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Mad obsessive love ArSH FF pt4 pg33 (Page 10)

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hey tehzeeb plz plz continue soon love yr ff
love ria

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                                    Mad Obsessive love
Part 2
As soon as Kripa left the room ,Armaan marched out kicking the couch hard leaving everyone shocked and baffled  ,Angad went to his room behind Kripa.  
Armaan's aggressive behaviour shook Kripa badly she had seen his anger before but it was first time Kripa saw ,when she became the victim that he  had a tendency to attack .
She was still shocked and was breathing heavily to calm down her nerves. Angad entered the room,looking at her tensed he asked"are you okay Kripa?"Kripa nodded but she could clearly see he was not being himself,Kripa nervously"Angad kunwar Armaan ko kya hua?"Angad stiffened"Kripa i apologize on Armaan's behaviour please don't get mad"Kripa"i am not mad angad but tell me what happened ,why he reacted in such manner?"looking at him expectedly.Angad was feeling uneasy,Kripa understood he didn't want to talk about it so she let it go placing her hand on his shoulder looking assuringly, she smiled which he returned kissing her forehead.
On the other hand Shubhankar walked toward Dilip lost and placed his hand on his shoulder"Bhai sahab did you just see that?"he said apprehensively whereas Dilip nodded.Maharani covered her face with her palms"Nahin yeh nahin hoo sekta nahin"Dilip"Sambhalo apne app ko naina"Naina"Dilip did you see what Armaan did?"he moved his head in acknowledgment,Naina"ab hum kya keryin ge?i thought it was a good idea to get Armaan married to someone who he loved but now yeh theek nahin hai".Dilip was in deep thoughts"you are right we cannot do this specially to that girl but you know Armaan too,what would you say to him.I think we should go to ask for Raajkumari's hand"All looked at him disapprovingly,Shubhankar"yeh kya keh rahayin hain Aap bhai sahab?hum asa nahin ker sektay!".Dilip"i know but we will tackle two problems with one arrow"Naina"how?"Dilip"look i know shashank won't ever agree for this alliance and we won't put much effort to make him say yes we will ask just as a formality,knowing Shashank very well i can say he'd never agree so we will tell Armaan we went but Raajkumari's father refused".Shubhankar"you are right bhai sahab this way Armaan would not get angry,i'll go make the arrangements to leave.Angad and Kripa heard their conversation Angad was satisfied with the plan of his dad and Chachu while Kripa was feeling bad she has no idea why were they doing that,she gave angad disapproving look and left.
Next day Kripa went to Armaan before leaving  ,his accused gesture told her that he was still mad at her
Placing her hand on his shoulder slowly she said"i am sorry devar ji,i shouldn't have taken those pictures away from you but i promise i will try to get more pictures of rajkumari today.Hearing this he looked at her expressing his happiness and gave her rib crushing hug in excitement Kripa gave a shrill cry ,he broke out of the hug and asked worriedly"I am sorry bhabi are you hurt"She stabilized giving him smile"thank you for leaving me devar ji ajh tou(breathing heavily)maar hi dala tha App ney..."Armaan"bhabi i am really sorry bhaiya ko mat bataiye ga please". Doing a nauktankiLOL
Kripa laughed "okay baba nahin bataoon gi"
Soon after talking to Armaan Kripa left with the rest of the family to Jaisalmer except for Armaan whom they left behind saying it's Rathores custom that boys don't go for their own alliance.He so wanted to go and see Rajkumari Shilpa,he couldn't sleep whole night thinking about her whenever he would close his eyes her face appeared.
They informed khandelwal's about their arrival,Shashank was first surprised to hear that Rathore family is coming to visit them and he somewhere in his heart had idea they are coming for some special purpose.They were grandly welcomed in khandelwal palace ,after exploring the whole palace they had lunch with maharani Padma and Maharaja Shashank.
After talking about everything when they were having tea Dilip said seriously"hum yahan kuch mangnay aye hain aap se"looking at Shashank who already knew they were up to something,Shashank"boliye hum kya de sektay hain Aap ko?"Dilip"Maharaja Shashank you know my younger son ...Prince Armaan right it's related to him"Shashank"yes ofcourse i know the younger Prince ,but what about him?"he was still confused.Dilip"well it's not only about him,this matter includes princess of Jaisalmer as well...(Pause)our young prince is in love with her and we are here to ask Raajkumari's hand for our Prince".Shashank tighten his fist hearing this while Padma seemed happy but her smile faded looking at her husband stern expression.Shashank"Do you have even have a slightest idea what you are asking from me Raja Dilip?"gazing at him questioningly he continued"well why am i not surprised i had this nagging feeling from yesterday ,eversince i got to know that Rathores are coming to visit.Pardon me Raja sahab but my daughter and your Son ...not going to happen,infact never my daughter just turned 18 and i want her to study further,so that she could become independent,besides how can you even think about this ,your son is 27 years old and my princess is a little girl"trying hard not burst more and calmed his nerves.
Dilip"calm down Raja Shashank and i totally understand your perspective and we respect your decision,we just came for the sake of our son and we were willing to befriends with Jaisalmer"Shashank"If you want to be friend with our state you are more than welcome but sorry we can't accept this proposal"he said adamantly.Dilip gesturing at his family,signalling them to get ready to leave"i understand and respect your decision Raja Shashank,thank you very much for showing us around and for the lovely lunch,we will take your leave now".
Bidding bye to khandelwal's,Rathores left for Jaipur.Kripa was giving Angad killing looks coz she knew they didn't made any advances toward khandelwal's to make them accept this alliance Shashank refused and they came back nodding.She was feeling bad for Armaan but as promised she brought Raajkumari's pictures for him, she went to raajkumari's room with one of the maid and took her pictures secretly from her album.what would we tell Armaan,how'd he react,chill ran down her spine when she remembered his aggressiveness and gulped.
Armaan on the other hand was pacing impatientely here and there in the Palace since his Family left,Tanya called him numerous times but he couldn't careless and rejected her calls.In evening while looking eagerly at the Palace entrance and his clock he couldn't control and phoned Angad.
Angad saw his number and picked up feeling dread"Hello"Armaan"bhai where are you all... when are you coming back?"Angad feeling nervously"we will be home in 10 minutes bye"and he hung up.Armaan looked at his phone strangly,he had this unceasing feeling that they refused...
Rathores came back and nobody had guts to tell Armaan finally Dilip asked Angad to go with Kripa and tell Armaan.Angad ofcourse couldn't say no to his father so he asked Kripa join him as soon as the came outside Armaan's room Kripa gave angad murderous look in spite of guilt Angad looked as if what they did was right.
Both went in after knocking the Door,Armaan"Come in"Kripa was apprehensive that he'd react violently she said"Aap donoo baatein kijiye,i'll go get the snacks"saying so she left.Angad looking at Armaan"hey ahh how are you?"Armaan"bhai what happened there why didn't anyone said anything when you all entered"Angad nervoulsy and  slowly told him unwillingly what happened in Jaisalmer and how they refused saying that Princess is too young to get married,she is just a teenager Ofcourse he left the part where his father said they understand Shashank's point of view .Armaan frustrated stood up and tightened his fist"how could they??? how dare them insulted the Rathores and what did raajkumari's father said that she is just small girl right right so that means if she was a women then they would have accpeted this relation ahan,i will teach khandelwal's a good lesson.Angad"Armaan please just forget everything okay you are Prince dude you can get any girl with the snap of your finger just take any name and that girl will be yours".Armaan moving his head disapprovingly"Nahin bhai no no no,i will give them what they want,they refused this alliance but they won't refuse their own daughter's wishes would they?"Angad"Armaan what are planning,what ever it is stop it okay just forget her"Armaan shouted"no never"looking stormily at Angad who moved back two feet with armaan's outburst.
Later Armaan got to know through Kripa that Raajkumari lives in Mumbai and she told him about her College,and gave him Shilpa's pictures.Armaan couldn't help but sigh looking at her pictures promising (bas kuch din aur phir tum meri hou gi)
Armaan left after a week and Naina and Dilip didn't opposed, letting him go was a best option for now.They thought next time when he will come he'd probably forget her then they will fix his marriage with some other Rajjkumari.Angad however had a feeling that his brother was up to something really nasty which will cause troubles for everyone.
The problem in Jaisalmer were increasing day by day ,their relation with Jodhpur was becoming worse they were threatning badly now,and were asking for the shares of trade people of Jaisalmer did before it stopped...They Threatened Shashank that he will face the consequences badly.People living on the borders of these cities were already fighting.Padma was really worried for her Princess she asked Shashank if he could call her back...they will send her back once things will settled down Shashank agreed he was scared that somebody might harm the princess.
After one week of the incident In mumbai Shilpa left her College and was going home with her driver,she was learning how to drive that is why her di would budge to take driver along.Sitting in the car she started feeling uneasy and turned around her knuckles turned white ,she looked on both sides on the road she felt as if she's being watched.
Armaan was in his office talking on the phone his back toward door"haan pata keroo Raajkumari Shilpa kahan rehti hai aur College gai ya nahin hmm you have 15 minutes aur kaam ajh hi hou jana chiya"before he could turn around he heard voice"why do you want to know about Shilpa"Armaan closed his eyes tightly (ohh no)"Tanya babe  wo she is a princess of Jaisalmer and some royal stuff you won't understand"Tanya "ohh yeah!try me and ofcourse why wouldn't i know Raajkumari Shilpa is my sister"Hearing this armaan felt overwhelmed that she didn't hear his conversation but unable to digest the fact that she is the same Shilpa who he hated Ohhh.Armaan confused now"tum Raajkumari hou?but Jaisalmer has only one princess as far as i know?"Tanya"i know and who said i am a princess? Shilpa is"Armaan raised his eyebrow still not getting her point .Tanya"Shilpa meri mooh boli behen hai"Armaan made ooo face while Tanya continued"my father was a wroker in khandelwal empire when he died Shashank sir provided me shalter and every neccesary thing for living,he treats me like his daughter,BTW why
were you asking for Shilpa"Armaan looking here and there"ah woo ah actually my family went to Jaisalmer a week ago so Raajkumari's mother asked if i could go and see her how she's doing once in a while you know"Tanya excitedly"really that means you can come to our home,you should come now...
Shilpa's car was on the way home from College when Shilpa asked her driver to drive fast.She felt that she was being watched looking here and there on the road.
Suddenly two vehicles came infront of their car out of nowhere shilpa's heartbeat increased.Two men knocked the driver out and moved to Shilpa she was horrified and screamed for help when one man put the chloroform on her nose and she was unconsciousness in no time.

Armaan was ingrossed in his thoughts when his phone beeped looking at the caller ID he picked up hurriedly"haan kaam hua what okay i am coming" saying so ignoring Tanya he ran outside his office.
                           Pre:ArSH meetingBig smile

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Originally posted by priyanki

loved d character sketch...
plz add me to d pm list...
Hey thanxxxBig smile
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Originally posted by pinderdd

awesome loved the character sketch plz pm Big smile
Thanxxx Big smile IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part!
i wonder why armaans so scred bout his behaviour...
wwooowww armaans literally obsessed with her!
OMG did he kidnap her!!! cant wait for their meeting :D
continue soon x

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Originally posted by fri42911

awesome. please continue soon and add me to your PM list.

ThanxxxBig smile
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Originally posted by MeetPremeer

loved it dear
plz continue soon
awesome intro and i m really liking the sound of it
plz pm me whenever u update
i have already sent you a buddy request
Hey thank youBig smile IF-Sizzlerz

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shoot Ri beat me :@

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