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os-maaneet-alone in jungle

teju2292 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged

Hi guys,

I am teja…some here kow me and some dunno me…..

After seeing yesterday's geet maha episode my imaginations worked a bit…and some thoughts came to my little mind….i thought to share them with u all…..

Guys this is my first os….plz…plzzz….plzzz tell me how it is….actually I know nothing about romance but I tried a bit…

Hope u like it and plz comment…even chappals and tomatoes and eggs are accepted dears…..

Guys one more thing I dunno hindi well…I m bad in it…so plz…plzz… excuse my mistakes…

Plz press like button and write comments…….plzzz


Alone in a hut in the jungle with no one around to disturb them, maaneet are lost in each other. Their eyes are full of love and passion. Maan slowly took of geet's dupatta and threw it on to the grass beside them. His eyes traveled from her eyes to her lips, she followed his gaze and knowing his intention she parted her lips inviting him. he immediately responded to the open invitation and took her lips into his and within no time the kiss turned into a passionate one. Still lost in the kiss his hands traveled down to unzip her kurti while her hands started to unbutton his shirt. They broke the kiss gasping. His lips now traveled to her neck and shoulders leaving the love marks on them, while her hands went towards his jeans. Within few minutes they lay their n**** cuddled into each other making love.

            On the other side dev and nandini escaped from the gundas…..thanks a lot to jugnu mama for making them drinking…I still wonder how jugnu mama is going to escape from them…hmmm…I think may be the police brought by tej and kucky comes there to rescue jugnu mama…ha ha ha….anyways now lets come back to our track…

            Dev and nandini ran a lot in the forest as they were tired and it became dark they thought of sleeping for that night in the jungle.

Dev: nandini hum aaj raat keliye yahi rokongi

Nandini, scared and as usual thinking wrongly about dev's intentions says…


Dev:nandini hum thakgayi ho aur raat hogayi kuch rastha nahi dikhrahahain iseliye hum kal subha javungi..

Nandini(hesitantly): teekh hain….par geet didi?...pata nahi wok aha hain…teekh hain ya nahi.

Dev:wo teekh hi hogi.

Nandini: jijaji aap geet didi ki phikar nahi hain.

Dev: nahi aisa nahi…I mean who balwanth singh hain na uske saath …iseliye.


            They make some arrangements their and sleep while maan and geet are sleeping peacefully cuddled into each other.

            At nearly mid night geet's hand searched the surroundings for the spread while her eyes are still closed and sleepy. As she is unable to find the spread she got up realizing that she is not in her house. She looked at maan who is sleeping peacefully hugging her with a smile on his face. For a long time she stared him lost in his smile thinking how cute he looks while sleeping.. after some time she came out of trance and woke maan finding that they laid n**** ther without even a spread to cover them.


Geet: maan ….maan.


Geet: maan utiye na.

Maan:kya geet abhi subha bhi nahi hogaya hoga..sojav.

Geet:nai maan…ek baar mujhe dekho na…

Maan slowly open his eyes and looks at geet with his sleepy eyes. He is lost in her. Geet blushes by maan's stare.Embarrassed

Geet:maan aap mujhe aisa kyun dekh rahaho?

Maan:geet tumi ne to kahana dekhneko

Geet blushes more.Embarrassed

Geet:meri matlab yeh nahi hain.

Maan: to tumhari matlab kya hain? Tum mujhe kyun utaya ab…iss waqth…kya tumhe chahiye ki hum phir se shuru karu?

Geet blushed more and more..


Maan starts kissing her passionately all over her when geet stops him. maan looks at her eyes questioningly.

 Geet: maan aaj keliye overdose hogaya…mein ye kehnekaliye aapko utaya ki hume aisa kisine dekhliya to? Meri matlab…bina…

Maan: geet yeh jungle hain aur raat…yahan iss waqth koi nahi aavunga…

Geet: par kal subha asakthehona…

Maan then gets what geet is trying to say and they both gets dresses…geet in her suit and maan in his jeans and vest. He spreads his shirt on the grass to dry it as it is still wet. Geet keeps her dupatta beside his shirt as she has no habit of wearing dupatta while sleepings. With few minutes they slipped into sleep cuddling into each other.


            Next day moring dev and nandini wakes up as the sunlight disturbs their sleep. They again starts searching for geet and balwant singh. Dev and nandini after searching for a couple of hours at last finds a hut where our maaneet slept. They walks towards it and stops in front of the door. Dev enters the hut first and immediately steps back closing the door and stops nandini from entering.

Dev:NAHI…tum andar math javogi.

Nandini(confused): kyun?..koi booth hain kya?

Dev: nahi..par..nahi javogi bas.

Nandini:jijaji aap bhi na….ek baar to dekhnedo…geet didi aur balwath singh andar hai ya nahi..

Dev tries to stop nandini but she literally knocks him out of her way and barges inside.

Dev follows her inside the hut still trying to pull her out. Nandini enter the hut and is shocked to see maaneet….oops in her pov geet and balwant singh sleeping hugging each other. Dev lots his patience and pulls her out of the hut using all his strength.. as nandini was still in shock does speak anything and giving him black expressions.


Dev(shooks her):  nandini…..nandini..NANDINI

Nandini comes out of the shock and looks dev with confused expression.

Dev: nandini..kya tum teekh ho?

Nandini: yeh kya horaha hai?

Nandini uses her sooo sharp brain and comes to a conclusion that geet may be tired yesterday night and would have fallen unconscious and balwat took the advantage of the situation and plated with her. Nadini comes out of the shock and is mad at balwant for doing this to her sister. She thinks how could maan singh(dev) is not responding a bit for this. She turns to dev and starts shouting at her max pitch.

Nandini: mein tum dono ko kabhi nahi chodungi. Mein ye sab tej veerji ko batavungi aur dekhna vo app dono ki kya haal kartha hain.

Dev is totally confused by nandini's words. He doesn't understand a bit of them.

Dev: nandini yeh tum kya keh rahi hoon. Mujhe kuch bhi samaj mein nahi aaraha hoon.

Nandini:nahi.nahi samaj mein aavogi aapko. Chi chi babaji yeh kaisa aadmi hain…ek wo hain….ek bechari ladiki ke saath wo bhi aise haalath mein wo sab kiya….aur ek yeh hain biwi  ko protect karne ki bager…uss admi ko mardalne ki bager…yaha kadi ho kar meri muh dekh rahi ho.

            Dev now understand what nandini was thinking and tries to explain her that nothing would have happened between them.

Inside the hut maaneet wakes up disturbed by the shouts of nandini.

Maan: good morning geet.(with his sweet smile).

Geet:good morning maan.(smiling and falling for his sweet smile)

They hears the sounds which came from outside but doesn't understand who is shouting and what they r shouting. They slowly gets up maan wears his shirt and geet takes her dupatta and comes near the door to come out of the hut when they finally realize that the voices belongs to dev and nandini. They are relived to get them back safely and goes outside to meet them.

            At the same time nandini is shouting at top of her voice scolding maan singh(dev) and balwant singh(maan).

Nandini: iss balwat ko mein chodungi nahi….how dare he do this….i will see his end today…

Geet listens this and becomes angry on nandini for scolding maan and shouts back at her.


Nandini was shocked to see geet shouting at her. Nandini runs to her and hugs her immediately saying…

Nandini: geet didi….tum teekh ho kya? Mein kithna pareshan hogayi…kal aap kaha cheligayi??

Geet calms her down knowing that nandini dunno about maan and speaks to her in normal tone compressing her anger.

Geet: haan main teekh hoon nandini.

Nandini: aap gabhayiye math geet didi mein is balwant ke baremein veerji ko zaroor batavundi aur is ko tho…

Geet cuts her shortly and stares at her angrily. Nandini is confused to the core by her stare. Geet turns to maan and looks at him asking like permission to tell every thing to nandini. Maan looks into her eyes understanding the question she is asking him and nodes his head in a yes.

Geet: nandini tum unki baremai aisa math kaho…mujhe acha nahi lagogi.

Nandini:par geeet didi..yeh to sirf driver hain aap kyun aisa bol rahi ho?

Geet: nandini who driver nahi hain…

Nandini: kya????

Geet: pehle meri poori bath suno nandini…

Nandini;jee didi.

Geet : wo driver balwant singh  nahi hain…wo maan hain…MAAN SINGH KHURANA….mera pathi….

Nandini is shocked and immediately asks her…

Nandini:phir yeh banda kaun hain?(pointing at dev)

Geet: wo dev hain…dev khurana…maan ki chote bhai.

Nandini:to phir yeh kyun bathaya ki unka naam maan singh hai? Didi mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aaraha hai?

Geet: nandi main tumhe sab kuch batavungi abhi suno…

            Geet tells every thing to nandini how maan came to Amritsar in search of geet, how he came to know that she is in her maasi's house and how he entered the house as driver how he pleased her and how they finally became one again and how every one thought dev was maan ans how maan asked him to ask at maan singh khurana to win the faith of her family.

            Nandini listens to her carefully and finally she is so happy to know that maan and geet are together again and how much maan proved his love doing so many thing for geet. She liked their love and their pair very much.

Nandini: aorry didi appko aur maan jijaji ko galat samja meine…aur jijaji aap kithan romantic ho…aur mein bahut kuch hu ki geet didi ko aap jaisa pati mila.

Maan smiles at her.

Nandini is literally happy that dev is not maan and he is single. Wink

Now…..sinally the ending for this os comes….

Maaneet lost in each other and…… and nandini(devni) lost in each other……

Ha ha ha….. LOL

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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update is Awesome  as usual
 for d PM  SmileClap

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abina03 Goldie

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nice one
loved it
thanks for the pm

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MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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Wondsrful one shot !!!!!!!

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome-desi-glitters-5love it

thanks pm

Thank You Glittering Graphic


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monika1992 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome.n thanks 4 PM

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

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