Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

Bhagonwalli -- Sketches and Snippets (FF)

Aginaya69 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged
I'm adding another sketch to my fanfiction about Bhagonwalli.  My stories are not so much episodic, in the sense that they will follow a storyline.  I like to explore the emotions of the characters more.  Also, I'd like to stay with how the CV's are writing the show.  The timeline may go back and forth in my fanfiction.

(This new story is set so many years after.  Guddu and Runjhun already have a family, and their eldest daughter is getting engaged.  I am exploring the issue about Abhigyan)


A wife's letter to her husband the day after their daughter's engagement.

Guddu wakes up the next morning.  Muscles still feeling sore from last night's engagement party, he gets up from bed.  He thought that it is good that Runjhun has already gotten up, and was going about her own business.  He knows that he cannot hide his feelings from Runjhun, and he needed to get out of the house.

After taking a bath and dressing up, he goes to his car.  He wants to go for a drive to clear his head.  Just as he is getting in his car, one of the servants gave him a brown bag.  Guddu asks the servant what it is.  The servant says that it was food prepared for him by his wife.  Guddu takes the bag, and drives off.

Guddu goes to the same place he goes to whenever he has a fight with Runjhun.  It's the place where he went when they had an argument about the fight he had during the opening of his mobile center.  When he was younger, he would throw stones at the river.  But now, in his middle age, he didn't think it was right to do that.  

But, he says to himself, he can still sit down and brood.  Brood.  He can actually hear Runjhun saying that.  

"That Runjhun.  She is such a character.  She keeps on telling me not to brood, but she still lets me.", Guddu thinks, smiling.  

He sits down on a tree stump, and looks at the bag of food Runjhun prepared for him.  He thinks how nice it was for Runjhun to have known he was going to his brooding session, and even prepared food for him.  He opens the bag, and he sees the samosas.  Then, he sees something else.  Beneath the samosas, he sees a letter.  Guddu takes the letter, and sees that it is addressed to him.  The handwriting is that of Runjhun's.  Runjhun must have woken up early to write this letter for him, so that he could read this during his brooding session.  He opens the letter, and reads.

My dearest Mr. Sukkla,

You were thinking of it again last night, weren't you.  As you watched our daughter get engaged, you were thinking about my engagement to Abhigyan.  

You didn't have to tell me.  After so many years of being married to you, I know you.  I know you need to go off alone again, and think things through.  I know that now, you must be very angry with yourself.  You are thinking that you did me a great injustice by replacing Abhigyan as the groom in our wedding.  And you are thinking how you stole my future and my happiness with Abhigyan from me.

How can I make you understand, my dear husband?  How can I make you understand that you cannot steal what is already yours.  

I must admit that on the day that I found out you were the groom and not Abhigyan, I felt that the gods were cruel.  Can you blame me, after everything that I went through with you before our marriage?  But things happened for a good reason.  If my uncle and aunt did not force me to have you put in jail, you would not have started feeling hatred for me.  If you had not been so cruel to me, we would still be strangers right now.  Even your mother's illness was meant to bring us together.  If you did not need the money for her operation, you would not have accepted the job of marrying me.  And if you didn't marry me, I would never be the me that I am right now.  

And I am who I am now, because of you.  Just as you are who you are because of me.

Amma once told me that we are good for each other.  Can you not see that, my husband?  I know that right now, you are only focusing on the bad things you did to me.  But for every bad thing that you did, you instilled in my heart the need to fight back.  You have made me stronger, and stand up for myself, even if that means standing against you.  If you did not come into my life, I still would be a slave to my mamas and mamis.  

My dear Mr. Sukkla, do not continue to punish yourself for all the bad things you did to me.  Because of them, you have shown me that I can be strong.  And because of them, you know how you can be weak.  And this is how we are bonded together.  Bad as our beginnings were, we needed that to be with each other.  And we needed to be with each other to make us whole.  

Remember too, my dear husband, that even though you acted so low in your hatred against me before, you have come full circle many times over for all the kindness and the love you have shown me.  When you married me, you did not steal my happiness.  You gave me happiness.  You could not have stolen my future, because you were my future.  

You and I, we have been bonded together by the gods in all the lifetimes that we will live.  If in the next life, you will be so unkind to me again, I will gladly embrace them if that means that I will be with you.  And if, by some twist of fate, the gods will deem that in our future life we are not meant for each other, then I will fight the gods and search for you.  I need to be with you, Guddu Sukkla.  My heart needs to be with you.  

Your Runjhun

P.S.  I hope you like the samosas.  

After reading the letter, Guddu smiles.  He folds the letter, and puts it in his pocket.  He starts eating the samosas.

"Are they good?", a familiar voice asks.

Guddu turns around and sees Runjhun standing near him.  Runjhun sits down on the tree stump beside him.

"Are the samosas good?"  Runjhun asks again.

Guddu, smiling, answers, "Yes.  Yes they are."  Then, he continues, "Still spying on me after all these years?"

Runjhun says, "Old habits are hard to break.  Besides, you know I always have to spy on you.  You are not young anymore.  You may go off into a dancing bar and get yourself drunk again.  You might hit your head on your way back.  You'd fall and have a slipped disc.  We don't want you having a slipped disc on our daughter's wedding."

Guddu shakes his head.  "No, we don't."

Then, Runjhun becomes silent, and looks at Guddu.  "I thought I lost you back then."

Guddu looks at her.  He could almost see the tears in her eyes.

"Speaking of old habits," Runjhun shaking her head, as if shaking the memory away, " you're still hung up on the Abhigyan issue, aren't you?"

Guddu nods, and says, in an embarrassed tone, "Yup."

There was a knowing silence between them.  Then, Guddu says, "Thank you for the letter."

"You're welcome." Runjhun answers.  

"You outdid yourself this time, though," says Guddu.  "Did you mean what you said?"

"Which one?" asks Runjhun.

Guddu answers, "the part when you said you would fight the gods just so you would be with me."

Runjhun smiles.  "Of course," she says.

"What will you do then?  Will you vow to fast until the gods bring us together?"  Guddu laughingly asks, remembering things past.

Runjhun, remembering the same things, chuckles as she answers, "And what would you do?  You're going to pay some boy to buy a cell phone so that you and I can contact each other?"

At this point, both of them laugh.

"Aye' who would have thought that the same boy would be marrying our daughter.", Guddu says.

"Well, that boy is so much like you." says Runjhun.

To which, Guddu answers, "Just as our daughter is so much like you."

Guddu and Runjhun look into each others' eyes.

Guddu, being serious, asks Runjhun, "Why do you put up with me?"

Runjhun takes Guddu's hands.  "Because I love you."

Both are silent.

"And,"  Runjhun continues, " you do make up for it afterwards anyway. "

Guddu, in his confusion, asks, "What do you mean?"

Runjhun naughtily answers, "Why do you think we have 6 children?"

Guddu and Runjhun both laugh.  Guddu retorts, "If we had a child every time I go on my brooding session, we should have an army by now."  After that, both fell silent.  Guddu looks at his wife, and says, "Remember the first time we went to the temple together?  I taunted you and told you we should go eat corn by the river, and maybe watch a movie afterwards."

"Yes, I remember that," answers Runjhun.

"Well, I'm thinking we should go on that date, now.  Is that okay with you?  We can take the samosas with us."

"Ok, let's go."

"How come you didn't bring out my gunda shirt this time?", Guddu asks.

"That shirt has gone to so many stitchings, there's more stitches than shirts now."  Runjhun answers.  Then, she continues, "It's a good thing you didn't create a raucous this morning and demand for your bike."

Guddu, shaking his head, answers, "Nope.  Too old for that now."

"You're not yet THAT old Mr. Sukkla.", Runjhun says.

Guddu stops.  

"What's wrong?"  Runjhun asks.

Guddu answers, "Well, I was thinking' instead of going on a date, do you want to try for child number 7 instead?"

Runjhun answers by hitting Guddu on his arm.


PS 1.  I don't know what the CV's intend to do with Neelu.  Once we all find out, I'll write a sketch for her. 
2.  The mood music I was listening to was Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence."

3.  My first sketch is entitled "What does it matter?"

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged
awwesum ...
realyy cute..
gunjun havin 6 childrens wow cute ...
do rite mor

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ljcruz Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Nice post again, Aginaya! Star  U made us viewers hopeless romantics again!  Haay... I cant wait for tomorrow's episode because of ur post..Day Dreaming
desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
very cute post. very interesting. thanks for sharing. Smile
Infofan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
Aginaya69. totally adorable FF. love how you have woven events that happened recently with the 'future'.

6 children, Gunjhun have been very busy. LOL
Aginaya69 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 9:30am | IP Logged
I'm adding another sketch to the story.  It takes place after the remaining 5 days of the challenge.  It is very short.  I just want to create a mood. 


"Forgetting Memories"

"You and I, there is nothing between us."  Runjhun remembers Guddu's words to her this afternoon when he left her.

They were in their room, together for the last time.  Runjhun was packing Guddu's bag.

Runjhun was silent.  Defeated.  Then she said, "You always told me that, over and over again."

Guddu says, "This is best."

"For whom?  For you or for me?"

"For both of us.  Too much pain.  The challenge ruined my life.  Our marriage ruined yours."

Again, Runjhun was silent.

"Let's just forget about it then," Runjhun breaks her silence.

"Huh?" Guddu utters, puzzled.

"Our memories of each other.  Let's go back to the time when we first met.  When was that?  Oh yes, when you bumped into me in the market as I was getting the saris."

Guddu remembers that day.  That was the day he first saw Runjhun.  The day that started everything.

"Let's forget everything that happened from that day until today," Runjhun continues. "Let's forget everything that happened between us.

"How can I ..." Guddu argues.

"Let's return to the beginning, and forget all our memories."

Runjhun finishes her packing, and hands it to Guddu.

"Goodbye, Guddu Shukla."

Guddu looked like he was going to say something, but he shakes his head instead.  He looks at Runjhun.  He looked into her eyes.

"Goodby, Runjhun Mishra," he says, then he leaves the room.

That night, the first night Runjhun is alone in the room she shared with Guddu, all was quiet.  Runjhun sits on the bed, in her hand the dried flowers Guddu gave her.

In his own house, Guddu sits on his bed, holding the handkerchief Runjhun embroidered for him.  Then, he brings the handkerchief to his face, his lips pressing on the part that Runjhun embroidered. 


P.S.  this scene was inspired by episode 4 of the 1992 Japanese trendy drama, Tokyo Love Story. 

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Prabhkallu Goldie

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Fabulous! Clap

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Awesome like both chaptersClapClapClap

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