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FF: My challenge!part 9 page 18

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Jeetu Shah and Urmila are a middle class couple who live in suburbs of Mumbai. 

jeetu is a manager in a local garments factory and Urmila is a homemaker. They 

have one daughter,Rashi Shah and also have a niece, Gopi, who lives with them 

since she was 5 years old. Gopi was Urmila's sister's daughter but came to live with 

her masi and uncle after her parent's tragic death. Rashi is now 24 years old and Gopi 

is 21. They have grown up as sisters but have totally different personalities. Rashi is a 

"go-getter", she has always excelled in whatever she does. She was always an "A+" 

student, studied in the most prestigious boarding school of India and is now working at 

a Multinational company in a managing role. She is on fast track to becoming a senior 

member of her team. She is a hard worker and a "perfectionist". She is very elegant and 

a charming person. The word "impossible" or "defeat" does not exist in her dictionary. 

She can do anything to achieve her goals''.anything!! 

Gopi is a sweet little petite girl, who has never met a stranger in her life. She is very 

chirpy, helpful and always has a smile on her face. She can be a little dreamy; she 

thinks and acts with her heart most of the time. She is closest to her masi and shares her  inner most thoughts with her. She is in awe of Rashi and her achievements and will do anything to please her sister. Rashi is aware of this fact and can take Gopi for granted at times. Jeetu is overtly biased towards his brilliant daughter. Gopi, who has an inclination towards the fine arts like singing and writing, does not meet Jeetu 

approval of a successful person. GOPI has tried her best to please him but he has at 

best remained an uncle to her rather than a father figure.


The Modi's are well off with Chirag Modi being a successful industrialist. He has 

two sons, Jigar, 28 years old, the older one who is married to Sonal and Ahem, 25 years 

old, the younger son. Jigar is just like his dad- very straightforward and honest person. 

They are both dedicated to their family business but are very open minded people. They 

are aware of their status but have respect for everyone, rich or poor. Ahem, who has just 

returned from the US after completing his MBA from a top-notch program, is all set to 

join the business. He used to live a flamboyant life style till he found his niche as a 

business student. In high school and college, he was always surrounded by girls but 

recently has sobered quite a bit. Chiragh Modi was very pleased to see this change in 

his son and said to his wife, Kokila " Lagta hai ab ahem ke liye bhi ladki dekh lete 

hain'.he looks ready to settle down now"


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Part 9 - Page 18

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Part 1

Chirag Modi was very pleased to see this change in his son and said to his wife,Kokila " Lagta hai ab Ahem ke liye bhi ladki dekh lete hain….he looks ready to settle down now" 

"Pehle ussey tho poonch lo….kahin koyi ladki ho uski nazar mein…" she said 

"You are right Kokila… are always right…" he smiled and went to ahem's room. 
Ahem was busy with his laptop trying to catch up with some work. Ahem had recently been hired by a prestigious consulting firm in Mumbai and he wanted to do his best at his new job. He would join the family business after 2-3 years of "real world experience" 

"Ahem…beta….hum soch rahey the…ki tumhari shaadi karwa dein…" Chirag sat down on AHEM's bed 

"Hmm…hmm…kya kaha aapney" Ahem was busy crunching some numbers on his spreadsheet. 

"Well…beta…if you have any girlfriends….tho bataa do…warna ek achcha rishta aaya hai…" Chirag was direct and did not waste anytime. 

Ahem stopped what he was doing, " Dad…jaisa aap theek samjhey….maine ab ladkiyon ko date karna chhod diya hai….koyi dhang ki ladki nahin milti..evry1 is after my money….may be arranged marriage is the way to go…just like bhaiyya and you…" ahem smiled and resumed his work. 


Rashi and Gopi are going over several bio-datas and photographs of several prospective grooms. 

"Hmm…GOPI…yeh dekho…Naa….iske daant kitne bade hai!…" RASHI showed a photo to Gopi and they both started laughing. 

"Didi…yeh dekho…." Gopi handed her a biodata and a photograph 

"Hmm…dekhney mein tho theek thaak hai…parr qualification…zero….mujhsey kabhi zyaada nahin kamaa paayega….and you know…I need someone I can look upto…." RASHI rejected another one. 

"Didi….shaadi ussi sey karni chahiye jissey aap apna dil de baithe…..dimaag sey tho aur kaam hothe hain…" Gopi said as she was surveying the different photos. 

"Gopi…..main tumhari tarah nahin hoon…..I use my brain and logic in every decision I make……" Rashi replied.

'GOPI!!" Urmila called for gopi to help her in the kitchen. Gopi was always willing to help out with chores at home. Rashi always had an excuse- earlier it used to be studies and now work. Jeetu discouraged Rashi from "wasting" her time in household chores, "naukar kiss liye hain….meri beti tho jahan jaayegi raaj karegi…." 

Rashi liked the next "proposal"- it was Ahem Modi's- " dekhney mein bhi achcha hai…aur A1 qualifications….looks like CEO material….I think he will be a suitable groom…." 

Rashi informed her parents and the Shah's and Modi's decided to set up a meeting at the Shah's for the boy and girl to meet. GOPI had not seen the photo and was unaware of the boy's name too. 

Next day, everyone at the Shah's residence was ready to welcome the Modi's. They were aware of the Modi's stature in society and they made sure they went out of their way to do "khatirdaari".

GOPI was ready in a pretty pink churidaar and hanging out in the balcony to get a glimpse of her future "jijajee". She spotted a little bird in their front yard-she looked like she was injured and trying her best to fly. GOPI, tender hearted that she was, went downstairs to the bird's rescue. She picked up the injured bird with both her hands and walked towards the house, holding and talking gently to the bird. She did not notice that the Modi's- CHIRAG, KOKILA, JIGAR, SONAL and AHEM were also approaching the house. She kept walking and accidently bumped into a tall figure……they both bumped hard into each other as the tall 6 foot figure, AHEM was also not aware of her coming in…..AHEM fell down with GOPI on top of him; the bird slipped out of her hand…..their eyes met and they were locked in that position for a few minutes till JIGAR rescued the bird and helped GOPI get up on her feet. GOPI felt embarrassed and did not realize what had happened. She ran inside the house while her masi and uncle welcomed their guests. GOPI shut the door to her room and ran the events of the past 10 minutes in her mind… "wo kaun tha…..AHEM Modi???…..I don't believe it…" her face turned red as she remembered her school days…..specially that one special moment ……she could never forget that one moment which changed her life forever...she was lost in her dreams...

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GOPI's heart was still pounding as she recalled her high school days, when RASHI knocked on her door, "GOPI! Chalo mere saath neechey chalo'. and i hope evryhting goes fine" 

GOPI opened the door and saw RASHI standing outside wearing a blue saree. GOPI forgot her tension and gave RASHIa big smile and hugged her, "Didi'you look so beautiful'.just like an angel...agar main ladka hoti to turant haan kar deti!!!!!" 

"Thanks GOPI'..aaj mama ke kehney parr saree pahen lee hai'.but I don't think I can carry it for too long' is so uncomfortable!" RASHI said 

"Oh'didi'you look so pretty n sweet'chalo let's go down" GOPI put her arm around RASHI as the walked downstairs. 

AHEM looked up and saw RASHI being accompanied by the same girl who had bumped into him just a few minutes ago. The girl looked really familiar and he kept staring at her rather than RASHI, "isse kahan dekha hai?'.she looks so familiar'.pata nai kucch yaad nahin aa raha" 

AHEM's thoughts were soon interrupted by his family members and JEETU, "beta'.US mein kaun sey shahar mein the aap?" AHEM got involved in small talk with the rest of the family as he saw GOPI leave for the kitchen. His thoughts were still trying to figure out where he had seen RASHI'S sister? 

GOPI soon came back with a servant and served everyone tea and snacks. When she came close to AHEM, her face got flushed again and she offered him the tea without trying to have any eye contact with him. AHEM, however, stared at her face trying to recognize her. 

GOPI found a comfortable corner next to SONAL. SONAL seemed like a friendly person; GOPI became her natural chirpy self as she chatted with her. AHEMand RASHI found a lot of common things to talk about, mainly related to the world of business and the stock market n bla bla...

Urmila was very pleased with AHEM. He seemed to have his head over his shoulders and was extremely respectful to everyone

She did however notice that every so often AHEM would glance at GOPI with the corner of his eyes. She smiled to herself, as she was aware that her niece was definitely the prettier of the two girls, even though her husband and daughter thought otherwise. 

Urmila finally said, "ArreRASHI'beta tum aur AHEM chaho to oopar terrace parr jaakar batein karr sakthey ho'.hum logon ke beech saari batein nahin karr paaogey.. n its better ki shaadi se pehle tum dono ekdusre ko aachi tarah se jaan lo...akhir puri zindagi tum dono ko hi guzarni hai" 

KOKILA agreed, "bilkul theek kaha aapney Mrs Shah'jaao AHEM beta'.aap log jaao tab tak hum bade bhi ekdusre ko jaan le" 

AHEM and RASHI went upstairs. GOPI got up to clear the coffee table and saw them walking upstairs. She was happy for RASHI as she knew AHEM was a very bright person; he was the Head boy at their school and equally good at academics, sports and theater'.she remembered all those practices they had for their annual day school play'.she was in 9th grade and he was in 12th'..she was the lead singer and he was the main actor on the play'.and then one day something happened'..her heart started pounding again but was soon rescued by Urmila's voice, "Beta'GOPI'fridge mein sey mithai ley aana'.ho sakegaa tho aaj hi rokni karr lengey.." 

"Achcha masi'.." GOPI obeyed. 

When AHEM and RASHI came back downstairs, they found JIGAR and SONAL busy talking to GOPI. 

"OH'St Joseph?'..Main aur AHEM bhi wahin ke padhey hain'.tum tho bachchi hogi jab maine high school khatam kiya tha'." JIGAR smiled at GOPI

SONAL joked, "No GOPI'.tum tho paida bhi nahin huye hoGI'.jab jigar padhte honge ...inhe dekh guess kar hi sakti ho..." They all laughed. 

"Oh'tho aap sab ek hi school sey hain'..main tho Dehradun mein boarding mein thi'.I think mama-papa always wanted me to have the best education'." RASHI said proudly.

JEETU also joined them, "RASHI has always been at the top of her class, whether school or college'..she is the best'aap logon ko itni bright bahu kahin nahin mileygi'." He was beaming at his daughter's achievements. 

"Papa'.aap bhi '." RASHI hugged her father. 

AHEM was still lost in his thoughts but when he heard his school's name, "Oh'.now it makes sense'.so you were also at St Joseph's'.you are GOPI Shah?'.the singer of our school'" he was standing in front of GOPI. 

GOPI lowered her eyes and was not sure what else AHEM remembered. 

SONAL joined them, "GOPI'phir tho ek gaana sunaana padhega'after all tumhari bahen ki shaadi ki baat ho rahi hai'" 

Urmila placed her hand on GOPI's back and reassured her, "gaa do beti'.RASHI ke liye hi sahi'" 

Everyone sat down to listen to GOPI. GOPI looked at RASHI, "yeh gaana ek puraana gaana hai. Meri didi ke liye aaj bahut sunhara din hai'.yeh gaana unkey liye'" 

"aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai" from "guide" 

AHEM was mesmerized by her voice. She had definitely come a long way since her school days'she was always a good singer but her voice had really matured now and it sounded really melodious. He got up and congratulated GOPI, "GOPI'..this was a perfect song for your sister'.you are really a good singer." GOPI thanked him softly and walked away to the kitchen. AHEM's eyes followed her till KOKILA interrupted, "ab hum chaltey hain'" 

The families then decided to go ahead with the "roka" ceremony which is kind of a commitment to the marriage before any formal engagementn handed over d shagun to rashi 

After everyone left, GOPIand RASHIwent upstairs. GOPIasked, "Didi'tho pasand aaya aapko?" she had a naughty smile on her face. 

"GOPI'.naa pasand aaney waali kya baat thi'he is well educated, well respected and an intelligent man'.I think we have so much in common'hum kabhi ek doosre sey bore nahin hongey'." RASHI smiled and wished GOPI a goodnight.


All the students were returning from the school auditorium in the evening after a long practice for their annual day play. GOPIwas in a hurry to leave as JEETU, who was waiting to pick her up outside, would get upset if she was late. As she was walking, a hand rested on her shoulder, "Hey'GOPI'.you were great today.." She turned around and saw AHEM. GOPI was in awe of AHEM in high school. He was so good looking and so talented'.all the girls tried to get his attention. GOPI would also steal glances at him during their practices. 

AHEM was standing very close to her. She could smell the chewing gum in his breathe. 
"GOPI'.you are a good girl'.do you like me?" he had a naughty look on his face as he was aware of his affect on girls. 

"A...A...AHEM'I am sorry'.mere uncle bahar wait karr rahe hain'." She hesitated and was scared to death at his question. 

She looked up and saw his face inches away from hers, he came closer and kissed her lips and then said, "Now'decide whether you like me or not'" he smiled mischievously and left her standing there frozen in a state of shock' 

AHEM never gave her any more attention once the play was over. He soon graduated and she never saw him again till today'. 

That kiss had changed her life forever'she could still taste his lips to this day' 


GOPI had goosebumps just thinking about that evening. Why was she not able to forget that kiss yet?'.he was soon going to be her sisters u cnt think abt him she thot'..she had to suppress those thoughts forever!!! She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. 


AHEMlay in bed thinking about the evening. He had dated so many girls in his life but no one had ever stirred his heart yet. RASHI was also one of them'he enjoyed talking to her'just like he would a business acquaintance or a colleague at work'..was she the right life partner he was looking for? May be with time, he would learn to love her just like his father and brother loved their wives now

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Bravo Tina ClapClap.Clap.. Way to go Babez... great start... absolutely fabulous n u said u were a non writer..!!!!

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nice job tina! Star

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Realy nice ff like your story lineSmile

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Bravo this is an excellent beginning to a wonderful story do please continue.
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Great job Tina. A marvelous beginning. Can't wait to read the next part.

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