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Mad obsessive love ArSH FF pt4 pg33 (Page 31)

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Update na pleeez.. Cry

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                                                           Mad obsessive love
Part 4
He pulled her closer,hiding her in his embrace ,taking in her fragrance.His breath got stuck in his throat when her lips came in contact with his chest,he closed his eyes never wanted to let go of the moment.Shilpa giggled when she felt armaan's hand caressing her waist ,she was very ticklish"hehe stop it hehe it tickles"she said controling her laugh but too late the man heard the voice.

Armaan came back to senses when he heard shilpa giggling he tried covering her mouth with his hands but the man already approached them.Man "hey you"saying so he grabbed Shilpa's arm and jerked her out of Armaan's hold,Shilpa cutely"uh..ooh Ramu kaka you found us"(The man in mask Shilpa calls him Ramu kaka from the day they kidnapped her.She asked the man to tell her his name when he didn't shilpa herself gave him name saying his voice is like Ramu kaka who works in her house)"you know we were playing hide&seek with you, just to see how good you are look you found us"Armaan looked at her with his mouth bit open as giving her(seriously have you lost your mind girl)"dekho kunwar Armaan Ramu kaka is good na... you are hit next".Mask man"hey yahan aoo koi yeh baag rahayin hain"Shilpa"shhh Ramu kaka be quite i was tou playing"trying to lighten the tensed atmosphere ,she glanced at Armaan and Ramu kaka awkwardly who were glaring her baffled"Ooohkey don't need to give me these looks...fine i am hit next"laughing uneasily "he..he okay go hide".
Armaan shook his head disbelievingly (This girl is impossible in this life and death situation she is busy joking damn)he slowly took out the gun from his back underneath his shirt and pointed at Ramu kaka "Chodo ussey werna maar doun ga"ramu left her instantly.Shilpa hid behind Armaan ,He positioned his gun to shoot Ramu Shilpa gasped at the sight, Armaan was about to press the trigger when Shilpa held his hand tightly"Stop yeh kya ker rahe hou"Armaan looking at her confused,Shilpa"you can't kill him"Armaan have had enough with her childishness"just shut up okey...ab aik aur lafz nahin"putting his finger on her lips momentarily and in a matter of blink he hit ramu's head with the back of his gun.
Shilpa stilled for a briefly stunned by his violent act but then camposed and said valiantly"what are you doing leave him... wo mar jayye ga"when he didn't stop Shilpa shouted at top of her lungs"Kunwar Armaan ruk jaiye this is my order"Armaan froze after listening this(did she just ordered me)his eyes moved to her and his gaze travelled from her head to down her toe intently.Whereas Shilpa stood with her head high her eyes fixed on his"you came to save me na,i would be thankful if you could just leave me to my house and i don't want any more arguments regarding this Kunwar Armaan Singh Rathore"Armaan bemused by her exploit and her sudden change of mood from childish teenager to mature princess,not believing what he was seeing"Excuse me"Shilpa with her eyebrow raised"you are excused Mr Rathore"she said seriously"and you have no right to kill him"Armaan incredulously"i saved you he was about to get us both in trouble and you are ordering me??????"
Indicating her"me Armaan Singh Rathore"pointing his hand to his chest.

   Shilpa with the same expression"yes i am ordering you Armaan Singh Rathore and i know what ramu kaka was about to do,but he was doing his duty he was paid to do this job wasn't he???Somebody else is a real culprit and you are a Prince how can you even think about killing somebody huh!!!!!You are suppose to protect your people not kill them.Now if you are done questioning me for my acts then shall we move??"

Armaan taken aback by her snap nodded and asked her to follow.
One thing he got to know about her so far was she was a true princess by heart she knows when to get serious about her job.Her authoritative personality had captured him...she was ordering him and what surprised him the most was he was loving it.

She saw him signalling his gaurds "Wait what about ramu kaka ussey hospital ley jana hou gaa na????"Armaan "my gaurds will take care of them" heading his car outside the city"yeh kahan ja rahe hain hum my house is other way".

Armaan smiling mischievously"kyon scared are we princess??????"Shilpa smiling confidently"why would that thought cross your mind that i am scared... that too of you out of all the people..Get a life Rathore and save all
these questions which don't even make sense for later... as for now tell me where are you taking me"sarcastically.

When he saw her asking ramu to bring Icecream back there he thought she was childish but her bold side impressed him and what he loved about her the most was her commanding tone,her every action was exciting him to the core.The further she talked the more he was feeling thrilled and fascinated with her,he felt his heart beating fast and his pulse quickened .
when he gazed at her lips and moving due to her constant blabbering ,all he could do was look dazzled.
By the time they reached his Farm house she was sleeping like no tomorrow.


He admired her beauty for some time then picking her up he took her inside.

He phoned Shashank and updated him.Shashank"Ap sach keh rahey hain Kunwar Armaan"Armaan proudly"ji Raja sahib Raaj kumari Shilpa bilkul theek hain humare paas hain"Shashank"kya hum raaj kumari se aat ker sekte hain"tears of happiness coming out of his eyes.Armaan"she is sleeping at the moment ,i will give you a call as soon as she wake up,Raja Sahib i hope Aap ko apna wada yaad hai!!!!!!"Shashank"Wada???"Armaan"humhe kuch bhi daine ka wada"Shashank"ohh woo haan Aap jo bhi kahein gayye Aap ko miley gaa Raaj kumaar,kisi bhi company ka naam lijiye kisi bhi zameen ka woo Aap ki hou gi"Armaan"Raja sahib humey koi company koi zameen nahin chiye,i only want one thing and that is your daughter Raaj kumaari Shilpa,i love her Raja Sahib i want to marry her please i beg you i can't live without her".Shashank tried controling his anger"dekhiye Raaj
kumaar yeh nahin hou sekta"Armaan"you are backing from what you promised Raja sahib,I really love her please raja sahib and if she wants to study she can after marriage".Shashank"but i am afraid your parents won't allow that"Armaan"Don't worry about them ,they love me ,they will agree to what i would say".Shashank"Okey then you have my words,i want my daughter in safe hands".
Shilpa opened her eyes and was amazed to see the highly stylish decored room"WAOO"was all she managed to mutter at the same time trying to clear her view rubbing her eyes. Armaan smiled "you take a rest for a while i will join you for dinner okey"Shilpa snapped with attitude"and who said i am having dinner with you,i want you to inform my father that i am safe&sound and secondly i want you to take me home.I don't dine with people who i barely know".

Armaan moving closer to her"really what if i don't follow your commands your highness"Shilpa instead of moving backward started moving in his direction with her hands on her hips"well in that case i should warn you Mr Rathore that i am black belt in Judo-Karate"Smirking.Armaan wanted to grab her and desired kiss her then and there mercilessly,he coveted to bruise her enticing lips and gulped hungrily.

He was just an inch away he held her from waist,pulling her closer he brought her face near him.

His eyes glued on her lips,Shilpa sensed abruptly his conversional mood,she laughed out loud"you are doing it again i told you na i am ticklish"she tried breathing steadily while laughing but failed.There was no change in Armaan's expression as if observing her each and every feature closely .

Shilpa stopped laughing once she saw his serious face and his one hand moving to her lips,he outlined her lower lip with his thumb and caressed it.

Sensing his breath on her face, she gasped shutting her eyes tight.
Her lips quivered with his touch she endeavoured to jerk his hand away but he twisted it behind her back crushing her little frame with his hard rock like chest.Breathing heavily she attempted to free herself from his grip once more but was unsuccessful shifting closer to her ear he mumbled sensuously"Now now your wild highness if i was in your place i wouldn't do such thing"Shilpa coming back to her senses"But you aren't in my place and you are not me"Saying so she kicked him in a place where it hurts the most.Armaan groaned in pain and fell down while Shilpa ran away
laughing uncontrollably showing him her tongue.

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Originally posted by akshad

Partyiam the first 1 to comment...Party

thank u so much for the update...Embarrassed
amazing part...Thumbs Up
loved it...Smile
the way shilpa odering the kidnappers, loved it...ROFL
want more arsh romantic scenes...Star
plz continue soon with more romantic scenes...Embarrassed
love uHeart
Hi Sheetal Thank you so muchBig smile
You will get more ArSh scenes from next part.
Thanx love youBig smile

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Originally posted by Riarai2346

aslam hope you doinng well
thankx for the pm
loved the part
so now shashank and dillip are together
loved arman concern for arman
shilpa is a brave girl hmmm
thank god arman find her
the most good part was when arman pick shilpa up and she says that i can walk and she says bodly to him that he is smoking hot bold girl hmmm
loved the part continuee soon
Hi MariaBig smile
wsalam and thanx i am doing fineSmile
Dilip was helping Shashank to find Shilpa Big smile
Thanx for loving the part Big smile
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Originally posted by _Afrin_

Amazing part!!!!!!
earlier I thought it was Arman who Kidnapped her...but it seems some1 else is there too behind them...
loved Shilpa's character...she is total bindas type...LOL
now I think as promised Shasank will agree for ArSh marriage...Day Dreaming
waiting for the next part...cont super soon...
Hi AfrinHug
I knew you all would think it was Armaan i made it sound like that nahin!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
Yeah Shilpa is Bindas type...
Yeah he will agree ofcouse,he won't have anyother choice Tongue
ThanxxxBig smile
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Originally posted by pinderdd

omg loved the update, they finally met wooo! S is awesome, loved her reaction, update soon Big smile
Hi thank you so much... yeah they finally metLOL
Thanxx againBig smile
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Originally posted by rupzloveu

loved it...
ThanxxxBig smile
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Originally posted by charmingkiller

wowwo awesum part 
Hi thank youBig smile

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