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~Runway Murder~ AR FF-|Chapter 8-Page 52|COMPLETE| (Page 35)

prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 7:11pm | IP Logged


Hey, just caught with ur ff

it is wonderful

plz add me in ur pm list

continue soon
and i m also sending u buddy request

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 4:25pm | IP Logged

that was sooo awsum..

amazinf part..

so ridz is accused for sonia's murder...

let see wats coming her way...

thnx for the pm,...

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Simmy003





HI Jalebi BaiEmbarrassedSooo I loved the update!! Thank you for finally updating btw, I had to threaten you a bit ;) lol but omg! I love Armaan, "Umm Hello I'm Armaan Mallik your fiance nice to meet you... what's your name?" ROFL He's so frickin cute!!!! And O my lordyyy wowdy ShockedMURDER!!!!!!!! Yeh kab hua??? That was soo sudden and astonishing!!!! I was like wait, what's going on??? And then the dead body of that girl, Riddhima holding the knife and blood all over her!!! Goshhh, so much happened in just a few minutes! I think it's the stalker who did that to Riddhima, just to get her in trouble! Poor girl, I feel so bad for her! Freaking creepers tryna creep! AngryThank god she has Armaan, he's so caring and supportive! Loved how she ran to him after she got out, that was sooo cayooote!!! Can't wait to read moreee, and you better update soon now! Before I start spamming again missy! Evil SmileLahhh you <3



Originally posted by ..Maitree..

OMGGGEEE TASHUU! That was One Hell of A Update! I loved how you described everything! The Murder Already? WOW! OMG What happened yaar? I'm So Worried for Riddhima? Who the hell is this Stalker and who attempted the Murder! My Head is Spinning Tashu..You might as well Update soon! Loved the way u write :)




Originally posted by sejal719

awesome one yaar keep up the good work :)


Originally posted by ksg_ritika

dat was a shocker... riddhima n murder ... god m so scared 4 ridzy ... plzzz update soon n thanx 4 d pm ...


Originally posted by mijanur

superb thriling update.pls continue soon.thanks for pm


Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

Awesome update
What a twist
Ridzy in jail
Loved armaan
He is a sweetheart
Can't wait 4 more
Con soon
Thanks 4 da pm

Originally posted by BhartiKhushi909

nice part Clap

Originally posted by PrincessBushi

wow lovely FF ..


great work ..


curiously w8ing 4 next part .. Smile

Originally posted by dimpledsmile

nice part ..

 loved it..

Originally posted by ozzyie

Awesome update Taashu !!!!!


Originally posted by kashndsel4eva

Awesome Update

Loved it loads

Cant wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da PM




Originally posted by KaJenYaianSanju

wooohooo! this suspense is killing me

I can't even predict anything coz you write so amazingly, with so much intensity that I can't even make a guess...poor Riddhima...she must have felt dead when she was accused of murder, in fact, she still is but at least Armaan is on her side.


amazing update Tashu


P.S why was the update so short yaar? make it at least little longer


Originally posted by Medzi_ARian...

OMIGOSH!  Murder!  Oh no!  Riddhima didn't murder anyone!  Then who is it?  Too much suspence!  Anyways.  I loved the part and the way you described everything.  I don't know why, but I think Armaan is the stalker.  Yeah, yeah, laugh at me, but that's my assumption.  Anyways, please update super soon and thanks for the PM.



Originally posted by shootingstar.xx

WOW! What an update ShockedIt's was an amazing one .. I wanna write more but read this in a hurry so cant get down the details :/ Just can't wait for the next chapter .. will be exciting(; Really sad though about RiddhimaOuch


Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

OMG so the murder is committed! :O


Mahhnn the part was totally umm happening! Set my heart racing, it did! :D


I'm so super excited for the coming track!


Continue soon and I've added you to my BL, send me a PM :)




Originally posted by -RabiaKSGKaJen-





Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

ohmygosh loved it! cont soon please

Originally posted by prachi_mjht





Hey, just caught with ur ff


it is wonderful


plz add me in ur pm list


continue soon

and i m also sending u buddy request

Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

that was sooo awsum..

amazinf part..

so ridz is accused for sonia's murder...

let see wats coming her way...

thnx for the pm,...

Thank you all soo much!!!! I'm so glad u all liked the part! and sorry about it being short!Embarrassed

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 6: Wanna Play Sherlock Holmes??
"OMG!!!!!!! Muski!!!!!!! I missseddd you!!!!!!!"
"I missed you too!!!!!!!!!!"
"Ladies I'm trying to watch the GAME!!! do you m''.. never mind from the looks on your face I don't want to die'. He he he continue!"
"Anyways' what are you doing in Italy Muski and where is rahul!!??"
"I was missing you so I came to see you and your duffer boyfriend and rahul couldn't get time off so he had to stay back!!"
"Oye I'm not a duffer you are!!"
"Hawww did you just call me a DUFFER!! You are soo dead ARMAAN MALLIK!!!"
"ENOUGH Armaan go watch your game and Muski let's go to the bedroom and catch up''."
"Okay spill it"
"Spill what muski??"
"I know what happened Rahul told me"
"Rahul told you what muski"
"About the murder accusations"
"What!! How did rahul find out'. ARMAAN!! I can't believe he told him!!!!"
"Forget that and tell me what happened and how this all started!!"
And so I went on and told muski everything that happened right from the start. I could tell from her expressions as I talked that she was upset, shocked, angry, worried and ready to kill someone all wrapped in one. By the time I was done tears had made there way out and I was shaking just from recalling everything all over again.
"OMG Ridzi I can't believe you are going through all of this I mean you have been through so much already in your life and now being accused of something like murder which I know that you did not do is totally unfair and despicable! But don't worry I am here now and I am not going to let that murderer run free! We will get him out of your life just like we got that ******* Sameer out!"
"Your right Muski I know with you and Armaan by my side I know everything will be alright anyways so tell me what's new..."
The rest of the day went by in me and Muski going out and spending time with each other while Armaan stayed back to watch his game. We had gone to almost every shop and mall in Italy and shopped till we dropped. We had then stopped off for lunch at a local restaurant as Muski was getting hungry and could no longer walk. Armaan had even called every so often to check up on us to make sure everything was fine. After lunch me and Muski had decided to go sight seeing around Italy as it was Muski's first time. We first visited a local church recommended by the locals who told us that when a person with a pure heart went inside to pray for anything inside the church that it would come true. They told us that there was a woman who had been separated from her husband during a war and had gone to the church to pray for his return and when she had gotten home she had found her husband waiting for her with open arms. So Muski and I decided to try our luck. We entered the church and looked around at it's beauty. It was covered with beautiful paintings and glass ceilings with candles lit all around and in the middle of the church was a large statue of god. We approached the statue and kneeling we bowed our heads in prayer. We then left the church and were planning on going to see another site when we both noticed that it was getting late and decided to head back to the hotel before it got dark. Reaching the hotel room we walked in to find Armaan lying down on the sofa asleep with the TV. on. I quietly signaled muski to go and wash up for dinner while I went to turn off the t.v and wake up Armaan. "Babe wake up" "Huh'.. Basket' when did you come?" "Just now Muski is gone to wash up for dinner and I suggest you do the same" "Ha ha okay I'm going" I got up from the sofa and headed towards the kitchen to make dinner. Dinner had gone by in talking and teasing in between as Rahul and called to talk to Muski as he was missing her. We had then sat in the family room and talked about old times reliving old memories. Muski who loved to tell stories decided to tell the story of when me and her at the age of 14 had gone to see the movie Jism even though we were underage and had not asked our parents. Armaan couldn't stop laughing at us as he heard the story and had even gone on to say that we were "Bad Girls". Finally at about 1 am we called it a night and headed off to bed to sleep. Sleep yeah right! While Armaan was beside me snoring! I was miles away from sleep! My mind was bustling all because I had a feeling that something had happened today that I felt I needed to remember but couldn't! Ever since I could remember when ever I felt that I needed to remember something I would stay up until I remembered it and then would go to sleep. "Think Ridzi Think! What happened to today??... Well I had spent the day with Muski after she had arrived from NYC. We had talked and I had told her about the murder accusations held against me and she had told me how she was with me and was going to help in finding out who was behind everything and help bring justice and make sure that who ever was after me was out of my life like we had done with Sameer. Then we had gone out and saw Italy. We had shopped and had lunch and then had gone to visit the church. Then we came home and had dinner and then stayed up and talked. And just now we had decided to go to sleep. That's all that happened today! So then why am I awake? Wait! Rewind!  LIKE. WE. HAD. DONE. WITH. SAMEER!!!!!! OMG!! Sameer! How did I forget about him! What if he is behind all of this?? I mean I had almost married him but had ended up telling him off!! I had hurt him and his family! What if he is trying to get revenge!"
"Hmmm' what' what's the matter basket??"
"Armaan I am so stupid!"
"I knew it!!  Finally you admitted it"  
"What did you say??"
"Nothing, I said I love you! Now tell me what's wrong?"
"Armaan I think I know who the stalker is!"
"You do! Who!"
"Yes Sameer!!"
"Sameer as in Sameer the guy you almost married Sameer!"
"Why and How?"
"Why because maybe he wants to get revenge from me for what I did to him and his family. I mean think about it I told him and his parents off and refused to marry him! and How I don't know but maybe he tracked down my number and address and started following me!!"
"Okay seriously you sound like Sherlock Holmes! But for some odd reason I believe you!"
"You do! Thank u! but how are we going to find out if it's really him I mean I could be wrong"
"Well we just have to find proof!"
"How?? I don't even know where he is now and I don't even have any of his information??"
"Do you know anyone who might have his information??"
"There is one person!"
"Dr.Shashank Gupta!"
"Your Dad??!!"
"Yeah My Father! He's the only person who would know where he is. I had heard some people talking at one of my photo shoots about how my father was still dealing with Sameer's family despite everything that had happened."
"So.. your going to call your dad!??"
"I.. I guess I have no choice but to.. I mean if I want to find answers and find proof then I have to"
"Are you sure you want to this Riddhima. I mean even after everything that happened?"
"Yeah I am sure! I know I have not spoken to my family in a long time but I have to do this Armaan! I have to call him."
"Well if that's what you want to do then I just want you to know that I am with you okay!"
"I know' and thanks for being with me through all of this' it means a lot to me.. I love you.."
"I love you too Basket" 
I heard him say as I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes trying to feel some comfort and strength in his arms as I knew that what I was going to do next was going to be one of the hardest things that I was ever going to do. Call My Father!
I got up the next morning and without wasting time I woke up Armaan and Muski and made sure that they were beside me when I called home. Trying to fight the dreading feeling in the pit of my stomach I took a deep breath and dialed my father's number.
I waited as the ringing began to echo in my ears and after about 6 or 7 rings someone picked up the phone'
"Hello Gupta Residence Padma speaking"
"He' Hel' Hello'"
"Hello Yes Who Is It??"
"Th.. Thi..This.. is.. Riddhima"
"Riddhima!... Is that you??"
"Yes Mom it's me!" I said holding the phone against my ear as tears made their way down my cheeks as I heard my mother's voice after 8 years.
"Beta... How are you??"
"I'm fine mom how are you and how is anji di??"
"I'm good beta and anjali is fine she's getting engaged!"
"What Di is getting engaged!! When and to whom!!"
"His name is Atul and he's a Neurosurgeon and the engagement is next week."
"Oh! Well tell her I said Congrats!"
"I will but' um.. Beta.. Actually I am glad you called' um.. Anjali wanted me to call you and ask if you would come to London for the wedding' and I told her I would ask you' so will you??..."
"Mom' I don't think I can I'm really busy right now with work and stuff'.
"Please Beta! Please forget what happened! I know your upset with your father but please for your sister's sake for my sake please come! It would mean a lot and plus Anjali said that if you don't come then she will never speak to you again! Now do you really want that??"
"Please Riddhima!"
Feeling a hand on my shoulder I looked to see Armaan squeezing it reassuringly and nodding his head as if to say that he was with me and that it was the only way if I wanted to gather proof and plus deep down I knew that even though I was mad at my Father I couldn't miss my own sister's wedding!
"''. Okay Mom I'll come!" talking for a few more minutes I hung up the phone and looked at Armaan and Muski smiling at me and I knew that as long as they were with me with I could do this,  that I could go to London and  finally come face to face with My Father! Smiling back at them to show that I was fine I picked up the phone again to book a ticket to London.

Ello I'm back shorry for the delay I had net crap ='( so was AWAL but I'm back now! YAY! Anywayz that was Chapter 6 I hope u liked it. Also all u RES PPL can u plz un edit ur post I really want to read ur comments and if u still don't then get ready for a Reminder PM Big smile Also I am going to be ending this FF in maybe 2 or 3 parts not sure yet cause I have a new FF that I want to start but I'll let you know in the next update as to how many more parts of this FF are left!!

P.S Shorry for any errors =)
Index is Page 1 and there is a new PM request post on page 34 cause I have seen some new readers posting and I don't want to miss pming anyone so if u want a pm then go press the like button of it =)


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Simmy003 IF-Dazzler

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Jalebi Baiii!!! O my you updated! That was so unexpected! LOL well anyway, I lahhhved it! Muskaan and Riddhima are so cayooote!!! Hahaha Armaan and Muskaan's little fight was cute too! Loved the girls though, they were doing the girlie stuff and it's obvious when two besties are together, they end up going shopping! LOL The church seemed so interesting! Is that a real place in Italy or did you make that up? Cause I wanna gooo to Italy!!! :D But the highlight of the update has to be the whole Sameer thing! Who is that guy!?!? And Riddhima was about to marry him but told him off?! Goshhh, I believe Riddhima too! He iss probably the stalker! I wanna know the mysteryyy hehe... Oh and LMAO when Armaan wakes up Riddhima tells him that she's so stupid and he goes, "I knew it!!!! Finally you admitted it!" ROFL He's so funnny!!! Love him!

Ohhh Riddhima talked to her mom! Aww that part was soo touching and heart breaking! After so many years she's finally gonna see her family again! I wish everything goes well, and even if it doesn't she always has Armaan on her side Embarrassed
NEXT UPDATE SHOULD COME SOONER! And Cry You're ending this FF! But you better start your new one right you end this missy, or I'll find you... seriously. 
Lahhh you <3

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