Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS-Island Retreat(Maaneet SuhagRaat)

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Those who didnt like yesterdays Epi shud lyk this,HopefullyEmbarrassed

This is what Geet Is wearing:
I walked around,puzzled.Why had he called me here,to this secluded place? What was here? For miles and miles,there was only woods.I would spend my birthday here? Suddenly,a man came out of nowhere.I instantly moved back,Shocked.I tripped over the bottom of my sari.Urghh!!! Why was i even wearing this? Because he'd told me to dress up nicely.Id thought we'd be going to a hotel or somewhere and I'd worn this but now,there was no sign of him.Great!!The man began moving closer.

Geet:Look,Stay away!!!

Man:Dont worry.Are you Mrs Khurana?

Geet:Whats it to you?

Man:Please.If you are,Youre husbands sent me here.

Geet:Yes,I am.Wheres Maan?

Man:Follow me.


Man:Im taking you to him.

I don't know why but i believed him.I stumbled after him,tripping again.He reached out for me but i declined.I was fine on my own.We broke through the woods and at the end,They stopped.We walked further and there was a glistening blue sea,with a boat waiting for me.It was breathtaking.

Man:Come on.Were travelling by boat.

Geet:But where?

Man:I cant tell you.Maan's Orders.You'll find out soon.

I tried to get in the boat but my sari kept getting in the way.I reached out for his hand and used it as support to get in.


We went away from the woods into the sea.The view was amazing,beautiful.I felt nervous.Where was Maan? In the distance,I could see something tall and yellow.As we went closer,I realised it was an island with a small house on it.

Geet:Are we going there?


Geet:OMG!!! Its Beautiful!!

Man:He really loves you.Im his friend and he always talks about you.His eyes always sparkle when he's talking about you.

Geet:(Wiping Tears from her eyes) I know.He loves me more than i deserve.

Man:Were here.

I stumbled out of the boat.I hoped Maan hadn't seen me getting out,It was very ungraceful.

Man:Youre on your own from here.

Geet:Where is he?

Man:I have no idea but knowing him,he'll be in the most unusual place.Bye.


He went off in the boat and i started looking around.Where was he? I walked around,This island was magnificent,It had such nice scenery.It blew me away.

Geet:Maan!!! Maan,Where are you?

A voice spoke out of the darkness,A voice i recognised.

Maan:Find me.

Geet:I don't know where you are.


Geet:Look,Dont play games with me.Come out or i'm going.1,2,...

Before i could finish,i felt hands on my face and a blindfold being tied around my eyes.


Maan:How do you know its Maan? Youre blindfolded,It could be anyone.

Geet:Your touch is different to anyone elses.I can recognise it instantly,Even blindfolded.


He spun me around and took the blindfold off.I opened my eyes and was shocked.All he was wearing was a pair of long shorts.

Geet:Maan!! What if someone sees you like this?

Maan:Then they'll think how handsome i am and how lucky you are to have me!!

Geet:Oh really?Well Mr.Khurana,Let me tell you one thing.Dont fly in the air so much,There are better looking people than you in this world.

Maan:Like who?

Geet:Hmmm...Ranbir Kapoor.Hes very nice!!

Maan:(smiling)Then why did you marry me? You should have married him.

Geet:Hmmm...Thats what i think aswell,So Im going to marry him.Bye.

I walked away from him,Smiling.I loved fighting with him,It was so fun.And fights increased the love.I hadn't gotten to the end of the beach yet when he pulled my hand and span me around to face him.Our faces were close,There wasn't even room for a piece of paper between us.The proximity made me nervous,I tried to move back but he pulled me closer.


Maan:Where will you go Geet? You need a boat to escape from here.Tonight,You cant run from me.Youre all mine.

Geet:I'll swim.

Maan:You'd die of exhaustion,Its too far.And i wont EVER let that happen.

Geet:Oh Maan...

I wrapped my arms around him and enjoyed the warmth coming from his chest.

Geet:Why do we always get into arguments?

Maan:Because were so different.But Geet,Opposites Attract so its good.

Geet:Very Good.Why did you call me here,Maan?

Maan:(smirking)Well,I wanted to show you my latest investment.

There was a cheeky glint in his eyes,There was surely something he was hiding.

Geet:Wait a minute...Y..You bought this?

Maan:Happy Birthday.Welcome to Isle Mishti.

Geet:This is mine? OMG!!! This is the sweetest thing anyones ever done for me!!! Isle Mishti!!

Maan:Im glad you like it

Geet:Who wouldn't? So,No-one can come here? Its private?

Maan:Yep,The house,Beach,The whole island.

Geet:This is Perfect!!! I'll have to think really hard for your birthday.

Maan:Well,Not that hard.You can give it me now.

The smirk and the sparkle in his eyes were back.I felt nervous.I thought i knew what he wanted but i couldn't be sure.


Instead of answering,He wrapped his arms arm around me from the back and slid his hands on my bare waist.I shivered.His touch sent a jolt of electricity through my body.He whispered in my ear:Can you not Guess?

Geet:I can but im not sure...

Maan:Try,Im sure you'll be right.


I ran away but he held my hand and stopped me.I had butterflies in my stomach.

Maan:Dont run.I'll catch you.

Geet:Y...You want...

Maan: What do i want?

I ran away as fast as i could but that wasn't easy in a saree.In no time,He caught me and had me lying on the sand.He stared at me and his eyes scared me.They were full of love,Passion and determination.Ever since our marriage,We'd never been this close.There had always been some problem or someone between us.And today,It was just us.Alone.No-one to see us or come between us.And that brought a smile to my face.Finally,I would get what i wanted,What i'd longed for silently.And i should enjoy it and forget everything else.I lifted my shaking hand and stroked his chest.He put his hand on top of it.

Maan:Why are you shaking?

Geet:Because i love you.


Geet:(puts a finger to his lips)Sshhh,Follow me.

He looked slightly dumbfounded and i laughed.

Geet:Im not kidnapping you,You know.

Maan:Geet,Are you Ok? Youve never...?

Geet:Theres a first time for everything.Now Ssshhh..

I got up,held his hand and started walking towards the sea.

Geet:I hate this Sari,Its so hard to walk.

Maan:You look amazing.I cant stop staring at you.

I blushed and looked away.We waded into the sea and sat down at the edge.

Geet:Atleast i wont have to wear it again,Its ruined now.

Maan:You are so weird.

Geet: I know.Maan,I...I love you.

Maan:You know,Youve never said that before.You always acted like you did but then,You always stopped me from coming close to you.

Geet:I didn't do it on purpose,Something always happened or i got scared.

Maan:But why? Am i that vicious looking?

Geet:Maan Singh Khurana can be pretty vicious but Not Maan,The person i love.


Geet:So,I think we should get rid of the distances,Dont you?

Maan:Just what i was thinking,And thats why i brought you here.

Geet:Hmmm...So that was why the mischevious glint was in your eyes.

Maan:Is it there now?

Geet:No Why?

Maan:It should be.

He splashed water on my face,soaking me.I blinked my eyes,That was so unexpected.


I splashed water back at him and it dripped down his face and his bare chest,taking my attention to his perfect muscles.I drew patterns on his chest and he suddenly pulled me forward.He slid his hand under the join of my blouse and moved it up until he reached my neck.He lifted me and carried me to the sand,where he lay me down.He untied the string of my blouse with his mouth and wrenched my blouse apart.He slid his hand up my arm and bent down and placed butterfly kisses on my neck,for such a brief moment that i wanted to scream and pull him back down.He kissed the edge of my mouth before placing his lips on top of mine,.As our lips moved in harmony,I pulled at his shorts and they fell off as did the fabric covering me,until we lay naked,on the beach,kissing each other.He kissed my breast and kissed all the way down to my hips.He stroked my legs,making me squirm and feel ticklish.Finally,When the urge became too much,and there was sheer passion in the air,he thrust himself into me and i swayed my hips at a slow,steady rhythm that changed into a fast rythm.My moans got louder and louder as did his and i wrenched him forward and kissed him.When we reached the explosion,I screamed in pleasure and my moans became uncontrollable. A few moments later,We lay there hugging each other,panting.

Maan:Happy Birthday Geet.

Geet:Dont expect a birthday present from me next month.

We both smiled and hugged each other.This was just the beginning,Now that our relationship was stronger,There would be a lot more love in our life.


Comments,Long ones Plss.And Press LIKE BUTTON if u enjoyed.LOL

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res 1st...
ISLE MISHTI...awww thts sooo sweet...luvd it...Embarrassed
and abt their SR...
me totally BlushingBlushingBlushing
ohh was hottt!!!!!!!!


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OMG!! Wat is wid the res's.
Im waiting for a comment,i wanna c wat u thotLOLLOLConfused

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oh...ghosh .i am the first . first congraluate to wrote so beautifully .i loved the environment ,imagning the beach ,sound of water, the moon rays,geet's sari and maan's naughty eyes. you brought the passion through your words .it is just Day Dreaming

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wow awesome.. tht was hot n passionate.. luved it...

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Awesome OS
Wow geets birthday present was So sweet but maan got his aswell BlushingBlushing
awww isle mishti so cute
Thx 4 the PM

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loved it...

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