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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
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Premeer FF *M3ant To B3* Chap.4 Pg 14 (Page 8)

repunzell Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
r u updating?

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
updatin cumin wen???
hifx Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Heello All..soryy for the late update...but Thanks alot for your lovely is the next installment hope you all will like it!!!

Chapter 3                                                               




"Ohh Hi Sanjana…" Heer broke the hug and simed at her… "Hi Heer…how are you?" Sanjana said with a huge smile "I am okay…."And turned towards Kul di "Where is mm..Gayatri auntie…"  "She is in the kitchen…" Kulraj answered…  "Ohh…." She picked up the flowers and gajar ka halwa and dashed towards the kitchen….


In the kitchen she saw Gayatri  busy in cooking….Heer  moved towards her with a heavy heart…Heer sighed and put her hand on her shoulder…Gayatri turned towards Heer and….she beamed with happiness "Heerr …."  Heer bent to touch her feet…and hugged her …Gayatri pulled back and said "How Are You beta…" Gyattri said wiping her tears "I am fine..a..aa auntie…!." Gayatri raise her hand to slap her…but put her hand on her cheek.."I am your Maa…hiana!! " Heer now was crying uncontrollably "I… Sss…sorry Maa…I AM sorry…." She said between her sobs ..She hold her hand and added " I am really very sorry…for doing all that …but trust me maa..Every time I behaved badly I did it on purpose..i wanted you to hate me…I am sorry…You all loved me and I just…..i was soo mean..i just followed my dreams…and never gave a second thought to my family!!" Heer put her pain and misery in front of Gayatri  in plain words…in between her sobs!! Her eyes were casted on the floor..full of sorrow ,grief ,pain….and regret..!! Gayaytri embraced her in a motherly hug…."aye Suusshh!! Ab mujhy bhi rulaye gi kya.." Both of them giggled…Heer wiped Gayatri's tears

Heer always saw her mother in Gayatri…that's why in the second meeting she just asked her "Can I call you Maa!! '  Gayatri didn't protest…and just hugged her and let her cry…!! She always cursed her fate for taking her mother from her….  But this time she lost Gayatri Maa just because of her stupid decision….yes her one incorrect decision ruined it all….and today after such a big mistake she just forgave her in an instant…as if nothing had happened…as if it was just a small mistake… She loves her…

"By the way…you are here so before time" said Gayatri pretending to look a bit shocked…Heer Pouted and said "Soo I think I should leave and come on time…!! No..." Gayatri chukled a bit "HaaHaa No its okay hon.." Heer jumped and sat on the counter near the Gayatri…"Actually thought of helping you in making dinner…" Gayatri looked at her shocked..This time seriously shocked "YOU..And Dinner…Noo ways I am going to let you turn my kitchen into a storeroom…" Heer smiled She can't believe that she is meeting her after four long was like she is living here since ages…"Noo maa ..I am serious…"  Gayatri with a stern look on her face said "I am serious too darling.." Heer sighed and picked up the bowl of gajar ka halwa from the counter and showed it to her.."See this.. I made it.."…Gayatri puckered her brows…and took it from Heer…She opened the lid and smelled it…the aroma was indeed awesome… Heer jumped off the counter and took a spoon form the spoon stand and handed it to gayatri and asked her to taste it…Gayatri took the spoon from Her and gave it a try…"Ummm its really good…" Gayatri said in extreme delight…She was unable to believe that Heer made it…Heer was her Prem in kitchen…their entry in kitchen was equal to 'Hey kitchen get ready for renovation" Heer at least knew how to make coffee but Prem….haha that guy (I guess you all know how good of a cook Prem is) ,till now, don't even know how to boil an egg…no seriously.."Thank you maa..heer jumped in exhilaration and hugged Gayatri..


"what the Heck is taking her soo long…"  a restless Preet said…"OHH chillax 'D'…and stop moving like a frantic pendulum….have some mercy on my eyes…" Harman said as he was un able to take it anymore Preet call him H-man so Harman named him 'D' (the Devil) …from the time Heer entered the kitchen…Preet was getting fervent…he was dying to know what on earth is happening there…he tried to eavesdrop but got caught by Kulraaj…and she dragged him to the living room holding him by his ear…he was just able to see Heer hugging Gayatri…"Ohh Shutup you…humph..this is enough" said Preet and headed towards kitchen..


"AAAhhh" Preet screamed dramatically…Gaytri droped some vegetables hearing his shriek…Heer ,who was cutting some vegetables,jerked a little…Gaytri put her hand on her chest and sighed seeing him alright…"Preet what was that for…" Gaytari said eyeing him with an annoyed face…."Maa Heer.. ." Preet said still acting shocked…."Mee what..Preet.." said Heer…"In kitchen…and actually working instead of stuffing your tummy with every eatable thing here…" Gayatri giggled and slapped Preet on his head…while Heer just rolled her eyes…by this time everyone came "OO yaa..What happened.." Veera said.. Heer just threw her hand in air and replied "HUH!! Nothing Veera.. Preet was just being his nonsense self…" … "Well Duh! I told you..Didn't I?!" Kulraaj added with a knowing and sarcastic smile…everyone murmured something for Preet..'idiot.duffer..pagal'  "Ohh Why don't you kids just go to the living room..i will bring snacks for you all..And Heer you too.." Said Gayatri... "Yaa lets goo…" Sanjana added..That voice did something to Heer…one look at sanjanas face hit the jealousy streak in Heer…"you guys goo..i am here with maa.." Heer said as she was in no mood to be in Sanjana's company…the presence of her make her feel like Prem is a stranger for her..And she just hated that feeling…its not like she hated her since forever..Sanjana is a realy nice girl..And at one time She was her friend….but now She is Prem's wife and that irked Heer to the core… Preet got hold of Heer's hand and dragged her out of kitchen…"Coomon Heer…We also have loads to talk about…



Living Room

"Ummm…Who Died??" Said Preet just to lighten the environment. it had been 5 minutes and they were sitting quiet… and silence filled the room… Everyone giggled and they started chit chatting…They asked Heer about Her career and all….Heer came to know that 'Mr. Good for Nothing But Girls' joined business…Heer and company made fun of him..everyone was busy laughing and talking..heer didn't bother to look at Sanjana…Sanjana noticed the change in Heers behavior and that was only for her…Then they heard a child cry…."It must be Al…" Sanjana said and ran towards that umm yes 'Al'  "Aal ?? whos he/she" Heer thought… when Her was figuring htat out when Sanjana entered with a two year baby in her hand…"Awww look who's here… " Veera said…."Awwiee My Princess.." Harman said and ran towards Sanjana…and picked the baby in his arms…The Baby was really adorable…Heer smiled…seeing her confusion..Preet 'who was sitting next to heer' leaned and said "Heer...That's Alisha…Their Daughter…" Heer Looked at Preet Shocked. 'Daughter..Prem's Daughter'….Her heart shattered again…Tears welled up in her eyes…and she stared quivering…As everyone was busy with the baby Heer strolled towards the restroom…in the restroom Heer Cried..Unable to control the pain…'He forgot me...was that this easy for him…I thought he loved me…' his words echoed in her mind "Heer..I love you…and you too love me..And you know what missy.i missed yaa...and you know what…now You can't run away from me…"   'Lie…Lie..Everything was a lie'….She cried and cried…after sometime…Heer made some promises to herself…. collected her heart…. washed her face…and decided to join others…

When she entered the living room..Gayatri was already there...Gayatri smiled at Heer…and Heer smiled back at her She walked towards her and sat down next to her… Harman and Sajana were busy playing with Alisha…Veera and Preet as usual were bickering over something… "Hey Heer…Sow do you like my sweet lil Princess…she is just like mee naa.."  Harman said "noo She is just like Her mother…congrats Sanju…." Heer said managing a smile… "Shee shoonaa. Papa is jealous..and.Your heer auntie is congratulating..Your mama only…you don't know she hates mee..." Harman said nuzzling his nose on Alisha's tummy…Sanjana punched Harmans gut…"Thanks Heer..He is just as crazy…"  Heer walked towards Harman and took Alisha form his hands and kissed her cheeks…."aaalaay my cutie..pie..i will congratulate your Papa too when he will come home.." ..Heer said adoring the child in her hands…."Ohh halloo…Com Home matlab??? Her Papa is right here…" Harman said "Where…?" Heer said totally confused….Harman pointed toward himself and said "Right Here…"  "Matlab…?" Heer frowned "What Matlab…I am her father…Wana sees her birth certificate….?"  Said Harman…"Matlab….Alisha…I mean Sanjana is not Prem's wife…." Everyone looked at heer Stunned and said "MATLAB…" "Sanjana you married Prem and didn't even bother to invite me…." Harman said in a mocking tone…"Shut it Harman…" Everyone laughed hard…Heer still had that shocked confused.. Expression on her face…after sharing a good laugh Harman said.."Heer..Saunju is my lawfully wedded wife..and boy is still singlr…not at all ready to mingle…and what made to think like that???"…………………………………………

Soory for my comment/criticize will update the next part asap!! 

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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesomeee too good very nice part waitinggg for next asap.

Edited by sweta2005 - 27 July 2011 at 11:33am

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Very nice update!

So Heer has learned to cook?  Good...good

And boy you had me confused too like Heer thinking Sanjana was married to Prem but she isn't and is instead with Harman...*grins happily* Big smile at that fact.

Now I can't wait to see Prem's reaction when he sees Heer.  I'm sure he probably won't be as welcoming as the rest of the family.  Can't wait to find out more about what Heer did and everything.

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
That was an awesome update...Big smile
Thanks for the pm 
Will B waiting eagerly to read the next part...Embarrassed

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repunzell Goldie

Joined: 03 July 2011
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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
only one request please please don't take tht much tyme to update moree...i want to next what happened...eagerly witing for it!!!
 FAB updateClapStar!!!

update soon n ha add me to ur PM list!!!

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NIMMY Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
just finished reading the 3 parts
in love with the story
haaye loved the way u put in the start tht though they might move on away they will come back to be Premeer
Prem thinks she has not changed and at least he tries to hate her
and she thinks he is married and hates her...
but they still love each other
wanna knw wht happens next
and "D" and H man nice nick names
everyone loves her...but not her own father and her Prem they try to show tht they hate her
yaaay...Prem is not married to sanju...
He is still single...i dont knw why but i m sooo happy
and heer knows how to cook...wah
and Prem...lolz lets not talk about his cooking
and loved the flash back...
love G3 mom for making Prem attend the dinner...waiting 4 his entry in the nxt chapter
waiting 4 more
plzzz add me to your pm list

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