth +Aish and bua's truth out)

Hi friends here is part 46 ...hope U all like it...
Sorry for mistakes and plz comment ...

Edited by fairyland_1234 - 17 May 2011 at 11:37am

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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supreb update.
love it.
cant wait ofr the nxt update

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