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~Runway Murder~ AR FF-|Chapter 8-Page 52|COMPLETE| (Page 14)

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Originally posted by Jen2

REs :P



What do i say??you always make me run out of  words. Every time you write Better and Better...I loved how u started it off and den put that KAT song in the middle :P The Song part is so hwattt <3 First Kisses, dinner n then dessert ;] perfecto :P

and OMG this line(LIKE it)...and as the song started to play I started  "Mission Desert" ;)...ROFLROFLROFL i think you don't need any explanation about thatROFL

I so freakiin wann see this part onscreen :D they should hire u as their writer :P

now eagerly waiting for the next part!!

ur marvelous...Keep writing more :)


p.s. : SOOO sowwiieee about my late reply :( maaf kardo :P
Thank U JJ :P Yeah this was a tribute to M ROFL gotta have KATROFLROFL lol yeah rite me and the writer plz :| fine I forgive u :) next part coming up!!

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Chapter 2 Part B: When Loves Knocks Answer It'.
 "Welcome to New York City all passengers from flight 604AHL London to New York please proceed to baggage claim" Hearing the announcement I made my way towards baggage claim to start a new chapter in my life ending my old one. I looked around waiting for my luggage as it was still being taken off the plane and I couldn't help but think that I had finally made it out of that hell that I called home. I had grown up in a home where I was allowed to dream but was never allowed to pursue at least from my so called father Dr.Shashank Gupta's side. He believed that running after dreams was a waste of time and that in the end you never got what you wanted. My mom Padma Gupta on the other hand was the total opposite of dad she would always tell me to never stop dreaming because she believed that the more you dream the more motivated you are to achieve them. I guess that was one of the many reasons why I got along better with mom then dad because she understood me better and I was able to relate better to her. Dad never tired to understand me and I don't think he even wanted to and I could tell because everytime I would approach him with something that interested me he would always shoot me down by saying "What are you going to get out of doing that I won't allow you to'. you are going to do as I say and that is final!!!" But it was the total opposite if my sister Anjali were to ask him the same and his response would be the total opposite "Sure sweetheart go ahead whatever makes you happy" I never thought that I would have to grow up in a home where one child was favored more then the other. I was brought out of my reverie when I felt someone tap my shoulder and say "Your luggage is here" I quickly looked in front of me and saw my luggage about to turn on the conveyor belt, quickly wiping the tears that had unknowingly formed I grabbed my luggage and headed out of the airport. I looked around me taking in the sights and sounds of NYC and I could feel that I had made the right decision by coming here and that my life would change for the better good. I looked around outside looking for the one person who I knew and after looking for a few minutes I spotted them standing against there car with a sign bored that had my name on it. There wearing a yellow sundress with black heels and the curliest hair that you will ever see was my best friend but more like a sister Dr.Muskaan Grewal'. I had met Muskaan way back in kindergarten at the age of 5 and she was the first person to come up to me and ask my name and from that moment on we became inseparable friends, we would tell each other everything from our first crush on a guy to our deepest secrets and dreams and now Muski as I call her became a doctor and was now happily married to Rahul Grewal one of her co-workers who worked with her at the hospital she worked at. "MUSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "RIDZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Omg I'm seeing you after 6 months I can't believe you're here Ridzi I missed u sooo much" "I missed you to Muski!! I know I can't believe I'm here!!... Where is jeej??" "Oye he is not your  jeej okay just stick with Rahul it's fine and he's at work he'll come later but first let's get you home cause we have lots to talk about" " Okay kool let's hit the road!!" grabbing my luggage with Muski leading the way we headed towards her car'..
I sat in her car and watched as we zoomed off down the road passing street signs, kids playing, buildings and skyscrapers. I never thought that NYC would be soo big and magical and I couldn't wait to see more of it. Finally after about a 20 min drive we had reached Muski's house it was an average sized home with big windows, a large lawn, a beautiful garden and swing on the porch where you could sit and read a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, closing the door of her car with my luggage in tow I followed her inside. After showing me around her home like a tour guide does to fellow travelers giving details about everything and the story behind them, we finally took a break and sat down in the family room with a cup of coffee and caught up with each others lives over the past 6 months that we had been apart. We talked about everything from our jobs, to the boyfriends that I had to Muski's honeymoon as she had only been married for 4 months to our families and I knew that when it came to my family Muski would have questions and plenty of them after she found out.
"So how is everyone back home??"
Hearing that one question from Muski made me freeze'. how was I going to tell her how my family was and what had happened, How was I going to tell her how I had broken all relations with my father after he had belittled me infront of so many people just so he could use me to get what he wanted.. I could see Muski looking at me waiting for an answer and I knew that it was time to share the pain that I had kept inside of me for too long. I looked back at her and taking a deep breath I told her what had happened'..
~*6 months ago*~
I had just arrived from a modeling assignment from Paris and was on my way home when my cell rang seeing the caller ID flash HOME I answered it' "Hello" "Hello Riddhima it's Mom where are u??" "I'm in the car mom I just came out of the airport why what's up??" "I need you to get home as soon as you can your father needs to speak to you about something important" "What dad wants to talk to me' about what??" "You will see just come home now!! Okay bye" "Bye" I ended the call and replayed what mom had just said to me as I tried to absorb what I had just found out in 60 seconds and tried to figure out what dad wanted to talk to me about. I reached home and was greeted by mom then nani and di and finally by my dear father who rather then hug me and say "Beta your home how was your trip I missed you" said "I need to speak to you now" I looked at my father as he walked towards his study and I knew that I had no other choice but to follow him as I had spent the entire ride home trying to figure out what was going on, so taking a deep breath I followed him inside. I stood a few feet away as I watched my father standing in front of the window looking out at the evening sky waiting for him to tell me what it was that he wanted to talk to me about and as if he had read my mind he began "Riddhima ever since I was a little boy I had always wanted to be a doctor and to have my own hospital where I could do things my way and not have to bow down to anyone and everyone would have to do as I say. I know that may sound selfish but if you want to make it in this world and be successful then you have no choice. I have worked for many years and have gained a lot of respect and fame from my fellow colleagues'." "I understand all that but what does that have to do with me??" I said interrupting him as I couldn't wait any longer. "Okay I'll get to the point then I have signed a deal with my old friend Raj Malhotra were we will be going into partnership together but before any of that can happen Raj wants you to marry his son Sameer as a condition to which I agreed to so you are going  to quit modeling and get married to Sameer who is a surgeon and is currently working in Australia. They're coming over in a few hours so please go and change". I stood there dumbfounded as dad left the room and my whole world came crashing down like a tree falls in a hurricane, all I could hear were dad's words replaying in my mind over and over again like a broken record. I could feel my knees give way and tears sting my eyes as the reality of what was going on hit me I was being forced to give up my dreams and aspirations to make my father's wishes come true... I could feel my head spin and before I knew it everything had gone dark and I fell to the floor...
I opened my eyes and found myself in bed in my room with mom, anji di, nani, dad and a doctor all staring at me with worried faces. I made eye contact with dad and I remembered what had transpired and I could feel the tears starting to form but I knew that if I broke down in front of everyone that they would start to worry so quickly sniffling my tears back I brought a smile to my face to show that I was fine. "What happened how did I get here??" "You went to talk to dad and ended up fainting so we called the doctor and brought you to your room ridzi.. How do you feel now" "I'm fine now Di I think I was just tired" I said lying threw my teeth. "Oh good we got so worried anyways get ready quickly the Malhotra's are coming over" I shoot my head up as I heard my father say those words. What was I going to do??? Why did I have to be the one to give up my dreams and happiness??? I didn't want to give up my passion for modeling!!! I didn't want to get married to a total stranger!! I wanted to meet someone and fall in love like the rest of the world!! But how was I going to tell all this to dad cause I knew that once he made a decision about something it was hard to get him to agree to anything. I could still remember when I had told him that I was going to model and how it took mom, anji di and nani to convince him and finally he had agreed with these thoughts running threw my mind I knew that it was hopeless and that I had no other choice left but to do as dad said because he was never going to listen to me' "Oh yeah I almost forgot I'll just go get ready" and with that I climbed out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to shower.
Looking at myself in the mirror I couldn't believe that I was getting ready to meet my future husband in a few minutes and that I was going to be giving up everything that I held dear to me, my career, my family, my dreams and my future which I had left in the hands of my father and a man I had never met'.. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I made my way out of my room to change my life as I knew it'.
"Wait a second' hold on!! So you're telling me that you MY BASKET almost got married to a guy named Sameer just so your father could get a deal!!!" "Babe you already knew about all this I have told you this story before so why are you acting so surprised??" "I am not acting surprised and I know I have heard this story before I'm just trying to add some dramatic effect to your story!!" "Dramatic Effect??" "Yes Dramatic Effect" "Omg you weren't listening whenever I told this story were you??" "Yes I was" "Armaan!!!!!" "Okay fine I wasn't but I am now right so tell me you almost married a guy named Sameer just so your father could get a deal??" "Yes I almost married a guy named Sameer just so my dad could get a deal!!" "But why??" "Well because at that time I didn't think that I had any other alternative so I agreed"
"Then how did you get out of it???" "Well to know that can I continue??" "Oh yeah of course please continue" "Okay well I had just left my room to go meet my so called future husband who I was going to give up everything for'..
I walked down the stares and I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I took each step closer to the family room where everyone was gathered. Dear lord please do something to stop this!! Please I don't want to do this!!! I cried in my mind hoping god would hear me and put an end to all of this. I stepped off the last step and felt a hand take a hold of mine. I looked beside me and saw Anji di smiling at me and leading me towards where everyone was sitting. "Auntie, Uncle, Sameer'. This is Riddhima" I looked up as I heard Anji di introduce me to my future in-laws and husband. Raj Malhotra was a man in his fifties and was a famous doctor in the field of plastic surgery. He was known for fixing all types of problems that men and women had from big noses to small chests and everything and anything in between. He had a number of successful hospitals around the world and was now planning on opening another one in London and had asked my father to join hands with him with the condition that I marry his son. Beside him sat Priya Malhotra who was a famous actress during the 1980's but retired after she got married to Raj. She had worked in over 80 films during her career but when she met Raj she lost her interest in movies and acting and decided to become a house wife. Looking at both of them stare at me I felt very uncomfortable as if they were trying to judge me. I moved my eyes away from them and looked to see what my future husband looked like and as I did I saw Sameer Malhotra stare right back. He was a tall man with short brown hair and hazel eyes with a light complexion and was well dressed for a surgeon. I could feel his eyes on me as he stared at me and rather then it being a pleasant feeling I felt repulsed. I moved my eyes away from him and looked towards my father and there he sat with the biggest smile on his face as if he had found a treasure chest full of gold. I felt myself being pulled again and turned to see Anji di taking me towards the sofa to sit down with her. What followed after that was a blur as I had buried myself in my thoughts and was no longer paying attention to what was going on around me but occasionally I would answer in a yes or no to show that I was not totally lost. And then the moment that I was dreading had come "Kids why don't you go and get to know each other and talk outside. Riddhima beta take Sameer outside to the backyard and we will see you in a little while with your decision". I could feel my heart starting to pound and my hands start to sweat as reality hit that I was going to be left alone with a man I couldn't stand!!
I stood looking at the moon outside in our backyard with Sameer standing beside me. We had been standing for a few minutes when he spoke up "So I hear you're a model??" I broke out of my trance as I heard him speak so turning towards him I answered "Yes I am and I love it." "That's very nice but I hope that you are aware that once we get married you will have to give up modeling and be a typical housewife because I will not allow my wife to work and that to as a cheep model" Omg did he just call me a cheep model!! That's it I'm so telling this dude off!! "Excuse me what did u say "Cheep Model" I will have you know that I am one of the most sought out models in not just London but around the world and I have won awards for my modeling I have sold millions of dollars worth of clothing and other products and as for marrying you and being a so called "Typical Housewife" well I'm not interested so you and your high paying job and your snobby parents can ******* Go To HELL!!!!!!" I turned around to walk back inside after telling that ******* off when I was stopped in my tracks by a loud voice "RIDDHIMA!!!!!!!" I looked up and there standing in front of me was my father Dr.Shahank Gupta''
I stood there rooted to my spot holding on to my cheek with tears running down my face as I had just been slapped by my father. "How dare you Riddhima I never thought I would see the day when my own daughter would bring shame to my name and to her family in front of so many people. I can't believe this is happening I did not raise you like this. I bet this is all because of your stupid modeling career' it has made you loose sense.. you no longer see what is right and what is wrong!! I knew I should have never allowed you to become a model you should have become a doctor like me at least then you would have been able to make better decisions and I would never have had to see this day!! Now you are going to go over to the Malhotra's house tomorrow and you are going to apologize for your inappropriate behaviour do I make myself clear!!!"
I stood there stunned at what I was hearing my father say and I couldn't believe he was actually saying all that. I had always done what I was told and never argued with him, when ever I wanted something I always had to fight for it, I never got it the easy way like Anji di and now I had to give up everything just so my father could use me to get a deal that he wanted so much well I had had enough there was no way that I was going to let my father get something that he wanted by using me as a pawn. I had been one my entire life and now enough was enough so taking a deep breath and gathering all my courage  I told my father off "NO" "What did u say NO??" "Yes I said NO!! I AM NOT GOING TO ANYONES HOUSE AND I AM NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING AND THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I AM MARRYING THAT MAN!! AND WHY SHOULD I JUST SO THAT YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT!!! IS THAT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT!!!  WHAT ABOUT ME??? WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT!!! DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT!!?? NO!! AND WHY WOULD YOU!! ALL YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU WANT!!!! WHAT ABOUT MY DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS!!!! DO THEY NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU!! EVERY SINGLE FATHER IN THIS WORLD DREAMS OF THEIR CHILD GROWING UP AND BEING SUCCESSFUL AND ACHIEVEING WHAT THEY DREAM OF!! THEY SUPPORT THERE CHILD IN EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO!! THEY GUIDE THEM AND TEACH THEM!! THEY DON'T MOCK THEIR CHILDREN AND FORCE THEM TO MARRY A COMPLETE STRANGER JUST TO GET WHAT THEY WANT!!! I HAVE ALWAYS HAD TO FIGHT FOR WHAT I WANTED IN LIFE I NEVER GOT IT THE EASY WAY LIKE ANJI DI!! I AM TIRED OF BEING USED AS A PAWN IN YOUR ******* GAME!! I AM TIRED OF HAVING TO CRAVE FOR SOME LOVE FROM YOU!! I AM TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU TO *******HUG ME AND SAY "RIDDHIMA I'M PROUD OF YOU" I AM TIRED OF WAITING FOR THE DAY WHEN YOU WILL SUPPORT ME!! I AM TIRED DR.SHASHANK GUPTA AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I NO LONGER WANT TO LIVE IN A HOME WHERE I AM NOT VALUED BY MY OWN FATHER WHICH IS WHY I AM LEAVING!!!! GOOD BYE!!!!
I stopped in my tracks and turned around with tears running down my face and swollen blood shot eyes and said " I was never your daughter to begin with and neither was this house ever mine'.." and with that I left my so called home forever and broke all relations with my so called father''.
"Omg ridzi I never knew you went through all of that I'm soo sorry" "It's okay Muski it was bound to happen one day we all knew it would" " So what happened after you left home??" "Well I moved in with a good friend of mine Nikki and her husband Abhi for a few weeks while I continued to model and then I rented a small apartment and lived there for a few months and then when I felt that I could no longer take living in London I applied for my visa and here I am with you" "Didn't anyone from home try to call you??" "Yeah mom did and every time she did it was they same thing asking me to come home and I would always answer in no" "Oh well whatever has happened has happened' I'm just really glad that you're here and I hope that you find nothing but happiness here because you deserve it" "Thank you Muski that means a lot to me" "No problem hun!! ILY!!" "ILY 2 Muski"  
M: "Looks like my dear Kaankajhoora is home and if I am not wrong his best friend is with him"
M: "Rahul!!"
R: "Oh ha ha ha you call him Kaankajhoora that's soo sweet!!"
M: "Shut up there is nothing sweet about it'. you have no idea how much this dude troubles me"
R: "Come on Muski he can't be that bad"
M: "You just wait and see. Oh and I must warn you stay way from him best friend!!"
R: "Why??"
M: "Oh you'll see!!!!"
M: "Well' well'. well' Look who it is dearest Kaankajhoora"
Ra: "Well'.well'. well'. Look who it is dearest Jungli Billi"
M: "Who are you calling Jugli Billi???"
Ra: "Who are you calling Kaankajhoora???"
A: "Dude seriously don't start!! You do this everytime I come home with you!!"
Ra: "Dude she starts it!!"
M: "I do not!!!"
A: "Guys just stop right now!! You can continue this later when I have left okay!! But for now can we please go inside I'm hungry!!"
M: "Fine!! Oh crap I left ridzi alone!!"
A:"RIDZI!!! Who is ridzi???"
Ra: Muski's best friend"
A: "Is she hot??"
A: "Whoa!!!! Calm down woman!! Okay I'll stay away from her!!"
M: "Thank u!! Now come and sit I'll get you guys something to drink"
A: "Dude your wife is crazy!!"
M: "I heard that!!"
Ra: "Dude let it be let's go sit"
A: "Good idea"
I had been sitting in the family room waiting for Muski to comeback when I heard voices behind me so turning in my seat I looked behind me and saw Muski talking to two men very animatedly. The first guy was short in height and had short dark hair that was slightly spiked, he had hazel eyes and a dimpled smile and when I heard Muski address him as "Kaankajhoora" I realized that he was Rahul Muski's Husband. He's pretty sexy I thought as I checked him out. Muski is soo lucky!! I turned my attention away from the feuding couple to the other man standing beside Rahul, and I couldn't stop staring. I felt myself going into a trance where it was only me and him. I had never seen a more perfect man in my entire life. He was tall with short black hair, fair complexion he had grey blue eyes that I was falling for. I could tell that he had the body of a Greek god as the top three buttons of his shirt were undone. As I saw his face I couldn't help but think how gorgeous it was. I also noticed that he had tattoos on both arms and then as if that was not enough I saw the most sexy dimpled smile that I had ever seen in my life. OMG!!!! How hottt is this guy!!! I am so going to marry him!!!!!!!!!! OMG HE IS COMING THIS WAY!!!!! QUICK RIDZI LOOK BUSY!!!
Ra: "Hey you must be Ridzi right??!! I'm Rahul!! Hru??"
R: "Oh hey jeej I mean Rahul I'm fine and it's nice to meet you!! Hru??"
Ra: "I'm alive"
R: "Oh come on Rahul she is not that bad"
Ra: "You don't know the half of it she is always after me for some reason"
M: "RAHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ra: "See I told you I'll be right back' make yourselves at home"
R: "Um Hi I'm Riddhima Gupta and you are'." I said extending my hand out to shake his.
A: "Armaan. Armaan Mallik nice to meet you Riddhima Gupta"
R: "Ridzi is fine" Omg He has the prefect name!! And his hand is so soft!!! Nooo don't let go!!!!!
A: "Okay Ridzi it is. Shall we'"
R: "Sure have a seat"
A: "So tell me about yourself"
R: "Well I'm 24 years old I'm a Model, and I just arrived from London today to start a new chapter in my life. What about you??"
A: "I'm 26 years old I run a multi national import and export business of cars and I have been in New York for about 5 years now."
R: "Wow that's amazing"
A: "Thanks but not as amazing as what you do"
Omg what's that supposed to mean???
R: "What do you mean what I do is amazing??"
A: "I mean that you maybe a Model but you are a role model as well to so many young women and girls. I have seen some of your work and it's brilliant, I mean you have shown that any woman whatever size or shape or colour she is that she can do anything that's why I think that what you do is amazing"
I stared back at him as his words sunk in. I had never known anyone to see my profession in that way and just hearing it from him made my heart swell up with warmth and tears sting my eyes.
R: "Thank you so much Armaan'. I'.."
A: "It's okay Riddhima I understand"
M: "What. Did. You. Do.???" 
A: "What do you mean What did I do?? I didn't do anything"
M: "Armaan???"
R: "Muski he didn't do anything I'm fine trust me"
M: "Are you sure??"
R: "Yes I'm sure"
M: "Okay anyways Dinner is ready come and eat"
AR: "Okay"
A: "After you"
R: "Thanks"
I had to give it to Muski her food was amazing!! I had never had so much fun at a dinner in a long time. Muski and Rahul continued with there arguing while I tried to control my laughter watching them as did Armaan. Throughout the evening we kept stealing glances at each other and would occasionally get lost in an eye lock. I had never met anyone like Armaan and I hoped that we would keep meeting. And as luck would have it we did keep meeting sometimes for coffee, or for a movie or the occasional bump in at the mall. I could feel myself falling in love with him day by day, but there came a day one Friday night where I knew for sure that he was the one for me and that I truly did deserve him'
Friday July 26th 20098:00pm
It had been a scorching hot day of around 27C but with the humidity it felt like 35. I had just finished a modeling assignment and was walking home to Muski's house since the location where I had been was not that fair from her house so I decided to walk and not bother Muski. I had been walking for about 10 minutes when it suddenly had started to rain heavily and stupid me had forgotten to bring an umbrella. I quickly ran into a near by bus shelter and decided to wait for the rain to stop and then continue on my way. I looked to the right of me and saw a man sitting next to me staring at me with his piercing brown eyes and crooked smile. I suddenly felt uncomfortable as my dress that I was wearing had become transparent from the rain. I decided right there and then to leave before anything happened and as I was getting up I felt my hand being pulled and the next second I had been pinned to the glass wall with my hands twisted behind me. I could feel his eyes moving down my body as if he was inspecting me.I tried to get my hands out of his grip but he was to strong for me and he only came closer towards me and as he did I could tell that he was drunk and not in his senses. I tried to scream out for help thinking someone would hear me but it went on to deaf ears as my screams became nothing but a mere whisper. I could feel tears starting to fall from my eyes as I realized that at any moment I was going to be raped and so I closed my eyes hoping that this was all a nightmare and that it would end soon. I could feel myself shaking in fear and by body going numb as he came closer, but the next second I felt myself free of his weight and thinking to myself what just happened?? I opened my eyes in horror to find Armaan beating the crap out of the guy and shouting at him in pure rage "HOW DARE YOU ******* TOUCH HER!!! NOBODY TOUCHES MY GIRL!!!!! NOBODY TOUCHES THE WOMAN I LOVE!!!!!"
I stood rooted to my spot not because Armaan had just saved me from being raped, not because he was beating the crap out of a man but because of what he said' He loved me?? I replayed his words in my head to make sure I had not gone crazy "NOBODY TOUCHES MY GIRL!!!!! NOBODY TOUCHES THE WOMAN I LOVE!!!!!"
I could feel my legs give way and my head spinning, I feel to the floor and started to sob not for what had happened but for what I had gotten in return'.someone to love'.
I guess my sobs had become hysterical because I felt someone lift my face up and as I looked up I saw a pair of grey blue eyes look back at me with nothing but love in them and then without another word he gathered me in his arms and hugged me. I rested my head on his chest and held on to him as if my life depended on it and finally cried out all my pain that I had carried with me that I had stopped myself from showing to Muski when I had told her about what had happened at home and what I had just gone through. After a few minutes had past and I had re-gained my composure I backed out of his hold and looked up into his eyes and decided to confirm if what he had said earlier about loving me was true' "Armaan do you love me??" He started at me for a few seconds while I waited for an answer and then just when I felt that I should repeat myself he slowly leaned forward and captured my lips into a sweet kiss. After what felt like eons he slowly backed out and pressed his forehead against mine and with our breaths still mingling with each others he looked into my green eyes and said "No I don't love you'  I love MY BASKET" and winked at me. I looked back at him and as I let his words sink in I started to blush as he had referred to me as BASKET a nickname that he had given to me when I had beaten him at basketball one day. I saw him stare at me blush and I could tell that he was hoping for me to reciprocate and so I looked into his eyes and said what he wanted to hear "I don't love you' I love MY ARMAAN" and with that I took his lips into a kiss and the rest was history'.
~*Flashback Ends*~
"And that is the story of how we first met and fell in love". "Wow!! I should have paid more attention before I mean this story had everything Action, Comedy, Romance someone should make a movie out of this it would be a big hit" "Armaan your crazy okay!! Now can I please go and take a shower it's already 12:00pm and I have not eaten either!!" "Sure go ahead but you have to pay first!!" "Pay?? Who and Why and with What?? " Me because I listened to your story and with a kiss!!" "You want a kiss??" "Yes please" I slowly leaned forward and kissed him and just when I felt that he was getting into it I slowly backed out and ran to the bathroom before he could catch me!!! "Oye Basket that's not fair come back!!"  I opened the door and peeped my head out and said "You want to live??" He looked at me puzzled but still answered slowly and said "Yes!!" "Then??" "Fine' I'll get you later!!" "We.Will. See." "Yes.We.Will" and with that I closed the door and finally got started my half already gone day!!
Okies that was the end of Chapter 2 hope u liked it I tried to make it LAMBA for u so u now have to give me LAMBA comments
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Wow it's a long part...seems like gonn have so much fun reading it :P

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T Thats Was Awsome. I Loved Reading It. Thanks So Much. Now I Feel Like Watching DMG all over again. Hehe. but With Sukriti and Karan. Just Their Scenes. Update Soon Okies. Love You. Kisses. (:

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Awesome Tashu !!!!!!

I felt like the original DMG days...
Armaan ridzi ... meetings... nok jhok all dese stuffs...
keep writing as i still miss DMG a lot !!!!!!

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Simmy003 IF-Dazzler

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OMG! NOW that was long!! LOL But I lalalallalaahhhved it so much!!! Awwwh poor Riddhima and her story, Shanky is such a doucheee! But I'm glad Riddhima left her house, or else she would've never met Armaan! Big smile O emm geee Rahul and Muski were ADORABLE! And AR...ahhh what do I say about them?! They are so friggen cute!!! <3 Armaan is a charmer like always!! :D Just wuvvved when they confessed!!! How cayooote!!! Blushing Tashu di I lahhh you!! And yo! Keep them updates cominnn ;)

P.S. Best part of the update (according to me obviously) was...

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araja1234 Goldie

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awesome part.Waiting to read more and thanks for the pm

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