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Mad obsessive love ArSH FF pt4 pg33 (Page 5) IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
OMGG!!! i cant believe i didnt see this be4!
lovd the whole prince princess thing..oohh their families hate each other not good for ARSH!! soo excited now amber!!!
update super super soon x

tehzeebkhan IF-Rockerz

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                                         Mad obsessive love
Part 1
                   Kissing hungrily on her throat he moved down to her chest,her breathing became heavy ,her hands ruffling his hair.Moving his hands urgently,exploring her female features,he pushed her down on couch and moved his hands inside her shirt caressing her stomach ,he sealed her lips with his.She moaned with pleasure and was on the verge of losing herself when she heard her phone ringing.Both avoided it for some time but when it didn't stop,she came back to her senses and tried pushing him away,they were breathing unevenly.He bit her neck and then sucked it,his name came out of her mouth as whisper." plzz stop"he carried on kissing her,she spoke again now fully aware of her surrondings and what was happening"Armaan stop it"and pushed him away.He was looking at her confused what just happened and she looked at her phone which was ringing constantly and smiles at the number flashing on the screen ofcourse it was her again who guides her up the right path sometimes.

Looking at the clock again and again she cursed him(that lousy man he must be up to something again poor Di)she thought.She was deep in her thoughts when she heard someone talking on the phone and moved toward the person placing her hand lovingly on his shoulder,whereas he bid bye to the person on the phone and faced her.She said"Papa is everything alright you seem worried"Person"Shilpa my little Princess i have to go back tonight something serious came up,i hope you can understand my child"Shilpa smiling
caressing his cheek and ensuring him with her expressive eyes"i can very well understand Papa you are yet again needed in Jaisalmer aren't you'?but tell me what is wrong and what is it that is bothering you ,you came here to visit me and Di yesterday you are here physically but not mentally, it seems that something is troubling you?"Feeling proud on his daughter who at times gives him motherly affection and gives him advise,encourages him when he feels failed and miserable kissing her forehead"Thank you beta
and yes there is something which is troubling me Jodhpur had stopped our trade and Barmer has also threatened they will stop our trade if we didn't follow the king of Jaipur"Shilpa"But papa this is extremely bad they do not rule us,our state is totally independent you have given your people freedom of everything"Looking at him expectedly"i know Princess but i have to go back if it would not have been important i would have stayed longer"caressing her head and hugging her he said"Take care of yourself and your sister okay,speaking of her where is she?wasn't she supposed to be back now"Shilpa"she must be stuck in some meeting i will her a call in a minute"Shashank"Okay then i am leaving,my luggage is packed already"Shilpa"give my love to Mum and take care and do not stressed out bye".As soon as her father left she ran to her room and called her Di,her phone was ringing but(why is she not picking up ,that moron,dork is up to something again)It was her Di's boyfriend whom she never liked,She knows  he is a
Prince ofcourse but she had a feeling this prince is using her sister.According to her he is a rich spoil brat and that is what they do with girls lol! whenever she'd say this to her sister,her sister'd laugh and reply saying"and how can you say so your Highness,you are princess yourself"Shilpa"Di i am telling you,he is using you i have seen his pictures with naked girls"Her sister"Oh my Oh my why were you looking at such pictures,okey listen Shilpa he was bad person but not anymore he's changed for good,he loves me dearly "Shilpa looking at her making faces with annoyed expression"dearly my foot"she muttered"okay just be carefull i don't want you to get hurt and if he is serious then ask him to get married".Coming out of her thoughts she heard bell still ringing(if he has done something wrong then i will punishe him badly)
Picking up the phone she said"Hello"Person"Di where are you?you were suppose to be home by now"Her di"Sorry Shilpa wo actually aik meeting thi thats why late hou gaye ,i am coming"Looking at Armaan who seemed irritated and giving her a look that he knew she would call.Saying bye to her she moved to armaan"Armaan jo hua us ka liye i am not guilty but i think humey ab control kerna chaiye shadi se pehla"Armaan annoyed"What yaar Tanya your sister is so annoying when ever we come close she calls you and i am telling you i will break your phone into pieces"Tanya"armaan don't get upset we have a whole life for making out okay i have to go now or she will call again bye"giving him peck on his lips she left.
He swore out loud (that little girl is ruining my plan for God knows how long and just when i thought i will get Tanya in bed before going to Jaipur she completely ruined it,i swear if she ever comes infront of me i will kill her with my very own hands.Later in that night he was in his gym and was thinking about his plan which backfired and shilpa he was cursing her underneath and was very angry .Taking out all his frustration on punching bag(don't know what they call it)
Tanya and Shilpa  lives in Mumbai together and Shashank and his wife Parvati they live back in Jaisalmer.They often come to visit Shilpa and Tanya in mumbai,Shilpa is a very mischievous girl who loves pranking people,loves Playing with kids of her area.She is at the same time a very good princess,she visits orphanages and oldage homes.
Armaan doesn't know that Tanya and her Annoying sister are not actually sisters and if Tanya had some relation with the king of Jaisalmer.He was trying to get Tanya in his bed but whenever he tries he fails because of her little sister,he never saw her, only knows her name Shilpa.
On the other hand Shilpa knows that armaan is a prince she had seen his pictures but never liked him and she tells her sister to stay away from her,that he will use her thats what rich guys do,but her sister never listens.
After two days Armaan left for Jaipur,his mother hugging him"Rajkumar kitne dinoo baad yaad ayi maah ki"Armaan"maah plz stop crying ab aa gaya houn na"Naina"bas ab Aap Shadi ker ka hi jain gaay werna hum nahin janay dain gaay Aap ko"Armaan"Maah plzz not again".He met everyone ,his brother his uncle and finally the king Dilip
Dilip"rajkumar i want to talk to you about something"Armaan(ohh no not again)smiling forcedly"Ahh g Pita g boliye na"Dilpa"Armaan hum chatay hain ka ab ke baraas Aap ki shadi hou jaye"Armaan"but Pita g i don't want to get married yet"Dilip strictly"its high time that you understand your responsibilties young man"Armaan looking down"G Pita g humey kuch samay dejiye"Dilip"you have 2 days then"Armaan baffled"But"before he could say more Dilip left.
He was planing from past two days to get out of this situation but no ...every single member in the palace was waiting for his answer.Suddenly an idea strucked him yes he thought that would be perfect.
Dilip and Naina asked him to tell his decision...Dilip"tou Rajkumar kya socha Aap ne?Armaan"Pita g hum Shadi nahin ker sektay kyon k..."Naina"kyon k kya?"Armaan"kyon k hum kisi se pyaar kertay hain"His hands behind his back and looking down.Dilip"kon hai wo"Armaan hesitantly"wo...wo Jaisalmer ki rajkumaari"(yes he did his research and got to know that king Dilip and Shashank don't get along well.He thought by saying that he is in love with the enemies daughter he will get away with this marriage problem and besides he has no idea how old their daughter is ,heck he has no idea if she is old enough to get married)Dilip sternly"Kya naam hai un ka"Armaan(ohh sh** i forgot to ask about her name hell what do i do now think armaan think fast)Dilip a bit louder"rajkumar hum ne kuch pocha hai".Armaan(ohh museebat se yaad aya tanya's sister shilpa yes yeh theek rahay ga)"Rajkumaari Shilpa"
There was a pin drop silence in the room for five minutes ,Dilip looked at Naina and they were all exchanging looks.Naina stood after five minutes and walked toward armaan with stern expression and hugged him tight Naina"Mujhe tou yakeen hi nahin hou raha"shedding tears of happiness.Dilip and rest of the family joined them as well Armaan was looking at their happy faces as if they were aliens strange they must be in shock he thought.Dilip"hum kal hi Jaisalmer nikal jain gaay Rajkumaari Shilpa ka haath Rajkumar Armaan ka liye mangney.Armaan horrified"Pita g"looking questioningly dilip and Naina smiled at him Naina"mujhe tuo Rajkumaari Shilpa bahut pasand hai,i saw her 2 months ago she was attending the royal wedding in Bikaner,Very pretty girl i must say"Now armaan was in shock his plan backfired there was actually Rajkumaari with the name of Shilpa that too in Jaisalmer.Naina to Kripa"kripa  yaad haina Aap ko Rajkumaari wo sunder wali"Kripa Nodded and said"un ki Tasveer hai humare pass"looking at armaan mischievously
 she went to her room to get the picture of Rajkumaari which they took on the wedding two months ago.Everyone in the family was happy that Armaan said yes for marriage and they were even willing to ask the hand of their enemies daughter,Armaan was still not able to utter a word.Kripa came back with the picture giving it to Rani maah and Raja sahab,they seemed more than impressed with armaan's choice .Kripa pulling armaan's leg"now i don't think you want to see the picture you must have had her picture don't you???Armaan trying hard to speak"woo i ..ah i"Kripa"okay okay devar g dekha hi detay hain kya yaad keryin gaay Aap"saying so she brought picture infront of his eyes.
Armaan's breath got stuck,his eyes jammed on little beautiful creature on the picture,beautiful would be underestimated for her he thought her big eyes,her tempting lips her silky hair all fasinated him.He was looking at her without blinking Raja sahab and Ranimaah they were standing beside him ,when armaan didn't moved his eyes
from the picture his dreamy smile changed to devilish
Ranimaah and Rjasahab exchanged looks a bit worried,Dilip"Rajkumar...Rajkumar armaan"still no answer.Naina"Rajkumar Armaan"looking at his expression Naina held Dilip's arm tightly scared Dilip was horrified himself (this can't be no)Dilip thought Dilip to Kripa"Aap yeh tasveer yahan se le jaiye"Kripa confused but she nodded and was about to move back with picture still in her hand when armaan held her hand not moving his gaze from the picture"don't"Angad,kirti,Shubhankar,Dilip and Naina all were shocked and all were thinking(this can not be happening now)
Angad moved and placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder"Armaan lets go hunting"no movement he shook him.His eyes were expressing his desires and it scared all of the family ,Angad signalled kripa to take away the picture and he held Armaan.As soon as Kripa moved back armaan looked at her angrily and tried grabbing it as if she was taking his precious possession ,Kripa looked at his strange behaviour and then at angad who was holding armaan tightly and was signalling her to leave .She
left but was scared seeing this side of Armaan. 
 Sorry for the mistakes guys don't have time to recheck it ,i hope you will like it.
Love TehzeebBig smile

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munni_sheela Goldie

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awesome part dear
interesting part
add me to ur pm list

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

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amazing part and loved the inro too... looks like as interesting story... already loving the way shilpa's and armaan's characters are shaping... and whole royal atm is also sth new... loving it Embarrassed cld u pls add me to the PM list... Smile

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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amazing part.Star
i am so eager to read next part.
please update soon this time.
thanks for the pm.

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 Loved it..Clap

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...does armaan have any mental illness? that he has seen shilpa's picture he will try to get her at any cost , it seems

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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aesum start plzz ad me to pm list

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