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~Runway Murder~ AR FF-|Chapter 8-Page 52|COMPLETE| (Page 32)

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Originally posted by KaJenYaianSanju

wow!! tashu, the suspense is getting on really wonder who that guy is...may be Riddhima had a past? anyway plz update soonish...can't wait to know who that guy actually is.
thank u sanju!! u'll have to wait and see!

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Originally posted by armaans_desire

hey gr8 update
 cont soon!
thank u! I will!
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Originally posted by Rapunzzel

awesome ff
add me to ur pm list

thank u hun! I will add u!
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Originally posted by shasha_kajen

wooohooo!!!! OMG Tashuu u scared me in the startLOL I could feel hw scared n nervous Ridzi would be, since she was staying in a hotel alone n getting calls n msgs frm an unknown idiot!!Ouch
Bt i think i knw this unknown personEvil Smile Bt let me nt tell it n see whether my guess is right or nt when u update the next partEmbarrassed Bichaaraa Armaan ke muh pe Ridzi closed the door OuchLOL by mistake naa, hoajaataa haiLOL awww i love hw Armaan explained himself for her , i loved that partDay Dreaming he is so cuute!! Embarrassed n he said he would love a hug frm her n he was missing her n came to see her, hw sweeet Day DreamingDay Dreaming Day Dreaming N in the next moment Ridzi hugged him, haaye haaye Day Dreaming
Ridzi bohot ishmart hain, she made him agree to dance in pub, by saying she will dance for him in the hotelBlushing anyone would agree for thatEmbarrassed N them runnning n talking in the beach was so cuute n romantic!!! I sould really imagine them spending time in the beachDay Dreaming U have written it so beautifully TashuuuClap Clap everything was described amazingly!!Star N OMG, Armaan is so shamelessLOL he told all his desires to her kule aaamLOLLOL well thats hw our supercool isCool Ridzi nt at all someone who will let Armaan win in any mean, oh hoo i love Ridzi's character in this FFEmbarrassed 
Dilbar Dilbar haan Dilbar DilbarDancing I love this song, it's so rocking Dancing u knw what i was wondering which song u would use this timeLOL well i must say u have a good taste of songsEmbarrassed N Armaan's way of showing hw much he loved her dance was hawwtBlushing Blushing 
PHEWWW , im happy Ridzi told everything abt that mysterious phone callBig smile Nw i hope Armaan find abt that person soonish, so that they could live peacefullyEmbarrassed hawww y did he ask Ridzi that whether she knw abt that person or ntShockedShocked does she really knw? ok for that i need to wait for ur updateTongue lekin mujhe kisi par shaqq hainEvil SmileLOL
Brilliant work Tashuuu!! Loved n enjoyed ur writing!! Keep up the awesome work!!Thumbs Up
N update ASAPBig smile
with lots of luv n bst wishes <3333333
Thank u purple lover! Hug  I know I would freak out also if I was by myself to! lol thank u I wanted to make ridzi's character diff from the show! and yes Ammy is shameless =P lol u were wondering what song I was going to use awww ur soo cute LOL and thanks I try to find good songs! and about the person u will have to wait and see and no it's not Shanky or Armaan! but there is someone...WinkEvil Smile

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Originally posted by Live.Laugh.Love

first i wana tell you, your writing is amazing!!! your ff is so cute, i wonder where the murder happens and of who...please update soon Smile
aww thank u soo much hun ur so sweet!  I will!!
-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 5: Murder With A Touch of Glamour……..
"Good Morning Riddhima"
Being greeted early in the morning wasn't something I wanted to hear at least not today. I had spent the entire night awake trying to think about whom the stalker was and what they wanted from me and in the process I didn't get a wink of sleep and now here I was at 7:00am ready for a dress rehearsal for the new fashion house I was working with. Greeting the rest of my fellow colleagues with the best fake smile I could make I walked over to my dressing room to get changed. I could still remember how I had spent the night pacing the room back and forth forcing myself to think……
Rahul… no... Muski….. no…..  Nikki….. no….. Abhi…… no Armaan….. Hell No!!!!... Di….. no…..
"Baby can you please stop pacing your making me dizzy"
"Huh.. Who said that??"
"Umm Hello I'm Armaan Mallik your fianc nice to meet you… what's your name??"
"OMG Armaan it's just you…. I'm so sorry I was so lost that I didn't notice you"
 "I know how could you when you were to busy talking to yourself"
"Hey I was not talking to myself!! I was thinking!! There is a difference!!"
"Okay sorry you were to busy "thinking" but did you find an answer yet??"
"No… I have no idea"
"Aww basket it's okay you gave it a try that's all that matters"
"No Armaan I have to find out who this person is!! I mean what if it is someone I know.. I need to know why they are doing this to me!!"
"I understand but can we please go to sleep right now, we can figure this all out tomorrow and plus you have an early morning rehearsal remember"
"Oh crap I forgot about that you're right let's get some sleep"
even after I had done all that I still couldn't think of who was after me. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror and stepped out of my dressing room ready for a long day.
Hearing the words "One more time" had never made me so angry!! Why again!!! I thought we were done!! Joe I hate you!!! We had been walking the ramp for about an hour trying to get our positions, walk, and timing all perfect. All the models had lined up in order including me and we had each walked down the runway and back making sure that everything was perfect. And now just when I had hoped that I could go home and sleep the runway director Joe decided to torture me some more with his ONE MORE TIME! and so I returned back to my spot and just as I had reached the lights went out and the next thing I knew screams could be heard from all directions, people began to run around knocking things over, all in all it  was as if hell had broken loose in a matter of seconds. I could feel people's body's passing by me as they ran trying to save themselves from what ever had happened. My heart started to beat faster, my palms started to sweat and my knees started to shake as the sense of danger set in. What was going on??, Why was everyone running for their life??, Were we going to die??, Was someone going to kill us??, Was the building going to collapse?? But before I could comprehend what had happened the lights came back on and what I saw before me knocked the wind out of me, I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach! There lying in front of me in a pool of blood was Sonia one of my fellow models who was like a sister to me. But as if that was not enough I noticed  blood dripping down my arm and as I looked closer I saw that there was a knife in my hand with red liquid dripping down it like ice cream drips from a cone and the next thing I knew everything went black and I was on the floor……….
"Riddhima are you okay??"
I opened my eyes and found myself back at the hotel in bed with Armaan sitting beside me looking at me worriedly. How did I get here the last thing I remember was.. and then it hit me everything came flooding back Sonia's body on the ground, the blood, the knife in my hand and then me fainting. I looked at Armaan staring at me waiting for answer I wanted to say so much but the only thing that came out was "I didn't do it… I didn't do it" I unknowingly had become like a broken record and kept repeating myself over and over again while tears started to form and before I knew it I was crying hysterically in Armaan's arms as he gathered me in them slowly. I stayed in his arms for what felt like forever holding on to his shirt and crying my heart out as realization had hit me that I may have killed someone until a knock at the door brought my tears to a halt. Armaan removed his arms from around me and slowly got up to go open the door while I cleared my face of my tears.
"Is this Miss.Riddhima Shashank Gupta's Room"
"Yes but who are you"
"I'm Inspector Yuvraj Singh and I have an arrest warrant against Miss.Riddhima Gupta for the murder of Miss.Sonia Rai.
"I'm sorry sir but I have a legal arrest warrant and I have no choice but to arrest Miss.Gupta.."
"Miss.Riddhima Shashank Gupta You Are Under Arrest For The Murder Of Miss.Sonia Rai!"
I could feel my blood freeze, my body go numb as the his words rung in the room You Are Under Arrest For The Murder Of Miss.Sonia Rai, You Are Under Arrest For The Murder Of Miss.Sonia Rai…….
I looked around me at the cold dark room that I was being held in ever since I had been taken from the hotel room by Inspector Singh. I couldn't fathom that in one second I had gone from crying in Armaan's arms to being interrogated by the police for hours. Armaan! That one name gave me hope that everything was going to be okay and soon I would be back in his arm's where I belonged. I could still remember his comforting words to me as I was being taken away from him.. "Basket, I don't want you to worry one bit okay, I know and you know that you didn't do anything and that you are completely innocent. I am going to call my lawyer and we are going to get you out of this mess. I am with you okay so don't ever feel that you have no one, so be brave and don't cry and I promise you this nightmare will soon be over! I love you!"
I was brought out of my reverie as I heard Inspector Singh's voice resound in the room once again as he got ready for another round of interrogating me.
"Riddhima Gupta"
"Full Name?"
"Riddhima Shashank Gupta"
"Date of Birth?"
"May 23rd 1986"
"Father's Name?"
"Shashank Gupta"
"Mother's Name"
"Padma Gupta"
"Sister Anjali Gupta"
"Who was that man with you when I came to arrest you?"
"That was my fianc, the love of my life, my everything, Armaan Mallik."
"Okay Miss.Gupta now that I have gotten all your basic information I want you to tell me once again what happened!?"
And so I went off and told him everything that had happened right from the start, from me telling Armaan about how I was being stalked to the phone calls and text messages to me going to work and being sleep deprived from the previous night, to me seeing the body on the ground in a pool of blood to seeing the knife in my hands. I told him everything leaving no detail out hopping that he would realize that I had not done anything and that I was innocent and by the time I was done I had succumbed to the tears that I was trying hard to keep intact. Why was this happening to me?? What had I done to anyone?? Why was god doing this to me?? Who had killed Sonia?? How did I get a knife in my hand?? All these questions ran threw my mind without any answer to follow.
"Miss.Gupta you can leave now your bail has been filled. I will be in contact with you. Good day"
I looked up hearing Singh's voice again as he said that I was free to go.. Did that mean.. Armaan? I quickly wiped my face and saying a quick thank you I ran out the door. I looked around and there he was standing in the corner of the main hallway with his arms wide open I didn't need a second look and ran straight into his arms where I belonged.
The drive back had been a silent  one neither one of us said anything Armaan had concentrated on trying to drive and I had been lost in my thoughts. One moment had changed my life so drastically from being a care free model planning her future with the most amazing man to being accused of murder. Where was my life taking me?? What was in store for me.. was there even anything left???   

Ello I'm back shorry for the delay =) that was Chapter 5 so the murder has happened! Shocked I hope u enjoyed it. Also all u RES PPL can u plz un edit ur post I really want to read ur comments and if u still don't then get ready for a Reminder PM Big smile

P.S Shorry for any errors =)
Index is Page 1 and below this post is a new PM request list cause I have seen some new readers posting and I don't want to miss pming anyone  =)


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If you would like a pm from me then press the like button of this post and add me as your buddy =)

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HI Jalebi Bai Embarrassed Sooo I loved the update!! Thank you for finally updating btw, I had to threaten you a bit ;) lol but omg! I love Armaan, "Umm Hello I'm Armaan Mallik your fiance nice to meet you... what's your name?" ROFL He's so frickin cute!!!! And O my lordyyy wowdy Shocked MURDER!!!!!!!! Yeh kab hua??? That was soo sudden and astonishing!!!! I was like wait, what's going on??? And then the dead body of that girl, Riddhima holding the knife and blood all over her!!! Goshhh, so much happened in just a few minutes! I think it's the stalker who did that to Riddhima, just to get her in trouble! Poor girl, I feel so bad for her! Freaking creepers tryna creep! Angry Thank god she has Armaan, he's so caring and supportive! Loved how she ran to him after she got out, that was sooo cayooote!!! Can't wait to read moreee, and you better update soon now! Before I start spamming again missy! Evil Smile

Lahhh you <3

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