Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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I know you've all be waiting urgently for chapter six well here it is everyone. Please do comment on what you think and give me your feedback and what you want to see. So Enjoy & hit the like button.

Chapter Six- 25th May 2011-
Arohi was hurt and heart broken, but she had made her decision she was going to have nothing to do with Arjun anymore. He was out of her life and that was final. Arohi headed straight home and went straight to bed. Arohi cried all night, everything that had happened that night was going through her head she took some sleeping pills so she could get some sleep. Arohi woke up late the next morning she looked around and Arjun was no where to be seen. He seemed like he had not come home last night, but she did not care as Arjun was not a part of her life anymore. Arohi went to bathroom to have a shower and get ready, she walked out of the bathroom when her phone rang she walked over to her run drying her hair at the same time. The phone screen said Dhondz calling, she reached down to pick up her phone and answered it. 'Hai, Dhondz?' She heard loud music playing 'Dhondz, hello kya hua?' Dhondu seemed to be running as he was out of breathe 'Oh yea, Hey Aru, kaisi ho tum?' Arohi smiled to herself 'Im fine Dhondz, listen mein tume baad mein phone karti hoon, I need to clean up' Arohi put the phone down and started to clean up the bedroom, she put on new covers on the bed and sorted her wardrobe out. She next vacuumed the whole room leaving it spotless. She was bored and had nothing to do. Arjun was not home, but what was she thinking about Arjun? She had to do something to keep her mind of what happened last night. Just then she received a text from Shefali, Arohi read the text to herself out loud 'Hey, Aru? How's you. It's my birthday today, you've probably forgoton but yes, aaj shaam ko party hai beach par and were going to stay they the night, come and please bring Arjun to, mein Arjun ko message kar thu gi, but please bring him along' Arohi put her phone down and felt giddy all over. She had completely forgotten about Shefali's birthday, but she was going to have a party and that too on the beach. It's going to be so much fun fit guys, loud music, drinks, food and lots of partying. Arohi was too excited. She texted Shefali back wishing her a happy birthday and also asked if Dhondu could come and if she could invite some old friends over. Shefali agreed and said that she was allowed to bring who ever she liked. Arohi got dressed and went out for shopping with Dhondu, she had to buy a special present for Shefali as she was her best friend and few outfits for herself as they were going to have a blast and party all night long.

Arohi picked Dhondu up on the way she had to get her shopping done fast as the party had already started. Arohi picked five sexy outfits for herself matching bags, shoes etc. Dhondu also picked up a couple of outfits and a birthday gift for Shefali as he could not go empty handed. Arohi headed straight home and told Dhondu that she will meet him at the party. Arohi drived home fast ran inside, up the stairs and headed straight to the bathroom to get ready. Arjun was not home as the room perfect just like she left it. Arohi came out of the bathroom and texted Shefali that she would be there in a few mins. Arohi wore a off shoulder light cream short summer dress with pink and blue floral print. She added gold and pink sandals, with a small silver anklet. Half of her way was pinned up and she left the rest loose with curls. Her makeup was heavy but yet simple. She added pink dangly earrings and bangles to complete the look. Arohi grabbed her small shoulder bag, phone and other important stuff and headed straight back out. She received a three text messages one from Dhondu that he is at the party and two from Shefali asking where she was. Arohi zoomed down to the beach. As she arrived to the beach she could hear the music and it was loud. Arohi was to excited and was looking forward to the party and meeting her old friends. She just hoped Shefali will like the present. Arohi was looking for a parking space and just as she was turning round the bend she saw Arjun's car. Yes, Arjun was here already. She didn't care all she wanted to do was to enjoy the party. 

Shefali, Arjun, Simmi and Sanchit were all standing in the middle of the beach with drinks in their hand. 'Kya, yaar, where is Aru?' Shefali was getting angry and impatient she couldn't wait for Arohi any longer so she decided to give her a ring. Arohi's phone was busy so Simmi, Shefali and Sanchit went around the beach to see if they could find her. Just then Dhondu whistled as he had seen a very sexy girl. Arjun turned to see who it was and it was no on other than Arohi. Arohi had just been for a swim in the water and was walking out of the water. She was wearing a bikini, the bikini was bright red. Arjun could not take his eyes of Arohi, she was looking so damn gorgeous. Arohi ran across the water splashing as the ran along. She stood and pushed her wet hair back and then bringing it to the side. Arjun moved his eyes all around her body, he just wish he could have been there with her touching her all over. Arohi ran back to beach where she had already set up her towel and clothes. She layed down on her chest and Dhondu comes and lays down next to her 'Hello, gorgeous' Dhondu had his eyes all over Arohi's body and Arjun was getting angry. Arjun stepped closer, but not to close that Arohi and Dhondu could see him. Arohi smiled and then Dhondu winked at her. Arohi stood up and staring applying sun cream all over her body. Dhondu was checking her out when his cell rang he exused himself and walked to the other side of the beach. Arohi grabbed her towel and ran to the girl's toilets. Arjun helped himself to another drink and then sat with Billu and Romit on a table where they were eating. Shefali, Simmi and Sanchit came back and asked if they had seen Arohi anywhere. Arjun told that Arohi had come and she's gone to get changed. Shefali was relieved and set down breathing hardly. Just then the music started and everyone got up to dance. Arohi just then walked out singing along to the music. She was wearing a white striped bikini top with tight denim shorts, she had silver sandals and her was curled.

Hey, Tu Phir Dekh Raha Hai
Aaj Aankh Sek Raha Hai, Kal Haath Sekega
Aaj Dheel Chhod Raha Hai, Kal Khud Hi Rokega
Aaj Mere Liye Chair Kheech Raha Hai, Kal Meri Skirt Kheenchega
Kheenchega Ke Nahin Huh!

Akkad Bakkad Bambay Bo
Assi Nabbe Poore Sau
Sau Rupeya Ka Dum Jo Le
Do Sau Hum Ho Udanchi
(Phir Kyun Main Tu Kar Reh Tyan Tu)

Unche Se Uncha Banda, Potty Pe Baithe Nanga
Phir Kaahe Ki Society, Saali Kaahe Ka Paakhanda
Bheje Se Kaleje Se, Kalaje Se Kalaje Se
Mit Jaaye Dum Maroge Toh Jeeyoge Dum Maaro Dum
Dum Maaro Dum
Mit Jaaye Gham
Bolo Subaha Shaam
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Ram
Dum Maaro Dum
Mit Jaaye Gham
Bolo Subaha Shaam
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Ram

(Duniya Ne Humko Diya Kya
Duniya Se Humne Liya Kya
Hum Sub Ki Parwah Kare Kyu
Subne Hamara Kiya Kya)
(Song From Dum Maaro Dum)

Arohi moved sexily to the music and everyone was cheering, a lot of the guys whistled and complemented that she was hot and sexy. Arjun was getting pissed off but he had to control his anger because he had no right to say anything to Arohi as he had hurted her a lot. 'Wow, check Aru out, gosh If I was a boy I would kiss her' Shefali was so excited and happy that Arohi was making the party better and everyone was having a fab time. The music went off and another calm track was played. Everyone complimented Arohi on how well she danced and a lot the guys hugged her. Dhondu walked over to Arohi and gave her a flirty smile 'Oooh, Aru you were damn sexy yaar, come on another dance?' Arohi pushed Dhondu playfully and gave him a tight hug 'No way I've just done my item dance, now your turn' Dhondu choked on his drink and nodded and nudged her. Dhondu put his arm around Arohi's bare waist and headed down to the beach for a long walk. It was getting dark and the sky looked beautiful. Arohi took her shoes off as they were paining her ankle and Dhondu did the same. Arohi and Dhondu walked down the beach and enjoyed the warm breeze. 'Aru?' Dhondu asked as took a sip of his drink. 'Yes, Dhondz?' Arohi was to busy thinking about Arjun, why hadn't he arrived yet? She had seen his car but not him, where could he go? Maybe he's hiding from me? Why would he be?' 'Arohhii!' Dhondu had been waving his hand across Arohi's face trying to get her attention but she was to busy thinking about Arjun 'Yea, yea sorry I'm listening' Dhondu exused his self as he had to go somewhere very urgent. 

Arohi looked up into the sky and sighed. She sat onto the sand and pushed her body back. She layed looking up at the sky for ages. Arohi had fell asleep. It was getting cold. Arjun who was walking past noticed Arohi shivering on the beach. He ran over to Arohi and realised that she was sleeping. He bent down and looked at her beautiful innocent face. He leaned over to her and rubbed his nose against her forehead 'I'm sorry Aru, I love you' Arohi felt a breeze and titled in her sleep. Arjun slid his hands underneath her and picked her up, she leaned her head against his chest and snuggled up. He walked up the stairs into the hotel and into her room. He put her into the bed and put her covers over her tight as it was cold. He gave her soft good night kiss on the forehead and left the room. The next morning Arohi woke up very late and everyone had gone. The party was over and everything had been cleaned up. Arohi looked at her watch and she was late. Her head was aching after all that alcohol her and Dhondu had at the party. She grabbed her bag and put on her tank top and left her shorts on. She tied her hair up in a high pony leaving a frinch out. She ran outside and her car was standing on there next to Arjun's car. Arjun? Was he still here? Or Did he even come. Arohi was confused and wanted to see Arjun. Arohi headed up to the caf shop to grab herself a coffee as her head was paining. She sat down replied to all the messages on her phone. She finished her coffee and needed to headed back downstairs to her car. She got herself into the car and just remembered she left her purse upstairs in the caf. She hurried back upstairs to the caf and she couldn't find her purse anywhere. Arohi started panicking what would she do without her purse it had all her cards, money, keys almost everything she would die without her purse. 'Exuse me, have you seen a purse here, just here' Arohi pointed to the table and then looked anxiously at the waiter 'Oh yes I did this young man took with downstairs with him' Arohi felt something, what if it was Arjun? No it cannot be Arjun why would he take my purse. Arohi was running down the stairs as she slipped and missed the railing luckily Arjun grabbed her. 'Careful, Aru' Arohi grabbed Arjun's waist to keep her balance. Her heart was beating fast and she felt secure in Arjun's arms. Arohi and Arjun stared into each other's eyes and Arohi's eyes filled up with tears. Arohi came back to her senses and walked away and Arjun grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back.

Arjun and Arohi have an argument and Arohi is mad. Her car tyre has punctured and there is no one to take her home. It is getting dark, she is scared and all alone. Arjun is still at the beach and Arohi has no choice but to stay with him for the night. Arjun and Arohi come close and have their romantic moment together.


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superlike it...update soon.
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i'm second  and i loved it please update soon :)
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superluvd d update...
promo is so interesting...update soon..

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Nice one. Gud effort dr. Kp it up.

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Thanx for the update!!!
Please update soon as want to see them 2 together romanticaly...
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fanx  4 da update it wa awsome lyk always
plzz update soon
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lovely update :)  Waiting fro the next chappy :)

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