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~Runway Murder~ AR FF-|Chapter 8-Page 52|COMPLETE| (Page 8)

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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta

aw that was a really cute update :)

I can totally picture Jenny walking down the ramp Embarrassedand Armaan Embarrassedhot like always

liked the 1st part...give longer updates please Tongue

looking forward the AR's dinner Embarrassed

Thank u pooja<33333  Lol gald u could :) I will give longer ones promish :)


Originally posted by Simmy003

Chapter 1!!!! Yayyy!! I should be studying right now but oh well, I couldn't resist myself from reading this!! I Woooveee your story already Tashu di! Riddhima is a model, smexaaayyy haha and Armaan a business man ooo that sounds so hot! LOL and omg, how cayooote was their phone convo?!!! Typical AR teasing each other! Btw, are you gonna show like a flashback of the first day they met in the next update??? Just wonderinnn, you can though :P And yo, next time...a longer update!! Lahh you <3

Thank u Sim Sim<33333  awww thank u :)  yes I will give longer ones promish and I will show a flashback :) I lahhh u 2 <3333333


Originally posted by Stupidcupid1234

Love the update
update soon

Thank u hun :) I will :)


Originally posted by sejal719

hey dear 

loved the part awesome :)

it cheered me up cause i was feeling down :) so thnx for that :)

take care and cant wait to read more thnx for the pm :D


 Thank u Sejal  aww glad I could cheer u up :) I will :)

Originally posted by fri42911

great update.

loved the conversation between AR.

please continue soon.

thanks for the Pm.

 Thank u hun :) ur welcome for the pm :)

Originally posted by mijanur

excelent first part.pleas continue soon.thanks for pm.

Thank u hun :) and ur welcome for the pm :)


Originally posted by sanjna4

Tashu just read prologues where u were saying that u r crazy so lemme tell u while writting anything u need to be crazier... Even i ws much agaist writting but thanx to people support now i love to write for them and you are writting on  armaan and ridhima so it has to be good :P
Okay i will read update in short tym :)

Thank u sanjana<33333 aww thank u :) waiting for ur comment :)



Originally posted by MaitreeluvKajen


I will Only Commment on the part with Armaan...'Coz I'm here only for AR! ONLY for them! LOL,I guess you know that =P Okay so the part with Armaan..Gosh Wait what she called him MUSKI !! OMMMGGG!! ROFLLOLLL OMGG ROFLAnd heehhee loved the way Indirectly how they call each other Hot,Sexy,handsome,beautiful etc,etc..Its SO SO SO Damn cuteee<33 Haayyyeee AR in love just makes my day,night,evening,mid-night,morning,in short...makes my LIFE! heehhe!


I was kidding,sweety...about not commenting on those other parts,you think I am SO lazy? LOL. That first part was damn cute too! With Riddhima wanting to be a model ever since she was small...Awww!! <33 And I guess the past with her father was Saaddd..Anywayz,Want more of AR !! And this part was so chotu :(

Update soon! Love Ya<33

Thank u Maitree<33333 Hawww ur only here for AR and not me Ouch fine  I see how it is Unhappy JJK :P ILY<3333333 and ur comments make me :D <333333 I will make the next part long promish :) Love ya 2<33333

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Originally posted by jiyaa

awesome update

 I will jiyaa :)

Originally posted by priyanki

awesome  part..
loved it...
plz pm me d next time u update...

Thank u hun I will :)
Originally posted by BhartiKhushi909

nice pArt tashu 

do pm me when u upd

 Thank u Khushi I will :)

Originally posted by dimpledsmile

awesome part..

do continue soon...

 n do PM me!!!

 Thank u hun I will :)

Originally posted by Castle-Beckett

Hey just caught up with this one! Wouldn't mind reading more of it! Do continue soon! Its been a fab start! Keep it up!

Thank u hun  :)

Originally posted by ksg_ritika

awesum ff ... just read it ... plzzz add me 2 ur pm list ...



 Thank u ritika I will :)

Originally posted by ViSu_SD

great update Tashuu!! It was wonderful...i especially love your characters...u described everything very well...gud job! Keep it up! and update soon :)

 Thank u Fara<333 I will :)

Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN


awesome start

loved it

loved AR phone convo

sooo sweet

cant wait 4 more

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

 Thank u hun I will :)

Originally posted by shaaz_91

amazing one...luved it
cont soon

 Thank u shaaz I will :)

Originally posted by shonagudia

Lovely update.. Do continue soon..

 Thank u hun I will :)

Originally posted by KaJenYaianSanju

OMG!! tashuuu,beautiful work yaar...I loved the update..sorry was really busy so couldn't read/comment earlier but honestly the plot is amazing...quite different from what I have read...plz add me in your PM list and good luck with the FF..I am sure you are gonna do an amazing job.

 Thank u Sanju <333that's okay :D  I will :)

Originally posted by armaans_desire

gr8 strt

add me to ur pm list


Thank u hun I will :)

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 If u see ur name here then plz press the like button and if u don't and would like a pm from me then plz press the like button on the pm request post on page 4

Thank U :D

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 2 Part A: When Loves Knocks Answer It...
Parking my car in the driveway I looked through my right window and as always there parked right beside me was Armaan's black Porsche... just seeing it there made me realize that I have someone waiting for me that loves me with all there heart cause there had been a time when I would come home to an empty house. Shutting the car door I made my way to the front door and as I neared closer to it I felt as if I was being watched by someone, as if they had been following me the whole time.. following my instincts I turned around to see who it was but saw no one...shaking my feeling aside I went ahead to open the door. "Welcome Home Basket" hearing his voice I looked up as I was taking off my shoes and there standing in front of me with the biggest dimpled smile that I had ever seen and wearing a white cookie monster t-shirt that said I love cookies but I prefer kisses ;) and long black shorts was the love of my life.. my Armaan. I stood rooted to my spot for a few seconds as I checked him out from head to toe, I couldn't help but think that he looked nothing short of sexy. He was tall with short black hair, fair complexion, grey blue eyes that could keep you mesmerized for hours, the body of a Greek god, a gorgeous face that you could stare at for hours, tattoos on both arms and just like a cherry on top of ice cream those oh so sexy dimples that just make you melt..  I slowly walked up to him as if I had been hypnotized  and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly yet with as much passion as I could.
The kiss at first started out as a gentle one with my hands wrapped around his neck and his around my waist but he soon started pulling me closer towards him and I started to feel him deepening the kiss as he began to suck on my lower lip sensually and his hands began to explore every inch of my body. I slowly started to pull out of the kiss for the sheer need of oxygen and placed my forehead against his still trying to catch my breath. I slowly opened my closed eyes that I had unknowingly closed during the kiss and look up to see him staring right back at me with a look of desire and passion... but instead of giving in I decided to tease him as a way of getting back at him for me calling him Muski by mistake and him making fun of me...
I slowly raised my right index finger and slowly traced the outline of his jaw as seductively as I could and I could tell from his expression that he was being turned on by what I was doing. Slowly making my way towards his lips I pulled back my finger abruptly as he had tired to bite it "Someone's hungry" I said while inspecting my finger for teeth marks as I was waiting to hear a reply... but instead of getting one I suddenly felt myself being picked up off the ground and being carried towards the dinner table and all I did was stare at him with a confused expression on my face. Once we had reached the table he put me down and pulled out a chair for me like a gentleman and waited for me to sit down... I sat down in my chair thinking okay now I'll get an answer and as if on cue he slowly whispered into my ear "Basket I had no idea you could read my mind... of course I'm hungry aren't you??...and btw your going to pay for what you did back there when it's time for desert..."I looked back at him and saw that he had started to walk towards the kitchen and just before entering it he winked back at me and disappeared... I couldn't help but blush as the meaning behind his words registered in my mind. The dinner that followed after that was one of the most romantic ones that we had had in a long time due to us both being so busy with our jobs and because of that we rarely got the chance to sit down for a meal together.
Armaan had cooked my favourite fettucini alfredo with chicken and broccoli with garlic bread and red wine to wash it all down. I had to give him brownie points for that cause he had taken the time to actually cook even though he had been hell tired and had been busy the entire day and just seeing that made me love him even more. After dinner had ended we both did the dishes even thought Armaan had tried to stop me several times by saying "Basket your tired go and rest I'll do it" but no me being as stubborn as I am I wouldn't pay any heed to him and marched myself into the kitchen and Armaan being Armaan had to follow me!! It took us double the time to clean the kitchen and do the dishes because Mr.Mallik was more interested in kissing my neck...I had to literally push him out of the kitchen but not before threatening him with a "DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP ON THE COUCH OR THE BED???" and as fast as you can say BINGO!!!  he whispered "the bed" and left the kitchen like a good boy. I knew at that point that I had hurt his feelings and that I had to make it up to him and after thinking for a few seconds I knew exactly how to make him feel better... Desert ;)
I slowly walked into our bedroom and noticed that he was standing in front of the balcony door looking out at the night sky as if lost in a trance. I slowly walked up to him and placed my hand on his shoulder thinking that I would talk to him but he jerked it away and I knew that he was still upset and that I had to make it up to him and lucky for him I knew just how to do it. I walked towards my cupboard and pulled out my secret weapon my red nightie that was Armaan's favourite... no matter how many times I wore it he would always melt and forget everything and with that in mind I headed towards the bathroom.
I walked out of the bathroom and saw that he was still standing there looking out the door with his back to me, so taking the opportunity I walked over to the light switch dimmed the lights and turned on the radio... and as the song started to play I started Mission Desert ;)...
I slowly started to move to the beat of the song and slowly started to sing the lyrics as they came and moved towards Armaan...
Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me Ah Zara Zara .. Ooo Ooo Ooo  Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara Zara Ooo Ooo Ooo
Reaching him I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned him towards me so I could see
his reaction towards me' and just as expected his mouth fell open and he stopped blinking... at that point I knew it was working so I started dancing, moving my body in a seductive way...
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum Dum Da Dum Da DumBin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum  Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me Ah Zara Zara .. Ooo Ooo Ooo Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara ZaraOoo Ooo Ooo
As I danced around him I could tell that he was fighting with himself because he kept
trying to look in every direction but at thinking fast on my feet I moved towards him again as I had moved away while dancing and brought up my hands and wrapped them around his neck so he would have no choice but to look at me...
Tere Hi Tera Hi Intezaar Hai
Mujhe To Bas Tujhse Pyaar HaiTera Hi Tera Abb Khumaar HaiKhud Pe Na Mere Ikhtiyaar Hai Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum Dum Da Dum Da DumBin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum Touch Me Touch Me Touch MeAh Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara ZaraOoo Ooo Ooo
He finally looked at me but instead of wrapping his arms around my waist he shrugged of
my hands and walked towards the bedroom door...but before he could reach I grabbed his hand, spun him around and pinned him to the wall so that he couldn't get away from me... and I continued my sexy moves along with the lyrics portraying what I felt...   
Yeh Dard-E-Dil To Ho Na Kum
Sataye Abb Dooriyon Ka GumBehek Jaye Na Yeh KadamHai Tujhe Meri Jaan Ki Kasam Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum Dum Da Dum Da DumBin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum
I slowly moved my hand  into his shirt touching his abs which he tried to stop me from doing by grabbing my hand with his...
but I was not going to have any of it so I slowly moved towards him and whispered into his ear with my hand still in his shirt "I thought that I was going to pay for what I did when I came home with desert and that's what I'm doing" I said winking at him... and without another word I captured his lips into a passionate yet drugging kiss as the song came to an end but not our night, it had just begun...
Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeAh Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold MeAh Zara ZaraOoo Ooo Ooo Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum Dum Da Dum Da DumBin Tere Sanam Is Jahan MeinBeqkaar Hum
As the kiss began to heat up Armaan finally gave in as I knew he would and picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. The rest of the night was a total blur as we touched, kissed, bit, and licked each other in places that only we allowed each other too and made love to each other for hours as if we had met after years of separation.
Finally calming down we lay in each others arms with the sheets around us for awhile talking about this and that and  finally after awhile we both drifted off into a sweet and content slumber...   
As the sun's raise hit my face I knew it was time to get up but that was not the only factor that had caused me to wake up...I had felt something wet on me and after thinking WTH How is it raining inside?? I opened my eyes and saw a pair of grey blue eyes starting at me and I knew that the "something wet" was Armaan kissing my neck.. "Happy Fifth- First-Meeting Anniversary Basket!!" I heard him say and the first thought that popped into my head was "WTH" "Happy Fifth-First-Meeting Anniversary?? Babe I think you mean Good Morning!!" "No I mean Happy Fifth- First-Meeting Anniversary" "Have you lost it!!" "No I'm perfectly healthy and fine and I have not lost it but I think you have Basket because I think you have forgotten that 5 years ago today we met for the first time so Happy Fifth-First-Meeting Anniversary Basket!!" I stared back at him for a few seconds allowing his words to sink in and I quickly picked up my cell phone and checked the date on it and saw that it was Saturday July 18th 2009 and realized that he was right it was 5 years ago today that we had met for the first time.
I looked back at him and saw that he was waiting for me to say something so taking his cue I repeated his words right back "Happy Fifth- First-Meeting Anniversary Babe!!" and quickly kissed him to show that I was not only sorry that I had forgotten such an important date but that I was touched that at least he remembered. Breaking out of the kiss I slowly started to gather the sheet that was around me and tried to get up off the bed ready to start the day but my dear boyfriend had other ideas because the next second I felt myself being pulled right back into the bed with Armaan on top of me with a naughty smile playing on his lips and before I could ask him anything he captured my lips into a kiss and softly sucked at my lower lip. Finally after feeling that I needed  air I slowly backed out of the kiss and pushed Armaan gently away from me so I could get up before he started all over again but again he pulled me back into the bed but this time instead of climbing on top of me he pulled me towards him and held me in his arms as if I was a teddy bear and closed his eyes. I was about to ask him what he was doing when he spoke up himself "Basket do you remember the day we first met?" I thought for a second about what he had asked me and why but not finding a complete answer I replied nonetheless "Yeah I do remember the first time we met it was a day that changed my life forever but why do u ask???" "I just feel like hearing about that day again for some reason I don't know why, maybe it's because of our anniversary or maybe because I just feel like re-living old memories but will you tell it to me...please"
I looked into his eyes and saw that he really wanted to hear it for whatever reason so getting up I adjusted myself in his lap with my hands resting on his chest and his hands around my waist and I began to narrate the story of how we first met 5 years ago and how that one day not only changed my life but gave me the  greatest gift ever my Armaan...  
Okies that was Chapter 2 part A  I hope u liked it and hopefully that was long enough for u guys :P I decided to make it into 2 parts cause it was getting to long also the next part will be a flashback of how AR met so stay tuned :D and don't forget to comment and press the like button :D
P.S. Sorry for any errors :) and if u don't know who cookie monster is..he is a muppet from Sesame Street it's a kids show and all he eats is cookies :) I just think he is cute :)

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ummm okay I have no idea why I never edited my spot LOL
I read it long back, but totally forgot to edit LOL sorry Embarrassed

anyway loved this part!!! cookie monster LOL awww

this part was hot!!!
Day DreamingBlushing
Zara Zara Touch Touch Me was nicely shown! Armaan can't stay away from Ridz and especially if she's worn RED LOL good going basket!

PS: you've gotten better at writing Embarrassed

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REs :P



What do i say??you always make me run out of  words. Every time you write Better and Better...I loved how u started it off and den put that KAT song in the middle :P The Song part is so hwattt <3 First Kisses, dinner n then dessert ;] perfecto :P

and OMG this line(LIKE it)...and as the song started to play I started  "Mission Desert" ;)...ROFLROFLROFL i think you don't need any explanation about thatROFL

I so freakiin wann see this part onscreen :D they should hire u as their writer :P

now eagerly waiting for the next part!!

ur marvelous...Keep writing more :)


p.s. : SOOO sowwiieee about my late reply :( maaf kardo :P

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RES!!! I <3 Cookie Monster! =)

Edit- Tashu di!!!! Dadadadayummm chapter 2 was friggen hot!!! Haha LOVED Armaan!! Omgoshh his cookie monster shirt<3333 Loveee, I have one too lol! And then I prefer kisses, lmao he would!!! He's sucha cutie!! Making dinner for Riddhima..awwh! <3 Loved when Riddhima was threatening him lol so cute! And then aww tha baby got all upset!! ;( But...but my god Riddhima!! *Gasp* bombshell ;) haha wuveddd the whole seducing part and the dancing and finally Mr. I-can-control-no-more gave in!! Can't wait for the next parttt, update it soon or I'll hunt you down! Lahveee youuu! <3

Sim Sim <33

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great part. please update soon.
thanks for the pm.

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